Those monsters sealed their fate when they killed my sunshine.
~ Jessica Grey at the end of My Sunshine

Jessica Grey is one of the main protagonists of Glitchtale; she served as a cameo antagonist in Season 1 and the central antagonist-turned-tritagonist of Season 2. She was the mother of Alina, the human with the Integrity Soul Trait who was killed by Asgore and the leader of the AMD, until her death. After she learned that the monsters were responsible for the death of her daughter, she helped Bête Noire with her plan to kill all of the monsters. However, after realizing what she was doing was wrong, she felt remorse for her actions and now wanted to help defeat Bête.

She was voiced by MEMJ0123, who also voiced Agate Lightvale.


Early Life

Jessica was married to Noah Rutrow at some point prior to the events of the first season of Glitchtale and had a daughter with him who they named Alina. Noah died in a car crash, leaving Jessica to be a single parent. Jessica became very busy, trying to raise her daughter and working with the AMD. One fateful day, Jessica made a promise to her daughter that she would come to her dance recital. Unfortunately, Jessica did not come in time. When she showed up, the recital had already ended and her daughter was now missing. This led to Jessica losing her soul trait (Integrity), resulting in a grey soul.


Season 1

In the post-credits scene of the final episode of Season 1, Jessica is seen saying that humans are superior to monsters and that she hated the idea of both races being equal.

Season 2

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During her debut, Jessica seemed to be persistent. As the leader of the AMD, she seems determined to keep the scales between humans and monsters align and believed that humans are superior to monsters. She was highly antagonistic towards monsters. When Jessica found out that Asgore murdered her daughter, she reacted negatively and became vengeful towards Monster-kind. And plotted to exterminate monsters.

While Jessica worked with Bete, she seemed to believe that she was doing good by "avenging" her daughter. She was so blinded by revenge that she went as far as possibly killing herself, an example is when she used the Nullifier gun (which could damage the user's soul) and used it on Sans. She didn't really go far with avenging her daughter though. When Bete tortured her in Dust, she had a change of heart and decided to side with the other protagonists. She was no longer considered a villain after this.

In Do or Die, when she apologized for her actions and asked for Asgore and Papyrus' forgiveness, she clearly regretted playing a part in Sans' death and became remorseful. After Papyrus forgave her, she regained her trait, Integrity, thus becoming a major character. After her redemption, she revealed that she is helpful, kind, and committed to taking down Bete. She seems to be constantly trying to regain the trust of Gaster, after contributing to Sans' death, this is most likely because she doesn't want to be considered a bad person.

After Gaster insulted her again in Love, she was consumed by the guilt of the many deaths, and injuries she caused. Claiming that she only causes trouble to the other protagonists. Though she seems to be compliant to others, despite being wounded as seen in Game Over.

Due to being a tragic character, Jessica likely suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD). This is shown when she would get flashbacks about her and Alina and deeply regrets causing her daughter to run off to Mt. Ebott.


  • Bête's horrific actions in Dust was enough for Jessica to realize she was doing evil instead of doing good and serving justice to her daughter.
  • Despite being introduced as the main antagonist of Season 2, Bête Noire would end up becoming the true main antagonist due to her being far more dangerous and evil. Her plans were also much greater than Jessica's.
  • Jessica could be considered to be the human counterpart of Asgore since they both had similar ideas, such as annihilating the opposite race.
  • Her last name, Grey, might be describing her current state as a character; depressing and tragic. The intermediate shade grey itself usually means depression and dullness. And before she was redeemed she was a neutral character, and grey is a shade that stands between black and white, which means it is a neutral shade.
  • Using the AMR actually was harmful to Jessica. It caused permanent damage to her soul and her lifespan. If she continued to use it, she probably could have died.



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