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Go on, Shadow... Don't you support gay rights?
~ Mephiles' most famous quote.
That just makes you a beta cuck.
~ Mephiles insulting Silver due to not being a gamer.
It's not as pleasant as you'd think. They don't treat you like a friend; they treat you like an item.
~ Mephiles' semi-rant to Silver after he questions 'the friendzone'.

Memphis Tennessee, also known as Mephiles the Dark, or simply Mephiles, is the main antagonist of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) by YouTuber SnapCube as part of their Real-Time Fandub Games series. He is a obsessed gamer incel, whom, throughout the story, becomes more unhinged and evil due to being rejected by Shadow, eventually turning into a fully-fledged villain at the climax.

He is voiced by Clown Depot, also known as Chase.



Memphis "Mephiles" Tennessee was born ten years prior to the series, his original form was dubbed "the purple power", and caused an explosion due to there being too much yellow power (Iblis). As Mephiles is vaping, Shadow uses the Chaos Emerald to trap Mephiles inside of the gamer amiibo while Elise's father traps Iblis inside of Elise. Shadow places Mephiles near the unconscious Elise after the accident, all whilst denying her permission to vape.


Hahahaha! Welcome to Tilted Towers. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Memphis Tennessee, and I'm part lizard. Nice to- yoroshiku onegaishimasu, as they say in Nippon.
~ Mephiles' first lines.
After Shadow and Rouge collect the amiibo, Eggman attacks them in his battle bus and tries to get the amiibo, but it falls out of Rouge's hands and smashes, immobilizing Eggman's robots and releasing Mephiles, who shape-shifts into a crude copy of Shadow. After Shadow allows Mephiles to calm down from his coughing, he introduces himself as Memphis Tennessee and notes that he is part lizard before greeting them in Japanese. Mephiles explains that he is following a new trend called 'kinning', and follows this trend in order to assimilate a purer form of Shadow's body. He proceeds to sniff Shadow before falsifying his future and teleporting them to his house.

Mephiles transports himself to Silver's future where he asks them if they're discussing Fortnite, noting that it's practically his obsession. He brings the two to his home, showing the many knocked over chairs due to his constant rages whilst playing Fortnite, though he describes it as him being "tilted at the towers". Mephiles explains that because he is a gamer, women don't come visit him often, and thus leaves him in the friend-zone, which Silver believes could benefit him. However, Mephiles explains to the hedgehog that being in the friend-zone is essentially the equivalent of psychological manipulation. When Silver responds that he would get respect due to not being a gamer, Mephiles simply calls him a 'beta cuck' before showing him and Blaze the new Fortnite maps and a Chaos Emerald he purchased from eBay containing Sonic, whom he had imprisoned in the Hell Dimension due to "disrespecting gamers".

Mephiles then teleports the two outside, and appears to be fond of Blaze. However, he still despises Silver, although he claims to need him for power due to Silver's constant whines.

Turn to Villainy

You silly, feeble-minded little gay.. I am so far beyond Fortnite! I have moved on! And my startup will end the world!
~ Mephiles' turn to evil.
Mephiles later appears to Shadow, questioning his opinions on gay rights before luring him to his newly developed Fortnite map, where, if people die in the game, they'll die in real life. He displays a shield made of thousands of polygons before noticing Sonic is inside the shield, reprimanding Shadow as he discovers that whilst Shadow was in love with Mephiles, he thought he and Sonic were the same. Mephiles transforms into his 'Steven Universe crystal gem cosplay' and attacks Shadow before Omega intervenes, leaving in a fit of rage whilst commenting on Shadow's terrible relationships.

Mephiles is later seen getting into a conflict with Omega, although he claims he is too high to pay attention. When Omega calls him a 'diamond accessory', Mephiles berates the robot before being shot and turned into vape juice, vanishing once more.

Mephiles appears again in his Sandopolis base, displaying his new profession as a game developer whilst promoting his 'Patreon' and startup. As Shadow attempts to reason with him, Mephiles reveals his true intentions to destroy the world with his same startup. As he transforms into high-resolution graphics, he melts away and destroys the amiibo during Shadow's attempt to re-imprison him. Mephiles finally shows his true feelings to Shadow, feeling betrayed by him whilst presenting his clone army. Shadow calls Mephiles out on having no mouths before destroying his clone army.


After his clones are destroyed, Mephiles collects the last of the Chaos Emeralds, whilst commenting on his previous obsession with Shadow, claiming to have moved on. Upon returning to his front lawn, he discovers Sonic and Elise, and fires an energy beam through Sonic's chest by accident. Mephiles finally breaks down in a panic, claiming it was in self-defense. After killing Sonic, Mephiles' sanity is completely lost as he uses the Chaos Emeralds and Iblis to transform into Solaris, declaring that he will make everyone his "boyfriend".

However, his efforts ultimately prove to be fruitless, as Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver all manage to kill him.


Initially, Mephiles begins as more of a harmless annoyance, wishing for approval and attention. He is rather arrogant, and remains so over the course of the plot, constantly berating other characters over minor incidents, including Silver misunderstanding his situation.

Mephiles is also clearly shown to be obsessed with the gaming industry, being a self-proclaimed 'gamer' and game developer, obsessing over video games (especially Fortnite) to the point of fanaticism, and constantly mentioning gaming even in situations that he admits do not actually involve gaming. He also expresses interest in Steven Universe and cosplay. Mephiles is also heavily interested in Shadow; he initially kins Shadow and attempts to transform into him, but this interest quickly turns into romantic infatuation. After Shadow becomes his boyfriend, he becomes extremely envious of any former associates of Shadow, including his ex-boyfriend Sonic.

