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Here in Hell... Everybody really loves candy corn, and we're not nice people.
~ Lucifer while torturing one of his guards.

Lucifer Magne (born as Lucifer Morningstar) is the main antagonist of Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light. He is the ruthless, manipulative, and power hungry King of Hell and an extremely powerful fallen angel. He is the second son of God, loving husband of Lilith Magne, and abusive father of Charlotte Magne.

Formerly the Prince of Heaven, Lucifer was banished and cast out to Hell for attempting to corrupt God's angels against him so he could take over Heaven. Following his fall from Heaven, Lucifer became the absolute ruler of Hell.



Billions of years ago, even before the Big Bang, Lucifer was created by God, the almighty ruler of Heaven and the universe. As the second-born of the deity, Lucifer was one of the princes of Heaven alongside his brothers Growing up, Lucifer admired his father's ability for magic and power. and, in secret, God taught Lucifer about Heaven's Light, an orb that can turn into a sun, and is capable of reforming sinners.

Lucifer was considered by many to be the single most beautiful and beloved Archangel in all of existence, and it was said that God loved Lucifer the most of all his angels. Learning after his father, Lucifer grew into an extremely powerful and beautiful angel who flaunted his looks and prided himself on his appearance and massive power. Over time, Lucifer became the fiercest member of his family (sans God himself) and used to mostly patrol on his own. He became obsessed with his own "perfection", and was said to be spoiled, selfish, and cruel during his time in Heaven. He lived in luxury with his brothers and fellow archangels and had nearly everything he could have wanted, but it wasn't enough. Lucifer secretly desired to be ruler of Heaven, believing that he was more worthy of it than God.

When humanity was created, Lucifer was unwilling to accept that he was no longer God's favorite. Lucifer saw humans as weak, murderous, flawed, licentious "insects" who were unworthy in comparison to his own perfection. When God commanded all those of Heaven to love his new creation more than himself, Lucifer came to the realization that as long as his father lived, he would never rule over the universe. Getting the power to his head, Lucifer decided to do whatever it took to overthrow his father and claim the title of God for himself. Through details so far unknown, Lucifer came into contact with Satan, the enigmatic god of darkness. Satan saw potential in Lucifer's immense power, claiming him to be the fiercest and most ambitious angel in all of Heaven, and made a deal to help Lucifer corrupt God's angels in exchange for Lucifer's servitude. Following this, Lucifer was able to corrupt thousands of angels over a period of time, promising them a chance of godhood for their eternal service to him. Lucifer's charm and Satan's corrupting influence allowed him to assemble an entire army of dark angels against God.

To enact the final step towards his master plan, Lucifer held a meeting with his brothers and requested them to aid him in usurping God, claiming that with their combined power, and the army of dark angels by their side, they would be unstoppable. Finally seeing that there was no love or kindness in their brother's heart, Lucifer's siblings refused Lucifer's offer. Furious at their refusal, Lucifer used his immense powers to destroy them all. Following their destruction, their deaths caused a storm of biblical proportions to spawn in Heaven.

Lucifer and Satan then led their army of dark angels and cosmic horrors respectively across Heaven, destroying and massacring everything in their path, including slaughtering many angels and creatures, leaving a wake of devastation in their path. Lucifer and his master's brief reign of terror was ended when God and the leader of the archangels, Forti, rose up to stop them. In that moment, God declared that Lucifer and his followers were to be banished to the realms of Hell for their crimes and never escape so they may never harm an innocent ever again. Lucifer and the dark angels charged at God, but, in one fell swoop, God effortlessly casted Lucifer and his army into the depths of Hell with a golden wave of magic. As this happened, Satan and its dark army were imprisoned in Purgatory by Forti, although Satan and its forces managed to trap Forti with them as a final act of defiance.


You can scream as loud as you like, my friend. In fact, I prefer it.
~ Lucifer while immolating a sinner.

Not much is truly known about Lucifer Morningstar's personality, but it is implied that he showed limited care and compassion for his own family and fellow angels. He had an insatiable lust for power, and it's heavily implied that he was always evil. Despite their strained relationship, Lucifer and his brothers were closer in their younger years, though the latters distanced themselves from their brother when they realized that he had a "heart of darkness". Lucifer was scornful of humanity and thought himself to be the most beautiful of all things, and his power and wisdom to be greater than even God's. This led to his rebellion against God, and he convinced many spiritual beings to follow him in rebellion. However, Lucifer's lust for power and arrogance proved to be his downfall as he failed to understand how greatly superior God was to him, and was effortlessly defeated by his father and banished to the depths of Hell along with his followers.

Glibly charismatic and superficially polite, Lucifer Magne is the domineering yet flamboyant king of Hell. He is very energetic, goofy, and prefers to be casual and laid-back to newcomers and visitors, while at the same time maintaining a threatening presence. He enjoys singing, throwing lavish parties, dancing, eating candy corn, and is shown to be a fan of old movies and polka music. Even to his enemies he maintains a semi-polite, sarcastic tone. Much of his mannerisms are only adopted affectations: having been cast from Heaven into poverty and achieved wealth and power on his own, Lucifer was determined to reinvent himself as a theatrical, suave gentleman despite his status as a member of the noveau riche. He is very cultured (or presents himself as such) and regularly quotes works like Hamlet and even some Biblical quotes in order to show off; he even copied his tutor's diction until he adopted it as his own accent. Despite his elegance, Lucifer, like many sinners, does have quite a foul mouth, and incorporates swears in his speech even while in casual conversation.

Beneath his goofy, bubbly, and regal facade, Lucifer is truly shown to be a childish, arrogant, oppurtunistic, ego-maniacal, power hungry, irredeemably evil tyrant with almost no morals. In fact, he despises those with morals and considers compassion and redemption to be frivolous concepts. He is an oppressive monarch fully willing to commit kidnapping, treachery, mass murder, and many other atrocities for his goals to be fulfilled. He is highly sadistic and takes open pleasure in torturing sinners, and he enjoys reveling in the suffering of others. In his spare time, he often tortures his prisoners and random sinners by mutilating them and having them beaten and raped by his men. Throughout his many acts of murder, torture, and humiliation he is always smiling, laughing, and chatting jovially with his victims right up until he kills them or lets them free with severe injuries. He also loves making sadistic jokes and puns as he mutilates his victims.

