~ Moar Krabs

Moar Krabs is a parody of Mr. Krabs and a major villain in YouTube Poop.


The meme originates from the SpongeBob episode "Jellyfish Hunter", where Spongebob is tasked by Mr. Krabs to catch lots of jellyfish so he could use their jelly for his new line of "Jelly Patty" burgers. During a montage of Spongebob capturing jellyfish, Krabs demands "MORE!" over and over again, his face becoming more and more exaggerated, with one instance of "more" being spoken by the grossly-detailed, disturbing re-design of Mr. Krabs (a common running gag in the show) that would become the meme.

He appears in many YouTube Poop videos often saying lines from the show such as "MORE" or "kill him". The depiction of Mr. Krabs in these videos tends to be an exaggeration of his usual, extremely greedy self, making him more malicious and abusive. In one video, he acts as Patrick's conscience telling him to kill SpongeBob after he ate his chocolate bar. Moar Krabs is often used with the Morbid Squidward, the Morbid Spongebob, and the Pinhead Patrick as morbid versions when usually a YTP character is going insane.

Another version of Moar Krabs is used by Mr. Krabs of an alternate universe, in which Moar Krabs gains a more ruthless and crazy role in the video than any of his previous roles as an antagonist, such as killing his own employees, killing the health inspector, 2 officers, and 2 guards.

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