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Korthan, lord of destruction and chaos at your service!
~ Kothan introducing himself to Charleston.
You've been a jerk to me a lot, and such a thing cannot go unpunished. You really thought you could keep me, ME, in wraps? Well, not today!
~ Korthan as he is about to kill Lord Hawthorne Blake

Korthan, or better known as Kortanitus, is the overarching and main antagonist of the fantasy series The Dream Zone. He is the overarching antagonist in Witherra, a secondary antagonist in Evergrace, one of two main antagonists in Hunter, Glenn, Ravyn, and Blake, a secondary antagonist in Akuna, and the main antagonist in Phoenix, Korthan, and Wankawe. He is the arch-nemesis of Charleston and Ariana Witherra.

He was created by an event known as the Merging, where both dream and nightmare spirits inside the Dream Zone come together to create a hybrid spirit. However, more nightmare spirits joined in Korthan's creation, which is most likely the cause of his sadistic and malicious nature.

Korthan is very powerful and dangerous. He has destroyed many civilizations, wiped out entire races, and more heinous crimes. He is one of the three most evilest villains in the entire series (the other two being Windsor and Lady Akuna).


Korthan appears to be a pyramid with an eye on each side of the pyramid. Other than that, he has an almost humanoid body. He wears a bow tie, a black suit with black pants, and black shoes. He has pale white human hands. Korthan also has an alternate form, which he uses when he reaches ultimate power, or just upset. The alternate form makes Korthan's pyramid head red and the eyes black with red pupils. the bow tie transforms into shoulder blades, which house sickly green flames. His body becomes almost specter-like. A split in the middle divides Korthan's upper body and the lower body. The features of the specter body appear to have nebulas. His arms are normal expect for his hands, which become large and resemble gloves. The glove like structures have eyes.

In Dream Zone #3, Korthan's appearance changes. When it occurs, he has the head of a dream catcher, with an eye in the center and antlers on the sides of it. Feathers hang down from the head as a beard, but otherwise, he still maintains his black attire. His enraged form is more or less the same, except the head grows larger antlers. The split is replaced by an eye as well.


Madika-Sarith is the last part of the spell... the problem is.. how will you say the rest without A THROAT! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
~ Korthan taunting Windsor before ripping his throat out.

Korthan is sadistic and psychotic, as he killed millions and an entire army simply for his amusement. Korthan brags often that he killed House Witherra as an act of self defense. He is also responsible for the destruction of the ancient cities hundreds of years before. He has mentioned time and time again that ravaging Demor was the most fun he ever had in all of his existence.

Despite being a sadistic psychopath, he is also surprisingly level-headed and carefully executes his plans. He was even able to manipulate Mistress Ravyn into collecting the students youth to fuel his power. It was too late when Ravyn realized Korthan's true motives. He is also a prankster, as he leaves little tricks around Demor that leave inconvenience for the Witherra twins and Kara. However, despite his humorous actions, he is feared for his immense power and his history.

Korthan has no regard for life in general and constantly manipulates people for his own gain, and he is incapable of feeling any remorse for his actions.

Powers and Abilities

~ Korthan explaining the immensity of his power to the Oracle.

When all three Orbs are reunited, he gains their abilities. This is because all of Korthan's power was split into those orbs. The Orb of Time gives Korthan the power to reverse time, control it, and stop it altogether. He can also kill someone by accelerated natural aging using the time powers, as well as revival. The Orb of Destruction gives him the power to manifest chaos itself. He can warp reality, warp the land, manipulate the air, water, and fire, as well as creating deadly beasts known as the Orivine Beasts. Finally, the Orb of Wisdom gives Korthan the ability to see the future. He can also see an opponent's move before it even happens. It also allows him to speak to and reanimate the dead.

Even with the Orbs of Power, Korthan still has more abilities. He can manifest himself in dreams and create nightmares. He can also create false visions as long as he is in the victim's head. Korthan also has the ability to project himself in the Astral Plane, as well as clairvoyance. Korthan can also invade one's mind and tamper with the victim's memories.

Despite his infinite powers, he can still be defeated. In the past, he was defeated by the ancient God-Killer spell, which was uttered by the last wizards of House Witherra. He can also be destroyed by the ancient super weapon, but it failed in Blake. The ray had narrowly missed him, and he ended up disintegrating the weapon before it could be used again.

He can be revived by the Orbs of Power, but even those have a limit, having a one-time use per 10 million years policy. This also means they can be destroyed so that they can never resurrect Korthan.

Inside the Dream Zone itself is where his abilities are almost limitless. Being a nightmare spirit, he can induce his targets with nightmares or false visions of the future. However, inside the Dream Zone is also where he is at his most vulnerable. Korthan cannot be killed in the physical world, but he can be wiped from existence if he is slain in the Dreamscape.