Aside from the torture he inflicts on his victims, Lucifer was also very cruel in his approach to punishing his enemies or the denizens of Hell. He often forces families to watch the executions of their loved ones, children included. To make this worse, he’d force the relatives of the victims to smile and cheer over the execution before they themselves would also be executed. He also regularly holds parties and gatherings of a joyous nature to watch people be brutally killed, and invites their grieving loved ones to join in the festivities, forced to act like they are having a good time. Lucifer also prefers his executions to happen slowly, as he wants his victims to feel their pain. This behavior resulted in Lucifer dropping his regal facade, and revealing his true, sadistic, serial killer mentality, arguably worse than the likes of the other Overlords of Hell.

In keeping with his vicious, sadistic nature, his sexual tastes are extremely sadomasochistic. His sexual activities with Lilith are said to be extremely violent and graphic. In a flashback, he took great pleasure in throttling Lilith on their wedding night - and also clearly enjoyed being strangled and dominated by her in turn. As flashbacks demonstrate, he wasn't above allowing his prisoners to be raped by his men or personally raping them, particularly while in the process of murdering them; given that he didn't reach climax until well after one unfortunate woman was quite clearly dead, he also has a penchant for necrophilia.

In addition, Lucifer is exceedingly tyrannical and has absolutely no regard over his subjects, and tries his best to keep the denizens of Hell as miserable as possible. He looks down upon the inhabitants of Hell, regarding them as a contemptible crowd unworthy of his sympathy, and who deserve the torment they are going through. He enjoys watching the yearly Exterminations from his penthouse balcony, often eating popcorn, kicking back, and watching the Exterminators massacre Hell's populace. He is also very controlling over the sinners of Hell and intends to keep them in Hell, at one point outright saying he is willing to slaughter all of them in order to prevent just one from going to Heaven. Lucifer himself claims that because the denizens of Hell have no respect for him, then he has the right to show no mercy towards them.

This immense hatred of his own subjects seemingly stems from the great amounts of hatred and resentment that Lucifer harbors for his father, God. Lucifer absolutely despises his father for, in his mind, denying and ruining any chance of him becoming King of the Universe, and casting him down to Hell. His resentment and anger towards God were strong enough that, after he became the ruler of Hell, he outlawed the very mention of God's name in his presence and had anyone who violated the rule tortured and brutally killed. As a result of his relationship with his father, Lucifer despises religion and redemption, claiming them to be the worst concepts in all the world, and mocked anyone who had faith in God; abusing Charlie is implied to be his way of attacking God, and for this reason he calls his plan of corrupting Charlie against her grandfather to be his magnum opus.

While Lucifer prefers to be laid-back for the most part, he is known to have a very dangerous temper on him. If annoyed or incensed, Lucifer can drop his well-mannered mask at a moment's notice and begin screaming and threatening others. Those who upset the King of Hell in any way, are immediately subjected to a prolonged torture session and/or gruesome death. The most frequent victims of this cruel practice are none other than his own subjects. A few easy ways of getting on his nerves include interrupting his "meetings" with Lilith, and mentioning God's name in his presence, though getting him to lose his temper can be a simple matter of disobeying him and questioning his abilities - or even merely looking at him funny or wearing socks with sandals.

One of Lucifer's most well-known traits is that he is incredibly narcissistic, vain, and completely obsessed with himself. He is entranced by his own beauty, power, and wisdom, and has convinced himself that he is even greater than God or any other deity, and believes that everything in the universe should cater to his every command. It is implied in some cases that Lucifer seems to actually be in love with himself, as he is seen many times admiring his reflection in a mirror and even says "I'd kiss me but then I'd fall in love" which is a homage to the Greek God Narcissus who actually fell in love with his own reflection in the river all the time. He also considers Heaven's Light to be the only thing in the universe that almost rivals his own face for sheer beauty. He repeatedly refuses to find fault within himself and is quite self-righteous, declaring himself much purer than the denizens of Hell.

As a psychopath, Lucifer's relationships are shallow at best, and often grounded in abuse and manipulation. Though he apparently considers his royal guards and the Overlords of Hell to be his friends, he is not above menacing, assaulting or psychologically toying with them if it allows him to sculpt them into individuals more to his liking, and shows little qualms about insulting them behind their backs - dismissively referring to Valentino as a "pupating hack." He is also positively gleeful over mutilating and torturing any henchman or sinner who displeases him. This behavior even extends to Lucifer's pet snakes, as he treats them more as accessories rather than genuinely loving them, and it's made apparent that he only values them because they go hand-in-hand with his snake motif. Similarly, though he does say he loves Charlie and claims he tried to be a good father, it's clear he is manipulating her and their relationship is extremely dysfunctional: he constantly refers to Charlie as a failure and an embarrassment, abused her throughout her entire life, and their continued relationship is barely cordial, to the point that Lucifer actually called her a "perverted animal" - right to her face. More often that not, Charlie is treated as a henchwoman no different than Lucifer's Royal Guards, used and exploited at will in order to further Lucifer's designs for taking over Heaven and keeping all sinners under his control.

However, despite his highly toxic and abusive relationship with the rest of his family and ruthless nature, Lucifer is capable of affection and nowhere is that more potent or evident than with his wife and queen, Lilith. The two are sickeningly in love with each other, and constantly give each other affectionate names, with Lucifer calling her romantic names like Querida ("darling") and Cara Mia ("my beloved"), and is driven wild by the slightest of her actions, whether imitating animal noises, fainting, or speaking French. As shown with the incident with Lazlow Valentine, Lucifer is fully willing to murder anyone he sees as a threat to their marriage. During one of their "love sessions", Lucifer told Lilith that he would flip Heaven and Earth if anything happened to her. Lilith is quite possibly the only entity that Lucifer has ever genuinely loved, or at least the only one he isn't afraid to show his affection for openly.

Although he is the absolute ruler of Hell, Lucifer is not above paying bills in order to use services, like when he paid the phone bill that allowed Sir Pentious to talk to him, ordered his spies to keep tabs on Charlie, or ordered takeout from one of Hell's many restaurants. Lucifer is also courteous enough to hold the phone while he waited for services to respond. Shockingly, Lucifer is even polite enough to state his absence, such as when he posted an animatronic of himself outside his castle that issued an apology for any inconvenience of not being able to meet visitors in person, though the recording ended with him screaming at the listener to leave. Despite being a tyrannical monarch, Lucifer is fairly casual to those who respect him. Although, this isn't saying much, as he still sees others as inferior or a subordinate.


He may be an abusive shithead, but you can't deny that guy's got style!
~ Angel Dust about Lucifer.

A silhouette of Lucifer's true form.

