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Let Chaos do the work.
~ Grandmaster Chaos' most famous catchphrase.

Lord Zeram Xyphos, also known as Grandmaster Chaos is one of the main antagonists of Multiversal Legends. Grandmaster Chaos is a being from a chaotic and lawless realm known as Phlegethon. Like the infamous Dark Lord Nekrozoth, he was once a mortal that lived in the realm called Phlegethon who was a politician, soldier, and later demonic alien overlord who attempted to use the Chaos Vindicator to plunge the omniverse in anarchy. He founded and leads the Chaotic Elites, an organization with mad goals of eradicating any form of law and order (other than the ones established by Grandmaster Chaos) and have the omniverse be run by villains and criminals with no heroes to stand in their way.

Chaos is a being of destruction, megalomania, ruthlessness and darkness, similar to other beings such as Tenebris. He is known to transform suns into black stars, bringing only darkness for void creatures to arise from their ancient slumber so they could infest on the inhabitants of each universe he conquers. However he is unable to leave his dimension due to needing the use of Chaotic/Entroptic energy to maintain his positionof power or else he'll be weak and out in the opening for potential enemies to attack him at his weakest. He has made many attempts to invade the Pandora Dimension as he wanted to raise an army of powerful deities, leviathans, and deities to further his mission and reign unopposed by others. He was revered as the Bringer of Darkness amongst others who knows of his existence and have greatly feared him for it.

His reign over Phlegethon was said to be one of (If not the most) brutal and tyrannical rule in Phlegethon's history. Being responsible for the massacre of the guardians of Styx who guards Phlegethon's sun of the same name.

He is the main antagonist of phase 6, and one of the main antagonist of 7, 8 and 9 (along with Aka Manah and Nekrozoth).



Being born under the name Zeram Xyphos, he was born in a separate dimension called Phlegethon which was under Civil War. His parents abondoned him at a very young age with his pet dragon whom he is deeply attached, until a ruthless crime-lord took him in as his own. During his time under the Crime-lord's care, he committed several criminal activities for survival from thievery to drug dealing. One fateful day, his own pet dragon was killed along with the Crime-lord that raised him during a drug deal gone one. The death of the Crime-lord didn't affect him, but the death of his pet dragon did as it made him loose his lack of trust of others and made him ruthless and cruel to others. Knowing that it all matters in the survival of the fittest, Zeram decided to learn from his mistakes and become manipulative to anyone he comes across. One day he used the sympathy from two scientists who were married, but he killed his step brother to gain more love from them. He murdered his step-brother by pushing him to a river where he drowned and disguised it as an accident

Years later he gain a master's degree and become more intelligent than his adoptive scientific parents combine. Once he became an adult he had them killed by making their hovercraft crashed and killed them in the progress once he thought they're was no need for them to be around in his life. Zeram decided to join the military and became a soldier for the army and fought in the Phlegethonian Civil War. During the war, Zeram secretly used ruthless and dirty tactics to kill his enemies, but he also secretly smuggled illegal drugs that temporarily give him powers in battle. After the Civil war, he became a scientist where he makes the drugs he used and sell them to others for profit and  used the money for supplies for secret project he is doing for his own gain. During a lab accident, Zeram discovered and ancient source of dark matter called Entropy energy, which can corrupt others and mutate people, bend the forces of chaos, and so much more. Zeram sought to use this chaotic form of energy to his advantage, so decided to be a politician and use both his charisma and the Entroypy energy to manipulate the people of his home dimension to elect him as the new leader of Phlegethon. His usage of the Entropic energy corrupted his own people and made them addicted to the dark energy and would later warp the plane of Phlegethon and was slowly killing it. This caught the attention of Zeram whom was the only one that knows what was really going to happen to Phlegethon and so created an artifact called the Demonic Eye. With the eye, he used it make himself a god but at the cost of destroying most of his home realm. Zeram, now ascended to godhood, decided to rule what was left and enslaved the surviving inhabitants. Desiring to spread the chaotic energy across the omniverse, Zeram who is named Grandmaster Chaos adopted a philosophy created by Nekrozoth himself (Whom he is very fond of and wanted to follow his foot steps) that Chaos itself is the means for the strong to dominate the weak. But also developed another desire for spreading chaos as vengeance for all those who wronged him in the past, and developed a literal hunger for chaos as he can feed off the chaos he causes thus giving him more energy and power.

