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There is no good or evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.
~ Gan attempting to sway Judy to the dark side.
"See the Spider's giant belly, he holds all planets within his tummy! He loves to prowl he loves to sneak. He likes you better small and weak. He eats the land and eats the sea, and even eats a child like me."

~ A poem about Gan which is essentially a dark version of Maturin's poem.

Gan is the main antagonist of the Disney Cinematic Universe. He is the evil brother of Maturin the Turtle, the leader and father of the Arachnid race and a fallen Guardian of Beam. He is a ruthless, xenophobic, truly evil monster, with well over trillions of Innocents suffering at his hands. His main goal is to take over the Macroverse and kill anyone standing in his way. He views humans and mortals in general as pathetic "insects" who "poison the Macroverse" and view them as inferior to immortal beings.

He was voiced by Jeremy Irons.


Gan, along with the other Guardians, were created by the One, the creator of eternity, to protect and build life in the Macroverse. Gan was given the status of God of Consumption and would "thin out" planet life in case planets became over populated. Gan was created into a spider-scorpion hybrid amongst his other animal Guardians. The guardians grew to see themselves as brothers and sisters while Gan view them all as nothing more than pests who denied him his true potential.

In his youth, Gan was tasked with leading the Trinity, a legendary group of protectors who defended Macroverse along with the Guardians. Over time, his power and position led him to believe that he should be leader of the Guardians instead of his brother, Aslan, and he attempted to stage a coup with the rest of his Trinity. When the other members of the Trintiy refused, Gan killed them all while they slept, subjecting them to horrible nightmares before consuming their corpses.

Gan had become upset when he learned that his older brother Aslan the Lion, the eldest Guardian and the God of Peace, was chosen to be the leader over himself. Gan wanders off to the pool of Healing Waters, telling himself that if Aslan is made to look like a failure, then he will look kingly in comparison and soon take the throne. This leads to Gan tricking his brother into going down to planet Shieek, where a three-headed hawk is attacking the lands. 

While there Aslan starts to try to reason with it and Gan roars and tells the hawk that he must move by order of the Guardians, or fight Aslan, the hawk then charges in the sky at Aslan. Aslan, refusing to fight the hawk (as it would go against his peaceful vows) escapes with the aid of his siblings, Shardik the Bear, the god of the Wild, and Garuda the Eagle, Guardian of Planet, which causes the hawk to go after Gan instead. Aslan runs back and finds Gan being attacked by the hawk. The large hawk slashes Gan with his talons, causing him to be knocked unconscious. Aslan leaps in to save his brother and the Hawks prepare to attack again. Before they can do so, the Wolf and Rat, brothers and fellow brothers of Gan and Aslan, appears, quickly killing the hawk with laser vision. It was during this attack that Gan realized how easy it would be to kill Aslan, using his peaceful nature to his advantage and would spend light-years planning his death. 

Becoming a Sith Lord

After exploring the Macroverse, Gan eventually found a Sith Master named Darth Plike, who trained Gan in the ways of the force. They traveled to many planets in secret, killing each planet's rulers and destroying their trade deals. Gan considered this weak, however, wanting more than to just mess with trade deals. 

One fateful day, Pilike was attacked by Aslan's royal guards who overpowered and wounded him. As they went for the killing blow, Gan appeared and killed both of them in seconds. Pilike thanked Gan and eventually claimed Gan had became stronger than he'd ever been.

That night, Gan had decided the time had come for him to complete his plan alone. Having learned all he could from Plike, and also having used his Master's connections to get him where he wanted to be, Gan saw the aging, inferior Sith lord as an obstacle. Plike, on the other hand, seemed to trust his apprentice completely. After attending an opera at Aslan's palace, undercover, the two Sith Lords retired to the Gan's penthouse building. There, Gan piled Plike with wine. Watching as Plike became increasingly intoxicated, Gan waited patiently until his master fell asleep before unleashing torrent after torrent of Sith lightning upon him, basking in the old man's agony before Plike passed out from the immense pain, by the time he woke up, Gan had already began eating him.

As Plike expired, his apprentice experienced a monumental disturbance in the Force, which he interpreted as a shift that anointed him the sole agent of the dark side. But he also experienced a sensation of sadness and loss in the Force. Gan initially feared that the cause of this unease was a sign that his master's experiments had succeeded after all, that Plike's spirit had somehow survived earthly destruction, and would return at any moment to exact vengeance on his treacherous apprentice. However, Gan dismissed this and finished the rest of his master's remains. 


Although Gan does not appear in the film whatsoever, he, along the other guardians can be seen on a mural inside the Naturalist Club.

Events of Maturin

Gan makes his first appearance directly after the presentation of Tatoonie, interrogating a terrified king within his palace in Tirabidan, pinning the King's head to the ground with his right foot. Gan asks the king on why he upset him and the king reveals that he and his subjects were meant to bring their finest foods to Gan to satisty him or else Gan would devour them and thier planet before sunrise, a deadline they failed to meet. However, Gan corrects to king and tells him he and his subjects failed to show him proper respect before the slamming the king face-first into the ground. He lifts the king up by his har and laments aloud how life isn't fair, as he will never be leader of the Macroverse. To make himself feel better, he tells the king that it will never see the light of another day, chuckles evilly, and then bids him adieu, lowering him slowly into his jaws.

Just before the king enters his mouth, Kree the Fish interrupts, asking sarcastically if his mother ever taught him not to play with his food. Gan responds with annoyance and tries to devour the fish after he points out that Aslan won't be pleased with Gan's absence at Tatooine's ceremony. Just as he traps Kree in a corner, Gan is stopped by Aslan, who commands Gan to release Kree. Begrudgingly, Gab does, leaving the salmon to teleport to Aslan's side. 

He approaches Aslan, carelessly invading the lion's personal space as he mocks his brother, but Aslan moves on to more pressing matters, accusing Gan of skipping the ceremony. Gan reacts again in sardonic surprise voice, pretending to feel "simply awful" for missing the presentation. Kree points out that Gan should've been first in line at the ceremony, and Gan snaps his teeth at the fish, sending Kree back to Aslan's side. Insulted, Aslan meets his brother's eyes, clearly stating that the Maturin is his brother and the future leader. Gan manages a sarcastic promise to practice his bow, turning his back and walking away from his brother. He veils a threat when Aslan addresses him again, riling up the lion, who demands to know if he's been challenged. Gan reassures Aslan that he wouldn't dare challenge the leader, as he doesn't have the brawn to do it. He then navigates around Aslan and Kree, and teleports off into the icy planet of Hoth miles away. 

First plan

Gan arrived in the icy caves of Hoth, one that is filled with his children, the Arachnids, sarcastically telling him what he should do. There, Gan hatches a plan. As Gan looks down the cliff where the Hydra Hematetes slumbers, he devises a plan to kill the untrained Maturin by tricking the turtle into foolishly fighting the powerful hydra and getting killed in the process. Gan then awakes the hydra via hypnotism and teleports the Hydra to Tirabidan where it begins to destroy and topple buildings.

Maturin flies in, punching the Hydra to the ground. The Hydra surprises Maturin by approaching him from the back, forcing the hero into combat until the monster lunges at him and knocks him into the ground. Maturin stuns the beast by firing lasers into its mouth through his eyes, but Maturin's powers, being weak from under-training has no real effect of the hydra and it laughs laughs. When the monster next strikes, he holds its mouth open and slams it head into the ground, giving him time to grab his lightsaber. However, the Hydra wraps its tongue around his ankle, hurls him into the air, and swallows him. While in the monster's throat, Maturin decapitates it with his sword from the inside-out. The hero is again lured into a false sense of security before, as Gan expects to happen, the Hydra sprouts three more heads. It chases down Maturin and causes the spectators in the stands to scatter. Maturin then begins flying and fights back, to little avail. With each head he chops off, three more grow. Maturin is knocked off balance and falls into the the monster's forest of heads, he barely makes it through before he is send flying the air. The Hydra then grabs him and as it is about to finishes the young hero off, Maturin notices a rocky cliff that he quickly punches which courses an avalanche of rocks to fall. The Hydra froze as both of its heads look up in fear, when it and Maturin are soon buried and crushed, finally killing the Hydra for good. All that is seen of the Hydra after the rock-slide was it's right arm, Aslan, Shardik and Gan then thought that Maturin was now dead, however all the sudden the Hyrda's arm started moving, the people are afraid at first thinking that the Hydra is still alive, until it was revealed to be none other then Maturin who survived, using his indestructible shell as a shield from the rocks, everyone soon started cheering for Maturin as the light shine on a new hero.

