Thank God! I thought I was the only one!
~ Generic Dark Lady to Generic Dark Lord

Generic Dark Lady is the female equivalent of the Generic Dark Lord. Basically she is from an alternate universe where the Dark Lord is female and still does the same exact thing as the original does. Though she is more of a generic femme fatale.


Her origins is the same thing with Generic Dark Lord, being she was a daughter of a generic male prostitute and generic alcoholic mother and was always beaten by the two; Due to being a female edge lord, she was bullied at school. She grew tired of the abuse one day and decided to kill her generic parents and later herself and steal the power of the same exact generic devil the Generic Dark Lord stole from. Like generic Dark-Lord, she does generic body guy things like conquering worlds, killing people, and destroying generic universes and all sorts. She also causes generic random destruction.


She conquers the generic multiverse but is still not happy as they is infinite universe to due and infinite generic things to do. She is currently lives in a generic castle in generic hell and has over 1000,000,000 husband but loves neither of them. She eventually met Generic Dark Lord doing generic things.


She is a remorseless overlord who cause random destruction and boast on how evil she is. She is as evil as Generic Dark Lord but also has the same insecurities as him. She would kill anyone, her lackeys included as well as being able to kill children.


Kill her as a baby, thats her weakness. But some idiot failed to do that and accidentally destroyed the last time machine. Now we are F*cked.

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