Before The Dream Zone

Every 4.6 billion years, an event known as the Merging begins in the Dreamscape. The Celestial Beings of Light and Darkness command the dream and nightmare spirits to form a hybrid super-spirit, a balance between dream and nightmare. The first hybrid spirt is known as Wanakwe. However, the Celestial Being of Darkness suspected that Light had added more dream spirits to Wanakwe than nightmare spirits. Darkness then waited until the next Merging to tilt the balance to nightmare's favor. That accusation lead to Korthan's creation. Years after his birth, Korthan started to develop his powers, under the guidance of Wanakwe. However, Korthan showed interest in harm, suffering, and nightmares. Korthan then found a way to escape the Dreamscape and enter the physical world. He set his sights on the planet Torra. For thousands of years, Korthan wreaked havoc on the planet. He detroyed entire civilizations, slaughtered many people, and sought to destroy the planet once his powers reached his peak. Wanakwe, with Light, fought with Korthan and won. After the battle, Korthan was imprisoned inside the Dreamscape. However, his imprisonment only lasted 14 million years. When he escaped, he further wreaked havoc on the planet, until the noble house House Witherra, the Oracle of Demor, Wanakwe, and a couple of noble houses banded up to get rid of Korthan. The battle was won, but the entirety of House Witherra was slaughtered. Korthan was once again imprisioned in the Dreamscape, with only a sliver of his power. The rest of his power was separated into three different orbs; the Orbs of Power.

The Dream Zone: Witherra

Korthan appears a few times in the story. 15 years have passed after the Battle of Witherra, and now Lord Hawthorne Blake seeks out the Orbs of Power to revive Korthan. Korthan appears in Charleston's dreams twice; one time explaining how he'll be revived, and the second time warning Charles.

The Dream Zone: Evergrace

Blake has finally found all three orbs and revives Korthan. He makes a promise to Blake, saying that he'll serve him since he was the one who revived Korthan. However, when Korthan overhears that Charleston, Ariana, Kara, and Aquafine are at the Oracle's Palace, he disappears. He attacks Aquafine in order to draw out the Oracle, which works. He almost succeeds in taking the kids when the Oracle intervenes. She and Korthan battle each other as the children escape, but Korthan chases them after he killed the Oracle and destroyed the palace. However, they are saved by Solonos and the other Evergraces, one of Korthan's old rivals.

Later on in the story, Korthan agrees to accompany Blake to the Southern Werewolf Tribe in the Clandenan Mountains.

The Dream Zone: Hunter

Korthan plays a minor role in the overall story of Hunter. He appears in the beginning, accompanying Blake and his therapist, Dr. Eliot Stone, to the werewolf tribe. After the plan seemingly works, Blake returns to find out that his right hand man was killed and the princess escaped. After flying into a temper tantrum, Blake orders Korthan to track down the princess, and not pursue the children, as he need Korthan by his side all the time.

The second time he appears, he is playing the piano for Blake, but he notices stone growing on his body.

The last time he appears, he tracks down Echo, the bounty hunter Blake sent to capture the children. However, Korthan wants to speed up the process, so he tells Echo that he'll help her capture the children. However, with his stone cocoon growing farther up and down his body, his powers fail. Kara challenges Echo to a magic duel, as part of a plan to await Korthan's metamorphosis, where he is the weakest. After Kara wins, Korthan attempts to kill her, but Aquafine blasts Korthan with a geyser that sends him flying to a distant peak. Korthan's stone cocoon finishes, transforming him into a lifeless statue.

In the epilogue, Korthan's metamorphosis begins, changing his appearance for the remainder of the series.

The Dream Zone: Glenn

Korthan appears at the beginning of the story, reviving Soren after Blake orders him to do so. Shortly after, he spies on the group, and tries to find ways to kill them, just to spite Soren. He then creates a brain parasite and unleashes it on Goro, where it manifests itself and feeding off of Goro's insecurities, since Korthan knew about his ability to turn into the Frozen Guardian. Korthan appears in the background several times after.

Later in the story, when Charleston enters Goro's mind with the help of Wanakwe, Korthan is seen bringing Goro's traumatic memories to light, which corrupts Tsuara (the Frozen Guardian) and lead to the groups violent death. Korthan notices Charleston and attempts to destroy him. But Wanakwe distracts Korthan while Charles consoles Goro, reversing the effects of the parasite, dispelling Korthan all the while. He is absent for the remainder of the story, but he is mentioned by Blake, saying that Korthan "left him again", obviously being annoyed at Korthan's long durations of abscence.