Back in Hoth, Gan, who had been watching the fight via his enchanted staff, watches in seething anger as the mortals of the Macroverse celebrate their savior, Maturin. For this, Gan debates destroying Hematetes entire planet, as he had "practically gift-wrapped the turtle for him", but digresses. Still angry, he climbs on a huge web, feeding on an unseen creature struggling in his web as he contemplates a new plan. He ends up getting the idea to kill not just Aslan, but the other Guardians as well. He promises that under his rule, the Arachnids will never go hungry again, a promise which he clearly could not care to keep.

Killing Aslan

So falls the God of Peace.
~ Gan before killing Aslan.

Month later, Gan makes a deal with an invader named Jirnor and tells him to attack planet Tatoonie, which will trigger the Guardians to protect it which Jirnor agrees to. Jirnor accepts, but only in exchange for his own planet. Not willing to give a war leader such a high status, Gan briefly force-chokes Jirnor to remind him of his place and to not step out of line again before teleporting away, leaving Jirnor properly intimidated.

From atop the gorge's walls, he gives the signal to the Arachnids and Jirnor, and they start up an attack on Tatoonie as planned. Gan finds the Guardians and in a staged panic, tells him about Tatoonie being under attack. Aslan, suspicious about the Arachnids attacking, questions Gan on why the Arachnids are doing so, knowing Gan controls the Arachnids. Gan, lying, tells Aslan they are under Jirnor's control to cover himself. After this, all Guardians arrive to Tatoonie and all (except for Gan, Aslan and Kree) defend Tatoonie and begin effortlessly defeating the Arachnids. Gan drops his act of panic, swatting Kree into the wall of the gorge, rendering him unconscious. The dark spider climbs across the mountains of Tatoonie, never taking his eyes off Aslan's position. To distract Aslan, Gan causes a rift in the planet, causing one side to split off the other. Aslan immediately patches to rift but is attack by an Arachnid from begin, which paralyzing him by stabbing his spine with it's tail. After Aslan stuns the Arachnid with a blast, knocking it unconscious, be see's Gan and begins to call for his brother's aide. After taking time to drink in Aslan's helpless form, Gan hits Aslan across the land with his tail and reveals his treachery by sinisterly telling Aslan, "So falls the God of Peace,"  before he stabs Aslan with his sharp stinger, killing him.

As Maturin is fighting the forces of Jirnor, he see's Aslan's lifeless body on the ground. Seeing this, Maturin flies off to Aslan's corpse. Hoping that his brother isn't dead, he tries to revive him. Realizing that Aslan is neither moving nor breathing, he calls for help but starts to cry when he realizes that there is no hope. After a while of crying and regret, Maturin flies off into deep space in self-exile, much to Gan's pleasure. 

Establishing his rule 

When Gan returns to Tirabidan, he delivers the news of Aslan's deaths, feigning grief. After this, he introduces the Arachnids and Jirnor to the mortals and ascends Aslan's Palace to truly assume leadership. Following the start of his reign, he allows the Arachnid to kill off many mortals, destroy beautiful lands and deplete the entire Macroverse of its plentiful resources. Gan had also began eating planets with no permission from his fellow Guardians, who were too stricken with grief to stop him. Slowly, the Macroverse fall into a deep winter presumably caused by Gan himself, with many dying from the extreme cold. Gan remained in Aslan's Palace with not a care in the world about the famine, death and decay the Macroverse was thrown into. Meanwhile, the Guardians continue to grieve for their lost leader and brother.

Encounter with Emperor Loip

45 years afterwards, Gan decided to invade and devour the lush and healthy planet Liop, one of the few planets not effected by the famine during Gan's rule, crash landing onto the planet, eradicating an entire continent while doing so. After 2 hours, Gan had began teleporting Arachnids onto the planet. Eventually the threat grew so large that Emperor Liop decided to kill the evil at its source. Armed with a poison elixir given to him by Aslan himself, the Emperor and his cavalry rode into the heart of the forest. But as they rode, a blizzard began to swell and ice spikes rose from the ground, impaling his men and their horses, leaving the Emperor himself as the only survivor. However, one spiked managed to knock the Emperor's horse off balance, sending the emperor flying into the ground, losing the godlike sword in a dark chasm. However, the Emperor persisted and ran to Gan's crash site, determined to protect his planet. Once at the frozen lake in the forest's center, Loip was horrified to find Gan himself rising from a gigantic hole in the ground, towering meters over the Emperor. 

Gan mockingly told the Emperor that he can hear his heartbeat getting faster, mocking the emperor's "fearless" status his followers claimed he had been as he laughed evilly. The Emperor fired arrows at Gan that all broke on the spiders indestructible skin. Gan taunted the Emperor once more, stating that no mundane, mortal weapon can harm him before telling the Emperor to bow before him. The Emperor, still unwilling to give up, attempted to cut one of Gan's many legs with his sword, but the sword shattered on contact just like the arrows previous. Gan then decided to stop toying with the Emperor and trapped him to an ice block and hurled him into the sky in a Force Barrier. Gan then told the Emperor to "upon the full wrath of the mighty Gan" before growing above planetary size and unleashing a torrent of fire upon the Emperor's home. The Emperor screamed in horror as Gan torched his planet, killing his family, loyal subjects and presumably the sword gifted to him by Aslan. Gan decided to leave the Emperor alive so he could live in his sadness and guilt before going to a different planet.

As Gan continued to attack different universes, the Emperor, armed with another sword, returned to do battle with Gan, much to Gan's mockery. Gan, once again, attempted to tell the Emperor that no mortal weapons can harm him, but the Emperor leaped and sliced Gan deeply across the chest with his sword, causing Gan pain for the first time in eons. The Emperor then revealed that the sword in question was no ordinary sword, but the very sword that Aslan gifted him with, which survived the devouring and destruction of planet Loip.

Gan, now seeing the Emperor as a threat, fired an array of heat beams at the Emperor, which the Emperor deflected with the Sword of Aslan. Gan then grew himself to gigantic size to give himself an edge in the fight, but the Emperor sliced him again with the sword, this time across the right eye, blinding Gan. Enraged, Gan shrunk down to a smaller but still towering height and chased the Emperor on foot all across a frozen wasteland that once was a beautiful city. The Emperor, again, managed to cut Gan across the back, making Gan scream in pain. Gan attempted to stab the Emperor with the claws of his many legs, but the Emperor dodged every hit, slicing every one of Gan's legs off. Gan then Force Repelled the Emperor away, using an advanced healing factor to heal with injuries, except for one leg. Gan then moved at sub-sonic speed, ramming into the Emperor, sending him flying through a house, damaging his armor. 

When the Emperor arose from the home, he discovered Gan had vanished. He looked around for Gan as Gan began taunting the Emperor, secretly manipulating his fearful emotions and causing him to hallucinate. The Emperor was then surrounded by the decayed corpses of his dead family and loyal subjects as they began mocking him in Gan's voice. They then began a joint mocking laughter, still in Gan's voice. The Emperor, know it was all an illusion, began to fight against his fallen comrades, knowing he must conquer his past to defeat Gan. After overcoming his emotions, he broke free of the hallucination and continued fighting Gan himself. Gan, who had been losing much blood due to his chest wound, attempted to run away, but the Emperor trapped Gan into the sword, using all of it's power to banish him from the universe they were in, sending Gan back to Tirabidan, severely injured and weakened from the encounter, leaving the Emperor to rebuild his kingdom from scratch.

Attempted assassination of Shardikk 

Gan traps Mir in a bone cage and forces the wolf to hunt for him as he lazes on his throne. When Mir accidentally slips Aslan's name, Gan reacts with rage, striking his brother into the palace walls, demanding Mir never compare  him to Aslan. Shortly after this, Nunya, Gan's third-born child, comes before Gan, awaiting new orders. Gan then comprises a plan to further kill off his brothers, planning to kill Shardik the Bear next.

