The Grinch (also known as Mr. Grinch) is a villain in Titototter. He is a burglar who attempted to steal Christmas presents.

He is voiced by Logan Thirtyacre, who also voiced Mario in Titototter (the same series the Grinch appears in) and Mario, Bowser Junior and Waluigi in SuperMarioLogan. In fact, the Grinch's voice actor is the creator of the SuperMarioLogan franchise.

Since he is just referred to as the Grinch or Mr. Grinch, it is unknown what his real name is.


While most versions of the Grinch are redeemed and have a tragic life, this version of the Grinch is not redeemed at all. In fact, this version of the Grinch actually dies while most of the other versions of the Grinch remain alive.

It is unknown if the Grinch had a tragic life or not like how the other versions of the Grinch are tragic, as it was never mentioned that he had a tragic past.

The Grinch has a pet dog named Max in many different versions. However, Max does not seem to appear in Titottotter unlike the Grinch himself which is pretty ironic.

Role in the series

He first appeared as the titular main antagonist of You're A Savage Mr. Grinch when he was singing You're A Savage Mr. Grinch. He tries to steal all Christmas presents, but Sonic and Tails stop him.

After his plans were ruined, the Grinch was arrested by Jet. One year later, however, the Grinch returned in The Grinch is Back as the titular main antagonist. He continued to steal Christmas presents and as Santa Claus notices the Grinch has returned, they both make a diss track on each other. After Santa and the Grinch sing a diss track about each other, the Grinch was killed by Santa shooting him with his gun. The next morning, Sonic, Jet and Tails notice the Grinch near the Christmas tree and the presents and then they beat up his dead body.

Since it is not yet explained why the Grinch is out of jail, it is possible that he escaped or was allowed to come out. So, it is currently unknown how the Grinch got out of jail.

He was never seen again after that. Since Santa Claus killed the Grinch and said that the Grinch will never come back thanks to him, this would mean the Grinch is permanently deceased.


The Grinch is a green creature with a red and white Santa suit, a red and white Santa hat, black and yellow eyes and black eyebrows. For some reason, he does not wear any pants, but he does wear red shoes.


  • The Grinch is the first and only Titototter villain to sing a song.
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