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    Pumbaa is the main antagonist of Timon and Pumbaa episode Running Of The Bullies.


    He and Timon travelled to Spain by box and planned to have a nice vacation. Unfortunately, the bravest bull in Spain called El Toro hurted Timon with his horn when he heard Timon is insulting bulls. Then, Timon and El Toro started to argue, and ruined Pumbaa's vacation. Pumbaa tried to stop their argument, but no avail. When El Toro told Timon to wait that he put his horns on him, Timon asked him: "You and what army?", and several other bulls appeared as his army. When Spanish man told that Running Of The Bulls festival started, and that bulls can start to run, he opened gate and all bulls started to run. Not exactly all bulls, because El Toro didn't finish an argument with Timon. He waited all bulls ran far of them, and that he can kill Timon in piece. He started to chase Timon and they both ruined Pumbaa's vacation. At the end of cartoon, when Pumbaa told that Timon can ruin his vacation of he wants, but Pumbaa's going to museum, Timon and El Toro also ran to the museum. When Timon pleased Pumbaa to hide him, Pumbaa arrogantly told him to leave him alone, and told him that's Timon's business. Later, when Timon dressed up as a matador, and finally got ready to fight with El Toro, Pumbaa stopped their fight and told they need to stop. He also asked El Toro what exactly is his problem, and is that a way to treat tourists in his country. El Toro explained him that's festival called Running Of The Bulls, where bulls are free to chase others however they want, because bulls are always humiliated by people. Timon understood that's just festival and that's exactly funny, but Pumbaa gonna crazy, started to chase Timon and El Toro and wanted to kill them. His last words before chase were: "So, fun, a? Now begins Running Of The Warthog festival! Fiesta Del Pumbaa! GRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Like we just said, he gonna crazy, started to chase Timon and El Toro and wanted to kill them. Timon and El Toro tried to hide in group of bulls, but Pumbaa throw away all bulls and hurt them just to find Timon and El Toro. These two guys tried to hide from Pumbaa behind the gate where bulls were, and later tried to relax him, but Pumbaa was just making sounds, trying to break the gate and later kill Timon and El Toro. And at last, Timon and El Toro went to beach to relax, and El Toro explained Timon that he's always going to that beach after Running Of The Bulls to relax. Timon said that's the best holiday ever. Pumbaa seems that he stopped to chase Timon and El Toro, but was still crazily running around and waiting for someone to kill him. He maybe really killed someone, and that might empty him from madness, and that might be the reason why Pumbaa is nice and happy in the next episode.

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