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The blood that we have shed throughout multiple worlds are done to prove a point. The point being that I am not willing to stop at anything to get my way. You see, a lot of people like me are obsessed with one thing and one thing only: domination. Whether it's domination over an archenemy, domination of the entire world, domination of the entire universe, or merely domination of one's insecurities. Frankly, I was one of the people who wanted domination, particularly over everyone that wronged me, but as smart I was before, I never could comprehend the inescapable fact that power or none, I have a weakness, my own damned inflated ego. Just because I had the power I irrationally believed that I have the power of a god, that I am invincible, undefeated, that no one can possibly stop me and everyone was beneath me. God, I was so damn stupid thinking that. But one thing I learned from the past, is that I can grow from my past, learn from my mistakes. Not many others learn that fact like I did, unfortunately. I guess in some way, shape, or form, not one of us are perfect. Hell, not even gods, though they can go ahead and brag about how much they are. For the longest time, I thought I could rule everything around me and become so powerful without becoming a god. Then I was ultimately proven wrong, and my present state shows that I can't so much as rule anything as powerful as the Multiverse without getting properly prepared for it. I didn't think I would or could ever become a god amongst all things considering how there are others who believe they could absolutely rule everything, when in truth there is no way in hell they could do so. Believe me, believing you're a god when in truth you ain't nothing is an even more humiliating weakness that can be exploited than your own ego. Case in point, I became a god anyway, even though I had no real aspirations to become one. Really, it just happened to me. But who am I to complain? I got these powers as I wanted, and there ain't no way I'm giving it up or losing it just because my own ego is gonna get my ass kicked, powers or not. I guess sometimes you want something you just can't have, no matter what you do, or you get what you don't want, and once you have it, suddenly, you just don't have the guts to lose it because now you learn to appreciate it once you got it. That was me right there. I always, always, always made plenty of mistakes over the next, and in my arrogance, I still believed I was infallible and because of that, I still made mistakes. Now I didn't know I wanted the power to be a god, and now that I got it, I can't imagine getting it any other way, nor can I imagine giving it up for any reason whatsoever. I guess it just goes to show, that some mistakes are worth learning about, while others you find that you are actually glad you made them. Now if you need a god to lead the people into victory, then so be it. I'm your god, man. And besides, a god always needs to rule any and all that exists, and then some. Otherwise, well, what's the point? What's the point, pray you, of being a god?
~ The Maestro on his past and transformation into godhood.

The Maestro, real name Sir Ezekiel Stayne, also known as Remiok Sethos, Nekrobile, and Sakriel Maestromus is the overall secondary antagonist antagonist of Multiversal Legends and a major antagonist Tales of the Omniverse. He is He is Wade Stevenson's arch-nemesis and sworn rival and also the rival to Master Magus and Niklovich.

Ezekiel is a highly ruthless and genocidal mastermind with a god complex who's primary goal is the complete eradication of the human race and ascension to godhood, who later became a demon and the right hand man of Nekrozoth. He was once an powerful magic user and a elf who once run a cult that worships Nekrozoth, who orchestrated a bloody war between humans and elves so that they could sacrifice the souls of both sides to Nekrozoth. He later poisoned all of the members in order to open a portal to Oblivion and gain demonic powers. As the Maestro, he is the absolutely monstrous and sadistic dictator of multiple worlds who seeks to dominate the Multiverse, later the Omniverse.

Maestro manipulated the surviving Elves by exploiting their hatred towards humanity and throughout the centuries on Earth plans the destruction of the human race. Taking on many names and alias through out the years such as "Haman", "Set" and "Heinrich Himmler". He lead the Adeptum Circle, a powerful militia cult who worships Nekrozoth who weaponize evil beings and causing havoc in order to take control of the world and a sub-faction of The Hunter's Party and The Empire of Eternal Darkness. Acting as a totalitarian manipulator and extremely corrupt dark priest whose treatment of his church and the town they reside in was considered a fascism by many, with Ezekiel acts as a monstrous Machiavellian with influence over the town of Anarchy Oaks. He plans to harness the powers of the Prime Omegas his power to influence the world's economy: by spreading war, death, and pain.