Gan's right-hand Jirnor knocks out Shardik the Bear and drags to a volcano tying him to the side of it with unbreakable chains. Gan arrives tells Shardik the truth about Aslan ans that Shardik was next to die. Gan then revealed he also kidnapped Shardik's new-born baby and taunts Shardik, saying he could kill the baby but decided that father and son must die together. He chained the baby next to Shardik and, using his tail, loosened the piece of rock the two were one causing the bear and his son to slowly descend into the lava. Gan watched with satisfaction before leaving. Little did Gan know was that Maturin, who had been training for the past years, had rescued his brother and his son after Gan left, leaving Shardik and Maturin to team up to stop Gan.

The Truth Unveiled 

Now this looks familiar. Where have I seen this before? Hm, let me think. Oh, yes, I remember! This is just the way your brother looked before he died. (Saramic: No.. It can't be!) Yes, Saramic, it's true. I killed Aslan and Shardikk, but don't cry now, you will join them shortly. Do say hello to Aslan for me.
~ Gan to Saramic

Shortly after this, Gab calls Saramic to him, asking him where Shardik went, feigning concern. Saramic begins to realize that Shardik had potentially been killed by Gan and began to expose Gan. Gan immediately hit Saramic against a wall, injuring the rabbit. As Gan crawled over to Saramic, he revealed to him that he had killed Aslan and Shardik and that he was next, At this moment, Maturin, who was observing the entire scene in secret, sprang into action, tackling Gan, sending them both across the planet as Maturin unleashes a flurry of punches on Gan that shake the entire multiverse.

Maturin then subdues Gan in the middle of Tirabidan after the two crash land inside the prestigious land. Enraged, Maturin puts Gan in a choke-hold, pressing his wrist against the spider's throat. Gab tries to weasel his way out of the situation, but his brother's choking forces him to admit what really happened all those years ago. Jirnor and the Arachnids then attack Maturin, prompting the mortals, Shardik, Shardik's bear army, Mir the wolf and even Kree the Fish to rush in to fight off the Arachnids, during which Gan slinks away. Maturin spots him, however, and gives chase. Trapped in Aslan's throne room, Gan begs Maturin for mercy and even places the blame on the Arachnids, but Maturin refuses to believe him. He then asks Maturin about his intentions, relieved when his brother decides not to kill him making it clear that Maturin wasn't going to resort to killing a member of his own family like Gan had done. He is soon horrified when Maturin orders Gan to run far way from the Macroverse and never return. 

Gan vs. Maturin

When Maturin chooses to exile Gan rather than kill him, Gan appears to concede, but then shocks his brother by unleashing a torrent of force lightning at Maturin. After Maturin powers through the lightning and attacks Gan, he fought Gan in the intense and incredibly destructive Battle of Tirabidan, destroying landscapes, and mountains. The battle intensified once Gan managed to master all the fear and anger through the air and Maturin struggled to counter the spider's superior experience and skill in honing his abilities. Gan efficiently gained the upper hand in the fight, before finally grasping his flying ability, now on even footing with Maturin.

The two then clashed climatically in mid-air, with Gan hurling Maturin through numerous mountains, and tackling him into outer space, destroying an asteroid in the process. The two landed in the exact volcano Gan had previously tried to kill Shardik on. Gan continues fighting until Maturin cuts off 7 out of eight of Gan's legs using his heat vision, causing Gan to fall dangerously close to the lave. As Gan slowly slides closer to the lava, Maturin, heartbroken over his brother's fall to the dark side, berated Gan, stating that Gan was a Guardian and was meant to save the Macroverse. Gan shouted back that he hated Maturin, his eyes pure red with hate. Maturin tearfully expressed his sadness over Gan's fate, telling him how he had loved him like the brother he was. As Gan's tail ignited, severely burning him, Maturin left him to his apparent fate and returned to Tirabidan as a hero.


Although Gan survived, he was horrifically scarred, both physically and mentally, the flames were so intense they had opened his head and was frying his brain. Shortly afterwards, Jirnor (who managed to escape to battle) arrived to the volcano with the Arachnids, where he found the severely wounded Gan and took him to the pool of Healing Waters, where to pool restored Gan in a body akin to a human, with the exception of a horn and spider legs on his back. Upon regaining consciousness, Gan crawled out of the healing pool, his vision blurred and his hearing fading in and out. Jirnor walked to Gan's side and asked the fallen Guardian if he could hear him. Gan, looking dazed and confused, he replied with a "yes" before asking Jirnor what had became of the Macroverse. Jirnor reluctantly told Gan that the Guardians had overthrown Gan and were restoring the Macroverse to it's former glory. Gan, enraged at this, began to regain his powers, crushing nearby Arachnids with force powers before growing spider legs from his back, rising up before shouting "NO!" in anger. 

Exacting Vengence

While training on a dead planet after gaining his new body, Gan caught wind of Maturin's 12th Padawan, Jor'ul. Gan didn't seem to like the idea of Maturin having apprentices and would often target his allies, believing he was doing Maturin a twisted kind of favor. He was however equally prepared to use their pain as a mean's of emotionally wounding Maturin, either out of his twisted desire to drive his brother over the edge into finally breaking his one will, or simply out of sadism.

Though he failed to kill the original Padawans, he would eventually win a terrible victory. Whether Gan realized or even cared a new Padawan named Jor'ul had taken the original's place is unclear but he did become aware of the boy's more volatile temper. In one particularly gruesome overtaking, Gan kidnapped a number of children, and either had them slowly dismembered and eaten, turned into Arachnids using dark magic or returned them to their planet has horrible parodies of themselves; he had dismembered them and sown their body parts together at random. As distraught parents wept and struggled to identify their children, the Spider continued to taunt them with a telepathic recording of himself singing nursery rhymes.

Enraged, Jor'ul's tense relationship with his mentor finally shattered. He had always struggled to understand Maturin's principles, unable to accept that even monsters such as Gan deserved even the bare minimum of mercy in place of execution, and that Gan's actions that night convinced him there could be no mercy for a creature like Gan. Jor'ul went rogue to conducted his own investigation without Maturin's restraint or interference. He was determined to hunt down Gan and kill him.

His search led him to the dead ice planet of Holik. Sensing Gan's dark energy in an abandoned mine shaft, he went to investigate but became tangled into a web, realizing too late the entire thing had been a trap. As Jor'ul struggled to free himself, Gan casually approached him and began to torture him. But not to death. He had a far cruller joke to play on Maturin than just that.

For an unspecified period of time, Gan kept Jor'ul hostage in the abandoned mine shaft, abusing and torturing him almost non-stop. Though Jor'ul initially stayed glib, confident that Maturin would rescue him, Gan's torture began to physically and mentally wear him down to the point that the boy eventually gave up on such an idea. One of the greatest blows to his psyche came when Gan cut off Jor'ul's nose, ears, and index and pinkie fingers and ate them in front of him.

Time passed and still Maturin failed to come for him. In reality Maturin frantically searched the Macroverse for his renegade partner each night, but Gan began to take advantage of Jor'ul's despair, constantly implying his mentor had simply abandoned him.

After Gan switched tactics, suggesting that perhaps Jor'ul should become his apprentice. Despite his new fatherly persona, the torture never stopped. The suggestions and constant torture finally broke Jor'ul, leaving him in a drone like state where he believed he was loyal to the spider alone. Nearing the end of his routine, Gan decided to show Maturin his handiwork. Jor'ul was so under Gan's control that he was fully prepared to give away Maturin's training which point Gan tortured him to death with force lightning, revealing the entire thing, capturing, torturing and remodeling the boy, had simply been one long cruel attack on Maturin.

Gan would then send Jor'ul's corpse to Tirabidan, where the mortals would find it in front of Aslan's tomb. Maturin revealed himself to the crowd and cradled the body of Jor'ul, riddled with guilt over not being able to save the boy. The corpse would haunt Maturin, to the point where he refused any Padawans from that point on, and intensified the hatred between him and Gan.

Deal with Jack Savage

Gan does not appear in the film, but is mentioned by name multiple times. He allies himself with Jack Savage, who agrees to release Gan's Arachnids into Earth, but they, along with Savage are defeated by Maturin's army. At the end of the movie, Jack Savage, who is imprisoned, proclaims that Gan is coming to Earth, a threat our heroes later find out is true. 

New Kingdom

800 years after the events of Maturin, Gan had trained relentlessly for years in order to counter Maturin's power and eventually crossed back into Earth along with his Arachnids, Jirnor and his new-found apprentice, Randall Flagg, moving into a castle in the Arctic Tundra. They found a castle belonging to a king and invaded it, killing and eating him, his Queen, subjects and children. 

