This page is for version of the Oro Invictus in SPARTAN 119's Condemned/Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni crossover fanfic, Descent into Chaos. The canon version has a page on Villains Wiki.

You can't be… Miyo Takano was convicted of the murders of the six Watanagashi victims, and the conspiracy to murder the entire village of Hinamizawa. I heard she escaped the death penalty by reason of insanity, you should be… I mean Takano is currently in a mental institution!
~ Keiichi Maebara, upon seeing Miyo Takano on the screen in the Oro compound.

"That is where you are wrong, Maebara-san, I am working with the Oro on the Hinamizawa virus, we should have the new strain ready by the end of the year. Perhaps we should test it out on Hinamizawa, I believe you friends Sonozaki san, Furude-san, and Houjou san are still living in the village
~ Miyo Takano

The early life of the Miyo Takano is Descent into Chaos is similar to the canon version, being adopted by a scientist determined to prove the existence of the Hinamizawa syndrome, a local virus endemic to the village Hinamizawa, Japan, which he believed was the cause of violent incidents in the past. Takano's research into the virus attracted the interest of the Oro Invictus, who convertly gave Takano the funding she needed to research the virus, on the condition that she also research the interaction between the virus and the Oro's sonic emissions, which also cause violent behavior in a subject. The results were spectacular. With only a brief activation on the night of the Watanagashi festival from 1979-1982, the combination of the virus and sonic emitters caused a number of violent murders similar to the ritual sacrifices that once occurred in the village in past centuries.

Takano and the Oro attempted a full scale test in 1983 and then intended to kill all witnesses with chemical weapons. However, against all odds, Keiichi Maebara, Rena Ryuguu, and several other then-teenagers, along with other several members of the community and an outside government agent who brought the incident to the attention of government assets not under control of the Oro, foiled the attempt, though a number of villagers were killed by Takano's Oro-controlled foot soldiers, the Yamainu, including some killing which were seen firsthand by Maebara and Ryuguu.

Takano was arrested by JSDF forces, and was officially tried in a high-profile trial, and escaped the death penalty only through the insanity defense, claiming that she believed that by killing off the entire village, and having the world believe it was the work of the curse of Oyashiro, the god of a local shrine, that she would herself become a god.

The Hinamizawa virus was cured shortly afterwards using antibodies sampled from the blood of "queen carrier" Rika Furude, allowing Keiichi and Rena to emigrate to the US shortly after they were married, wishing to distance themselves from the incident. Meanwhile, the Hinamizawa incident became briefly famous in medical and psychological circles as the first confirmed incident of a virus directly affecting human behavior.

That should have the end of it, were it not for the intervention of Oro assets, who secretly took custody of Takano and allowed her to continue her research. Keiichi and Rena finally discover Takano is still at large in the Oro compound, where Agent Dorland calls an older Takano over a video chat program. Takano proves that she is really herself when she correctly states that Satoko Houjou, one of Maebara's childhood friends was color blind, a rare trait in females, and something only the real Takano, who posed as a nurse at a clinic in Hinamizawa, would know. Takano states that she is at the head of the Oro's continued efforts to research the Hinamizawa virus, and threatens to test the virus on Hinamizawa, where many of the Maebaras' old friends still live.