Later in the franchise, he becomes even more monstrous and shows to have a twisted nihilistic view on life. When he invaded the Pandora Foundation and stole one of their Omniversal teleportation device during his arc in Multiversal Legends, he hasn't made a single appearance in the Multiversal Legends franchise until he later appears in later projects in Tales of The Omniverse. Once he finally returns, he was worse than he was before and became a omnicidal maniac who commits needless acts of genocide on several species he comes across and his god complex worsens. He became a servant of Nekrozoth and now desiring to remake the omniverse as he and Nekrozoth saw fit. Ezekiel desires to not just see humanity suffer but every sentient being he knows of too. His new goal is to finish what Nekrozoth has started, by weaponizing the Omniverse and turning it into a living bomb capable of killing all sentient life and cosmic beings so he could rewrite the law of reality in his own liking. and tear down the omniverse as his twisted excuse of playing god. He and Nekrozoth are responsible for causing the mass reboot of the franchise and is one of the most evil villains in the franchise.

He was a major antagonist of Phase 2 and 5 of Champions of the Multiverse, as one of the main antagonist of Pandora Files, the titular main antagonist of both The Malice of the Maestro saga, and The Maestro Among Us arc in Forces, and one of the final antagonists of Tales of The Omniverse.


Norman Osborn is the former archenemy of Spider-Man, and also the former leader of the Dark Avengers. After a sudden lab accident turned him into a powerful super villain, he sought to fulfill his ambitions by any means necessary, however, he was only strayed from his path with his ego, which led to his numerous defeats but he was always persistent enough to try again. This led him into killing the Skrull queen Veranke, and as a result, becoming a hero in the eyes of the public. He then led the Dark Avengers through former criminals and made them into members of the Avengers. As a result, Osborn took every advantage he could put of being a famous hero. Wanting nothing more than to cement his perceived destiny as a ruler, Osborn arranged for all the villains and heroes to fight each other to the death for the fate of the Earth, as he created an atomic gene bomb made to wipe out most of humanity. Despite their attempts to shut it down, the bomb went off, and everyone died, except for Osborn and a handful of other villains and civilians. Overjoyed at the results, he decided to use the last surviving hero, the Hulk, and torturously drain him of his blood in order to remove him of his insanity. The experiment worked, but the results permanently dyed his skin green and made his teeth pointed. After seizing power of the last remnants of the Earth, he used his cunning and ruthlessness to wipe out anyone who stood against him, even the rebellion that seemed to be so close to overthrowing him ended up dead. The cost, though the circumstances are unknown, was his left hand, which he replaced with a hand from an empty suit of armor and upgraded it. He was then informed of the Multiverse, and as a result, made many powerful and very dangerous allies, though he was able to keep them in line with his unpredictable and extremely dangerous nature, earning him the fear and anxiety of most of his treacherous allies. After losing his life, he transferred his soul to Tsukene Aono's body out of spite, and came to revel in his handsomeness and vampiric powers. He then learned to transfer his soul into any body he could, which he takes advantage of in every moment he could find. Anyone who survives his body stealing powers were then killed in his old body, to ensure that his new body was his and his only.

Growing tired of the fact that Norman Osborn will always have an archenemy to try and stop him, he first took Tommy Oliver's body, but was poisoned by him, so he killed him and escaped to save his own life. As a result, he gained the life and name of Lord Drakkon, an egotistical, narcissistic, sinister, and sadistic tyrant with a God complex who rules over his planet with an iron fist. His story remains the same as the original version of him, until he was freed from brainwashing from the sorceress Rita Repulsa. Traumatized, Rita convinced him to join her cause willingly, and together they took control of the planet. When the Red Ranger was called to become White Ranger in order to stop this war, Tommy killed him and took the powers for himself. After being taught the use of dark magic by Rita, he killed her, and enlisted the dark magician Serrator in order to teach him further. Using this to his advantage, Drakkon seized control over the entire planet, and anyone who does not submit to his rule was either tortured, murdered, or brainwashed into serving him. After learning of other Rangers existing throughout other universes, especially of the Multiverse, he became paranoid and jealous, and sought out to kill every single one of them. This caught the attention of another evil tyrant, the Maestro. Maestro decided to make an alliance with him, though Drakkon was apathetic and unconcerned with Maestro's, or Serrator's plans. When Maestro wanted to be free of his Norman Osborn body, he learned of Drakkon's hidden jealousy and insecurities, and not wanting to have what he perceived as a weak ally, decided to take over his body and name, warping his green and white colors into a black and dark red color, presumably to match Maestro's bloodlust. However, he noticed a fatal flaw, Drakkon poisoned himself trying to get as much power as possible. Refusing to die with Drakkon, Maestro killed him and destroyed his body, then took control of his forces, while returning to his primary body: Tsukene Aono's. Later, he arranged for his minions to kill his past self, so as to wipe away his life as Norman Osborn. However, he also arranged for him to possess Sosuke Aizen's body, but after learning that Aizen has searched for an equal opponent, he viewed him as wasting his own potential, and not wanting to deal with a life where he is destined to fail, arranged for the fusion of his "son" Steven Universe to completely fuse with Brajira, his most loyal ally, and permanently alter time and space to ensure that Maestro is never Osborn or Aizen to begin with. He then decided to take control of the one being who he views as equal to the pain he as experienced for too long: Sheriff Bigby Wolf, otherwise known as the Big Bad Wolf. With this, he permanently gained his powers and his new history to how he came to be. After seizing control of Fabletown, he extended his power over to multiple realities, making multiple allies out of vicious villains like him. Later, with his allies' help, he quickly became feared across other worlds and dominated first the Undertale reality with the help of Flowey, Chara, and Frisk, and, with the help of Superboy, made it to the Super Smash Brothers reality, where he made the ultimate transformation by killing and absorbing an attacking Sonic the Hedgehog and an alternate, good version of Steven Universe, permanently warping and transforming him into a ever hideously grinning hedgehog-like monster with incredible powers at his disposal. It was at this point that Maestro began to revel in the prospect of becoming a god, and starts to believe that godhood is the only means to successfully rule the multiverse.