Meeting with Flagg and Jirnor

Gan first appears holding a meeting with Flagg, Jirnor and soldiers who pledged allegiance with Gan (mostly out of fear), Gan informs Jirnor that he must take his army to destroy Zootopia and Quahog to further cement his threat, threatening to kill Jirnor if he refuses or fails. Jirnor agrees, but only if Gan lends him his Arachnid army, saying that the sheer number of Arachnids will overwhelm Maturin's forces. Gan's 5th daughter tries to tell her father not to do it, saying that many Arachnids will die in the process. Gan responds by killing her with force lightning and agreeing with Jirnor. 

Confronting Jirnor

After his meeting with his Jirnor, Gan returns to his meditation chamber, attempting to regain some lost power. While in the chamber, Gan is visited by Jirnor, who is in charge of the creation of a large portion of Arachnids. Jirnor complains to him that Randall Flagg has taken over half of the Arachnids - his army. Jirnor urges Gan to allow him to regain control of the Arachnids, as he believes himself to be stronger than Flagg, and so that Maturin's Army understands what the creatures are capable of. However, Gan states that he is more worried about Jirnor's leadership, comparing his demeanor to that of a pouty child. He then proceeds to intimidate Jirnor by saying that if he fails to destroy at least half of the country, then he will bathe his castle in his blood. Jirnor then leaves the castle, embarrassed and humiliated right in front of his soldiers.

Invading Zootopia

When half of Maturin's Army are holding off Arachnids invading Zootopia, Gan arrives in Zootopia moments after the Judy, Nick, Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, Cadence and Eddy make it to ZPD. Leading a boarding commando himself, Gan enters the ZPD, intending to either capture or kill all six of them. Once inside the ZPD, he starts slaughtering the nearby ZPD cops but cannot prevent his targets escaping through an escape hatch just outside the ZPD. As Gan reaches the top of the ZPD station, he can only watch as the gang he fought so hard to capture escapes.

Gan was later informed by a guard that Jirnor was killed by Brian Griffin and the Arachnids he lent Jirnor were killed as well. Gan states that Jirnor was a fool and is not surprised by his death. He tells Randall Flagg that they now know the full power of Maturin's army and that they will soon seek them out and kill them eventually before returning to his throne. 

Setting a Trap

In this time, they will seek you out. Your apprentice has become strong, when she arrives, only then will she join the dark side of the Force. Everything is proceeding as I have forseen. [Laughs]
~ Gan taunting a weakened Maturin

2 months after Gan's Arachnid army attacked Zootopia, Gan sent a telepathic threat to everyone in Zootopia, claiming that if Maturin did not turn himself over, he would destroy a city for everyday Maturin wasn't turned over. Maturin, feeling guilty, flew to Gan's castle in the North Mountain in the Arctic Tundra and willingly gave himself to Gan. Gan placed Maturin in Utonium-powered chains and his his minions throw him in a dungeon. Gan revealed to Maturin it was all a trap, as Gan knew that when Maturin's army heard Maturin had turned himself in, they would come to find and get him back. Gan then returned to his throne, waiting patiently for Maturin's friends to arrive. 

Defeating Maturin's Army and Meeting Judy Hopps 

We could do great things. Maturin has taught you very well. Consider it now, Judy. With me, you will live like a god, yes, or not, you could choose to suffer and die. Make your choice.
~ Gan attempting to sway Judy Hopps to the dark side

As Gan expected, Maturin's Army had arrived and as they neared the castle's vicinity, Gan sent an overwhelming force of Arachnids to capture them, which they had succeeded in doing. While Gan had every member of Maturin's Army placed in separate dungeons, Judy Hopps was brought before Gan. Gan attempted to sway Judy to the dark side, saying that he could conquer and accomplish anything with her by his side. He promises she will live like a god under him, or she could refuse his offer and suffer and die. Judy refuses to join Gan, seeing through his evil ways and calling him a monster for tormenting and attacking her friends, all of whom she considers family. Gan, enraged by this, force chokes Judy, taking time to watch her squirm and gasp for breath. He then sentences her to death by starvation inside his castle, promising to make her last days the worst. He then takes her lightsaber and vaporizes it with his force lightning. He then releases his force choke and lets her fall to the floor, coughing and gasping for breath. After Judy recovers, she gets back on her feet, holding her throat in pain, and tells Gan he won't get away with all he's done. Gan then shouts at Judy, intimidating her as she is taken away by Gan's henchmen, who accidentally put her in the same dungeon as Maturin and Nick. 

Torturing Maturin's friends

Gan then tortures Nick Wilde in front of Judy Hopps by electrocuting him with force lightning simply to hurt her emotionally. Gan relished in Nick's cries of pain and Judy begging Gan to stop hurting Nick. Gan eventually stopped and threw Nick into Judy and Maturin's cell. 

Gan then later tortured Shining Armor with the assistance of Randall Flagg, having Flagg contort Shining Armor's body in unbearable positions, demanding to know where their base was. When Shining Armor refused, Randall Flagg brought in Twilight Sparkle and Cadence and had two Arachnids presumably begin to rape them, but before they could fully approach the two, Shining Armor tells Gan a false location to throw him off before throwing Twilight and Cadence into their cells and sending Shining Armor to hard labor. 

Visit to Maturin

At night time, Gan visited Maturin in his dungeon, intending to taunt the weak and power-drained Maturin. Maturin (who has visibly became emaciated from the daily Utonium exposure) wakes up and looks up at Gan with hatred, asking Gan why he is torturing his friends rather than letting them be. Gan tells Maturin that, aside from the fact it is to keep up Gan's castle's reputation of being the worst Hell on Earth, Gan says he is merely paying Maturin back for overthrowing him 900 lightyears prior. Gan then taunts Maturin by telling him that his friends are to be executed in two days and Maturin will be forced to watch. He then mocked Maturin one last time by showing him that while Gan intruded in Maturin's Paradigm, he stole Maturin's lightsaber, he states that once Maturin dies, he will destroy the saber to get rid of Maturin's memory. Gan then talks to his son, Nunya, in genuine happiness, stating that after light-years of being alone in his own failure and bitter hatred, he will finally sleep well at night.

Maturin's Army's escape

~ Gan

On the day of the execution of Maturin's Army, Gan rounds up Maturin along with his friends, intending to make him watch them die as planned. He planned to have them eaten by walking a plank into a pit full of starved Arachnids. Gan told Randall that Judy is the first to go, so he pushed Judy onto the plank. However, after a long pause, Judy back-flipped and pulled Maturin's lightsaber (which was carelessly placed on Gan's throne, unprotected) using the Force and began attacking and killing Gan's minions, also releasing her friends from their shackles using the Force, resulting in an all-out battle between Maturin's Army and Gan's Forces, to which Gan simply watches on his throne, riving in the chaos. 

Gan enters the fight to attack Judy, but it stopped by Maturin, who had broken out of his Utonium chains with an extreme amount of willpower, stops Gan and punches Gan into a wall. Gan run away when he realizes the team can actually hurt him. Maturin's Army eventually escape with Maturin, releasing him from his chains, but Gan states that while they may have saved Maturin, they will never see the light of day. Gan then causes a poweful blizzard to confuse Maturin's Army but they nontheless press on. Gan then sends Randall Flagg after them. 

Randall Flagg followed Judy, Nick and the weakened Maturin into the bone-chillingly cold and snowy forests miles from the castle. He confronted the three, lightsaber drawn (which he was able to get back from a downed Judy Hopps), and said that they still had unfinished business that Maturin could not save them from. Judy, determined to protect the injured Maturin, drew her Glock pistol from her belt, but Randall used the Force to throw her into a tree and knock her unconscious. Left alone to confront the dark warrior, Nick ignited his lightsaber, even though he knew fighting a Sith Master like Flagg was useless. Randall demanded that Nick give him the lightsaber and surrender the turtle, but instead Nick engaged him in a lightsaber duel. It was a short but brutal contest, in which Randall kept striking his lightsaber injury (which was given to which by Shinging Armor in the scuffle at Gan's castle) in order to fuel his anger and power. In the end, Nick was no match for Randall's power. Randall then easily disarmed the fox and stuck the fox across the stomach with his saber that left the fox comatose. 

