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~ Goodman's catchphrase
Get the fuck out... You two are evicted as FUCK! Get the fuck out!
~ Goodman to Mario and Bowser after Wendy sawed the apartment couch

Goodman (also known as Mr. Goodman) is a recurring character of the SuperMarioLogan videos. He was Black Yoshi's archenemy in the older videos.

Although Goodman was a hero in older SML videos with Bowser being the main antagonist of the SML videos, it is the complete opposite since 2017. Bowser is sometimes a hero and Goodman is now the main antagonist of SuperMarioLogan.

He was voiced by Zeke and he is currently voiced by Lance Thirtyacre.  

He is also a minor character in the Puppet Pals videos.  


Goodman was calm and heroic in older SML videos as he respects people and arrests criminals.

In 2017, Goodman became an antagonist because he started acting mean and rude since he forces Mario to give him his house payment. When Goodman started being obsessed with house payments, he threatens people to rip off their ballsack or nipples if they don't pay their house payments.

Although Goodman became an antagonist since 2017, he does good things in a few videos such as a 2018 SML video called The Rings! where Goodman gives Mario's house back to Mario since the house was sold to The Loan Dolphin and since Mario was homeless and a 2018 SML video called The Asteroid! where he talks to Dr. Fredrick Finkleshitz that he needs to stop the asteroid from killing everyone on Earth.


  • Police Officer (formerly)
  • Teacher
  • Gamestop Employee
  • News Reporter (even when he was a cop)
  • Doctor
  • Teacher
  • Banker
  • Business Owner
  • Genie
  • Lawyer
  • Volunteer guy
  • Clerk
  • Senior Citizen Nursing Home Employee
  • Importer Deals Co-founder
  • TV Repair Man
  • Lock Smith
  • Genie
  • Movie Theater Usher
  • TV Presenter
  • Chef
  • Owner of Walmart
  • Owner of Domino's
  • Owner of Goodman Bank and Trust


  • Some fans think that the Current Goodman is the Original Goodman's evil twin brother.



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