With his most notable allies including: his psychotic "sons", Steven Maelstrom, whom Maestro manipulated and twisted his mind into a monstrous megalomaniac like him, and Brajira of the Messiah, his most ruthless and demonic ally, the equally psychotic madman Willy, his undead armies of Corrupti, who are fanatically devoted to him, the sadistic serial killer Diabolus, the charismatic Nighlok leader Serrator, his equally power-hungry ally Zoom, the sadistic criminal mastermind Power-Monger, the omnicidal lunatic Xorin, his top scientists Kellbourne, and his limitless armies of criminals, serial killers, psychos, sadists, megalomaniacs, perverts, terrorists, fanatics, and even demons and aliens who are insanely devoted and loyal to him no matter the cost, all by his side. Most of all, there is his master Nekrozoth, his equally omnicidal, power-hungry and monstrous god of evil and chaos who has the same goal as him. Maestro is infinitely merciless and dangerous and therefore will stop at nothing until all of existence of under his tyrannical rule, or if they do not wish to bow to him, destroy all of existence and not care about the results.


He's just a monster wearing skin.
~ Wade Stevenson about Maestro

Maestro/Ezekiel Stayne is a man in his near 30s, dressed in a black suit and has a pure white tie. He has Caucasian skin and has the typical sharp ears Elves are known to have (though he sometimes hides this in order to blend in with the humans). He also has purple eyes and black hair. He also has a white warsuit similar to the Lexosuit used by DC villain Lex Luthor and the Iron-Monger from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also has a white metal mask with his warsuit to protect his head. After he makes his returns in the franchise he now has a scar across his left eye which is blinded. He also seen to wear a white glove on his left hand, the glove is used to hide his mechanical hand which he uses t replace his original hand a while ago. The reason behind this is unknown, though it may perhaps use to mechanize himself into something stronger.

In his more demonic form, he wears a crown and has a demonic hedgehog like appearance with yellow sharp teeth, and pale grayish purple-skin. The only major difference with his appearance now is that when he shifts to his vampire form, his eyes turn demonic black and red, and his teeth has vampiric fangs that stay protruded, but not enough to impair his speech. He looks somewhat akin to Satan, which is fitting since he acts as one of the demon lords of Hell. Later on in the series he still kept his crown and demonic appearance, but has now have a scarred left eye that is now pure white, and is seen in his armor that makes him mores suited as a classic tyrannical villain. Later, after he turns into a god and immortality, he looks more godly but still quite demonic. He has almost the same appearance as Father's godly form, except again with pale grayish purple skin, and now yellow, fanged teeth. His attire has not much changed at this rate but still retains his crown and armor warsuit.


What have we done, Yellow? Do you see what we have just done? By bringing a remorseless, barbaric madman like...him, we have doomed our colonies, our people, our planet. He just killed our collection of humans and smiles like they were nothing to him! Do you know what we just did by bringing someone like him into this? In our grief, in our arrogance, in our moment of despair, we have made a deal...with the Devil.
~ Doctor Ergostrom discussing Maestro's psychopathy after they discuss him killing their human colony and then walking into their room, covered in blood.

