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How does it feel that soon the Earth and everyone in it will be ruled by me and that there is nothing you can do about it?
~ Grinny taunting President Bush

Grinny Cat is the main antagonist of The Pasta Monsters Movie. He was a merciless terrorist set in Israel and planned to take of the world by destroying all superpower countries and establishing a new world order.

Role in the movie

While the Proxies were drunk and partying, Grinny sent in one of his men to steal Slenderman's prized power grid, after the man stole it he rushed back to Earth and brought it back to Grinny. In the morning, the Proxies realized it was gone and went on a quest to find it. 

Meanwhile in Washington D.C, Grinny is televising himself on the United Nation's T.V, demanding the leaders of the world give him all their nuclear stock pile and other assorted weapons. They however tell Grinny that the UN doesn't negotiate with terrorists. At that moment, Bush shouts out "This president does!" and strikes a pose. Grinny threatens to launch nuclear bombs at the White House if he doesn't surrender the United State's weapons, to which Bush begins taunting and mocking Grinny, making faces and say "Blah, blah, blah" constantly. Grinny then shows him the nukes, causing Bush to urinate. Grinny says he will unleash the nukes and send the nukes into space where eventually it will hit Earth's stratosphere and fall towards the selected nations. As Grinny ends the message, one of his men warns him the Proxies are on their way to find him. Grinny scoffs at this and sends two skilled henchmen to kill them all. 

A lot later in the movie, the Proxies make it the Grinny's lair via a train (after defeating the two assassins) and infiltrate his lair. Grinny knocks out the Proxies with sleeping gas and when they wake up, are tied to chairs where Grinny greets them. He tells him they will be able to get a front row street as all the designated countries are blown to bits along with millions of innocent citizens. Eventually, the Proxies escape and destroy most of Grinny's lair and disable the nukes. Being too lazy to fight himself, Grinny grabs the power grid and runs out of his lair, with the Proxies in hot pursuit. He then presses a red button which causes his lair to explode but the Proxies run out safely, still chasing Grinny. Grinny hops on a helicopter piloted by one of his henchmen. Jeff and Ben drive into the battle in a tank and do battle with Grinny's helicopter. After Ben aims the tank's gun at the helicopter, Jeff presses a red button and the tank fires at Grinny's helicopter. Grinny can only watch as the helicopter is hit and the flames consume him (graphically melting his face in the process), killing him.


  • The nukes Grinny possessed were apparently stolen and made in North Korea.
  • The areas Grinny's nukes were aimed at were Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Toronto Canada, Paris, Moscow, South Korea, China and Japan.


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