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Maybe there are forces in this universe we don't understand. But I still believe we make our own miracles."
~ Lou

Lou (or known as Agent 26B) is the main protagonist of the Andromeda YouTube channel.

He is voiced by Zachary Byrum (the channel's creator). He is well-known for his martial arts when it comes to the conflict with his twin brother, Mr. Kat, and Max, a fiendish alien dog with a disliking towards cats.


He grew up in Kat Nebula with Mr. Kat, and then moved to Earth and stayed in New Orleans Lousisiana, where he lives with his owners, Phil and Monika Fowlers. Lou owns a large collection of books, watches the news, and reads newspapers. Lou is also known to be an adept martial artist. Lou excels in hand-to-hand combat, katana, nunchaku and bo staff skills. In the episode, he is also seen as an assassin for hire. Lou is not religious but has the birthmark of Bastet, the Egyptian Cat Goddess. Oratorically gifted, he has shown the ability to seize and hold the attention of entire crowds of people when he wants to do so. He uses this gift during individual interactions, during which he can gain a desired effect depending on his intention. Lou is depicted as owning a large collection of books, and other reading material. He reads the newspaper, watches the news often, and otherwise makes a point to keep up with current events. Lou seems to show some fondness for Batman, and quotes the series often. In another episode, he states that he likes Dr. Dre. On at least one occasion, he demonstrated an aptitude for writing fiction in the form of a poem (he wrote a book called, In God We Trust).

He has also written poignant letters and emails to public figures imploring them to support various political causes. He has started petitions, made and handed out flyers, and created and edited his own newspaper, The Daily Duke. Being extremely pessimistic, Lou is rarely seen smiling in the episodes. He is either in a neutral expression or is seen frowning or shrugging. In season one, episode "Let's Nab Tyler Perry" frames 05:11 - 05:14, Lou was seen smiling during a fight with Dan Mandel while he teases him by pointing a sword to Dan's neck; twice in "Passion of The Price" at 03:40 when he asks Fiona to come with him to prison, and at 15:17 answering the telephone; and twice in "The Blind Man" at 03:26 when he set up his soap box and 05:45 when he watched Fiona speak with Coop. In the second season, he is seen smiling in two episodes. Once was in episode "Home Alone" at 18:40 when his owners return home after their trip to New York. The rest are in episode "Rock Till' You Drop" at 17:07 when Coop finally insults Millie, the opposing team's star player, enough to make her cry. 12:07, After scoring multiple baskets, Lou is seen smiling at his owner and friend, Kyle, the son of Phil and Monika. He is also seen barely smiling at 17:34 during the timeout that Phil called to congratulate the team on their playing. Of any of these few instances, the smile is only a very small grin. Other than those few instances, Lou has never been caught smiling. This is not to say that Lou lacks a softer side, as he will take steps to help and protect those he considers friends or family. Lou is also seen to be a practioner of the Militia. Lou is shown to admire several historical figures. In "Battle of Gods", he is the only person who still respects Billy Graham after he is misconstrued as a "Leader of a Dangerous Cult", even though Lou himself is not religious. During "Eye of The Beholder Part 1", Lou states that Hulk Hogan is a hero of his. He also has many posters of Jackie Chan, Mike Tyson, John Cena, and Rey Mysterio. Two figures he has quoted before are Kratos and Batman. While Lou is always portrayed as being a left-wing radical, his specific political ideologies are never portrayed in detail. On several occasions, such as Eye of The Beholder, he has demonstrated a following of Revolutionary Socialism. This is also backed up due to the fact that Lou has posters of revolutionary socialists in his room. A belief in Anarchism is also possible, as several of his statements have paid respect to it. In "The Black Panthers", he teaches a theater ticket taker about Anarcho-Syndicalism and Marxism. However, a moderate belief in Black Nationalism is common, since a desire for a greater unity between the black people of America is a recurring theme.

Lou has also quoted Karl Marx, suggesting an understanding of Communism. In "Black and White", Lou claims to be the founder of 23 radical leftist organizations, including Mousers Enforcing Our World's Safety, or M.E.O.W.S. He is however, very cautious around new people and prefers to trust others through action and example rather than words. When Donald Trump was elected President Lou was a Domestic Terrorist as now he says he retired. Lou also like to play football as he returns to it in season 3 episode "No Pain, No Gain". In "It's Goin Down" episode, the terrorist agency accuses Lou of being of planning the attack on Trump Tower. In Season 4 Lou also tries to help Kyle find a solution for the money problem. When Kyle's dad signed a form for Trump's Great Wall. Lou was immediately angered and upset about how stupid he was. Lou who claims he is a retired domestic terrorist, still make chemicals and bombs to assassinate Donald Trump so they can get the Mexican's freedom back.