George (nicknamed as Wickersham) Is The Main Antagonist From Creature Family Time Ready 2 Go On Vacation, And He Is The Son Of John And He Is The Boss Of Eli

He Is Portrayed By The American Comedian "Rob Schneider"

Early Life

When He Was Was Born, He Was Big Bad By Then And He Learned That From John And Later Dinklade’s Mother Was Been Killed By A Truck Off-screen Dinklade Replied "MOM!!!" Then Dinklade Was Sad That His Mother Was Killed But He Does Not Want To Talk About It


Creature Family Time: Ready 2 Go On Vacation


Creature Family (Series 6, 2013)

Well He Appeared In The Cameo Trying To Trespass The House Then Tucky Saw Them Then He Ran Away While Tucky Was Calling The Police, I Don’t Know What Happened To Him, Leaving His Fate Unknown, Or Possibly Arrested


  • Punching: He Was Really Best Punching Skills Learned For His Father And One Last Time, He Tried To Throw Of Dinklade, But He Throw Them Off Instead
  • Fighting Skills: He Is Little Bit Good At Fighting Skills Of His Father And Attemped To Fight & Hurt Moana (Creature Family) (Russel’s Boyfriend, Later Husband), But Moana (Creature Family) Left Them And Stranded On The Cove Along With Eli
  • Multilation: He Can Turn People Into Rocks And Say Take That! To Someone Who Has Ben Mutilated, But Tried To Multilate Dinklade And His Family, But Failed



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