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Jane the Killer (aka Jane Arkensaw) is the fan-made female counterpart of Jeff the Killer. According to one Creepypasta, Jane was a neighbor of pre-insane Jeff. After Jeff killed her parents, she swore revenge against him. She donned a black outfit, a white mask with black eyes and lips, and a knife, and she's been hunting Jeff ever since. When she finally was able to confront Jeff she set the building on fire, and was able to manipulate what remained of the original Jeff into remorse and even made him contemplate giving up as she made his memories haunt and stab him. This was soon snuffed out and he stabbed her multiple times ending her illusions as she died however took Jeff with her in the fire. It is alluded to that she still failed in killing him as he looked at the doctor.


  • There is a common misconception on Jane the Killer. This version of Jane the Killer is actually a spin-off to the original Jane.
  • This version was created by PastaStalker64.
  • The original version of Jane the Killer (aka Jane Richardson) was created by MrAngryDog.