With the duel seemingly over, Randall turned his attention towards Maturin's lightsaber and attempted to use the Force to draw it into his hand. Instead, it flew past him and landed in the hands of Judy, who used the Force to call it to her—as it was her destiny to wield the lightsaber of Maturin. Judy ignited the weapon and engaged Flagg in a tense duel. At first, Flagg had the upper hand, remaining on the offensive as he pressed his attack against the much weaker bunny. Their blades became locked, and Flagg told the emerging Force-sensitive that she needed a proper teacher. Flagg then beckoned Judy to join him and destroy Gan and then take over his army and rule the galaxy together, confirming Flagg's true intentions to overthrow Gan. He then stated it was him, alone, who could show her the ways of the Force. Judy realized she could call upon the powers of the Force and began using that to her advantage. She turned the tide of the fight and used her superior speed to her advantage and eventually disarmed the Sith Master. In doing so, she slashed the side of his face with her saber, knocking him down and disfiguring him in the process before teleporting to the outskirts of the forest with Maturin and Nick. Flagg returned to the castle, fearing how Gan would react to his failure.

When Flagg told Gan of his failure to capture Judy, Gan was absolutely furious and cut off Randall's right arm with his spider legs and afterwards, disintegrating two Arachnids and punching the ground so hard it creates a small earth-quake, enraged as possibly his closest chance to kill Maturin's Army had failed. 

After calming down, Gan tells Randall Flagg (who's severed right arm is being crudely tended to by medics) that he has grown tired of sitting on his throne and giving orders. He says that since he can't count of Flagg to get missions done, it is now time for Gan himself to step in and complete his plan. He tells Flagg to begin relentless training and the final battle between Gan's Forces and Maturin's Army draws near.

North Mountain Village massacre 

Gan and his forces had started invading the North Mountain Village, one of many villages invaded by Gan and his army after Randall Flagg's failure. Gan's Arachnids, under the co-command of Randall Flagg (who now has a lightsaber-proof robotic arm), rounded up the denizens of the village, Gan arrived on the battlefield and confronted the village leader, Tekka. Gan, whose true identity was known to the old explorer, demanded that Tekka die in fear. Tekka refused to submit to the will of Gan and reminded the one-time Guardian that Gan could not deny the truth of his heritage, at which point Gan impaled the elder with his spider-legs. As Gan picked up the elder's body, presumably to bring him to his castle for eating, Gan ordered Randall and the Arachnids to kill every member of the village, to which they followed through. 

Conversation with Nunya

Gan, after returning to his castle, was assembling his army for his ultimate attack on Earth. His son, Nunya, requested that once Gan has taken over Earth, he become Gan's second-in-command. Gan retorts by refusing his offer, instead tell Nunya that he will become to leader of the Arachnids while Gan becomes the ruler of the Macroverse. 

Manipulating Sylveon

Gan later visited Sylveon, a member of Maturin's Army and wife of Brian Griffin, while she was on a mission in the middle of the woods. He appeared in the form of a blind begger man, startling her at first. She is skeptical to converse him him, but eventually begins to talk to him. He attempts to sway her to join his army, by telling her that Gan will spare her if she and her friends pledge their services to Gan. She refuses, not embittered by his offer. Before she walks off, the man asks her if she wants her lightsaber back. Sylveon, confused by his offer, turns her back only to see Gan, who had reverted back to his normal form. Gan repeatedly asks "Don'tcha want it?" as his eyes begin to glow and he unleashes his powerful Deadlights on Sylveon, driving her into a mindless and catatonic state before kidnapping her.

Attack on Maturin's Base 

After hearing Maturin, Judy and Brian were away on a mission together, Gan leads his army to Maturin's Army's base and has his army assault it. Although they fight hard and kill many Arachnids, the spiders overwhelm the protagonists and disarm them as Gan enters the base. Hira attempted to strike Gan with her ax, but Gan fore-pushed her into a wall. As the Arachnids began trashing the base, Nick Wilde attempted to strike Gan down with his lightsaber, but Gan, lifting Nick in a Force grip,  tossed him towards the edge of the mountaintop cliff, though the fox managed to cling to the brink. As Gan advanced to kill the downed fox, Nick tried to plea for Gan to spare by attempting to sell him a nice corner of the ceiling of a house, assuming that it is where most spiders lived. Gan raised his spider leg and prepared to strike, but was forced to break off when he was attacked by Xel. Though caught off-guard, Gan quickly rallied and impaled Xel with his spider legs, to the horror of Nick. During the brief fight, Nick lost his grip of the cliff ledge and fell to the bottom. Although he survived the fall, Nick laid unconscious on the ground for some time. Gan then returned inside, giving a warning to Maturin's Army to not attempt to stop him or one of their own, Sylveon, will be killed before leaving. Maturin, Judy and Brian, who had returned from their mission, arrived the the base and recovered Nick. Maturin, tranquilly upset over Gan threatening his friends, tells Judy that they need to kill Gan once and for all as they set to head to the mountains and kill Gan at his castle.

Escaping Maturin and Judy

Exasperating to find you underestimated your opponent, isn't it? The power of pure dark matter is strong enough to destroy this whole planet. If I am going to die then I'm taking you, along with this while planet WITH ME!
~ Gan

Judy and Maturin arrived at Gan's castle via teleportation and began making their way to Gan's throne, slaughtering any Arachnid that stood in their way. Once they made their way to Gan's throne, Gan is amazed by their attempted assassination, not expecting it. Maturin then declares that Gan's reign is over, to which Gan begins to laugh maniacally. Gan then created an energy ball of pure dark matter, refusing to give up to the two heroes. Gan then hurls the ball to the ground, claiming it will blow up half the galaxy, but Maturin catches it before it hits the ground. Gan then declares that Maturin now has no choice but to die with the dark matter energy ball before wall-crawling out the castle into the distance. Maturin told Judy he has to travel across the universe to get rid of the energy ball, but must contain the explosion with his indestructible hands. Maturin then said goodbye to Judy, as he will possibly die containing the explosion as he flew out of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Preparation for the fight against Maturin's Army

Gan arrives at a cloning facility east of Quahog where Randall Flagg has Sylveon hostage. Gan claims that, with the world being in a state of panic and Maturin being busy containing the dark matter ball, Gan has become powerful enough to finally attack the Earth and then the Macroverse. Flagg says he will lure Brian to the facility to help Gan avoid fighting one of Maturin's strongest soldiers. Although Gan believes he could still kill Brian, he allows Flagg to set his trap. After that, Gan finally sets off for Zootopia to begin conquering the Earth.

The Battle of Zootopia

Gan then returned to the outskirts of Zootopia. By the time he got there, Maturin's Army had evacuated most of Zootopia's citizens and had begun preparing a defense against him. He rounded up his entire army of Arachnids, Stormtroopers, dragons, giants, and other layers of defense, and commanded his army to fight Maturin's Army who were defending the city: the Battle of Zootopia ensued. Gan himself was not present at the battle; he was simply standing on the outskirts, enjoying the destruction of the city and death from both his and Maturin's side of the Army.

However, the battle temporarily seized when the dark matter bomb Maturin contained exploded, creating shock waves on Earth that stopped both partied in the heat of battle. Gan and Judy used the force to detect if Maturin was still alive, but they couldn't sense anything. In truth, Maturin, appearing dead, his shell severely cracked and broken, is floating in space being extremely weakened by the supernova-like blast that knocked him out completely. Soon, however, he is revived due to his healing factor and will to protect his allies as well as Earth's population, returning him back to life.

Gan and his army, then arrived in the middle of Savanna Central, proclaiming the death of Maturin and his victory. Gan then, once again, offered Maturin's Army a chance to join him or die. Shining Armor, then stood out from the crowd and proclaimed that even though Maturin has "died", they will continue to fight for his memory. Gan attempted to kill Shining Armor, enraged by Maturin's Army's constant refusal of his requests, but the Army protects him and the second half of the fight continues. 

The Final Battle against Maturin's Army

I am going to make them suffer, Maturin. These mortals you've adopted, the Guardians, the mortal worms in the Macroverse, I will take them all from you one by one!
~ Gan's last words.

After Maturin's Army gather the Elements of Harmony, Gan's entire army is reduced to stone by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Gan himself decides is time to personally deal with Maturin's Army. Before engaging with them, he displays his power by killing all of his henchmen by destroying their stone bodies with a beam, including his sons and daughters, and then fires a beam at the Rainforest District, the only district in Zootopia that did not evacuate, killing all of it's inhabitants. Gan taunted the Army, proclaiming that once they are dead, they should tell the population of the Rainforest District what they missed. 

