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Listen son, I ain't give two s**ts you lay low. You give me info, I give you money. G work like that, you hear?
~ G to Wyatt

G Broson is a central eponymous character in the G Quest franchise, being a major character in The G Quest, the deuteragonist of the short film sequel, The G Quest's Three Years and Some Days Anniversary and a major character in the final film, The G Quest: Endgame.

Although he works with the protagonist, Wyatt, throughout most of the film, it becomes more and more apparent that he has an overall negative influence on him and represents exactly what Wyatt is supposed to get away from.

Despite this, he never makes any attempt on Wyatt's life or goes beyond foul-mouthing him, making G a more neutral character throughout the series.


G has dark skin and a thick black beard. He is bald and has brown eyes. He sports a tank top with a camouflage pattern and wears black shorts with matching black sneakers. He also has a single silver earring.


G is obsessed with his criminal lifestyle, believing it is the only way to truly become a man. Therefore, he treats everyone who joins him on his "journey" with utmost respect. He is, however, entirely condescending towards Wyatt, believing he has to prove himself worthy by helping them. G is absolutely relentless and vicious towards his enemies, and this is evident when he murders Switt Uzzle in cold blood, and when he vows to destroy Wyatt's life when he decides to quit his gang.

In spite of his vindictive nature, he does have his own twisted version of a "kind side", as he uses an excessive amount of verbal vulgarities and idioms when attempting to motivate his fellow men.


In The G Quest

Wyatt is, in the beginning of the movie, tasked with tracking down an ominously successful rival of G so they can raid his home and teach him a lesson. G casually gives Wyatt this mission, but as Wyatt takes his time, G grows impatient and hires an unemployed but attractive woman, Elizabeth Wise, to pose as a "love interest" and make sure everything is going according to plan. Originally, this job belonged to J-Master, G's most trusted gang member, but G realized it would raise suspicion.

Eventually, Wyatt does get Switt's adress info, but G doesn't pay him for his efforts yet -- he orders Wyatt to join him on his raid on Switt's house. Furthermore, he reveals Elizabeth was merely a hired actor, and Wyatt loses all respect for G. The hacker does realize he has no choice however, and the next day they go over to Switt's house.

While Wyatt and J-Master do their things, G confronts Switt Uzzle, visibly triupmhant, and sadistically slowly pulls out a gun before ordering his rival to take off the glasses so that the fear in his eyes can be seen. Switt complies, but to G's surprise the eyes are absolutely breathtaking to look at. G can't help but compliment them, but shortly after he shoots Switt.

G thanks Wyatt for a job well done but only pays him six thousand dollars, despite claiming previously that the deal was worth millions. G uses the blatant lie that most of the money is going to charity as an excuse, which Wyatt doesn't buy. While Wyatt has had enough of G's gang and the criminal life in general, G still blindly believes he'll be able to use Wyatt for future missions.

Near the very end of the film, Wyatt manages to expose the criminal organisation ComputerFix4U for hiding the identities of a huge number of drug gangs across the country. They are subsequently tracked down and dissolved, leaving G remaining as the owner of an incredibly powerful gang.

G's overjoyed and attempts to hire Wyatt for a new job, but to his shock Wyatt denies, saying he's leaving the gang. G becomes infuriated and violently threatens Wyatt, but Wyatt simply says he regrets working with G and leaves him alone in the park.

In The G Quest's Three Year and Some Days Anniversary

Three years after, much after it's become apparent G wasn't gonna make good on his promises of destruction, a more successful Wyatt returns to Local City along with a more successful Lizzie, who has found a romantic partner by the name of Terry Stone. Despite his shop seeing much income and prosperity, Wyatt feels dissatisfied with the "conclusion of his story", feeling that he's not achieved as much as he could have.

On the train ride there, Wyatt is called by G, who needs a new partner for his movie review show "Gangsta Film Props", which he uses as a front to mask his illegal lifestyle, after his previous partner J-Master had to quit as his girlfriend Dorothy had gotten pregnant, to G's frustration. Wyatt, seeing this as a shot to reconnect with his past, agrees and flakes out on the plans he'd made with Lizzie.

Upon meeting, G conducts himself in a cordial manner and compliments Wyatt's new fashion choices. They attempt to record a review of the short film Red Nose Day Actually, the ill-received 2017 short film sequel to the 2003 rom-com Love Actually, but Wyatt curtails the review prematurely by awkwardly confessing he hasn't seen neither of the films, forcing an embittered G to scrap the episode.

As their reunion lapses into quiet couch-sitting, Wyatt apprehends the error of his ways in ditching Lizzie and calls her to find she's fixing to leave Local City in disappointment. Wyatt immediately makes ready to leave, but G darkens and begins to insinuate he won't allow Wyatt to leave, as he has unfinished business with him. Sensing G's reversion into villainy, Wyatt asks if G will in fact let him leave. G drops the act and gives Wyatt a blasé yes, insulting his lacking film knowledge.


The G Quest

Fo real?! You tellin' me that kid ain't even handle the Deep Web? I bought adorable cookies on the Deep Web fo f**k's sake.
~ G not being impressed by Wyatt's progress
Beggars can't be choosers, bloodnut. No pain, no gain. You either take a s**t or get off the motherf**kin' seat.
~ G forcing Wyatt to go on the raid on Switt's house
Hey. We a minority group. We need support.
~ The excuse for ripping off Wyatt
The f**k?! I'm gunn destroy yo life, biatch! I'ma make it a livin' hell! You gunn regret this, yo sorry a** c**t!
~ G's breakdown - his last words in the film

The G Quest's Three Years and Some Days Anniversary

Ay. Cheeto Crotch. I donnin' shades. Ya f*ckin' see?
~ G stressing his new fashion choices to Wyatt.
Today we gonn' be reviewin' dis tight little thing: Red Nose Day Actually. Crypto-a** title, I kno. Sh*t really a sequel to Love Actually. But this one be short. And sad. I talkin' real f*ckin' sad. Where my homie Alan Rickman be at?
~ G reviewing Red Nose Day Actually.
Ha. Dat real cute. Like whoa. Dat cute. Thinkin' yo a** can go. Like it all good to tha gracious. Like I'm bout to let you out of Switt's tilt. Like I ain't gonn' check you. Like you ain't owe me alla yo born days.
~ G intimidating Wyatt.
Yea just beat it. Cracka ain't know sh*t about movies.
~ G showing Wyatt out.



Fan Art


  • G has exactly 3 important bench scenes with Wyatt: One in the beginning, one in the middle and one in the end.
  • In the larger narrative, G can be seen as the true Bigger Bad of the story, as he is an incarnation of the toxic lifestyle Wyatt has to learn to avoid.
  • G's last name, Broson, is never mentioned in the film.
  • In the final scene, G and Wyatt switch lines.
    • G says: "Sorry, what?", which Wyatt said before when G's broken English got out of hand.
    • Wyatt says: "It's truly days like these that separate the lions from the sheep," which is a cocky way at getting back at G, who'd said it earlier when he was pressuring Wyatt into joining a violent mission.
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