Junkoland Spyro and Shira are villains from The Punkettes. As their names apply, they are the Junkoland versions of Spyro Doomfire and Shira Matsuri.


Though being similar to Spyro and Shira, they are different in personality as they are cooler and more laid-back as opposed to the real Spyro and Shira. They seem to be almost always high. They are very laid-back and calm and doesn't seem to care about anything.

At times they uses their influence of the internet mind to solve problems they can't figure out. Their voices is like that of hipsters or stoned surfer girls, which is mainly calm and cool at times.


Junkoland Spyro and Shira first appear in "Day of Judgement Part II: Escape from Junkoland" where they were first seen in Junko's office when Spyro, Shira, and Junko begin to argue. They were created by Junko as backup Spyro and Shira with a more supportive attitude in case the real ones didn't agree with them. They entered as they were talking about escaping Junkoland, stating that they like video games, anime, their drugs, supporting Junko, and punctuating every sentence with a high-five (which Jeno does with them). Spyro and Shira develop an instant and intense hatred for them.

They later appear in Junkoland court when Spyro is tried for mentioning hope, with they set up as replacements for Spyro and Shira if they should lose the trial. When they reconcile in court, and Junko decides to return to the real world, They, along with the other despair creatures, turn against Junko and chase down The Punkettes to prevent them from escaping. In the credits, Junkoland Spyro and Shira are revealed to be alive, and question reality and whether they truly exist.


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