The Army, enraged by Gan's cruelty, attack Gan all at once, but Gan proves to powerful for even all of them to even touch. Gan then grabs Judy Hopps and throws her into a pool in a wrecked hotel and covers the pool with debris, trapping her underwater. Gan then pins down Shining Armor and prepares to impale him with his spider legs, but is stopped when Maturin, who returned from space, fires at laser beam that blasts Gan into a building. Maturin tells his army to sit back and devise a plan while Maturin holds Gan off but tells them they must think fast as Maturin, due to the dark matter blast, is severely drained of his powers and not a full power and will only be able to hold off Gan for a small amount of time. However, Maturin's Army stands in fear, completely hopeless at any chance to defeat Gan. Maturin then confronts his brother in the middle of a devastated Zootopia.

Having flashbacks of his first defeat at the hands of Maturin and losing his original body, an enraged Gan engages Maturin, vowing to get revenge by killing his army, the Guardians and the mortals of the Macroverse. After the two mighty gods first clash, Gan sends Maturin flying right through a skyscraper. There, Gan unleashes a powerful torrent of Force Lightning and he slashes the building violently, making it begin to collapse upon them both. Maturin promptly flies out, with Gan following suit. Gan attempts to knock Maturin down but the turtle, persists, blocking Gan's attack and upper-cutting him. The two gods exchange blows that are powerful enough to crack the surface of the Earth, ending with Gan punching Maturin to the ground. He charges at Maturin and delivers a devastating punch to the face. Gan then grabs Maturin by the back and leaps in the air, punching Maturin through a building, which Maturin quickly recovers from the attack and delivers a series of punches that knock Gan into a car. Gan recovers and out-punches Maturin, grabbing Maturin by the leg and slamming him into the ground, once again cracking the Earth's surface. Gan then pins Maturin against a wall and delivers four punches directly to Maturin's face, sending him to the ground, to which Gan proceeds to violently step on Maturin. Gan then turns to his attention to Maturin's terrified friends and attempts to attack them until Maturin, determined to protect his friends, grabs Gan and body-slams him into Zootopia's subway. Then proceed to fight in the subway, Maturin managing to briefly overpower Gan by throwing him in front of an empty moving train, but Gan's indestructible body ends up completely destroying the train, blowing up the entire train station and sending to two opponents back into the destroyed city.

Even through his injuries, Maturin continues to battle Gan, visibly struggling to keep his balance as they viciously trade blows. Gan then lasers a building with his heat vision, causing it to topple on Maturin, flying away before it has a chance to hit him. Gan then grabs Maturin out of the rubble by his neck and begins violently punching Maturin in the stomach, further cracking his shell until Maturin kicks Gan off and continues fighting. They take the fight to the sky in an areal battle that further destroys buildings. The fight then takes to the sky and temporarily in outer space, before the two come crashing down back into Savannah Square.

Maturin's Army however, inspired by Maturin's persistence and unwillingness to let Gan win, decide to fight back against Gan as, even when he is outmatched, Maturin has done everything he could to protect them. The team leap into battle against Gan, using a takedown attack to bring the spider to his knees. Gan however, uses his speed to outmatched everyone on the team, gaining power from the team's previous hopelessness. 

Maturin flies back to the battle, firing his heat vision at Gan that Gan counters with force lighting, connecting the two beams. Gan is able to win the brief lock-up, sending Maturin in to a pile of rubble, which Maturin almost immediately gets up from. Maturin is forced to stop fighting Gan when he hears Judy struggling for breath in the hotel and quickly rushed to her, but she is able to Force Repulse the debris off her, saving herself as Maturin pulls her out. Maturin, however, collapses and coughs up blood, starting to feel the effects of Gan's attacks. 

The death of Gan and Maturin

Meanwhile, the rest of Maturin's Army tries fruitlessly to fight off Gan, but fall due to Gan's immunity, powers and speed advantage. Hira manages to cut off Gan's arm but Gan mages to partially regenerate it using his healing factor. Maturin sees that the only way to stop Gan will end up putting his life at risk, since brute force alone had been proven ineffective. Hence, he says a tender goodbye to Judy, before taking hold of her lightsaber and flying back to the battle scene.

A weakened Maturin returns back to the battle and flies towards Gan, saber in hand. Gan sees Maturin flying towards him and prepares to impale Maturin with his spider legs before Maturin can reach him. But before he could, Brian, (who had rescued Sylveon and killed Randall Flagg) unleashed a torrent of Force Lightning at Gan, bringing him down to his knees. Once he becomes closer to Gan, Maturin stabs Gan with the lightsaber, causing more dark force energy than ever before to pour out of Gan, sending Brian and the rest of Maturin's army flying back. The pain from the stab allowed Gan to power through the Force Lightning effects, and plunge his sharp spider legs into Maturin's chest, causing Maturin to scream in pain. Maturin, however, is undeterred by his impending death, and defiantly fights against the incredible pain, plunging the lightsaber deeper into Gan's chest with his last ounce of strength, as well as letting the spider's sharp legs sink deeper into his own chest, thereby allowing the saber to pierce Gan's body completely. The two brothers give one final joint bellow of agony, before their lifeless bodies hit the ground.



Gan is motivated solely through his intense hatred of Maturin, as Maturin is the reason Gan fell from power and lost his original, much more powerful, spider-form. 

After his defeat at the hands of Maturin, fall from power and being revived by his minions, Gan had a chance to move on and start a new, secluded life, but refused to, assuring that Maturin had to be killed. 


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Randall Flagg

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Judy Hopps

Gan took a liking to Judy at first, he saw her as a powerful apprentice who he could use to take over the Macroverse. He constantly stalked her on his magic staff, watching her in combat in amazement. When they met each other, Gan patronized Judy for her skills and offered her a spot in his ranks, but Judy refused as she saw Gan as nothing more than a manipulative monster. Gan than responded by locking Judy and her friends in cellls, leaving them to freeze or starve to death. 

When Gan attempted to drown Judy in a pool in a destroyed hotel, he admits to not being sure why she did not join him in his forces and is seemingly bothered by her will to do good and unwillingness to do evil.

