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Villain Overview

Innocence doesn't get you FAR.
~ MX's most famous quote.

MX is the main antagonist in the Creepypasta game Mario '85, which is based on the Super Mario Bros. series.

He's an ancient spirit who inhabited a copy of Super Mario Bros. and disguised himself as the titular character's monstrous visage in order to lure unsuspecting victims into the game and play with for all eternity. He is Lucas' arch-nemesis, his first and only victim.


When disguised, MX looks exactly like Mario does in the original Super Mario Bros. game, with dark tan skin, a red hat and overalls, and a brown-green shirt with matching mustache and shoes.

In his default appearance, MX's skin is pale white, his mustache, shirt, hair, shoes and eyes are black, and his hat and overalls are a darker shade of red than the actual Mario's. He's also much bigger and fatter than Mario and all of his "clothing" are actually part of his body, which explains why they also change in appearance and size when he shapeshifts.

MX's true form is that of a black, flaming, eyeless spirit with several glowing white teeth.


MX is a particularly ruthless and demented entity who will go to any length to claim as many souls as possible in order to integrate them into the game and make them his playmates for all eternity. Having existed since the beginning of time, all of his pent-up murderous sadism has been waiting billions of years to be unleashed on unsuspecting humans for his own amusement. He appears to have no remorse for his actions, dismissing his child victims' innocence and claiming that it won't get them far, confirming that he doesn't care about their age as long as he gets to torture and murder them.

He is also extremely intelligent and manipulative, having duped Lucas into believing he was trustworthy in order to gain an advantage over the child and eventually lead to his death. He's also astute enough to ensure that his victims have no way of retaliating against him, as evidenced by his removal of all powerups from World 1-1 and possibly the rest of the game, which may indicate a cowardly side to him if he's willing to remove anything from the vanilla game that can be used against him.

Despite his wicked nature, MX's general demeanor is that of a relaxed, calm, and collected entity that can genuinely be polite to people when he wants to be and can strike up genuine friendships with people, particularly those who share common interests with him, such as Lord X, most likely due to inheriting some of Mario's personality traits, particularly his friendly nature.


MX's background is entirely unknown, but aside from being an ancient spirit, he is said to have existed since the beginning of time and was created alongside the universe.

In late-1985, MX possessed a copy of Super Mario Bros. that ended up in the possession of an eight-year-old boy named Lucas after being purchased by his uncle, Mark for his birthday. A week after beating the game, Lucas noticed that it had began acting strangely, and eventually made contact with MX, who encouraged Lucas to "go to sleep" and that "the lights wouldn't hurt". Soon after the two made contact, Lucas would be found dead of a seizure and MX claimed his soul, absorbing it into the game and placing it in the body of Luigi.

After capturing Lucas' soul, MX altered the game so that Lucas would have infinite lives, allowing him to hunt down the poor boy and kill him over and over again.

Powers and Abilities


  • Spirit physiology: MX is an extremely powerful spirit, making him extraordinarily strong in terms of raw power and strength, allowing him to topple enemies and objects that stand in his path.
    • Enhanced jump: MX is shown to be able to leap at amazing heights, appearing capable of leaping from a seemingly bottomless pit back up to the surface.
    • Immortality: MX has existed since the beginning of the universe over 13 billion years ago, and thus, is immortal and beyond the possibility of dying from old age, as well as presumably outside sources such as being killed.
    • Shapeshifting: MX can shapeshift between various forms and chose to take the form of Mario to lure in victims, albeit, heavily corrupted, large and monstrous. Despite this, he can also take a much less frightening form that better resembles Mario.
      • Mégethoskinesis: Excluding his shapeshifting from his faker to default forms, MX is able to change his size at will and is said to be able to become gigantic.
    • Soul transferal: MX can capture the souls of his victims and implement them into the game itself. By taking their souls and placing them in the game, he can put them in the vessels of characters, such as he did with Lucas by placing his soul in the body of Luigi.
    • Superhuman strength: MX is an absolute juggernaut and is capable of blasting his way through any and all forms of resistance, whether it be living or inanimate. He can effortlessly tear his way through tens of solid bricks without sustaining any wounds, as well as appearing seemingly unharmed after having jumped out of an apparent bottomless pit.
    • Video game manipulation: MX appears to have complete control over the game he inhabits, with it being shown that he can change the reality of the game itself by altering the level design and bestowing immortality to Lucas by giving him infinite lives within the game.

In Other Media

Friday Night Funkin'

Main Articles: MX (FNF: Mario's Madness), MX (Vs. MX)


MX appears in two Friday Night Funkin' mods, one being mainly based around him (Vs. MX), and the other being based around Mario-themed horror media, including him (Mario's Madness). He's also featured in the "Game Over" expansion for Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix.


~ MX calling Lucas' name.
~ MX after jumping out of a hole in the ground.
~ MX as Lucas approaches the warp pipe at the start of 1-1.
Lucas. Lucas. It's fun, isn't it? Playing. I guess we really are one alike. This game isn't over. Remember that, Lucas. I will always. I will always see you next time! Hahahaha!
~ MX at the end of the Mario '85 demo.
~ The text at the end of the Mario '85 demo, presumably said by MX himself.
HELLO LUCAS :D Youre just going to sleep for a bit. dont worry the lights dont hurt.
~ MX speaking to Lucas through the monitor to lure him in.
~ The text on an image of Lucas' face stated by MX himself.


  • MX is canonically good friends with Lord X.
  • It was originally stated that MX was an entity composed of data, however, recent pieces of trivia have revealed that MX is an ancient entity as old as time itself and is a spirit, which may imply that either MX's origins have been retconned or that him being 'made of data' in reference to him becoming one with the game he inhabits.
  • MX stands at 12 feet tall.
  • MX is stated to be capable of using powerups, but chooses not to as his default abilities already grant him a lot of power.
  • MX's hulking design was inspired by Kingpin from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
    • Funnily enough, the creator actually made a sketch of MX running in the form of the Kingpin meme.


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