Though he is trapped in Phlegethon and can't leave due to not having a means to do so. So instead he us manipulate other villains from different dimensions into working for him in exchange for power or whatever desires they have. Through this he secretly formed the Chaotic Elites, acting as the shadow leader of the organization while establishing false leaders acting as the ones who controls it.


Champions! Show yourselves and surrender or persist like the weaklings that you are. Mortals! Join us and you will be granted abilities surpassing that of gods and become like us! The Strongest can only survive if the weak is eradicated from the equation. This is no threat, for you see? There is no good or evil in our future, only the ways of the Chaotic Elites!
~ Grandmaster Chaos's speech which show his social darwinistic Philosophy.
He is shown to be both extremely dangerous and a intimidating Dark-Lord. He wants nothing but total control of everything and anything if he have to murder an entire universe to achieve it. Dark-Lord is extremely unforgiving and intolerant of failures, with a loathsome nature; it is stated that he actually eats his own minions if they fail him. One of his minions said that he is as terrible as Nekrozoth and wanted to oppress everyone's free will and spread chaos as his own "truth" to the multiverse.

He is extremely malevolent, cruel, Utterly brutal and downright malicious in what he does. He is also known to be very cunning, He is sly, calculating, strategic and intelligent, being a mastermind behind almost every event that happens in the franchise (along with Aka Manah, Nekrozoth, and Malroc. Similar to Nekrozoth, he knows a lot about good and love, and used that as his advantage any point out it's greatest flaws the same way Nekrozoth does.

Chaos is shown to be very sociopathic and sadistic as when he to pleasure in torturing his minion Evil Skeleton just because he gave him the wrong sandwich. Like many villains, he is insane, twisted, and extremely power hungry in nature. He has no remorse or empathy on what he does as he defined as his own personal hobby. Being very ruthlessly vicious and manipulative, he was shown to be an irredeemable and atrocious being. He uses propaganda to brainwash his victims and had even started events that killed trillions of people and was okay with murdering children. Not only he is malevolent, but also a arrogant egotistical maniac that thinks he is superior to others and declares himself o be the supreme ruler of existence.

He thirst for destruction and darkness, He is entropy incarnate that is a total megalomaniac. being vile and selfish, he wouldn't dare to hesitate in destroying his enemies, even in front of their families. He wants nothing but only Entropy and is shown that he is a total social darwinistic conqueror, he believes his way is merely the "way of the Elite" and show that only heroes are weaklings while the villains are the true saviors of the Omniverse. He sees Aka Manah as weak for being emotional over the animals but somewhat shown he has a hateful respect towards Jack Spark as he points out the similarities between them.

Powers and Abilities

Most of his power remains a mystery but it is stated that he is as powerful as Aka Manah. He is sated that he is the source of entropy, and a all powerful entity that created Entropy itself. It is show that he can warp reality what ever he desires, obliterate Stars with ease, and can create his own gods. He is all knowing like Deus and Nekrozoth, and can mutate others with his eyes and can teleport everywhere he goes. He can manipulate matter, change the laws of Physics, create waves of dark energy through dark matter manipulation and energy projection.

He can shoot lasers from his hands and eyes, create clone of himself and is an expert tactic and strategist. His power level is said to be beyond Multiversal which mans he is a very serious threat. He can bestow powers to other villains like he did with Master Onslaught. he has vast knowledge on sorcery and science like Malroc, making him a master sorcerer and scientist. Chaos answers to him and Evil works with him to, he can increase his size if he wants to.


He first appeared setting on a throne but his physical appearance was very vague as you only see him covered in shadows. When we finally see him, He is shown to be wear silver armor with red and green belts, his skin looks pinkish and his eyes are green. he seems to be wearing a power suit and wears a crown like head set with a circle in the middle of his for head. It is revealed that is one of his many forms and he has many more.


  • One of his alias Grandmaster of Discord is a basically spelled GOD.
  • He is the franchise equivalent of Thanos.
  • He actually share some similarities with Thanos as they both are masterminds behind event their respected franchise, they sent their minions to retrieve a powerful object for them (Ronan the Accuser and Loki to Thanos, Evil Skeleton and Master Onslaught to Chaos. Both sit on a throne in a unknown location of their base, and both are Greater scope villains until they finally become the Main villains in the story.
  • The realm of Phlegethon is coincidentally named after the underworld's fiery river that leads to Tartarus itself.
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