After fully turning into a villain, Mephiles becomes increasingly cold, cunning, sadistic, psychotic and power hungry, looking to end the world due to being rejected by everyone around him. He also becomes more confident and narcissistic, calling Omega a 'lowly little trash can man' over his incomprehensible string of words. He openly expresses his hatred towards Shadow due to the latter abandoning him.

Although he was incredibly cruel, Mephiles expressed genuine concern when he accidentally killed Sonic, claiming it was in self-defense and being utterly horrified by both his action and the resulting mess, though he instantly goes back to embracing his insanity. He also expressed his dislike towards Shadow letting Elise vape due to her age.


Mephiles: Hey, gamers! Were you talking about Fortnite- Nope, I'm not gonna pretend that you were talking about Fortnite. I just like bringing up my favorite game whenever I can! I, too, have insomnia, but unlike you, mine is not caused by depression.

Silver: Hey, that's not- well, yes, I'm depressed, okay...
Mephiles: Mine's because I play so much Fortnite. I stay up late, and go to Tilted Towers- I actually don't really play Fortnite, I don't know any other places. (the characters arrive at Mephiles' house) Welcome to my house. As you can see, I've knocked over many chairs because I get so tilted at the towers.
Silver: Um... this isn't really tilted, or a tower...
Mephiles: Well, you see, it's a gamer pad. Not many girls come in here because I get friend-zoned so frequently. But that's okay.
Silver: I'd like to be in the friend-zone! I like friends!
Mephiles: It's not as pleasant as you'd think. They don't treat you like a friend; they treat you like an item. Sometimes I wish I could be more than just an accessory for these women, but unfortunately, as a gamer, I don't get respect.
Silver: Well, I'm not a gamer, so maybe they'll respect me!
Mephiles: That just makes you a beta cuck. [The entire crew starts corpsing again] That's the difference between you and I, Silver the Hedgehog! I- I'm an alpha- gamer — [Chase corpses as well] Anyway, where we — where we droppin', boys? These are all the newest maps they've added... and a newspaper.
Blaze: Have you ever actually interacted with a woman in your life, Mephiles?
Mephiles: That doesn't matter. Check out this cool gem I got on eBay for 7 dollars.
Silver: It's so cool! Can I add it to my rock collection?
Sonic: (in a fiery landscape) OH! OH MY GOD! SOMEONE HELP ME!
Silver: Oh my god. That looked like it hurt. What do you think, Blaze? ...Blaze?
Blaze: [dryly] I didn't see it.
Mephiles: Gimme back my thing. You see, I had to trap Sonic in the hell dimension 'cause he disrespected gamers. If you- If you still- Anyway, welcome to my purple orb. It's time to go.

~ Mephiles introduces himself to Silver and Blaze before bringing the two to his house and ranting to them.
Mephiles: I know more than you could ever compreh- is that Sonic? How did he get in there? What the fuck is he doing in my shield? (turns to Shadow) You know him, right? You guys are exes or something. Get him out of my fucking shield!

Shadow: No, don't you see-
Mephiles: If this relationship is going to work, you can't bring your exes. You know how uncomfortable that makes me, sweetie.

~ Mephiles' relationship with Shadow begins to fall apart as they bicker over Sonic's unexpected arrival.
Omega: I need you to stop right now, for you are not a true Gem. You are nothing but a fraud. (blasts Mephiles away)

Mephiles: Oh my God- (crashes and tumbles on the ground; violent choking noises) What the fuck, (higher pitched) oh my God.

~ Omega attacks Mephiles.
Omega: (while repeatedly shooting Mephiles note ) Take that! And that! You motherfucker! You steal Shadow away from me, I take your fucking skull! You motherfucking bitch!

Mephiles: (in pain) Yo, you need to chill the hell out, dude, I'm too high for this. All right, anyway, uh... This is the last time I try to have bots play on my Fortnite server.
Omega: You are nothing but a Fortnite PR fake and an actual diamond accessory.
Mephiles: What the fuck does that even mean? Those string of words just absolutely mean nonsense to me. You are so far below me you lowly little trash can man.
Omega: (revs up the miniguns) You are nothing but a fake gamer, you will never find happiness you piece of SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! (guns Mephiles down)
Mephiles: (grunts of abject pain) Ow! Dickhead! What the fuck?! (lays down) I'm gonna lay down, I need a second after that. Jesus lord... (turns into a purple cloud) Ugh, I'm turning into vape juice, no-! (vanishes)

~ Mephiles and Omega argue.
Finally, the corrupted weed gem! Finally those assholes will stop following me around and I can move on from my life. I used to be into Fornite. Yeah, sure, we all had that kind of phase. That doesn't mean I want to keep dating my Fornite boyfriend and inviting him to my new apartment every time I have a party.
~ Mephiles as he founds the purple gem.
Mephiles: (rises from the ground; to Sonic and Elise) What the fu- what are you people doing on my front lawn?! Get out of here! (impales Sonic with a energy beam)

Sonic: (screams in pain)
Mephiles: (horrified) Oh my God. Oh my God, are you okay?! Holy shit! I-I-I don't think I should pull it out. I think if I pull it out, he'll bleed out. (dispels beam) Oh my God. Oh my God. I didn't mean to do that. Oh my God. Oh-

~ Mephiles accidentally kills Sonic.
~ Mephiles' last words before he transforms into Solaris and his death.



Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Real-Time Fandub Games

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Real-Time Fandub Games


  • Dan Green, the voice actor for Mephiles in the original game, read Memphis Tennessee's first lines in his Mephiles voice.
  • One thing fans have noted in the video is how Mephiles' lines perfectly match up with his in-game movements, the most common incident pointed out during his friendzone rant to Silver.
  • Unlike the Original game where he doesn't talking to female characters, In Snapcube RTFDG, Blaze instead directly questioning him.
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