Captain Jack Falcon

Jack Falcon


Jack Falcon was born in northern Wales, his father: Arthur Falcon was a pirate. When he was a child, he always went along on raids. But his father's ship sank when Jack was 13 years old, he washed ashore an unknown island. Thanks to two crew members he should live in a village on the island. two years later, war broke out on the island. He had to flee to an other part of the island. He went with one of his friends inside a pyramid, there he finally found his father. When his father after three years finally dies, he decides to build a ship with his crew and goes back to Wales. After years of piracy his ship sinks and the gallows is waiting for him. There was tar poured over him. During the attempt to hang him, the rope broke and he could escape. Jack Falcon became a sea phantom and took his ship resurfaced. Since then he seeks revenge.

Weapon arsenal

He wielded a broadsword and a sabre.