Maestro is an insane, twisted and cruel entity that enjoys causing chaos around the multiverse, he has no remorse or empathy on what he does as he believes it as a game to him, and claims that life is a meaningless experiment by formed by the gods. Though Maestro almost always acts cheerful and gregarious, even to an obnoxious level, his true colors show that he is an incredibly murderous, psychopathic, bloodthirsty, unpredictable, and horrifyingly sadistic. He is completely without any sign compassion, empathy, feelings, or even love and family. In fact, it is mainly his unpredictability and his cruelty that earns him the fear of even the most ruthless and menacing of other villains from other worlds and why his most loyal allies are cautious of him. His minions usually refers to him as "boss" when he is not around or when they are sent on other missions. This is because Maestro prefers absolute anonymity, and is quick to resort to violence and intimidation in order to ensure that his allies and minions do not speak his name out of line. Typical of a psychopath, he is completely unapologetic, unsympathetic, and remorseless towards his crimes, and is devoid of empathy, and hates human feelings deeply, as he sees them as weaknesses that could be distracting with his plans. Even as a child in a land of Alfhielm, he developed a warped fascination of death and carnage, something he saw as good and thought it would be a good idea of creating a world of bloodshed and destruction.

He acts as a sociopath with little love or empathy towards others and callously disregards the suffering of his own people, having a belief that death is inevitable to avoid and will come to attack others eventually. Ultimately, he love death, destruction, and pain seeing it as the most beautiful thing in creation. Stayne shows some symptoms of sadomasochism as he shows pleasure in his pain as demonstrated when being strangled by Xuriah D'arcmast'r, he is heard giggling when trying to grasp for air which hints that he might have enjoyed being strangled. When getting shot in the leg, he does seem in pain but is shown smiling at the same time with a hint of joy in his pain. As a fanatical follower of Nekrozoth, he shows some form of loyalty towards the Dark God to the point that he does not see him as evil, but above concepts of morality itself. When he was a Nekrozothic priest, he would preach the twisted morals and philosophy in a manner similar to a preacher at church would preach about God. However he is not completely loyal, as he has his own ambitions which includes becoming the sole ruler of the omniverse. Like other minions of Nekrozoth, he also wants to hoard all of the power himself which makes him as ambitious as Nazaroth.

He is also violent and unhinged, so he has no regards for any life whatsoever, with the obvious exception of his own. Compared to most tyrants, who only seeks to maintain their power, get their revenge on the hero, or get absolute power at the expense of others, the Maestro is outright obsessed with the domination of the entire Multiverse, later the Omniverse; true enough, he has an inhuman amount of knowledge of the Multiverse and the realities that are a part of it.

Perhaps what is most dangerous about him is his undeniably high intelligence; he is knowledgeable, persuasive, sophisticated, cunning, refined, capable, charismatic, deceptive, calculating, sly, and absolutely brilliant, with an especially loquacious and eloquent form of vocabulary. Conversely, he is also dishonest, traitorous, manipulative, unscrupulous, exploitative, and deceptive, at the same time, as he knows very well on how to manipulate and deceive others into doing his bidding, as well as throw off any suspicion of his true colors until he deems it necessary otherwise. Put simply, he is a devious mastermind with plenty of intelligence and persuasion to outmatch and outwit many villains from other worlds and do so with a cheerful smile on his face and not a shred of arrogance on his mind. As such, Maestro knows just how to corrupt even those who are pure of heart, from manipulation to threats to sadistic mind games to even torture and painful experiments; in fact, he has a very corruptible presence, as he can bring out the worst in people with just his charisma or threats.

He derives sadistic pleasure in turning innocent people into monsters, devoid of their very innocence and personality, and turning them into nothing more than vicious tools that would go so far as to kill their loved ones, all for the sake of serving him. Sadly, though, he also does not even see his own minions, though he is aware of them being quite ruthless and sadistic on their own, as living beings, but as tools for his own goals, and is willing to sacrifice them if he deems it necessary to. All in all, Maestro is so entirely obsessed with absolute power that he is willing to torture or kill anyone that dares to stand in his way, and is so megalomaniacal that he is willing to sacrifice and fake any meaningful relationships if he deems it necessary. In fact, he actually takes glee in breaking apart and tearing apart relationships, using lies, blackmail, corruption, extortion, threats, and deceit to do so, going so far as to actually compare it to broken glass, their broken bonds being the "glass", while he "shatters" it. He was willing to kick start a war that lead to the near genocide of his kind, then poisoned all of the members of his cult he started just so that he could sacrifice their souls to Nekrozoth and gain demonic powers that puts him above a normal demon.