Powers and abilites

  • Godlike Physiology: Gan, due to being created by the unseen, omnipotent being "The One", is a terrifyingly powerful being, of potentially dimension breaking proportions, with Maturin, Jorli and The One being the only known other beings to rival Gan's might. Indeed, the monstrous juggernaut's unparalleled might was able to stand up to the weakened, yet still extremely powerful, Maturin, eventually forcing the turtle's army to assist him, yet even that was insufficient, as Gan's ability to absorb the negative energy of the battlefield and regenerate at a rapid pace made him impossible to be brought down with brute force alone, so while Maturin managed to ultimately bring him down (with the turtle's own lightsaber), he only succeeded by dying himself in the process.
  • Ice Manipulation: Gan was born with the magical ability to produce and manipulate ice and snow. He struggled with his abilities to control them at first, but after spending years in the arctic tundra, he eventually mastered them. Gan was capable of freezing the entire planet with just a touch of his claw. He also produced enough snow to make a cover entire mountains. Gan was also able to construct an entire sentient ice army for himself after he took over the Macroverse. Gan can use his powers to perform a wide variety of techniques, such as the rapid creation of ice structures like sheets, spikes, and walls. He can use his magic to propel himself across an icy surface. Gan also displayed the ability create snow creatures and imbue them with life, enabling them to move of their own accord. This ability can manifest itself consciously, as was the case with his ice army. Gan's powers extend to the manipulation of winter weather, as he was able to generate a blizzard with powerful gusts of wind powerful enough to freeze one's skin. When Gan's magic struck people, it passes through the heart with magic and started a process that would end with her the victims becoming an ice statue, causing either instant or slow death. Gan's was also extremely cold, as it caused J'ips hand to frost over prior to impact, even when Gan was in disguise and can drop a room's temperature drastically. Gan also is clearly not bothered by the cold, preferring most of his homes be in icy mountains and caves; he was seen casually living in his snow-filled mountains without exhibiting any signs of discomfort. And when Gan is seen talking to another being in a cold climate, only the other's breath was seen condensing, a further indication of Gan's affinity to the cold.
  • The Deadlights: Gan's signature ability is produce a blinding light called the Deadlights. While the deadlights do not affect omnipotent, god-like begins, any mortal who comes face to face with the deadlights is driven instantly insane, hypnotized, catatonic, or dead. The only known person to face the deadlights, survive, and regain her sanity is Sylveon.
  • Force powers:: Gan possess many (mainly dark) force abilities and is one of the most power force users of all time.
    • Telekinesis: Gan can use this through the Force to put his mind literally over matter, capable of blasting opponents, shielding himself or disarming people, its limits are only those of the creativity that Force User has. Gan has demonstrated considerable prowess with the power, even pulling stars out of the sky.
    • Force push: Gan utilized Force push to send his opponents flying through the air, causing them serious injury or temporarily incapacitating them/knocked them unconscious.
    • Force pull: Gan utilized Force pull to pull his opponents or objects towards him.
    • Force choke: Gan utilized Force choke to either weaken, kill or intimidate his opponents or even his own henchmen.
    • Force Throw: Gan utilized Force Throw to cause objects, and even individuals, to be hurled toward a target at an astounding velocity.
    • Mind trick: Gan utilized Mind trick to control the minds of other sentient beings, however, it did not work on individuals who have very strong wills.
    • Force vision: Gan utilized Force vision, to have visions of the past, the present and the future; however, like all Force-users, his visions were not always clear or sometimes has visions even when he was not utilizing this power at will.
    • Force sense: Gan utilized Force sense to sense another sentient being's emotions, the future, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events, impending danger and the presence of the Light side. However, in The End, for unknown reasons, he was unable to sense the presence of Maturin, who recoverd from the Dark-matter explosion.
    • Force lightning: Gan possesses this offensive Force technique that uses Force energy to produce electricity with one or two hands that stream outwards from the fingertips, its speed is usually great enough to catch an opponent off-guard even when prepared, and can be used either in bursts, or simply torrent out in an a gush of agony on its victim. Gan has shown the ability to use this tell-tale ability of the Dark Side countless times against his opponents, enemies, and even his followers. Has shown the ability to easily cause micro-fractures in bones of his victim's body and vaporize flesh on contact to the point of incineration.Hence, when Maturin tried meeting Gan's force lightning with his heat vision, the spider's much thicker lightning was able to overpower Maturin's relatively quickly, promptly sending Maturin flying backwards.
    • Force jump: Gan utilized Force jump to jump or leap at great distances.
    • Force Dash: Gan used Force Dash to move at sub-sonic speeds.
    • Force Storm: Gan uses a volatile dark side Force power capable of creating hyperspace wormholes that were able to displace objects across vast distances and tear apart the surfaces of entire planets. Storms were incredibly difficult to control once unleashed and required mastery in many different Force disciplines. While he possessed knowledge of the technique before his death, it was only after killing Aslan and taking control of the Macroverse did that Gan exhibited control of it. A long forgotten and highly prized, if ancient Sith technique of insane power. Gan recovered it when restored to his youthful, new human body in the events of "The fall of Gan" by channeling his anger and rage into a single-point in time-space. This causes a hyperspace wormhole to manifest itself, which he can use to teleport beings across the galaxy or ravage entire planetary surfaces or raze even fleets of city-size warships.
    • Force Stealth: Gan uses Force Stealth to mask their Force alignment (Light or Dark), their ability to use the Force or even their entire presence from other Force-sensitives.
    • Force Barrier: Gan can create a defensive Force power that creates a barrier or wall of Force energy around the intended target, be himself, friend, or foe. Depending on the strength Gan has at the time, the barrier could only withstand a few powerful attacks from godlike creatures before collapsing.
  • Shape-Shifting: Gan can immediately transform himself to any kind of being, taking the frightful image directly from the victim's mind, regardless of the size or nature of the mental image. Gan took the form of a giant plastic statue, several small life entities - flying leeches. Between shapeshifting, Gan is an orange amorphous goo. With the assistance of Polyjuice Potion, Gan can change into virtually any form he desires, from a giant dragon to a small insect, or even a beautiful woman.
  • Godlike Strengh: Gan has a tremendous level of superhuman strength, virtually incalculable, with Maturin being the only Guardian to surpass him in terms of brute strength. Thus, Gan is strong enough to shave planets and cause earthquakes with his tremendous punches and held his own against the combined tremendous might of both Maturin and his army, sending them flying with his blows, and to actually harm Maturin without the need of Utonium, managing to swiftly pierce the latter's otherwise invulnerable chest with his tremendously hard and sharp bony spider-legs.
  • Life Drain: Gan can use Life Drain to the life from his opponents, vegetation or even planets and universes and adds it to his own power. He most famously demonstrates this power by using it continuously on the entire population of Deus.
  • Incredible Speed: Gan, while not quite as fast as Maturin, move at incredible speeds, being able to swiftly avoid Maturin's eye lasers during their first battle in a volcano
  • Bone Manipulation: Gan was able to manipulate the bones of mortal beings to forcefully make them do his bidding. He can only do this, however, to beings who are weak-willed. 
  • Energy Absorption: Gan's cells, like those of any Guardian, are capable of absorbing energy, for both sustenance and enhancement, with Hira remarking that the monster feeds on it. Gan relies on negative energy for power (fear, hatred, confusion, hopelessness, etc.), as the more negative energy there is, the stronger Gan becomes. Having absorbed a considerable amount of energy, Gan was able to contend with a weakened, yet still extremely powerful Maturin, slowly overwhelming him during their epic battle.
    •  Dark-Matter Production: Gan was able to create dark-matter capable of poisoning a planet or solar system and was able to make dark-matter supernovas capable of swallowing an entire solar system. 
  • Dark Aura: While not useful in battle, Gan possesses a dark aura that Judy Hopps stated made her feel sick, cold and dizzy. It is also capable of destroying plant life and causing snow to fall to the point of blizzards developing.
  • Immunity: Gan is virtually invulnerable, even more so than Maturin at his full power. Thus, the spider was unscathed by the intense firepower of the Gagan army's poison arrows, rockets and bombs, numerous tremendous blows from Maturin and his army, and even quickly recovered after taking the full force of a planet exploding. Due to his adaptive evolution, the planet's blast, fall, and mighty blows from Maturin only made Gan stronger and more durable than before.
  • Spider-Legs: Gan's spider-legs, hidden beneath his back, are virtually indestructible and tremendously sharp, to the point that the monster was able to use his right protrusion to stab right through the otherwise invulnerable chest of Maturin, which mortally wounded him.
  • Immortality: A significant aspect in the series is that Gan is ageless and immortal. He requires no sustenance, and cannot be harmed by mortal methods. Only the power of mystical sources like force powers, Maturin's lightsaber, or divine entities are capable of hurting him and bring about his destruction. He also can bestow this ability as a curse as he once did to the Warrior so that he will be imprisoned for eternity and unable to join his fallen comrades in Valhalla.
  • Healing Factor: Gan has an extremely effective healing factor, making him incredibly hard to defeat, even for the most powerful of opponents. Hence, when somewhat injured by Maturin's blows, and a planet exploding, Gan recovered and heals almost instantly, and grows a huge bony protrusion right after his arm is chopped off by Hira. Whenever injured, Gan's healing wounds are instantly enveloped in an orange superheated glow, which vanishes after he is healed, mere seconds later.
  • Limitless Appetite: Gan can eat ridiculously huge objects from monsters to stars to even planets and still never be satisfied.
  • Heat Vision: Gan can generate tremendous, red, superheated torrents from his eyes and mouth, which are far larger and more destructive than even Maturin's blue heat vision, with a single thermal blast being enough to completely destroy a building in half. Only beings of tremendous power, like other Guardians can survive a thermal blast from Gan head-on.
  • Nercomancy: Gan has the ability to resurrect long dead beings and bend them to his will.
  • Premonitions: Gan has been shown to be able to receive premonitions regarding his future through his dreams, which he can then act upon.
  • Illusions: Gan can create many different illusions, which are realistic enough to harm his victims. These illusions include souls floating against the wind, moving photographs, blood gushing, small but shocking entities such as a cricket, a mutant fly, teeth, and an eyeball, different noises and music (including human speech), and various smells (popcorn, cotton candy, rotting). The partial invisibility fully applies on all of these illusions, as only the chosen victims can actually see and sense them. After a short period of time, or when the victim actually sees through the illusion, these illusions will cease to exist. It is imperative, however, to see through the illusion perfectly. Another illusion created by Gan is the huge interior of a house in a building.

