I have seen infinity, and it is so small.. you are even smaller. microscopic, really. Yet, i see you as clear as I do the largest of galaxies - I have seen everything you have done, all your wars, all your crimes, all your sins laid bare... I know all those filthy thoughts in your head, I even know the cruelty you will do in the future.... unless I stop you now. so all in all, I judge you unworthy... all of you shall be erased. starting now.
~ Infinite

Infinite is an unimaginably powerful villain from the Sonic: Cosmic Crusade multiverse and one of very few "beyond deity" status entities to exist - making him a threat beyond even that of beings like Bane, Lyric or Solaris: he is the nightmarish result of an alternate-reality Tails who became completely corrupted by his connection to the Titan Force and became a conqueror akin to Bane but on an even larger scale : his power is so immense that he has only ever been faced a couple of times and each time has sparked colossal events known as Infinite Wars - both of which were sufficiently great that the Bane Empire would temporarily call a truce with Mobius in order to take out Infinite, whose intentions would ultimately wipe out everything the Bane Empire sought to conquer.


Infinite was the result of a dystopian alternate future in which Tails became corrupted by many years of chaos-energy use and his connection to the Titan Force, resulting in Tails going completely insane and going on a multi-dimensional rampage, conquering everything he came across while killing countless deities, heroes and villains alike - including entire universes, wiped out after failing his "judgement".

Infinite would only ever invade the mainstream multiverse twice, each time he did so it resulted in a long-running Infinite War, which shattered entire galaxies and brought even the mightiest of the Cosmic Crusade's allies and enemies to their knees, forcing extreme measures as both hero and villain alike raced to obtain the Phantom Ruby as well as help Tails gain the full-power of Titan Tails via cosmic trials.


Infinite is an incalculably powerful mutant who can tap into power beyond even those available to Bane or other "true" deities, he can achieve feats completely above the ranks of any other being in the Cosmic Crusade multiverse save for Feist, a fully-powered Titan Tails or the Source.

The only true way to banish Infinite from mainstream reality is the use of the Phantom Ruby and the full-power of Titan Tails, without these specifications Infinite is nigh-invincible (short of directly calling on Feist or the Source for aid, he has also been shown to be vulnerable to Sovereign Might).

Battle with Infinite- Showdown - Sonic Forces -OST-

Battle with Infinite- Showdown - Sonic Forces -OST-


  • Infinite was said to be around 30 years old, in comparison mainstream Tails is around 22 years old (in human years).
  • Infinite is without question the single most powerful villain in the entire Cosmic Crusade multiverse, and has never fully been defeated, only banished, via, the use of the Phantom Ruby and the Titan Force, even then it required the full-power of Titan Tails to truly achieve this feat.
  • Infinite has successfully taken on the entire Cosmic Crusade, Bane Empire and Chaos-Ring Corps - solidifying his threat as the single most powerful villain in the Cosmic Crusade multiverse.
  • despite his unimaginable power Infinite is still below the power of the Source, a fully-powered Titan Tails, Sovereign Might and Feist.
  • Infinite is ranked as the fifth most powerful entity in the entire Cosmic Crusade franchise, the ranking of the "Top 5" goes: The Source (supreme being), Titan Tails (second only to the Source when fully-powered), Sovereign Might (comparable to Titan Tails), Feist (just below the levels of Sovereign Might) and finally Infinite (beyond the levels of anyone other than those listed above).
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