Contrary to other tyrants, he is not arrogant or egotistical, or at least isn't as much, as he knows all too well that they are weaknesses that can be easily exploited and taken advantage of, as he says. Despite this, Maestro is an unapologetic narcissist, as especially shown when he possess multiple bodies. Often, he claims he is "devastatingly handsome", with his new bodies, even if his recent ones are in actuality, more hideous and demonic. His narcissism is especially displayed with his plan, as he ultimately plans to make the Multiverse entirely under his control, and says he intends to spread across the Multiverse like a cancer, until "everything is [his]", as he explains to Steven. However, despite all this, presumably besides his narcissism, he has the one flaw in tyrants that isn't egotism or paranoia, as he wants nothing more than to make himself powerful and become the total ruler of the entire Multiverse, but he knows that his plans have flaws and makes certain that they are managed and not to be exploited by his enemies. This also spawns another disgusting side of him, as he outright enjoys killing and torturing anyone who isn't on his side, he values his life above all others, showing that he is, in truth, a coward at heart, and is willing to resort to underhanded tactics as a means of preserving his own life. This was shown quite often with him, as whenever he meets his allies on other worlds, he makes certain that he is completely hidden by its authorities, and makes certain that he is never exposed. He is also willing to exploit his victims' weaknesses as a method of distracting them from harming him. He is was once outright afraid of dying, as he will gladly take the first chance of gaining ultimate power and immortality, even if means sacrificing anyone close to him. This is especially true when he decided to transfer his soul into Victor Dracula's body, since he is half-human, half-vampire, not caring in the slightest that he was just a teenager, and that he has his friends who cares about him. When he became Victor, he wasted no time to get his revenge on killing the ones who killed him in his old body. This happens yet again when he takes over Jaune Sega's body, worse still, considering he was an insecure teenager, and his reason for choosing him was purely out of sadistic glee rather than necessity.

However after becoming immortal and becoming a demon, he became a twisted nihilist ever since. Ever since he became a demon and lived a very long life, he grew bored and thought lift have became duller, and that the omniverse is not perfect which lead him to be a omnicidal maniac who seeks to destroy everything in the omniverse to become a god, and so that he could also remake it in his twisted image. However he still kept his goal of becoming a all-powerful god and wanting to rule everything in existence, even if he had to destroy and remake it in his image. He does not care if he dies, since in his final moments he accepted his death at the hands of Nekrozoth, who devoured his existence when Maestro no longer became useful.

Maestro is viciously temperamental, which actually makes him all the more menacing, as he is particularly murderous and destructive whenever angered or provoked. But when he isn't angered, he mostly acts in a cheerful, jovial, childlike, and almost comedic manner, even if he is just showing his sadism, and almost always flashes a particularly ominous and wicked smile on his face that certainly highlights his most depraved nature. He is prone to having dangerous mood swings and violent outbursts, sometimes causing him to scream and rant about whatever angers him the most.

A truly savage and outright psychotic tyrant and an especially monstrous character in a sea of multiple irredeemable and especially fiendish characters, Maestro wants nothing more than to make certain that his plans are fulfilled, and is gladly willing to kill anyone who stands in his way, be they man, woman, or child, and does all this with a businessman-like, cheerful disposition. He is a completely certifiable, delusional, and monomaniacal psychopath with an insane and hypocritical desire for power, death, and destruction, completely selfish and narcissistic desires and ambitions, and showing a massive sadistic evil that outmatches quite the amount of tyrants like him; as an example of that fact, he actually laughed insanely when he saw many innocent people being brutally slaughtered to death, all for the sake of his deranged amusement, both in the Champions reality, and when he invaded the past version of Steven Maelstrom's reality. Even when his allies were literally fighting for their lives, Maestro saw this war as nothing but a show for his own petty amusement. Scarecrow once commented that Maestro acted like a "little kid after eating his share of candy and watching an action movie at the same time" whenever he sees rampant destruction and death, especially when it is orchestrated by him. That would be one way of explaining how sadistic and deranged he is and can be. He commits all of his horrendous crimes out of his own free will, and takes pride and joy for all of his crimes, and is without qualms or regrets about his numerous atrocities. In spite of his jovial personality, and his claimed good intentions, he is truly a heartless, sadistic, spiteful, and omnicidal maniac with no regard to anyone except himself, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the power to rule all of existence, or if they do not wish to submit to him, to kill everyone and everything in existence. Alongside Nekrozoth, he is the most depraved and monstrous out of all the other villains that exist in the franchise, surpassing even other monsters here on the title of being the worst of the worst. Along with that, what is certainly unnerving about him is that he is certainly aware of the difference between good and evil, yet gladly chooses evil, and is willing to do whatever it takes to become absolute ruler of all that exists.

