General Wrawn is a Nazi general that appears in Legends of Captain America.


Meeting with Siegfried

When Siegfried met with Wrawn to conspire against Red Skull, Wrawn gave Siegfried permission to investigate Red Skull. Wrawn also gave Siegfried a squad of troops.

The parade

Wrawn was with Hitler, Heinrich Zemo, and Kranz as they went to join the parade. Wrawn witnessed Hitler give Red Skull another chance to obtain a powerful item.

The plan

Wrawn and Siegfried planed on how to take down Red Skull. Wrawn decided to wait for Red Skull to make a big mistake.

Seeding Red Skull's mistake

After Zemo and Red Skull met to discuss the tesseract, Zemo wrote a letter to Hitler asking permission to invade part of Germany. The Hydra agent carrying the letter was intercepted by Siegfried and Siegfried brought the letter to Wrawn. Wrawn told Siegfried that he would forge Hitler's signature. Despite Siegfried telling Wrawn that it would be treason, Wrawn decided to go through with his plan since it would ensure that Red Skull would get in major trouble. Wrawn then asked Siegfried to tell the story of how Siegfried caused the incident that put Wrawn and Siegfried in the incident that they were in (dealing with Captain America and Red Skull). Siegfried told Wrawn the whole story. Wrawn would later finish the forged letter. He told Siegfried that they would wait before delivering it otherwise it would look suspicious. After waiting for some time, Wrawn had the letter sent to Red Skull and told Siegfried that all they had to do now was wait for Red Skull to take action. Siegfried would later inform Wrawn when Red Skull launched the attack.


  • Wrawn's name is a play off Thrawn
  • Wrawn is similar to Grand Admiral Thrawn
    • Both of them are strategists
    • Xtreme Emperor also does the same voice impression for both men
  • Wrawn is the person Siegfried reports to


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