Lord Maximus Grievus is a vicious overlord of all the Cluster Prime and the first creation of the Cluster's original creator, whose actually made a striking resemblance of his own design. He's actually Dr.Brindlius's robotic mirror image and thanks to his interactions of his human master's knowledge and IQs exponentially, He's an absolute tyrant who'll do anything of beating down any automatons,like Robotboy. He is an anticipating antagonist on both Robotboy and My Life As A Teenage Robot .

Lord grievus leader of the cluster armada by stoneman85-d5x6cel-2-

Fanmade Grievus concept artist


When his creator, which claims to be Dr. Brindlius(Character What) ,whose very worrisome and frighten of not disregard to any safety rules, have exceed by creating Vexus,whose actually the bears a striking resemblance and a reminder of how his beloved colleague who'd loved him in the past and were never compensates, Smytus, and Krackus and refurbish of creating the newer but shining utopia. And forbear of never inflict to the people's will and its borders, he has beginning to concoct of creating a program that'll vow to achieve of making a world a better place and named it G.E.N 1.0. But when the ever-computed AI have senses his masters thoughts and memory by scanners and begins to show his own cognitive skills that far exceeding of that human counterparts and makes himself as a perfect condition of enable of being safe(with the knowledge that he endowed with),His intellect really pays off of him, which makes him an organize-orient robot with a bit of a breakdown of 'Rushing' and have vow to stop unsafe supers, like Robotboy, who eager to learnt that he is the only thing that stands in his way of accomplishing his goal whether he not to admit it that.


Although he's a sentient manmade robot based off of his creator's human appearance and emotions but like his master before him, he is vicious, cunning, calculated, cold-hearted toward at sentient machines and especially towards at Vega. His personality were human-based interfacing toward genetically when came direct contact to his human handler.

Powers and Abilities

  • Machine Overlord/Alien Overlord Physiology
  • Combat Skills
  • Enhanced Memory Recoginition
  • Human-Artificial-Intelligent Synergy
  • Attack Prediction: He can predict any of his enemies movement and any tactics.
  • Hive Mind System
  • Mind Hive: His ability is to inducing to erase all of the deactivated robot's mind and memories(like Robotgirl).
  • Enhanced Superhuman Strength: Unlike Robotboy's own, His physical strength is unstoppable and intensively very agile.
  • Super-genius Intelligent and Awareness: When hauntingly blest by his human master's known knowledge and have capabilities of making a world even 'safer', he possess the ability to becoming self-aware and cautious of being more appropriate,even on Earth and ensuring of being organize any knowledges.
  • Flights: Even he doesn't have wings, only his cloaked cape can provide as an ideal for flight and some of his propellers on his backside works too.
  • Electrokinesis: He had the ability to manipulate any electrical currents.
  • Chromekinesis
  • Teleporter Warp
  • Shock Waves Blast
  • Pain Immunity: : He doesn't feel any pain from fire, electricity and water and extreme heat or subzero or extreme absolute cold or sound or high-pitched sound or loud and even tornados and rockslide and earthquakes or any various elements.
  • Stealth Tactics: He's a master military strategies expert.
  • Invulnerability
  • Super Durability
  • Bullet/Laser/Electricity/ Freezing Invulnerability
  • Regenerative Ability
  • Enhanced Super Power Strength
  • Optic Beams: He can projectile lasers out from his hands and causes to render his enemies weapons defenseless.
  • Transitional Laser Emission
  • Heat Vision: His eyes emitting out a deadly ray emissions so dangerous that it's enough to melt any of the most biggest from gigantic and tremendous and even the most smallest robots.
  • Enhanced Tracker
  • Enhanced Speed and Agility
  • Meteor Mash Punch: His fists can generates a powerful surge streak of a powerful meteor that can deliver the striking blow of his enemies, and in result, leaving them transforming into nothing more than a cooling metal statues.
  • Thermal and Body Temperature Senses
  • Unlimited Cluster Robot Control: He can control the bug-like creatures known as the Cluster Drones with a telepathic power by using antennas on each shoulders.
  • Anger Affinity: Whenever every robot punch impacts on his chest , He increases can make himself stronger and make him more powerful.
  • Electro Claws: His excessively sharp fingernails can conducts enough nuclear/electrical powers to pierce through even the most powerful Robot from biggest to gigantic to smallest and render them helpless.
  • Rough Armor/Skin: His robotic skins are virtually tough as metal or titanium or diamond.
  • Photographic Reflexes He can read enemies movements and attack strategies.
  • Hydrokinesis He can manipulate the ocean currents and the waves.
  • Cryokinesis He had the ability to manipulate blizzards and subzero environments.
  • Levitation
  • Super Endurance
  • Aerokinesis He had the ability to manipulate the wind current directions and even planes.
  • Portal Creations
  • Super Durability
  • Super-Hearing/Super-Senses
  • Extreme Strength
  • Saw Hand
  • Energy Blast
  • Animation
  • Blade Retraction: He can generate the blade out from his hands.
  • Super Agility: He can dodge the from any attacks and can dodge bullets.
  • Super Speed/Absolute Speed: Unlike Shadow Aaron's speed, he can run super fast in a single stroke.
  • Ionkinesis: Grievus can manipulate into any radiation bounces back its energy.
  • Technopathy: Grievus can manipulate any technologies.
  • Immortality/Absolute Immortality: He is blest with such immortality that he'll continue to return to challenges any sentient robots to the infinity.
  • Disease Immunity
  • Foreign Chemical Resistance
  • Swordsman Skills
  • Umbrakinesis He had the ability to manipulate the shadows.
  • Energized Telekinesis
  • Various Weapons: He got powerful energy cannons and any types of weapons.
  • Ferrokinesis: He had the ability to manipulate and/or bend every metals.
  • Vulcan Cannon: He can emits a powerful energy cannon out from his hands.
  • Logic Mandate
  • Neuro-Psychic Knowledge
  • Electrokinesis Claws
  • Blade Retraction
  • Nucleokinesis
  • Darkside View
  • Artificial Intelligence Physiology
  • Nanite Constructs/Self-Reconstruction: He had the ability to reshapes through Nanites and apt to rebuild Cluster Prime armies into even more tougher.
  • Insects Summoning: He had the ability to control the Cluster Prime Drones armies.
  • Zero-Point Energy Ray: He have the ability to carry enemies and even paralyzes opponents dead in their track out from his finger.
  • Roboticization
  • Cyber Mind
  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Laser Emission
  • Sonokinesis
  • Haemonkinesis

  • Waterproof

  • Intangibility
  • Durability Manipulation

  • Concussive Beam

  • Anger Beam Emission

  • Impact Absorption

  • Adoptive Muscle Memory


  • EMP Bombs
  • Xeon Sword
  • The 'Molt' Bomb
  • EMP Sword