Even though he treats them with respect and is sociable and gregarious towards them, he does not truly care of even his own allies, and views them as disposable pawns as part of his plans, and has no qualms on betraying them, and either leaving them to die or killing them either by himself or by one of his minions. This shows that he thinks his allies are expendable, and is able to enact situations where his victims or even allies are set to fail. He was even able to intimidate anyone, monstrous or not, into working for him, even making Willy break into a cold sweat after icily threatening him, just after he said he likes him. Being the vicious ruler of multiple worlds, and also being able to forge alliances with powerful beings than him, he knows how to gather respect from his allies or minions through fear, and even hold egotistical, megalomaniacal, and otherwise unpredictable people in line through intimidation, mind games, or promises of absolute power. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get his absolute power, and is especially glad to to kill, torture, blackmail, extort, cheat, and betray to get what he wants, and he truly does not care about anyone but himself. A cold-blooded, narcissistic, and purely evil monster inside and out, he can be reasonably and narratively compared to real-life monsters like Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, even right down to their plans of changing the world for himself, and being motivated by a xenophobic and misanthropic hatred of humanity and being primarily motivated by revenge and hatred at best, despite frequently either claiming to want to help the world progress or otherwise claiming to ultimately have have the best intentions in mind, and wanting absolutely nothing more than power, and will gleefully kill, maim, and torture anyone, friend or foe, that dares stand in his way.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius Intelligence: Stayne possessed incredible intelligence which is the reason how he was consider the most intelligent and strongest of his race. He some knowledge in making machines, as he was the one who created his Warsuit and had design a majority of weapons for the Adeptum Circle and some for the Chaotic Imperium. He is skilled in the art of magic, even more so than any other Elf in his race. He is also capable of making complex plans and schemes, which is why both Magus and Nekrozoth chose him to be their minion. He is only rivaled by Wade Stevenson in terms of intellect and strategy. Ezekiel even managed to fool even the gods of Asgard, even Odin himself, through his disguise of Loki.
  • Magic: Said to be the most powerful magic user in his kind due to his usage of mana. It was said that he was able to defeat an adult sorcerer when he was a teen. He was able to summon demons from the Pandora Dimension by using a summoning spell, and is very skilled in combat spells. He had once fought Xuriah D'arcmast'r, an evil magic user who rivals Master Muller, and gave him a difficult time and shown to temporarily overpower him.
  • Technopathy: Shown to be able to manipulate technology with his mind, this could be part of his abilities as a result in mastering Elven magic. He used this ability to summon his Warsuit, and manipulated the nano-tech in Xuriah's body which stunned the draconic warlord for a while. He shown to be as powerful as Animazoth in terms of being technopaths. He is also hinted to be a polyglot like Animazoth.
  • Teleportation: Though not confirmed but he is capable of appearing out of nowhere, suggesting he might have this ability.
  • Superhuman Attributes: Elves are shown to be more agile and has more stamina than humans. He is also physically stronger than humans as he was able to toss one who was bigger than him without any effort and was able to leap in great length.
  • Levitation: Albeit a minor ability, he only shown to levitate small objects like furniture and rocks. He is able to levitate himself for a while, but he rarely if ever use this ability.
  • Fast Healing and Longevity: Part of his race's attributes, he can take fatal damage and quickly heal from them. He and his kind can also live far longer than normal humans but this does not mean he can't die.
  • Astral Projection: When he doesn't want to show himself physically, he can appear to others via an astral projection of himself.
  • Master Manipulator: He is known for being very persuasive, crafty and deceitful but also charismatic. He started a are between humans and elves from behind the scenes and motivated the elves to hate humans more as a means to further his own agenda.
  • Shape-Shifting: He takes a different form over the years. His current look is just one of many forms he takes. He had once murdered the trickster god Loki, and changes his appearance in looking like the god himself and fooled even the gods of Asgard themselves through this.


