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As you can see I collect pictures of fat guys.
~ King Boo

King Boo is a mirror character in SMG4 who is the powerful leader of the Boos and has a likelihood to abduct either Luigi or Mario forcing the bro that wasn't kidnapped to save the abducted bro.

In the SMG4's videos, he shows up in SMG4: Stupid Luigi's Mansion where he has put Mario prison and taken over a mansion forcing Luigi to go save his brother. Mario from the painting, Luigi traps King Boo inside the painting with Mario thus let Mario to do a fair amount of weird stuff to King Boo which caused him to freak out Instead of freeing them.

In R64:Boo Busters he is also an antagonist as he trapped Daisy on a roof.   


  • Stupid Luigi's Mansion
  • Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Just Like Any Other Day
  • R64: Boo Busters (debut)


Unlike the canon King Boo who is completely evil and cheats in order to win fights, this version is still evil but not pure evil and he also fights honourably especially when he fought against Luigi. In Stupid Luigi's Mansion and the other episodes that he appears in, he has also shown to be quite psychopathic.


  • Stupid Luigi's Mansion - He fought against Luigi but didn't defeat him.
  • The Boos and other ghosts are his minions.
  • He is enemies with Mario, Daisy, Toad, Professor E. Gadd and Luigi


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