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You're dead, pathetic peace of meat...
~ Exetior's message when Fatal Fog is failed in the original Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning to the player
So many corpses, so many souls, the hedgehog is finally destroyed, and now the guards will never be able to catch me! With each new victim soul that I claim, I get stronger. Soon, I'll return to South Island and find the Master Emerald, but this time I'll be much more powerful than before. Not even a war with everything in Hell would be able to kill me! Never will they hold me to rot in that wretched prison.
~ Exetior's monologue in the beginning of Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Eye of Three.
Eh... I was hoping you'd say yes, Tails. But if not, you're forcing me to give you this ring whether you want it or not.
~ Exetior to Tails in the Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning remake.

Exetior (also known as Sonic.exe) is the titular main antagonist of the Sonic.exe: Nightmare Version series of fan games. He serves as the titular main antagonist of Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning, the main antagonist of its sequel, Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Eye of Three, and the titular main antagonist of the upcoming Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning remake created by JaizKoys. He is a powerful arch-demon who escaped from Hell and possessed Sonic the Hedgehog, embarking on a mission to overrun Mobius with demons and protect it from the Highests.

He is voiced by the game's creator JaizKoys.


Exetior's early life is still a mystery, although what is known is that he was originally one of the Highests, which were cosmic entities which created life on Mobius. Exetior later started a war with the Highests due to his outlooks on the world with the help of Sark and Pervision, two demons seemingly from Hell. Exetior lost the war and was stripped of his powers and banished to Hell, turning him into a demon. Many years later Exetior would break out of his prison due to outbursts from the Master Emerald, he escaped, being pursued by the guards of Hell and heading to Mobius, he found Sonic the Hedgehog and copied his appearance to hide out in his body.

Exetior tried to possess Sonic, but was unable to because it was protected by Creep. Creep told Exetior that Sonic's strong will made it difficult for him to be possessed. However if he three main parts of determination were destroyed (Tails, Knuckles and Eggman), it would leave him powerless and possessable. Exetior agreed to this choice and temporarily possessed Sonic's body.


Nightmare Beginning (original)

Best Ending

After Fatal Fog is beaten, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, and Metal Sonic attempt to take refuge inside the Hidden Palace, however Exetior will catch up to them. In Sonic's mind, Sonic is able to locate Exetior and defeat him. With Exetior weakened, Metal Sonic places Sonic's body on top of the Master Emerald and it destroys Exetior.

Good Ending

Very similar to the Best Ending, however, if the player doesn't manage to hit Exetior 15 times, Exetior will weigh Sonic down from escaping Destroyed Mind, making it nearly impossible to escape. Knuckles mentions how they do run the risk of obliterating Sonic's mind, as he cannot handle the power of the Master Emerald, and his prediction comes true when Sonic falls to the floor, lifeless. However, Sonic's soul lives.

Tails Solo Ending

If the black rings are not collected and Tails enters Deadly Fog first, Exetior will spin attack Dr. Eggman and Knuckles, but Tails dodges him. Exetior will attempt to attack Tails again, but the fox dodges again, this time, Exetior will be impaled by a spike. Exetior will taunt Tails, saying how he's killed all of Sonic's friends like they were nothing, and Tails spindashes him down. After the credits, Tails is flying as Sonic's soul appears in front of him.

Knuckles Solo Ending

If the black rings are not collected and Knuckles enters Deadly Fog first, Exetior will spin attack Dr. Eggman, followed by Tails. He comes back around for Knuckles, but he blocks it. Exetior and Knuckles exchange taunts and Exetior throws Knuckles backward with immense power. Exetior asks Knuckles if he has any last words, and he responds with, "See you in Hell" and decapitates Exetior. After the credits, Knuckles will meet up with Sally, Amy, and Cream.

Eggman Solo Ending

If the black rings are not collected and Eggman enters Deadly Fog first, Exetior will land on top of Knuckles and start beating him up, he then grabs Tails and throws him into the spikes. Eggman tries to escape, but Exetior catches up to him first, but Metal Sonic tazes him. Eggman will talk about how he was always defeated, but then asks Sonic "who really is evil?" and has Metal Sonic snap his neck. After the credits, Eggman says that the thought of taking over the world with robotics is not very appealing to him anymore.

Bad Ending

The canon ending of the game where none of the cast are saved. Sonic will end up in the level Suicide Hill and trudges by the corpses of Tails Knuckles and Eggman, then there will be a bed of spikes. If Sonic chooses not too, the souls of Tails and Knuckles appear to give Sonic confidence, then Exetior, appears with the corrupted Tails and Knuckles are riding the tornado, as they foreshadow Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Eye of Three.

Worst Ending #1

This ending is achieved when you run out of lives in Destroyed Mind, prompting Exetior to kill Sonic's friends and harness the Master Emerald's power.

Worst Ending #2

If Sonic chooses to end his life in the bad ending, he will jump on the bed of spikes in front of him.