That would be me.
~ Maestro's first words.
Arrogance and egotism are weaknesses that can be easily exploited and taken advantage of.
~ Maestro's famous catchphrase.
I think you and I will get along just fine.
~ Maestro's second famous catchphrase.
You break the law, I break you.
~ Maestro threatens Boregg Lad in an unsubtle fashion
Oh goody goody goody!
~ Maestro when he is excited
Everything is going exactly according to plan.
~ Maestro
I didn't always have this pretty face of mine.
~ Maestro just loves himself a little too much.
Ow! I'm feeling good today, boys!
~ Maestro
You win the game if you can figure out who I am, and why I'm torturing you. I win the game if you beg me to cut out your eyeballs.
~ Maestro making a little "game" by having Cassie James sadistically tortured by Blood Mouse.
Look at me, I'm in a big fat gang war! Ooh!
~ Maestro enjoying himself while he and Catra deal with some gang members.
Who the hell are you to talk to me about the fate of the Earth? The way, I see it, you're the aggressors. You idiots don't understand the bigger picture here. Every single day, you humans screw up your lives with drugs and violence, each day bringing you one more painful step to extinction and self-destruction. Don't you see? I'm not destroying the world, I'm saving it...from itself.
~ Maestro's delusions of grandeur and hypocrisy
My friends, most of you know me. Some of you are new here. To those of you who don't know me, I am the Maestro. Do not let this pretty face of mine deceive you from your true calling, your true purpose. I am the same person you all know and hold oh so dear. I have called you all here today to remind you of a very important lesson, a lesson that will pierce your enlarged egos and your desire for destruction. I have been clawing my way to get this far, and how I did it was not just because of dedication or relentlessness or even ruthlessness, but ambition. As far as I know, I've always been a man of ambition, and I always knew just what it takes to make your plans come to life. Some of you here are already plenty ambitious, and even more of you are about as ruthless as the human mind can even begin to comprehend. I'll have each and every one of you know that even though I do not fight, I know what it's like to suffer. I know what it's like to feel pain, the ceaseless burning and scratching that is threatening to tear you apart. I've sweat and bled my way into building my plans and making sure that no one stops me. It isn't because I was confident, or my desire for power, or even the fact that I may have godly powers right now. All they do is bolster my progress to a degree, but otherwise they are not reliable tools if you want to get your ambitions straight. Those of you who have been using only those, no wonder you never win, but it's not over, no way. You have a chance to redeem yourselves, and I can promise that you have a chance to be absolute. Power, fame, domination, money, recognition, attention, survival, all those are goals that are omnipresent in every single living being that exists in the entire Omniverse, because they are primal instincts bred into your bodies. Speaking of bodies, do any of you know how many bodies that I took over before you see me now? God, have I lost count already, but I can remember how hilarious and certainly exhilarating the circumstances surrounding them were. Mother of God, I do so deeply enjoy all the times that I ripped off the souls and minds of all those gorgeous bodies. Oh, how they screamed and begged me to stop. I will not lie, I enjoyed every single second of it, all of it. All the lives I took, all the blood I shed, it was glorious. But enough about me. The bigger picture is us as a whole. Each and every single one of you has a goal in mind, whether it's good old fashioned death and destruction, or absolute power, or even aspirations of godhood. Admirable indeed, but just thinking about it isn't gonna help you out. You need to think, you need to plan, you need to show the entire goddamned world that you mean business. And believe me when I say it's hard work. There's no easy way out of it, nor is there an alternate way. You want power, you're gonna have to earn it. You want to make an example, then make an example. You want the world to respect you, then make them respect you. Give them a reason not to screw with you. You may have what it takes, but you can't get enough time for your goals to come to life if you don't be smart about it. That leads to another thing. Archenemies. Don't you just hate it when people wanting to be the hero prance around and ruin your plans, your lives? Don't you just hate it when you have setbacks? Those of you who claim to search for a worthy opponent, then you're narrow-minded. There is no such thing as a worthy opponent. You either win or lose. You either rise from the top or be dragged into the dirt, covered in mud. Heroes, superheroes, warriors, all that crap, doesn't matter. The world wants two sides, good and bad. It's how it goes into stasis. It's how it it maintains balance. And the world desires balance. It's how the world maintains itself. Take that away for even a second, what do you get? Disorder. Chaos. Destruction. Anarchy. That will become prevalent among these humans once a single mistake is made. How often has that fact been prevalent? History repeats itself again and again, never once ending. Humans say they're improving, that they're learning, that they will move on. They say that their differences make them stronger, which is both correct and incorrect at the same time. If their differences make them stronger, then how come there is prejudice, wars, xenophobia? Yet band them together, they are capable of doing so many innovative things, and creating so many innovative possibilities. You can rock the world in your own special way, but that doesn't mean you will be recognized for it. They can make their little jokes, their little memes, their pop cultures all they want, but that will not change the fact that they will know one thing and one thing only: that the end will be near. Attack, pillage, destroy, those are the things that humans live by. It's their desire, their nature. And if they face the destruction instead of create it, then they will react with fear and paranoia and attempt to escape or destroy it. That's all they ever know, destruction. So we give them the destruction, take away what protects them, they'll bow. They'll listen. Because they'll know they won't have a choice. You are part of something great and absolute, the chance to become truly powerful, the chance to be feared. Don't waste that opportunity. Make no mistake, this is your life now. Whether you waste it is your own damn fault. Everything is about sides. Life is like that. Case in point, you will always be given a choice that will dictate your destiny. Whether you choose the right side is up to you. In the end, you will always be given a choice. Will you risk everything for power, money, and status, and sacrifice your relationships and the people you care about as a result? Or will you put family first and sacrifice the money, power, and status? Everyone is different, granted. But it's the difference that really makes the person come to life. You're different, but how long and how much are you willing to put your differences aside for the common goal? Disloyalty, treachery, deceit, theft, betrayal, disobedience, weakness, incompetence, idiocy, disrespect, those are the things that will never be accepted anywhere, and it will certainly not save your life here. If you're a problem, you must be expelled. If you're a solution, you will be welcomed. So I ask you all this, something so simple to remember out of all this: are you all gonna be the problem, or are you gonna be the solution? Never forget that if you want to survive in the Omniverse. Are you a problem, or are you the solution?
~ Maestro's speech to his minions
Let me tell you something before I go, Venomous, and you would do well if you listened carefully to what I'm gonna say: If I'm not smiling, you're not breathing.
~ Maestro threatening Scorial after hearing of his alliance with Jack Spark