During his years in Heaven, Lucifer was said to be a beautiful and handsome angel, with angelic wings that spread for hundreds of miles, the face of an Adonis, and the physique of a Greek statue. After being cast down from Heaven, Lucifer was punished for his vanity and removed of his beauty, changing his appearance greatly. Lucifer's true form is yet to be seen, but brief glimpses depict it as a much more fitting visage of the malevolent monster he truly is, but Lucifer was able to use his shape-shifting abilities to take on a much more appealing form.

Lucifer Magne is a thin fallen angel with white skin, sharp white teeth, short and fancy blonde hair, red cheeks, purple eyelids, and his sclera is light yellow. He is slightly shorter than Charlie, but appears taller due to his boots. He wears a large tophat which has a pink stripe on it, and a purple snake coiled around it with an apple on the brim. He also wears a stylish white and red coat with golden buttons. He wears a red and white striped vest, a black bowtie, a white dress shirt underneath accompanied with white pants, and black knee-high boots. He has very thin hands with long claws, and wears black gloves. Finally, Lucifer is almost always seen with a black, thin spear that at first glance looks like a cane, with a red apple at the top of it.

Powers and Abilities

As a fallen angel, son of God, and the King of Hell, Lucifer is extraordinarily powerful, likely one of the most powerful beings in the known universe. He is omnipotent in a sense that he is all but unchallenged by any other demon, god, or other Eldritch entity. While he does not prefer to do battle, or get his hands dirty, he has exhibited incalculable strength and power. Many demons, no matter how powerful, outright refuse to defy him and the mere thought of doing such a thing is considered suicide. He is so greatly superior to others that the thought of Lucifer losing a fight is considered laughable by the denizens of Hell. The Overlords of Hell, who are regarded as the most powerful demons, are no match for Lucifer and are almost competently subservient to him despite the immensity of their power, and Lucifer is more than happy to annihilate any Overlord who threatens his rule without even batting an eye. Lucifer's immense powers were rivaled only by the demi-god Forti, and surpassed only by God himself.


  • Angel Physiology: Lucifer is a fallen angel, and as one of the sons of God he is connected to Higher Powers. He is extremely powerful and has angelic physiology, including supernatural strength, speed, stamina, durability, endurance, agility, reflexes, resilience, senses, and intelligence, immortality, invulnerability, eternal lifespan, regenerative healing factor, flight, shape-shifting (being able to hide his wings), as well as their weaknesses. Along with having divine power, Lucifer can manifest wings, and an inner glow. Lucifer is also capable of killing demons and other sinners as he possesses divine power.
    • Divinity: Being a fallen angel and spawn of God, Lucifer is naturally capable of killing demons, other dark entities, and destroying the souls of sinners. Any sinner or demon unfortunate enough to be killed by the King of Hell are erased from existence, forever, which is likely the primary reason why many demons fear Lucifer immensely. He is also capable of killing other angels and claims to be powerful enough to kill God himself.
    • Immortality: Lucifer is immortal and cannot die through any natural or mortal means, such as aging, disease, viruses, disorders, etc. He is also incredibly durable and resilient, and invincible to any physical or magical form of harm. Only the raw power of other divine entities can harm him. He does not tire, and does not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain himself. It is mentioned that not even Death himself has a grip on Lucifer's life, as Lucifer is said to have shaken hands with the death god and suffered no ill effects, whereas any other creature would have died instantly. Being one of the first spawns of God, Lucifer has been alive since nearly the beginning of time and life itself, long before the creation of the Universe, and has not shown any sign of aging whatsoever.
    • Immunity: Lucifer is one of the few entities in all creation that Death cannot kill, as he was said to have shaken hands with the death god with no ill effects. He is also unaffected by natural diseases and illnesses, and as he is an archangel, normal angel blades and weapons are not able to kill, much less even harm Lucifer.
    • Flight: During his time in Heaven, Lucifer possessed wings that were said to spread hundreds of miles long and allowed him to fly at tremendous speed. It is unknown if he still has these wings or lost them when he fell from Heaven.
    • Light Manipulation: Being an angel, Lucifer has an amazingly strong connection to light and is a master of light manipulation, in which he was taught the ability by God himself. Lucifer is able to create, shape and manipulate light, light that can exorcise and even kill purely demonic creatures if shined directly on them. He can also solidify light and create arrows, swords, and many other weapons out of solidified photons.
    • Cloudwalking: Lucifer can naturally walk and travel on clouds as if they were a solid surface, an ability that seems to only be applied to angels and cherubs.
    • Dark Magic: Lucifer has complete and total mastery over magic, in his case being black or demonic magic, eclipsing even the greatest of Overlords and magical users in terms of raw power. His control over demonic magic is essentially unrivaled and is able to perform near-limitless amounts of feats.
    • Demonic Transformation: Lucifer possesses the ability to easily transform into his Full Demon form and back to his Default form with little to no effort. He seems to have much more control over his demonic form than other demons, as he is able to retain his default form even when angered or emotional (with the exception of glowing red eyes).
    • Darkness Manipulation: Having learned the ability directly from Satan, the God of Darkness, Lucifer can manipulate darkness and shadows with extreme proficiency, as well as darkening an area with his mere presence. He can also summon shadowy tentacles, tendrils, and sentient creatures of darkness and manipulate them to do his bidding.
    • Matter Transmutation: Lucifer can alter the shape of an object or another being. He demonstrated this by turning his cane into a sword, or turning sinners into inanimate objects.
    • Teleportation: As an archangel, Lucifer can travel anywhere in the universe instantly without occupying the space in between. This appears to be his main method of transportation aside from his limo, as he is shown frequently to detest walking and most other forms of travel.
      • Inter-dimensional Travel: Lucifer possesses the ability to travel across different dimensions. In the Season 2 premiere, he was able to travel from Hell to the prison dimension of Purgatory in order to meet back up with his master, Satan. Lucifer is banished from Heaven, so it is unknown if he can enter Heaven or retrieve souls from there.
    • Energy Blasts: Lucifer can shoot red, white, yellow, and pink concussive blasts of pure energy from his hands.
    • Shape-Shifting: According to the creators, Lucifer is able to shape-shift into anyone or anything he desires. It was said that during his assault on Heaven, Lucifer assumed the form of a gigantic dragon to battle God's forces. When Lucifer was banished from Heaven, he was also punished for his vanity and cursed with a much more malevolent and beastly form, but even then he was still able to shape-shift into a more attractive guise.
    • Weapon Manifestation: Lucifer can manifest various weapons out of different parts of his body, most often his hands. He usually generates swords, daggers, throwing knives, spears, and axes. These weapons are incredibly durable and sharp, and can swiftly kill demons with sufficient precision.
    • Summoning: Lucifer is able to transport a person, creature, or object of choice directly to him by means of a ring of fire. This was demonstrated when he transported Charlie from the Happy Hotel to her room in Lucifer's castle.
    • Creation: Lucifer is shown to be skilled with creation magic. He is able to create objects, and can even create living, sentient creatures with a casual snap of his fingers, as shown with the creation of Tip and Dash.
    • Life Inducement: Lucifer can imbue inanimate objects with life, as seen with his creation of Razzle and Dazzle, who were initially inanimate dolls until Lucifer appointed them as Charlie's bodyguards.
    • Soul Manipulation: Lucifer can conjure, control, absorb, and transform the living essence of the damned to fuel his own power, or even bring them to life only to kill them again shortly after.
    • Necromancy: Another ability Lucifer learned from Satan themselves was manipulating the dead, death, and souls of the dead, being able to resurrect them and bend the dead to his will. Lucifer can also communicate with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily.
    • Animal Manipulation: Lucifer appears to have a symbiotic control over his pet snakes.
    • Elemental Manipulation: Lucifer can create, shape and manipulate the basic elements of nature, the rudimentary, simplest or essential parts/principles of which nature consists. While he prefers to use fire, he has on occasion used other elements such as earth, water, or the air.
    • Clairvoyance: Using mystical forces in his lair, Lucifer can conjure a magic screen in his castle to see and watch over anything or anyone in Hell.


