Manday Lockywood is the main antagonist in Blast of Elementals. She is the Rocky's arch-nemesis and former classmate.



Manday was the partner of Rocky during science classes. She despised him, saying it was better than him at everything. 

One day the Director Ed Brooks announced that it had created the Elemental Ice Glove, part of the collection of the Ten Elemental Gloves. Manday longed to that glove. When the Director said that the glove would be delivered to Rocky, he was furious. Then he said that the glove should be delivered to her and ran over Rocky to get it. 

But the Director intervened, said Manday had broken the Code of Respect Academy Elemental and decided she would be banned from the Academy. Manday in a rage took the glove from the hand of Rocky and froze the entire Academy. Rocky then caught and sent to prison Nevada with the people of Zaparia protesting against it. This, however, caused the anger Manday increase further. She swore revenge against Rocky and the people of Zaparia.