  • Ezekiel was supposed to be just a human and a major villain in BrandonDarkOne47's cancelled cosmology project. Then he was remodeled as one of the main villains of Zakk: Crystal of the Omniverse where he was going to be one of the titular protagonist's archenemy.
    • He was also going to be written as a cartoon villain and/or a fanfic villain who was going to be the main villain of a Nickelodeon crossover (which would later expanded to several other western animation like Cartoon Network and Disney). It wasn't until BrandonDarkOne47 decided to make him a main villain of one of his projects. Then he decided to put him in the Tales of the Omniverse franchise as either one of the villains or a recurring antagonist.
  • According to the Ezekiel's creator, BrandonDarkOne47, He is the "Isaac Ray Peram Westcott of Western media". Though Ezekiel was made to be a villain in a western animation.
  • He was made as a attempt to make an homage to both Loki from Marvel, and Isaac Westcott from Date A Live.
  • His motive on why he wants to exterminate mankind was inspired by the biblical character Haman the Agagite, along with being manipulative and deceiving.
  • "Remiok Sethos" Maestro was supposed to be an alias to an entity called Evil, than would have been just called Ramok instead of Remiok. Remiok was then changed into a lovecraftian deity reminiscent to Nekrozoth and Velnias.
  • Maestro has had many inspirations for his character, even some real life villains like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, but the two main characters that directly inspired him are Sonic.EXE and Doctor Robotnik from Sonic SATAM. He even shares some traits and motives of the two.
  • The name, Remiok Sethos, was supposed to be an alias to an entity called Evil, than would have been just called Ramok instead of Remiok.
  • Interestingly, Maestro also shares qualities with the homunculus leader Father:
    • Both are egotistical sadists who desire control and power.
    • Both rule a highly populated city.
    • Both have a twisted, yet materialistic view on their creations, even going so far as to label them family.
    • Both have considerable influence.
    • Both are instinctively treacherous.
    • Both absolutely despise humans.
    • Both gain godly forms with incredible power (though Father barely had the time to fully enjoy his power whereas Maestro is alive and enjoying his power today).
    • Both create monsters of multiple kinds.
    • Both are Purely Evil.
  • Maestro also has few qualities to Jack:
    • Both are sadistic and deluded.
    • Both are insanely wealthy.
    • Both can be funny sometimes.
    • Both have a warped view on morality.
  • Maestro even has multiple qualities to fellow monster Isaac Ray Peram Westcott:
    • Both are incredibly psychotic and sadistic.
    • Both are very cautious yet egotistical.
    • Both always have a thin veneer of sophistication and charm.
    • Both remorselessly commit all sorts of worldly atrocities.
    • Both hate humans.
    • Both have a perverse pleasure in dominating and torturing people into submission.
    • Both have a loquacious vocabulary.
    • Both are cynical and sarcastic.
    • Both destroy worlds.
    • Both intend to rule all of existence forever.
    • Both intend to rewrite the future into their liking.
    • Both enjoy causing despair.
    • Both reincarnate into powerful immortals.
    • Both display a totalitarian regime, and rule their armies and worlds with an iron fist, with their personalities, motives, and actions heavily inspired by Nazis, in particular, Adolf Hitler.
    • Both display sociopathic tendencies.
    • Both always dress fancy.
    • Both are called boss by their minions.
    • Both gleefully troll people.
    • Both are clinically insane.
    • Both are obsessed with power and control.
    • Both make alliances with other, even more, powerful beings.
    • Both have considerable influence.
    • Both possess a monstrous god complex.
    • Both again have a horrendously materialistic view of family and friends.
    • Both are dangerously intelligent and manipulative.
    • Both are dangerously unpredictable.
    • Both can be calm most of the time, unless provoked.
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