The Dream Zone: Ravyn

In Korthan's first appearance in Ravyn, he kidnaps Obidiah, a former Royal Court member. He tries to take his youth, which succeeds. Afterwards, Korthan feels an incredible boost in power. Realizing he can get more to fully regenerate his power, he went to the Xorthus Academy of Magic and confronted the leader of the Academy; Headmistress Ravyn. He tricks her into thinking she'll get infinite power if she collects 50 students' youth.

Towards the end of the story, Korthan appears as Ravyn is about to kill Charles, but he persuades her to killing Jasmine instead, which Ravyn does. After that, Korthan takes the bottle of the youth and consumes it. With the boost, he locates the rest of it and consumes all of the remaining youth Ravyn had collected. As he consumes the youth, the school begins to collapse. After Ravyn is defeated, she retreats into her office, where she finds Korthan. After realizing that she killed her students just to fuel a chaos god and never would get power, Korthan tosses her aside and explodes the tower she's in. Before Korthan leaves, he destroys the rest of the academy.

The Dream Zone: Blake

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The Dream Zone: Akuna

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The Dream Zone: Phoenix

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The Dream Zone: Korthan

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The Dream Zone: Wanakwe

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Killed Directly by Korthan (in order)

  • Most of the population of early Demor
  • About 98% of House Witherra
  • Several other armies
  • The Oracle of Demor
  • Echo's Stormcrow
  • Obidiah
  • Headmistress Ravyn
  • Several bounty hunters and assassins
  • Lord Hawthorne Blake
  • Windsor
  • Dr. Eliot Stone
  • Countless Royal Guards
  • Master Pheonix
  • Countless Dream Spirits
  • The Celestial Being of Light
  • The Celestial Being of Darkness

Indirectly Responsible:


I have many names. My personal favorite bring man own, of course.
~ - Korthan telling Charles he has many names.
Look, I like you, kid. But if you get in my way, well, I hope the clouds are ready for a family reunion.
~ Kothan threading to kill Charles if he interferes with his plans.
Goro's mind was the most vulnerable out of all of you losers. He had the most insecurities... the most trauma... and he was most vulnerable to my memory distortion. It's only a matter of time before I destroy you and the beast from within his mind consumes the rest of your FLESH!!
~ Korthan explaining why he chose to put his brain parasite into Goro's head.
Tell me, Ravyn, How good does it feel to have infinite power? It feels nice, doesn't it? Now all you gotta do for me is collect a few youth solutions from your students, and you'll have all the power you want!
~ Korthan lying to Ravyn about giving her infinite power.
Y'know what? There's a few kids that are really being pains in the butt right now. If you don't mind, I'm going out to kill them in horrific ways that not even man himself could imagine.
~ Korthan about to leave to kill Charles, Ariana, and Kara.
You are really annoying for a Crystallaire. You should bug off, maybe jump off a cliff or something. Maybe, I can just BLAST YOU OFF THE FACE OF THE PLANET!
~ Korthan killing Watson.
You can't stop the inevitable! G'bye!
~ Korthan's catchphrase and most famous quote.
(Ravyn: Do you really care about everything you've just done?) Nope! Not one bit! I feel nothing!
~ Korthan at Rayn's last moments.
You may have won this battle, Witherra. But the war is far from over!
~ The last thing Korthan says before transforming into a stone cocoon.
Where do you think you're going?
~ Korthan to Charles as he attempts to leave the Dreamscape.
Slaughter is fun!
~ Korthan proudly saying killing is amusing.
Bursting into light... how... cliché.
~ Korthan's final words before his defeat.


  • He may be inspired by Bill Cipher, the main antagonist of Gravity Falls.
  • Even if Korthan succeeded in taking over the whole universe, he would still be stopped by the Masters of Existence, which are evil Celestials.
  • Korthan enjoys music a lot, saying he rather fancies jazz and classical music.
  • Korthan shares some similarities to Bill Cipher.
  • Korthan is not capable of feeling pain or any other feeling that requires love, such as remorse.
  • Korthan's appearance changes in Dream Zone #3.
  • Korthan's murders are often gruesome in nature; he turns Dr. Stone inside out, rips Windsor's throat, has Mistress Ravyn crushed within the Academy, burns off Blake's skin to the point of exposing his skeleton, and mutilated most of the Witherra soldiers and split the Celestial Beings of Darkness and Light in half.
  • In the original draft of The Dream Zone, the main antagonist was a being made from nightmares that went by the name of the Nightmare King. However, the idea was scrapped, and he was replaced by Korthan.
  • When Charleston asked Korthan why he didn't kill them on the spot, he replied that there are some people he likes to see suffer before they meet their violent end. Some examples of this practice is shown through Dr. Stone, Lord Blake, and Windsor.


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