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Eh?! What is THIS, now? Weren't you supposed to be ASLEEP?! GAH!! HOW?! Grrr... no matter... Awake or not, I WILL have my way with you loathsome fungi! My magic shall strip you of your ugliness... AND TURN YOU ALL INTO STONE BLOCKS!! You shall become the bricks that build my grand new tower, which will extend leagues above the heavens! Soon, even galaxies beyond will gaze in envy at my supreme beauty and greatness! THIS IS YOUR DESTINY, FUNGUS! PREPARE YOURSELF!
~ Kammy Koopa explaining her plan to Toadette.

Kammy Koopa is the main antagonist of the 2015 Mario fangame Toadette Strikes.

She's the leader of the Koopa Clan who took the credit for the sleeping curse and would then organize an invasion on the Mushroom Kingdom to kidnap the Toads that were affected by the said curse and then plan on turning them into stone blocks with a machine and use them to build a tower in her own image. She is Toadette's archenemy.


Kammy Koopa looks exactly like how she did in the Paper Mario series, being an elderly looking koopa who wears a purple set of robes and a purple witch hat. She has white hair and wears small oval-shaped glasses. She's often seen riding her broom which is bigger than her with its bamboo-like texture and its end has a white and purple cloud-like texture.

As Cursed Kammy Koopa, she becomes significantly taller and her hair also became longer. The edge of her sleeves now have spiky purple textures and the end of her dress purple cloud-like texture, similiar to her broom. She also wears a purple jester-like cape. Her hat has also been changed as it now has a spiky looking brim with a red gem on it.


Similiar to her portrayal in Paper Mario and its sequel The Thousand Year Door, Kammy Koopa is a vain woman who views herself to be beautiful and claims herself to be the one who created the sleeping curse (Even though it was actually Reckloo who did it). She also doesn't seem to have a high opinion on her minions either as she calls them "lowly".

What seperates this Kammy from the original one, however, is that she's now genocidal. She doesn't hesitate to turn all Toads into stone blocks and use them to build a tower in her own image. It's also implied that Kammy is xenophobic towards Toads as she calls them "loathsome" and "ugly" when talking to Toadette before the final battle.


Prior to the events of the game, when the sleeping curse started making Toads fall asleep, one by one, Kammy Koopa would take credit for the curse and start wreaking havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom alongside the rest of the Koopa Clan and kidnap the sleeping Toads, taking them to the Forbidden Fortress.

In the Forbidden Fortress, after Toadette knocks out a Shy Guy and took their clothes to use them as her, she eventually encounters Kammy who reveals that she'll be temporarily keeping them in the fortress before taking them to her lair, Kammy Manor. However, it wasn't long until Kammy finds out that the Shy Guy she's talking to is Toadette and starts the fight with her. After being defeated, Kammy makes her escape and goes back to her manor.

Later on, when Toadette gets to Kammy Manor and reaches Kammy's quarters, she finds Kammy and starts chasing her, only to be then finally caught up by the sleeping curse. Toadette then finds herself in the now corrupted Subcon and now has to venture through it to get out. If Toadette talks to some of the Toads, they'll say that they're becoming as stiff as a stone and that they can't move, implying that something must be happening to them back in the Mushroom Kingdom.

After defeating the virus (The cause of the sleeping curse), Toadette wakes up alongside the other Toads and goes back to Kammy's quarters. She comes across a machine with a couple of stone blocks on it that have an uncanny resemblance to Toads before continuing her way back to the quarters.

When Toadette encounters her again, Kammy finds out that the Toads have woken up. She reveals to Toadette that she's turning Toads into bricks for her tower before fighting her in a rematch.

After being bested by Toadette the second time, Kammy rants about how could she lose to a Toad, only to then get cursed by the mysterious magic and proceeds to transform. While Kammy goes through a transformation, Toadette falls into the lower part of the manor and now has to run from the falling rubble. When Toadette is about to get crushed by a falling ceiling, the now redeemed Anti Guy comes in and sacrifices himself to save her. Toadette goes past Anti Guy and the ceiling and gets on Yoshi, grabs the wings for him to turn him into Blue Yoshi and flies outside the manor to fight the now transformed Kammy Koopa who now goes by the name of Cursed Kammy Koopa.

After being defeated for the final time, Cursed Kammy reverts back to normal and falls into the manor. There, Kammy falls on her machine and gets turned into a stone block while the Toads on the machine return to normal, ending Kammy's reign of terror. Kammy is later seen in the game's secret ending where she's used as a table for Toadette's tea party.


Kyehehehehehe! What do you, lowly minion, seek of me, the great and BEAUTIFUL Kammy Koopa?! ...Where are the captives, you ask? Dearie, GET WITH IT! You should know that the Forbidden Fortress is just a temporary holding facility. All of today's Toads have long been shipped out to Glum Valley! Really, you work here. How do you not know this? ...Hmmm... Something seems a bit fishy about you... In fact, you smell a lot like... FUNGUS!
~ Kammy Koopa's first lines in the game.
GAH! This cannot be!! How can something PERFECT as I am lose to a mere fungus?! This is not happening... This... is... ?!?!?!?! W-what's happening to me?! Who's doing this?! WHO DARES TARNISH MY PRISTINE BEAUTY?! You're making me... SO POWERFUL!!! KYEEEE HEE HEE HEEE!!!
~ Kammy Koopa's villainous breakdown and her last lines in the game as she turns into Cursed Kammy Koopa.



  • This version of Kammy Koopa shares some similiarities with SMG4's Francis:
    • Both come from the Paper Mario series and are much viler than their original counterparts.
    • Both kidnapped a certain species (Toads for Kammy and Inklings for Francis) for their schemes (Kammy wanted to turn all of the Toads into the bricks for her tower while Francis wanted to use the ink of the Inklings to create an island of waifus for himself) and if they had suceeded, they would've been indirectly responsible for the genocide of the said species (Toads would've been put in a fate worse than death while Inklings would've gone extinct).
    • Beacause of the above, they darken the overall mood of their respective works.
    • They both meet their demise by a machine that they used for their plans upon defeat (Kammy gets turned into a stone block by her machine while Francis has his bodily fluids sucked out of his body by the Ink Zuccer)
      • However, despite darkening the mood of the Anime Arc, Francis is still very comedic as he shouts out numerous memetic quotes and his goal of creating an island of waifus is just plain silly while Kammy on the other hand is taken completely seriously in her work's story (apart from being used a table for Toadette's tea party in the secret ending) and her goal to turn all of the Toads into stone blocks and use them to build her tower is depicted in a genuinely horrifying light.
  • The voice clip for Kammy's laugh seems to be taken from the stage clear jingle from Rayman.
  • Her plan to turn all of the Toads into stone blocks might be a reference to the story from the Original Super Mario Bros.' manual where Bowser casted a curse on the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, turning them into unbreakable blocks and various other background objects seen in that game.
  • Kammy's plan is quite similiar to King Olly's from Paper Mario: The Origami King as they both involve Toad genocide in one way or another. Despite this, however, Toadette Strikes came out 5 years before that game.

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