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Mr. Bollox is one of the main antagonists of the popular real life series, A Project Guy. He is one of Hook's henchmen, Sam the Eagle's best friend and sometimes his arch-nemesis and Sulley's twin and occasionally his friend.


Mr. Bollox is a blue monster with purple/pink spots, purple horns, a long tail, purple spikes, brown finger nails and brown toe nails.

He also looks just like Sulley from Monsters Inc.


Mr. Bollox is mean, angry, evil, grouchy, nasty, cruel, bad-tempered, rude, scary, grumpy, violent, ruthless, ferocious, unsympathetic, unfriendly, dangerous and arrogant. He also enjoys helping Hook and his friends with their evil plans to rob houses, and usually does not show any remorse for his villainous actions.

Despite being a villain, Mr. Bollox is nice to Hook and his gang and is also nice to Sulley and Mike Wazowski and he also did a few good things such as saving or helping people. However, he really cannot be considered a hero due to his heroic deeds being way too minor, and possibly for his own benefit, and his actions are less than noble and he is way too evil to be considered a true hero. He even promised that he would do good deeds and show remorse for his actions in the future, but will still be continuing to be evil, proving that he has a few redeeming qualities and he would potentially be sometimes evil and sometimes good more often in the future.

Due to Bollox's cruel actions, he almost qualified as a Complete Monster, but since he does a few good things, he is not a complete monster.

He is also shown to be racist when he calls a few people blackies.

Mr. Bollox mentioned that he hates children possibly because he met a few children that made him annoyed and it's also because children would be way too annoying, silly and childish for Mr. Bollox.

He also mentions that he hates dogs because he finds them annoying when dogs attack him.

Mr. Bollox is also shown to dislike being called names that aren't his real names if he finds those names annoying.

Mr. Bollox is also shown to hate insects as he kills them and calls most insects "stupid bees".


  • Mr. Bollox was named after a Goomba called Mr. Bollox who appears in videos made by a YouTuber named BigYoshiFan.
  • Mr. Bollox has mentioned his phone number is 01985386.
  • Mr. Bollox has mentioned that he is 33 years old. However, his age was revealed to be 80 in the episode called Gender and age revealing.
  • Mr. Bollox won in the second Main Character judging along with Sam the Eagle, Sulley, Mike Wazowski and Mr. Longneck.
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