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The Loan Dolphin is a minor antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He is a dolphin and hitman with a deep Brooklyn accent.

The Loan Dolphin is generally a villain due to the fact that he is a hitman and commits crimes. But, on some occasions, he is a neutral character.

He is voiced by Chris Netherton (who was also called Pablo).


SML universe

He is the titular main antagonist of The Hitman!. Despite being the main antagonist, Mario was the one who hired him to kill Jeffy in the first place.

Mario mistakes the Loan Dolphin as a Loan Shark.

Most of the time, the Loan Dolphin hides in a dark alley.

The Loan Dolphin was first mentioned by Craig the Devil in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Episode 2. If Craig doesn't get any money, the Dolphin would threaten Craig that he will break Craig's kneecaps.

He has a few jobs such as Goodman Bank And Trust, loan, hitman and trader. He also runs a pawn shop. In Jeffy's Home Alone, the Loan Dolphin was the boss of Brooklyn T. Guy and Simmons.

Puppet Pals universe

The Loan Dolphin appeared in a Puppet Pals called The Hitman which is an episode of Bob the Builder Season 3 as he was hired by Furious Bob the Builder to kill Wendy. He succeeded in killing Wendy.

Later on, he gave Furious Bob the Builder a phone call to tell him that he killed Wendy, and Furious Bob told him to not say out loud if the cops were listening and told him that he was sh*t at his job as a hitman and told him that he will never hire him again.

After that, the Dolphin, along with another hitman named Dennis invaded Furious Bob's house. As Dennis tries to murder the Dolphin and Furious Bob, Dennis was killed by the Dolphin. After the death of Dennis, the Dolphin leaves the house.

It is unknown what happened to the Dolphin since he was never seen in Puppet Pals again. But, it is possible that he was arrested for his crimes.


The Loan Dolphin is violent, dangerous, evil, homicidal and sometimes annoyed.

Despite being a hitman, the Loan Dolphin told Bowser Junior that jumping in front of a bullet from a gun is dangerous. However, he agreed to help Junior nonetheless.
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