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Kumuzilla is a supporting antagonist of Glitchtale, appearing as the tertairy antagonist of season 2. It is a large Pink Creature that is a fusion, presumably of all the remaining Pink Creatures in the city. It stores many human souls inside of it.


Kumuzilla technically doesn't have a personality due to lack of a soul, and/or a brain perhaps. However, it is controlled by Bete and used to kill and collect souls. It is perfectly fine with killing people with no remorse and is attracted to human souls, which allows it to hunt down other humans.


At some point, 600 of Bête Noire's Pink Creatures fused into one giant being, presumably before or during the events of Game Over.

Kumuzilla was first mentioned by Zachary, in his warning towards Undyne and Ronan. It caused the ground to tremble, and emerged soon after. It began attacking Gaster and Jessica. Kumuzilla was shot by three Perseverance Officers, but it was counter-productive and created components of the creature, which then killed the three officers. It also sent three of its components to steal Ronan's Soul. Two components were shot by Ronan, and the other one sneaking up on him was destroyed by Hugo. However, the Kumuzilla came up behind Hugo, to which Ronan pushed him out of the way, and took potentially fatal hits from it. It also attempted to kill Gaster and broke a building, trapping both Jessica and Gaster into rubbles.


  • It's name is a homage to the famous Kaiju monster, Godzilla.
    • It is also a homage to Akumu's nickname, Kumu.
  • It was confirmed that a total of 600 Pink Creatures fused into Kumuzilla.
  • When the creature is shot by something other than DETERMINATION and if it causes damage, it breaks off into smaller creatures.
  • Like all of the other Pink Creatures, it is genderless.
  • Despite it's name, it's unlikely that Kumuzilla has any connection to Akumu.



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