  • Combat Mastery: Although he has yet to demonstrate his combat skills onscreen, Lucifer is said to be immensely skilled in combat, having been trained by his brothers, fellow archangels, and father to protect Heaven. He seems to excel in sword and lance combat and uses a plethora of blades which he can spawn at will, and of which he could unleash with lightning speed and deadly precision.
  • Musical Talent: Like his daughter, Lucifer excels at singing. He can also play a wide variety of instruments with immense talent. He is particularly fond of the accordion and piano.
  • Master Torturer: Being the King of Hell, Lucifer is one of the foremost experts in torture and making people suffer, both physical and spiritual. His torture methods were so extreme and profound that the memories of it would haunt his victims years after the fact and in some cases, such as Fergus', caused extreme hallucinations, mental shock and could have potentially killed him.
  • Charisma/Manipulation: Lucifer uses his charisma and suave exterior as a way of making incredibly tempting deals for his 'clients'. Ironically, he usually keeps his end of the bargain with every deal made, despite the stakes or importance. However, most of the deals Lucifer makes often end in the client suffering a terrible fate in the long run, because whatever Lucifer wants in return far outweighs anything they could be getting from him. When making a deal, Lucifer does not get too specific when it comes to the consequences as he leaves out certain elements or facts when making a bargain. This resulted in his victims calling him out on being a liar, but he rebukes this by stating that he only said what they wanted to hear and was honest upon what would happen when they strike a deal with him but left out the 'important' details, but all that is mainly for his amusement.


  • Divine Beings: So far, Lucifer's only known weakness is the power of other primordial beings. According to Death, God is capable of destroying him. This is supported by the fact that Lucifer seems to be afraid of facing his father alone, which is why he employs an army of dark angels, the Overlords, Satan, the Army of Darkness, and eventually Charlie in his plan to kill God. Forti, the leader of the archangels, is also said to wield enough power to harm and completely destroy Lucifer.
  • Archangel Weapons: Although Lucifer is completely invulnerable to weapons used by angels and the Exterminators, weapons used and wielded by the archangels can do some serious harm to him and, depending on the skill of the wielder, are capable of killing and erasing him forever.




Lucifer: (gets in his prisoner's face as he prays) Y'know, my father was a true believer. The biggest one of them all. Ate the little cracker and drank the wine every Sunday. And he was the meanest son of a bitch you've ever seen. You want me to tell you the worst thing in this world? Religion. That and redemption.
Prisoner: God is in my heart, so I know there is always hope.
Lucifer: (pulls out an angel's spear) You think there's hope now? Do you think if God cared about you he wouldn't have sent you directly to me? Do you think God can save you from the head of this spear and full cessation of existence?
Prisoner: As long as God is here, you can kill millions. Billions. But you won't ever find peace.
Lucifer: (laughs) Well, then, I guess I'm just gonna have to kill God. That is my message to the world. (impales the demon through the chest with the spear, killing him permanently)
~ Lucifer boasting about his goal to kill God as he executes a prisoner.

Although their relationship hasn't been explored in great detail, Lucifer utterly despises his father greatly for casting him down to Hell, and is jealous of his position as ruler of Heaven and, by extension, the universe, while Lucifer was reduced to ruling Hell, and has been plotting the death of God since his banishment. He also views God as an "old fool" for supposedly not seeing Lucifer's potential as the "better" ruler of Heaven. He also hates God for punishing his vanity and cursing him with a monstrous form, thus taking away Lucifer's beauty and the thing he was most prideful of. His resentment and anger towards God were strong enough that, after he became the ruler of Hell, he outlawed the very mention of God's name in his presence. Lucifer has described God as a "true believer", "smelly shitbag", and "the meanest son of a bitch you've ever seen", and constantly tries to pervert Charlie's idea of him by painting God as an unforgiving, merciless, and shallow tyrant.

Charlotte Magne

Yes, Tip. It's called a cruel joke, just like her entire existence.
~ Lucifer to his henchman about Charlie.

Lucifer is very emotionally abusive, condescending, and controlling towards his daughter, constantly remarking her as a failure, and at one pointed referred to her entire existence as a "cruel joke". Lucifer often acts jolly, fatherly, and affable towards Charlie, before revealing his monstrous, abusive side whenever she stepped out of line. Due to his behavior, Charlie seems to be rather fearful of her father, constantly stammering and avoiding eye contact in his presence. During Lucifer's outbursts, Charlie even tries to move away from him, implying that Lucifer has physically abused her as well. Throughout her upbringing, Lucifer frequently abused her physically and psychologically, locked her in her room, or had his men beat her as a form of punishment.

From the day she was born, Lucifer manipulated her into thinking that he was a loving father, or at least that there was hope that he would eventually love her if she pleased him enough. It is eventually revealed that Lucifer had Charlie born specifically so that he could pervert and destroy their father-daughter relationship (perhaps in a dark way of sticking it to God, his father, for throwing him out of Heaven). Lucifer only allowed Charlie to run the Happy Hotel as a joke and laughed about how stupid she was to think sinners were redeemable when he realized she was being serious about it. When Charlie managed to redeem a sinner, Lucifer became nonplussed and enraged when he found out the Happy Hotel actually started to succeed.

