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Mama Luigi is a character in the SuperMarioLogan series. He is Luigi's clone. 

He is the deuteragonist (despite being revealed to be an antagonist) of Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures.

He is also the main antagonist of Toad's Mistake and it's remake.

In July 2009, Mama Luigi was killed off because his voice actor, Zeke moved out.

Despite being dead, Mama Luigi has sometimes been revived.

For season 3 of Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures, Mario goes through many dimensions and finds a smart Mama Luigi. With the smart Mama Luigi's help, Mario travels to another dimension.

The Real Mama Luigi was revived when Mario returns to the right dimension.


Mama Luigi is dimwitted, fun-loving retarded and stupid but over all, he is very nice and he is not as retarded as Tony the Tiger is.

Mama Luigi also can be sometimes evil.

Voice Actors

Most of the time, Mama Luigi is voiced by Zeke.

In 2012, Mama Luigi was voiced by Logan Thirtyacre.

In 2014, he was voiced by Chris Netherton.

Towards the end of the final episode of Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure, he was voiced by Lovell Stanton.

Villainous Acts

  • He kidnapped Luigi.
  • He shot Mario in the legs.
  • He tortured and killed Toad after simply and unknowingly touching his nickel.
  • He sometimes does an evil laugh.


  • Since Mama Luigi is Luigi's clone, he is Mario's brother since Luigi is Mario's brother.


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