Voices. That's what started this. Little shots of darkness ringing all around. But these voices weren't coming from people's mouths, no! Ha, ha! They came from inside my head...and when I realized that fact, I didn't try to drown 'em out anymore! Instead, I listened. And, oh, the things they told me. Hundreds of people would fall by my knife in time. Oh, the fun sights I would see! A bloody birthday party. A slender figure in the woods. Hatred, of loads of people! Fire. Pain! Dying, and of course a blur of bleach! Add it all up...heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.But now, people have mixed me with myth and legend. Truth is, it doesn't really matter how it exactly happened. Ya got Woods, Keaton, Jeffrey, Jeff, haha! That's not the point. The real meaning to all of this bloodshed is so simple. So brilliant. Why, it all widdles down to one saying. Go--to--sleep!
~ Jeff the Killer giving his most famous monologue.

Jeffrey "Jeff " Keaton is famous YouTuber Mr. Betty Krueger's version of the classic creepypasta character created by Sessuer. Unlike other versions of the character, who are very clearly insane but still tragic and sympathetic, Jeff Keaton is the only version of the character who is truly evil.