When Lucifer discovered that Charlie was right all along and sinners could be redeemed and go to Heaven, their relationship grew even worse. He saw Charlie's goals as an insult to everything that he stood for all that time. His status as the “King of Hell” would mean nothing to anybody if all that were redeemed left Hell, and Lucifer, being a megalomaniac, did not want to rule over a handful of Hell-born demons. Lucifer is not above tormenting Charlie by sending his many henchmen and other demons to attack her and her friends, seemingly willing to do anything to impede Charlie's efforts, including trying to have her friends killed.

Despite his abuse of Charlie, Lucifer does make a point not to kill Charlie herself, as he needs her alive to overthrow God, and he doesn't seem to appreciate anyone but him or his guards hurting Charlie, hence why he created Razzle and Dazzle to be her bodyguards. This implies his feelings for Charlie are more complicated than they seem at first, but it's more likely that Lucifer doesn't want another demon hurting/killing Charlie because it would be an embarrassment to his legacy if one of his own were hurt or killed by a mere demon. He also gave Charlie advice to not let other demons walk all over her.

Lilith Magne

Lucifer and Lilith are said to be hopelessly in love with each other. In fact, even though he is well-known to be a narcissistic psychopath, Lilith seems to be the only entity that Lucifer genuinely loves and sees as worthy of his affection. He constantly gives Lilith affectionate names like Querida ("darling") and Cara Mia ("my beloved"), and tries his best to impress her while torturing the sinners of Hell. On their wedding night, Lucifer promised that he would flip Heaven and Earth should any harm befell upon her, to which Lilith responded by kissing him passionately.

Despite this, Lucifer and Lilith contrast each other greatly in regards to their relationships with Charlie. Charlie is much closer to her mother than she is with Lucifer, and Lilith has voiced her support of Charlie's dreams, whereas Lucifer is outright scornful of them, views Charlie as a disappointment, and torments her for his amusement. It is unknown if this has caused any tension in Lucifer and Lilith's relationship.


Tip and Dash

Tip and Dash are Lucifer's two imp servants. They were created by Lucifer when Razzle and Dazzle betrayed him to help Charlie with her goals of redeeming sinners. Lucifer is usually very dismissive and cruel to Tip and Dash, despite their undying loyalty. He forces the two imps to call him "master", punishes them harshly, tortures them for fun, and allows them to be humiliated in public without even bothering to help them. Indeed, Tip and Dash fear Lucifer immensely and are used as punching-bags during his outbursts, typically as punishment for their incompetence being a recurring hindrance in Lucifer's schemes.

Despite all that, Lucifer has traces of humanity in his relationship with Tip and Dash; he occasionally spends his free time eating breakfast and lunch with the two imps and seems to have a surprising amount of faith in them as he continuously sends them out with various missions and tasks, most of which are rather major. Lucifer is also surprisingly forgiving towards them, since they have retained their positions despite repeated failures and bungles, whereas he could just kill the two and replace them with more competent henchmen. Nonetheless, he still views the two as expendable and replaceable, and showed no mercy whenever they failed to impress him.

Sir Pentious

Sir Pentious constantly yearns for the attention and approval of the King of Hell, even going around branding himself as Lucifer's favorite Overlord. Of course, this is a lie to make himself seem more dangerous to others, and not only does Lucifer have no respect for the snake demon whatsoever, but most of the time he seems barely aware of his existence. Lucifer views Sir Pentious as an ineffectual idiot, but it is said that Lucifer finds some value in his inventions (whenever they work, that is).

Vox, Velvet, and Valentino

Lucifer holds the three Vs in high regard as some of his best mercenaries and Overlords. Whenever things get rough, he entrusts the three to assist him with his problems, such as stopping Charlie's efforts, or eliminating any other Overlords who have threatened to overthrow Lucifer. It is also said that Lucifer occasionally visits their night clubs as he enjoys watching their high-jinks. Lucifer is shown to be rather discomfited by the trio's wackiness and absurd behavior during serious jobs, but still employs them as they ultimately get the job done at the end of the day. When the three of them arrived to an annual Halloween gathering, they were welcomed by the sight of a kidnapped family for them to kill as a gift from Lucifer. While Vox was having fun tormenting the wife before dispatching her, she managed to escape and ran screaming from the room, where she encountered Lucifer in the hallway. Her pleas for help prompted the King of Hell to hold her and invite Vox to finish her off.

Despite this, Lucifer's trust and reliance on the three of them was contested when Lucifer sent the three to stop Charlie's goals of rehabilitating sinners from succeeding. At one point, after repeated failures, Lucifer threatened Valentino and his cohorts with torture should they disappoint him one more time. Once Lucifer was informed that Valentino's final plan to destroy the Happy Hotel was thwarted, Lucifer was absolutely furious, calling Val a "pupating hack" and calling Velvet and Vox "modern shitheads", confirming that the three have more or less completely lost Lucifer's favor.

Other Overlords

Those called Overlords were a group of particularly powerful demons that ruled over certain parts of Hell. Despite their power, Lucifer is not shown to fear the Overlords. In quite the contrary, most of the Overlords are shown to fear Lucifer, aware of his incredible power and array of angelic weapons which can permanently destroy them, while at the same time acting casual and "friendly" around him. Despite the chance of a power struggle, Lucifer found joy in the company of the Overlords, some of which are in his inner circle, and he takes great pride in their successes. Every Halloween Night of every year, Lucifer holds an annual soirée where he brings some of the more powerful Overlords together to celebrate their crimes and misdeeds. During one of these events, the Overlords raised their glasses to him in salutation, and he was deeply gratified and brought to tears, stating that he could not be happier that their atrocities will forever be ingrained in history and pop culture.

Despite many of the Overlords claiming to be close to Lucifer, and Lucifer often referring to them as his "equals", "friends", and even "family", the King of Hell, as always, sees them as little more than dispensable servants he can use to gain more power, and wouldn't bat an eye if they died or were killed in some way. Lucifer occasionally lets this fact slip, as he is not above menacing, assaulting them, bullying them, or threatening them with death when they stepped out of line or annoyed him. It is unknown if the Overlords themselves are aware of this, or they are aware but hide it to avoid a confrontation with Lucifer.


Satan is said to be the master of Lucifer, and the two have once conspired to take over Heaven, although their plan was thwarted by God and Forti. Satan was more or less the one responsible for the final push to Lucifer's start of darkness, as it tempted him with having more power. It has been revealed that Lucifer plans to summon the dark god of evil to destroy Heaven's Light so that no more sinners can be redeemed, and thus remain under Lucifer's control for eternity. Satan may also assist Lucifer and the Overlords in their ultimate plan to take over Heaven, given that it is an enemy of God as well.