Gan is the third strongest Guardian in existence, and was able to surpass most of his much more experienced brothers, but he still has a few glaring weaknesses that can be exploited. 

  • Cold Aura: Due to spending most of his life in incredibly cold climates, Gan's presence is limited to his cold body temperature and will make any atmosphere he enters instantly cold. While not particularly problematic with regard to combat, this can make disguising himself somewhat difficult (though he has still fooled other people numerous times with his disguises).
  • Force powers: Like any other Guardian, Gan can be harmed by experienced force users. When Brian Griffin attacked Gan with force lightning, Gan roared in agonizing pain and was downed for a few seconds.
  • Maturin's Lightsaber: Gan also has a weakness to Maturin's divine lightsaber. Unlike other lightabers, which harmlessly bounce off Gan's skin on contact, Maturin's lightsaber is perfectly capable of slicing their Gan's skin with little effort. Gan was killed when Maturin thrusted his lightsaber through Gan's heart. 
  • Beings of equal power: Gan can be easily harmed by godlike beings like himself. It is the reason Gan refuses to fight Maturin unless Maturin is de-powered in some way. 
  • Peaceful and Serene Environments: Gan can be weakened if he is in a peaceful area filled with no hate or fear. 

  • Tier: High 2-A| 7-A to 4-A at his peak
  • Age: As old as time itself.
  • Attack Potency: Multiverse level+ (is stated to be stronger than Jor'li, who destroyed 4 multiverses at once)| Mountain Level environmental damage (caused an entire blizzard that spread across the North Mountain) to Multi-Solar System Level (his dark matter bomb blew up multiple solar systems once it went off)
  • Speed: Massively FTL+ (was able to keep up with Maturin) | Supersonic+ | Likely Relativistic+ (grabbed Maturin while he was at lightspeed)
  • Lifting Strength: Galactic (held a galaxy on his claw) | Mountain Level+ (comparable to a weakened Maturin)
  • Striking Strength: Multiversal+ (was able to hurt Maturin) | Unknown | Mountain Level+ (his punches were strong enough to damage Maturin's already damaged shell and caused him to cough up blood)
  • Durability: High Hyperversal (survived a beating from Maturin with little damage) | Unknown | At least Mountain Level+, likely far higher
  • Stamina: Limitless | Very high at his peak
  • Standard Equipment: A cane that enables him to see nearly everything
  • Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient in all forms
  • Weaknesses: Maturin's lightsabers, divine power, over-confidence, constantly underestimates mortals, his own paranoia

Key: The Spider | Weakened Form

  • Killed fellow Guardians Aslan and (weakened) Maturin.
  • Destroyed multiple galaxies with ease.
  • Balanced an entire galaxy on his claw.
  • Survived a beating from a fully-trained and angered Maturin.
  • Fought off a weakened, but still powerful, Maturin.
  • Slaughtered an entire room full of fully armed and trained ZPD officers in his weakened state.
  • Outsmarted Maturin and Judy Hopps.
  • Destroyed multiple solar systems with a dark matter bomb.
  • Fought Maturin's Army all at once with ease.


So fate has arrived. Many years have gone since that day. And now, Turtle of the Macroverse, you will pain for my pain in the past with your pain in the future.
~ Gan
I promised you, didn't I? To show you a nightmare beyond the horrors of Hell? It's a shame because I hoped to show all of you, but it seems the little mortals won't be joining us. (Chuckles) Such a shame, don't you think? When you see him in Hell I suppose you'll have to tell them what they missed.
~ Gan after blowing up the Rainforest District in front of Judy Hopps and her friends
Mortals are nothing more than a disease and an unfortunate coincidence.
~ Gan displaying his racism towards mortals.
Maturin.. You have fought valiantly, but in vain. I do not wish this. Every drop of blood spilled is a terrible waste. I therefor command my forces to temporarily retreat. In their absence, dispose of your dead with dignity. Maturin, I now speak directly to you. On this night, you have allowed your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself. There is no greater dishonor. Join me in the North Mountains at the castle of Helm and confront your fate. If you do not do this, I shall kill every last man, woman and child who tries to hide you from me.
~ Gan sending a telepathic threat to Maturin as well as the entire world, also setting a trap for him.
They never learn. Such a pity.
~ Gan before unleashing his army on Zootopia and starting the Battle of Zootopia
The only matter I do not take seriously, boy, is you. I shall honor our agreement, half my army, if you destroy Zootopia and Quahog. But return to me again empty handed... And I will bathe the hallways in your blood.
~ Gan threatening Jirnor
~ Gan to Maturin before being burned alive
You will drown in a river of blood. You will quiver in the shadow of the Arachnids. Judgement Day is upon you. The Apocalypse is NIGH!
~ Gan's written threat to Earth.
Kill them all.
~ Gan allowing Randall Flagg and the Arachnids to devour the innocent villagers of the North Mountain.



  • Gan has devoured over 500 nonillion inhabitants in the Macroverse. 
  • He has over 700 septillion children spread across the Macroverse. 
  • Gan has a cameo in Zootopia where he can be seen being defeated by the Guardians on a mural in the Naturalist Club. 
  • Originally, Gan was a dark overlord from the beginning and was never a Guardian in the first place.
  • The only thing Gan is afraid of is his own corpse and Maturin. 
  • Gan is the largest antagonist in the series, as Judy Hopps is about 1/3 the height of his shins.  
  • Gan used to be afraid of lightning.
  • Gan was originally supposed to be an ape but was scrapped for looking "too human." 
  • Gan is implied to have Pedophilic tendencies. 
  • It is implied Gan is aware of Randall Flagg's intentions to betray him, but simply doesn't care.  
  • Concept art reveals Gan actually did watch the creation of Tatoonie in hatred.
  • It is unknown where Gan's lightsaber is currently held, as he is never seen using one but it is stated he has one.  
  • According to the novel "Maturin's Journey", it is revealed Gan once lead an army that he eventually fed to his Arachnids. 
  • Gan owns a staff that he uses to watch Maturin and his friends.  
  • At his strongest, Gan is the fourth most powerful character in the series (just behind Jorli, then Maturin and finally The One) and the strongest villain in the series. 
  • Despite being the main protagonist and main antagonist respectively, Judy and Gan never meet each until The Return to Gan's Castle.
  • Gan's behavior strongly suggests he is a sadomasochist. 
  • Gan is similar to Zalgo in many ways:
    • They are both intergalactic monsters/demons.
    • They both betrayed a race of people, Zalgo betrayed the monsters and Gan betrayed the Guardians. 
    • Both killed members of their family, Zalgo killed his wife and Gan killed his brother. 
    • Both attempt to sway to heroes to the dark side. 
    • Both are Complete Monsters. 
    • Both have family members who are heroes (Zalgo: Slenderman, Gan: the Guardians of the Beam)
    • Both kill their Henchman if they fail them. 
    • They have similar powers.
    • Both try to act elegant and sophisticated but in reality are power-hungry, hot-headed monsters
    • Both are implied rapists (Zalgo is implied to have raped a hundred women and Gan, although not explict, is shown to force himself onto many woman even if they don't desire him) 
  • Gan is also similar to Pepper Satanica.
    • Both are Hegemonic Intergalactic Overlords.
    • Both Are Murderers..
    • Both are Pure Evil.
    • Both kill their Henchman if they fail them.
    • They have similar powers.
    • Both are implied rapists.
  • According to a fan poll, Gan is the 12th most liked character in the series. 
  • When Aslan sees his reflection through the windows of his palace, he sees it from the right panel, and can clearly see other people outside, showing care and concern for them. But when Gan does the same thing, he sees it from the left panel instead, and sees only his own face, since he cares about only himself and not others.
  • According to the audio commentary, Gan living in cold and harsh climates while Aslan and Maturin are in the sunlight is symbolic of Gan being evil, as cold represents danger in the DCNACU.
  • Gan is the only thing that Rainbow Dash is openly afraid of. 
  • In every movie Gan is physically present in, a major character dies.
    • In Maturin, Aslan is killed by Gan himself.
    • In The Battle of Earth, Vinny and Jirnor are killed by Jirnor and Brian respectively.
    • In Return to Gan's Castle, Xel is killed by Randall Flagg.
    • In Return of the Gods, Maturin and Gan himself are killed.
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