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Mickey Mouse is a minor character in SuperMarioLogan. He is a drug dealer and Disney mascot.

Despite common belief, he was not the host of American Idol Mario Edition, that was an old and different version of him named Mickey Seacrest.

While Mickey is not a villain in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and other shows and movies he originally starred in, he is a villain in SuperMarioLogan.

He is voiced by Chris Netherton. Despite common belief, Logan Thirtyacre did not voice him in American Idol Mario Edition, but he voiced an old and different version of him called Mickey Seacrest.

He first appeared in Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World as the main antagonist. He appeared again in Chef Pee Pee's Bucket List! where he pretends that the SML house is Disney World.

He did not appear again after that. However, he was mentioned and appeared as a costume that was worn by Brooklyn T. Guy. He also appeared on the thumbnail of the video, Bowser Junior's Big Vacation! even though he did not physically appear in the video.

It is unknown if he actually is the Mickey Mouse from Disney, or if he just pretends to be Mickey.

He was mentioned a few times and sometimes appears as merchandise.

Mickey once owned a meth lab, but it later burned down. Goofy was mentioned that it burned down, but it is unknown how it burned down.


Unlike the original Mickey Mouse who is a friendly cartoon character, this version of Mickey Mouse is way different. He is greedy, rude, foul-mouthed, antagonistic. He is also a drug addict as he snorts cocaine constantly.

Despite being a villain, Mickey was actually scared and ashamed that he got Goofy killed. He is also sometimes neutral.
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