Lord Valkor is the main antagonist of a planned novel series, The Dark Wars of the North. He is the most powerful Avatar-Demon (also known as Dark Hybrids) in the world, and the Dark Lord of the entire Dark Hybrid Army Dark Hybrid Army (Avatar-Demons); who aim to take over the world. He is also the archenemy of Johnny Craven and Henri Balthazar, who killed his best lieutenant, Adolf, near the end of The Dark Wars of the North.

He possesses many avatar and demoninc talents such as strength, speed, stamina, hearing, reflexes, agility, endurance,  invulnerability, immortality, healing factor, demonic magic/avatar sorcery, and many more. He teaches his troops assassination arts instead of regular martial arts. 
Lord Valkor

Lord Valkor


Early Life

Valkor was born on January 3, 1337 on Nazar Mountain located North in the United Kingdom. He was born to a demon named Legion, and a female avatar whose name is unknown. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him. After her death, Legion took care of Valkor.

Valkor grew up with his father and when he became old enough, Legion told him that he had demon and avatar abilities. He began training with his father to become a powerful hybrid warrior with many demon troops to kill humanoid avatars and take over the world. He was able to control his senses and powers and became Legion's greatest student after a long time of training.

Legion's Death

Valkor watched as the Battle of Nazar was being held at the bottom of Nazar Mountain and watched as his father was dueling Alfred Balthazar, the original humanoid avatar leader and one of the greatest fighters at Mazgorn. After he saw Legion being burned and decapitated by Balthazar, the Battle of Nazar was over and the humanoid avatars retreated to Mazgorn, a training village 120 miles east of Nazar Mountain. Valkor mourned his father's death and became angry.

Becoming the Dark Lord

Valkor used avatar sorcery to transform Legion's leftover demons into hybrids, a combination of two different species that are more powerful than avatars and demons. Then he captured other avatars around the world and used demonic sorcery to also transform them into hybrids. After that, he trained them all by creating the most dangerous fighting style ever, assassinations arts (similar to regular martial arts except you use killing techniques on the victim). Then he became the Dark Lord of Nazar because he was so dangerous that was undefeatable.