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~ Garfield's insane threat about the end of the world if he doesn't get his lasagna
~ Garfield asking Jon for lasagna
~ Garfield
~ Garfield taunting Jon when he shoots him in the eye.
Things change, Maestro. People change, and even us animals change. Everyone always changes, whether they know it or not, whether they like it or not. Do you remember what you told me when we first met? "The world has changed. It's time we change with it, or end up swept away into the dust, forgotten like nothing has ever happened." And you know what? You were right. And I don't say this to anyone, Maestro. You were right, I'll admit it. I never forgot that. We have to change, and we have to change with the times, or else we'll be nothing. We need to change. So let's go out there and give 'em the true meaning of change.
~ Garfield's speech about Maestro's philosophy.

Garfield, otherwise known by fans as "Gorefield", is a monstrous, gluttonous maniac and the main antagonist of the creepypasta video game Lumpy Touch and a major antagonist of The Maestro Among Us.

In The Maestro Among Us, Garfield is voiced by Frank Welker.


~ Garfield showing twisted possessiveness towards Jon when he imprisons him inside his "heart".

Unlike the cynical, egotistical, but otherwise well-meaning original version of Garfield, this version of Garfield is cruel, heartless, psychotic, greedy, selfish, and disgustingly sadistic, and is obsessed with two things: lasagna and bloodshed. He doesn't care about anyone, much less Jon, and obviously takes sick pleasure in terrifying him, making sick comments and sadistic jokes at his expense whenever he feels like it. Unlike the original version, Garfield doesn't even care about his canon friends, as he brutally kills Odie, Nermal (which he coldly tells him that never really liked him before he kills him), and even kills Jon's girlfriend Liz just to spite Jon. In Maestro, Garfield leans more towards his canon version, as he is shown to have a sarcastic sense of humor. He is more concerned with himself and his own safety, and doesn't really appreciate Maestro's plans to use his powers to supercharge his ISO-8 supply. Despite this, he is shown to be more patient, as he tolerates hanging out with Catra and puts up with Steven Universe's insults about his weight, though he will speak up if he feels like he is wronged or if he feels like someone crosse the line with him. His evil has not changed, however, as he is shown to take pleasure in devouring whatever person that either Maestro or Steven gives him.


Garfield's killings first started when he killed Odie just to show how sadistic and barbaric he is. Jon fearfully hides behind a TV while Garfield roams around trying to find him, tauntingly telling him that he can smell him. Meanwhile Liz is waiting for Jon. When Garfield notices her, he teleports right at her location and killed her too. Mustering whatever courage he has, Jon comes in and shoots garfield in the eye with a shotgun, but Garfield taunts him, saying that bullets won't kill him. Jon, hopeless in stopping Garfield, then attempts to save Arlene, Garfield's canon girlfriend, and goes with the plan to save her but however, he soon runs right into Garfield in the basement, who bites and gruesomely takes his hand right off of his wrist socket, Desperate, Jon sets fire to one of the furnaces and it causes a explosion that destroys his house, however garfield is still alive. Jon is then presumably killed by Garfield, and then grows wings, and then flies off to an unknown location. He later appears in the exploitation fan series The Maestro Among Us, where Jon is revealed to be alive and forced to serve him lasagna nonstop. Maestro, a sadistic tyrant who seeks to rule the Multiverse, teleports right into his reality, where he offers him a chance to serve as his "pet", in exchange that he will make Jon both his slave and his cook, as the previous cook died in a terrible accident (Maestro implied that he may have something to do with the accident). Garfield was initially hostile, but Maestro "taught him how to obey" by forcing him to shift back into his cat form and threatening to make his own veins and arteries gruesomely eat him alive if he didn't comply. Fearing his life, Garfield agrees to his demands, and Maestro orders Corruptus to take him to the basement, where Eyesaur is also located. Corruptus then ordered Tazal, Catra, Tactimon, and Infinite to take turns feeding him every day and night, with Corruptus starting off with the first feed every week, threatening to kill them if they ever neglect their duties. Not long after he was assigned there, Maestro decided to test Garfield's loyalty by sending him and Jon back to his world. Jon then accidentally tells Maestro of the government he was working with the government, much to Maestro's frustration. Knowing that they will try to save Jon, he orders Garfield to go with Tazal and Corruptus and kill everyone in the government, with Catra and Serrator watching over them through a monitor. Jon was to lure the government into a false sense of security by pretending he is still trying to kill Garfield, never once mentioning of the Maestro or his army keeping him under wraps. Once there, Garfield, Tazal, Corruptus, and the rest of the Lost Legion mercenaries go on a rampage and start killing people left and right on a whim. However, Garfield gets aggravated of having to serve as a pet to someone else. He starts arguing with Corruptus when Corruptus tells him to stay in line, and finally just devours him whole. However, Garfield didn't count on Corruptus's absorption powers, and as soon as Corruptus went inside his stomach, Corruptus starts absorbing him from the inside out, gruesomely causing Garfiled to painfully shift into a gooey, slimy mess of flesh and blood, slowly starting to build up inside Corruptus until he finally swells up and explodes, his remains sucked inside Corruptus's body. After Garfield's death, Corruptus gleefully used his new powers to "fix" his memory problems and then destroy the entire worlds, killing everyone else but Jon, who Corruptus decided to force to become his "heart", keeping him in constant agony for his own amusement and gaining Garfield's memories as well. All this horrified everyone but Maestro, who was quite amused with the results. When Steven revived as Corruptus thanks to Turbo K.O., he revived Garfield by shooting him out of his body. It was then that Steven and Garfield became partners and together, they did whatever they could to please the Maestro, however Garfield finds himself put on edge with Steven's profane insults. Under Steven's orders, Jon was ejected from Garfield's body and held prisoner on Maestro's concentration camps. Things went well until Jon attempted suicide to escape the torture he endured. Serrator and Catra tried to calm him down, but Steven coldly goaded him to pull the trigger, telling him that if he dies, he will become either food for the Corrupti, thrown into the crematorium to burn, or his head placed on a spike. It seemed Jon was pushed to the breaking point by this threat, but Jon suddenly gave up at the last minute, causing Steven to snatch the gun away from him. Angered by his cowardice, Steven promptly rips off Jon's jaw and leaves him to bleed out in his cell. Garfield demanded to know why did he do this, but Steven dismissively tells him there are other Jons in the multiverse. Three days later, Garfield shows up on his cell to find that he has died from his wounds and the resulting sepsis.


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Garfield Gameboy'd COMPLETE

Garfield Gameboy'd COMPLETE

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