Despite their continued partnership, Lucifer doe not seem to be very loyal to his master, as he seemingly never attempted to rescue or free Satan from Purgatory, and some dialogue implies the two have haven't seen or talked to each other since they were cast from Heaven.


Lazlow Valentine

Lucifer despised Lazlow Valentine, seeing him as a love rival with Lilith, as the two were formerly together. When Lucifer discovered Lazlow was apparently still interested in Lilith, he had his men kidnap Lazlow and his then girlfriend, Natacha, and imprison the two in an abandoned hallway of the Happy Hotel with only one room and a few walled doors, leading to the two dying slowly of starvation.

Angel Dust

Though Lucifer has yet to actually interact with Angel Dust, Lucifer considers the porn star to be a "low-life", because of his lifestyle, and believes he should be wiped from the world. Lucifer made a deal with Valentino that he would to return Angel Dust to him as a reward for Valentino's loyalty and help in stopping Charlie's efforts, confirming that Lucifer does not care about Angel Dust's safety. Angel Dust, in response, has a low opinion of Lucifer, calling him an "abusive shithead", while begrudgingly complementing Lucifer's elegant sense of style.


Although the two have yet to interact onscreen, Vaggie is shown to hate Lucifer for his abusive nature towards Charlie. Much like the rest of Charlie's friends, Lucifer is not above trying to have Vaggie killed simply to hurt and torment Charlie. Despite this, they have been implied to have once been on good terms, as Lucifer seemed to have had enough trust in Vaggie to let her be Charlie's girlfriend.


Fergus was formally one of Lucifer's top men, until he slowly began to lose Lucifer's favor as Lucifer saw more potential in other, more powerful demons. One day, Fergus was thrown into a death tournament which would decide Lucifer's next top man, and Lucifer had set him up to be killed, but by sheer luck, Fergus managed to win the tournament by bouncing an axe off of a force field and into the final opponent's head, leaving Lucifer absolutely furious. Two weeks after Fergus was crowned victor of the tournament, Lucifer kidnapped Fergus and brutally tortured him for a full month. However, Lucifer decided not to kill Fergus as he merely wanted to instill fear in him. Fergus was eventually freed, only to discover shortly afterward the Lucifer had his mother, father, younger brother, and girlfriend killed because of the stunt that he pulled with the axe and force field.

In the present day, roughly a hundred years later, Lucifer killing Fergus' entire family has haunted him to the point of depression and becoming an alcoholic. When Charlie mentioned Lucifer's name when trying to recruit Fergus, he immediately broke down and threatened Charlie to not say that name. Fergus eventually joined Charlie's team against Lucifer's wishes, but his alcoholism and loss of hope prevents him from having the will and courage to personally confront Lucifer.

When Lucifer discovered Fergus had joined Charlie's efforts to rehabilitate sinners, he seemed rather amused at the depression he had sent Fergus into, viewing it as the ultimate insult that Fergus started out as a mighty warrior, only to wither away into a helpless drunkard.

Alastor the Radio Demon

Lucifer and Alastor have yet to interact on-screen, but there is said to be a mutual level of respect between the two, as Alastor understands Lucifer is the far more powerful being, while Lucifer also recognizes Alastor as a powerful demon, and also respects Alastor's skill of the dark arts. Interestingly, Alastor was one of the few Overlords who was not present at Lucifer's annual Halloween gathering. It is unknown if he simply wasn't invited (possibly due to his rivalry with Vox), or was invited, but declined.

When Alastor is exposed to Heaven's Light and momentarily reverted to his human form, Lucifer decided that Alastor, along with all of Charlie's friends, must die to prevent them from being redeemed and going to Heaven. Lucifer said this despondently, however, and noted that it was a shame he would have to kill Alastor.


Forti and Lucifer's relationship is completely unexplored in-series and all that is known about it is comments from the creators. It is likely that Forti and Lucifer knew each other before Lucifer's attempt to usurp God, as Forti was active in Heaven during Lucifer's time in the realm.

According to the creators, Forti sees Lucifer as his only real rival in terms of power, stating that, while he finds Lucifer "pathetic," the fact that Lucifer is capable of destroying all of Heaven causes Forti to take their rivalry seriously and that, if Charlie and her friends are not able to deal with him, he will have to take matters into his own hands. It is unknown if Lucifer himself is aware of this.


