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JubJub Boopkins is a recurring and also major character in the SMG4 Series who is also Fishy Boopkins baby brother. He first appeared in  SMG4: The E G G. JubJub in that episode has shown to be commonly abuse Mario but loved by Tari and Fishy Boopkins.

Although JubJub seemed to not mind (rather than Boopkins himself, who would quickly summon his dad if he were ever to be abused by someone), both Fishy and Tari found fault with Mario for his abuse to JubJub, and once he was together with his father (and yet again getting kicked by Mario), Joe Boopkins didn't waste any time in punishing Mario for his bad behaviour.

JubJub at first was hanging out with SMG4's gang but became a member of SMG3's gang in  S̶M̶G̶4̶:I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4! and also became an antagonist in the 4th major arc story called ''The YouTube Arc.''

Abilities & Powers

  • Very Loud Screaming: JubJub has the ability to scream very loudly like his older brother Fishy.
  • Father summoning: Like his older brother, by being in contact with the water, he can summon his own father.
  • Toughness: Almost no matter how much Mario abuses JubJub by kicking him, he doesn't seem to get hurt much as he's able to withstand getting kicked.
  • Ability of being used like an object: He has actually being used a spare tire. However he has the right to deny being used as one.
  • Used as a durable projectile: JubJub can be used as a projectile that can't be destroyed and can also smash through nearly everything.
  • If JubJub has his hand on a record player, he has ability to play music from his own mouth.


Eventhough JubJub wasn't sure right away that Fishy Boopkins was his brother, he grew attached to him in a fast way and also is attached to his dad. JubJub wondered where he was briefly after he was hatched. Despite JubJub being innocent, he became a part of SMG3’s gang. SMG3 was the one who chose him to represent Fishy Boopkins, as he is his brother. JubJub was unaware that SMG3 was plagiarizing SMG4, as he was born after all the Anime Arc events.


  • Like his older brother, whenever he eats, he makes noises.
  • Where his appearance came from isn't know at all. It might be original.
  • Mario habitually kicking JubJub like a soccer-ball is a instance of Kyle Broflovski's actions in earlier South Park seasons, in which he kicks his brother like a soccerball in spite of his brother's protests but Fishy Boopkins doesn't take part in this action himself.
  • JubJub named himself instead of him being named by his father.
  • He doesn't speak in subtitles. He speaks without them just like Fishy.


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