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I pretend I do not see it. It is I, Lord Montague.
~ Lord Montague’s introduction.
I am so sad! My wife just died because she was also sad and we are all white people, sad. AND NOW MY DAUGHTER HAS DIED!
~ Lord Montague showing remorse for his actions.

Lord Montague is the overarching antagonist of the 2021 comedy theatrical film, Romeo and Juliet but without any rehearsals, an adaptation of the iconic play with the same name.

He specifically serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of acts 1 & 2 and the main antagonist of act 3.

He is the de-facto patriarch of House Montague, much like his arch-nemesis Lord Capulet. However, unlike Lord Capulet, he is dead set on killing all of the members of House Capulet, and is much more focused on their rivalry than him.

He is portrayed by adrisaurus, in her first villainous role.


  • Despite only appearing near the end and having very little screen time, he serves as the Bigger Bad due to him making Romeo the way he is now and having bigger plans than the other villains.
  • His wife, Lady Montague, is nowhere to be seen and is briefly mentioned during the climax.


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