Season 1

You don't take shit from other demons!
~ Lucifer's life advice to Charlie.
Open your eyes, child. This is where we live, darling. While the mighty feast and survive, the weak are left behind and forgotten, begging for mercy. This is our world, and this is who we are. And some day... (demonic voice) It will be you who governs all of this.
~ Lucifer, in a flashback, while forcing a young Charlie to watch an Extermination.
A toast. How thrilled I am to have you across from me. Not once a month, but from now on. Until the sun falls from the sky and the heavens burn in conflagration.
~ Lucifer to Lilith.
Lucifer: There's my cute li'l dumpling!
Charlie: D-Dad?!
Lucifer: Sugarpie, it's been too long! (hugs Charlie and pokes her abdomen with his cane) Did you gain weight recently? My, you've just shot up like a weed, haven't you? You'll be as tall as your mother one of these days!
Charlie: It's - it's good to see you, too... But, um, not that I don't love being home again, because I do - it's just... We talked about the summoning thing, remember? You know I don't like it...
Lucifer: I know, but I wanted to see my honey-bun, and I just couldn't wait a second longer!
Charlie: I've tried calling, but you and Mom have been so busy lately...
Lucifer: So have you, from what I've heard! (chuckles, wrapping an arm tightly around her) Now... what's all this nonsense about a hotel to rehabilitate sinners?
~ Lucifer and Charlie.
Lucifer: Now, baby-cakes, you know how busy Daddy gets right after an Extermination. There are territories to reassign, new Overlords to greet, goodbye parties to plan. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, so I would appreciate a little understanding, my dear.
Charlie: Y-you’re right, I’m sorry... I wasn’t thinking.
Lucifer: Haha! Clearly! Besides, you’ve come up with so many of these pet projects over the years, it’s honestly hard to keep track of them all! What happened to that little cafe you wanted to open up? Or the art exhibit? Or the dance club?
Charlie: O-oh... That was...I mean, they were just...Well, you know how hard it is to get something off the ground here...
Lucifer: Because you gave up. That’s always been your problem, y’anno. Whenever something gets a bit difficult, you always run off and start something new. You never were very good at sticking things out, muffin.
Charlie: I...what? I don’t - why would you say - (pushes herself away) it’s not my fault if something just doesn’t work!
Lucifer: And what makes you think this Hotel will?
Charlie: I...I don’t know. It's just... I know there's a problem with overpopulation, and I wanted to help. So, I was thinking... maybe, maybe there's a better way to deal with things. You know, that doesn't involve mass murder every year? So, I thought, if I could rehabilitate the demons here and- and send them to Heaven instead, maybe we wouldn't need the Cleanse so often.
Lucifer: I see. And what makes you think Heaven would ever accept a demon from Hell, even if by some miracle you actually managed to get any of these fuck-wits to straighten out?
Charlie: (eyes widen for a second, she starts talking nervously) But... but it's Heaven. I thought- I thought they were all about f-forgiveness and...
Lucifer: Ah, you've been listening to all that New Age bullshit these modern morons have been spewing lately. But if any of that was true, there wouldn't be so many sinners down here in the first place, now would there? (starts walking Charlie into a corner) Remember, it's HEAVEN that carries out the Cleanse every year. The Exterminators are ANGELS, not demons. Now does that sound very forgiving to you?
Charlie: Well... No, but...
Lucifer: And besides, Heaven isn't the wonderful place you seem to think it is. I used to live there, remember? And I'm sorry to burst your bubble, puddin-pop, but it's exceedingly dull. There are so many rules and regulations you can hardly sneeze without pissing off the higher ups. If you aren't perfect, if you don't toe the line, if you make even one mistake, that's it. They drop you like a sack of shit, and there are no second chances. Believe me, I, of all people, would know. Now is that any way to live? Down here, people are free to do as they please. No restrictions, no rules. Just the way things should be.
~ Lucifer and Charlie about Heaven.
Charlie: Well, yeah, but... Dad, nobody here is HAPPY.
Lucifer: Hahaha! What are you talking about? Everywhere you go, people are smiling ear to ear!
Charlie: Those aren't real smiles Dad...
Lucifer: Now, why don't you come home and forget about all this redemption nonsense? Wouldn't that be easier? Trust me, plumpkin, it’s just going to end in failure and tears, like always. The souls down here are beyond anyone’s help at this point, and I don’t want to see you disappointed again. (grabs her arm and starts walking) Come on, look, we kept your bedroom just the way you left it.
Charlie: (pulls her arm away) NO!! Look, I know redemption might be a long shot, maybe even impossible, but we won't know that until we try. That's all I'm asking: just let me try. Because - you’re right. Maybe I do give up on things too easily, but that’s why I can’t give up now! (Lucifer begins scowling) These are my people, and there's still good in them, I know there is! And if Heaven won't see that... Then I'll just have to convince them!
Lucifer: And what makes you think you have a chance in Hell of redeeming these lowlifes? You have no idea what drives them to sin in the first place.You have no concept of what suffering truly is. It’s all fine and dandy to sit up on your little pedestal, and say ‘you can do better’, but you have no fucking clue what it's like, do you? You’ve always had Mommy and Daddy around to hand you everything on a silver platter.
Charlie: (starts tearing up) I might not know what I’m doing, but I...I still want to try, Dad!
Lucifer: (chuckles, pinching her cheeks) Oh, Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte. I knew you were naïve, but I didn't think you were this fucking stupid. (shoves her to the ground by the face)
Charlie: I - what...?
Lucifer: For fuck's sake, child! Need I remind you that you're the goddamn Anti-Christ?! And it's about fucking time you started acting like it. (Charlie crawls into a corner in fear) I have indulged these silly fantasies of yours time and time again, but enough is enough. All those demons out there? (in a demonic voice) They are MINE. This is MY kingdom!! And I will slaughter every single one of them myself before I let Heaven have a single one! Do you understand me?! (Charlie stares up in fear before looking down and reluctantly nodding; Lucifer speaks in a jovial tone) EXCELLENT! One day, Charlotte, one day you will see I'm only trying to help you. You're moving back in with us starting tomorrow. Everyone will be so happy to see you, I'm sure. (walks to the door) See you real soon, cinnabun! I'm sure things will look better in the morning! (slams the door, whistling jovially)
~ Lucifer confronts Charlie on her goals.
Lucifer: Do we have a new visitor here? I saw you walk through the door. Quite an entrance, might I say! ...Hello? Do I have to introduce myself?
Ren: Is this Hell?
Lucifer: Obviously you didn't end up in Heaven. (laughs) I'm Lucifer, your new king and ruler. The pleasure is mine, all mine! Now, the question of the day, dear boy, what did you do to end up here?
~ Lucifer greeting Ren.
I gotta hand it to you, you're taking this like a champ.
~ Lucifer after ripping one of his men's hands off.
Lucifer: Debra told me that she caught you committing the most vile, sick, and twisted sin that can be committed here in my kingdom of Hell. (leans into Pluto's face) You... were caught wearing- (dry heaves before composing himself) socks... with sandals. (Lucifer nearly vomits again)
Pluto: (crying) But they were so comfy!
Lucifer: (after composing himself again) Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'll let a sin slide here and there. You know me, I like to keep Hell chill, I'm not a rules guy. And I like to make sure everyone has fun while they're being tortured. But this... I can't let slide. You forget to take your baby out of the dryer? No big deal. Accidentally run over your neighbor's dog? That's fine. Happens to the best of us. Accidentally set your house on fire? Not my problem. But the moment... You wear socks with sandals in my realm, is the second you're GONE.
~ Lucifer to Pluto before torturing him.
Finger lickin' good.
~ Lucifer after eating one of his minion's fingers.
(eating handfuls of candy corn) Mmm-mmm! Candy corn! One of the finest delicacies you will find in Hell! Only 12,000 grams of sugar. See, Dash? Who says Hell can't be fun? You don't see the Big Man Upstairs dining on candy corn, now do you? Y'know, Genghis Khan loves candy corn.
~ Lucifer's love of candy corn.
A shame he has to die. This one had a flair for the dark arts.
~ Lucifer about Alastor.
Quit fucking wailing about your pathetic little cut! (demonic voice) You WILL destroy that Hotel, or I will make sure you and your friends experience true pain, understand?
~ Lucifer threatening Valentino.

Season 2

Like a good neighbor, Satan is there.
~ Lucifer to the statue of Satan.
Lucifer: Ah, my old friend! I haven't seen you in a millennium! You look well! Eh, a few cobwebs here and there, but we can ignore that. How have you been, old bean? (silence) Oh, that's right. I'm talking to a statue. But, I know you can hear me. I have a bit of a problem on my hands. My little mistake, Charlotte, discovered the secret of Heaven's Light. She plans to use it to rehabilitate the sinners of my kingdom. If she succeeds, everything I've strived so hard to build won't mean shit! And, with you by my side, we'll destroy Heaven's Light, and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to get some use out of little Charlotte. Hehe, but I know what you're about to say. What's in it for you? Well... As soon as we snuff out the light and bring out Charlotte's true self, I'll ascend to Heaven and take my rightful place as king. I'll have the entire universe at my disposal, and you will have all the angelic souls you could ever want. So, whaddya say? Lucifer and 'Ol Satan back at it again? (there is silence, until suddenly the ground rumbles, fire surrounds the statue, and the statue's eyes light up)
Satan: ...Heaven's Light? Hehehe.. Now, that's something I haven't heard from in a long, long time. (Lucifer is transported within the statue) Come now, child. We have much to discuss.
~ Lucifer's deal with Satan.
Charlie: So, you're leaving... again.
Lucifer: Oh, Darling, I think we both knew this was never meant to be forever. Right?
Charlie: Can I ask you one thing? Why don't you want anything to do with me?
Lucifer: Truth? The day my father banished me, my heart shattered. Whatever was left was too small to love anything anymore.
Charlie: Yeah. See, I would have taken even a tiny piece... Just one piece.
Lucifer': Yeah... Maybe in another life, eh? But not this one. I'll see you around, Superpie.
~ Lucifer and Charlie.

Season 3

Lucifer: (impaled through the shoulder) Ugh, you little fucking bitch!
Charlie: Yep, it's me. It's the little fucking bitch. And you're my dad. Let that sink in for a second. Have you got it? All right? Piggy-back rides? Baking cookies? Not crazed rampages on your girl!
Lucifer: You caught me on an off-day.
Charlie: An "off-day"? I've never seen an on-day! I'm done being the excuse for all your mistakes! Things went the way they did with Grandpa because of you! YOU did that! And you're just gonna have to live with it! (Lucifer stares with hatred as Charlie jumps with joy) Yes! (to Vaggie) I've always wanted to say that.
~ Charlie finally tells Lucifer off.


  • His name means "Bringer of Great Light", which is slightly ironic considering Lucifer wants to destroy Heaven's Light.
  • Lucifer's affinity towards apples is a reference to the story of Adam and Eve, where a talking snake (often interpreted as being Satan himself) persuades the first woman Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, which is often depicted in pop-culture as an apple, resulting in her and Adam being thrown out of paradise.
  • Despite being considered the main antagonist of the series, Lucifer has not had a major antagonistic role in a season yet. Valentino is the most active antagonist in Season 1, even though it is obvious that Lucifer is the more dangerous enemy and Valentino is taking orders from him, and Lucifer only appears on-screen twice in Season 2, with Satan being the main antagonist.
  • Given their appearance, it is implied that Lucifer's Royal Guards are the angels that he managed to sway against God.
  • It is possible that Lucifer is narcisexual (sexually in love with himself). This is seen as he loves looking at himself in the mirror, all the while calling himself "handsome" and such.
  • Lucifer owns several pet snakes.
  • Lucifer's favorite snack is candy corn.
  • When angered or expressive, Lucifer's voice becomes deep and inarticulate similar to traditional demon depictions.
  • Lucifer appears to have little to no sense of personalization; Charlie is the only person that he refers to by name. He refers to his soldiers as "You men!" whenever he orders them around, refers to Tip and Dash respectively as "servant", and he usually refers to other characters with nicknames or a name they are known for (calling Alastor "Radio Demon", referring to Lilith with pet names, etc.)
  • Many of Lucifer's sudden movements are accompanied by the sounds of a snake-like hissing noise.
  • Lucifer can speak French, as seen in his interactions with Lilith.
  • Almost every character in the series is shown to absolutely despise Lucifer, and the sinners of Hell even blame him for being the reason they are stuck and suffering in Hell. Even Death, of all people (who is just as vile as the King of Hell), considers him a disease that deserves to be neutralized, and Ren willingly strayed from him after realizing his utter depravity. On the other hand, Valentino only hates him for treating him like a common thug. Therefore, he only hates Lucifer for selfish reasons. The Overlords also only pretend to like Lucifer in order to maintain their position in Hell's hierarchy. Lucifer also controls his own minions entirely through fear. It is shown many times that the demons of Hell are mostly jerks who show no respect to any forms of authority, even the royal family. Any loyalty or recognition paid to Lucifer is born out of fear rather than respect. The only entities who seem to have genuine respect for Lucifer are his royal guards, Lilith, and possibly Tip and Dash.
  • Many episodes imply that Lucifer has a literal taste for the flesh of others. In one episode, he eats one of his minion's eyeballs after ripping it out of their head, although he didn't particularly like the taste of it because the minion had blue eyeballs, which are too sweet for him. He also ate three of Pluto's fingers and regularly orders takeout from Hannibal's Kitchen, which is a cannibalistic restaurant.
  • Lucifer displays some form of all the Seven Deadly Sins.
    • Pride: He believes himself to be deserving of absolute power. Lucifer is also incredibly vain, constantly remarking on his beauty, and he views himself as completely flawless and above the denizens of Hell, despite ultimately being not so different from them. This is considered to be Lucifer's main sin.
    • Sloth: He is very indolent as the King of Hell and refuses to attend to any meaningful royal duties, rather intending to stay in his castle doing whatever. He also frequently sends his minions to attack Charlie and his friends, even though he could personally confront them and stop them himself very easily.
    • Gluttony: He is frequently seen eating food of some kind (eating buckets of candy corn, drinking wine, eating apples, etc.) while letting the sinners of Hell, including his loyal followers, starve.
    • Envy: He is envious of his father for ruling Heaven while he is stuck ruling Hell, and plots his death for it.
    • Lust: He engages in extremely disturbing sexual activities with Lilith on a daily basis, and is not above raping his prisoners.
    • Greed: He wants power and will destroy anyone, even his own family, to get it.
    • Wrath: He is motivated by his hatred of God, gets enraged when God is mentioned to him, and has a desire to punish, torture, and murder anyone who displeases him.
  • Lucifer has a set of sins that are considered to be the worst sins in Hell and are punishable by torture and possibly death. They include:
    • Mentioning God's name in his presence.
    • Wearing socks with sandals.
    • Not responding to text messages.
    • Eating all the food and putting the box back into the cabinet.
    • Putting discs in the wrong cases.
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