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Mr. Mekaru is an unseen character mentioned in The Punkettes. He is Fukyu Mekaru's father.


From what Fukyu mentions of him to the Punkettes, Mr. Mekaru was just as evil, nihilistic, and ruthless as his daughter would eventually become. He committed murders, with his primary victims being children and homeless people. He was also abusive to his own family, as Fukyu mentions that her father nearly killed Kitaro in a fit of rage. It is unknown if Mr. Mekaru was similarly abusive to Fukyu or not, but it was likely he wasn't considering Fukyu never mentions so, as well as Fukyu being much more willing to kill than her sister was.


  • Many fans have theorized that Fukyu is as evil as she is because of her father. She shares her father's nihilistic philosophy, which assumes survival without any compassion or attraction to others. Even Fukyu's attempts to antagonize the Punkettes had their purpose - not getting too attached to others. Shaped by the father's philosophy, she believe the most important thing is survival at all costs, not trusting others and not feeling guilty. Human life is irrelevant when it comes to survival. Of course, there are many who don't believe this theory, and are convinced that Fukyu is a nihilistic sociopath by nature and would have turned out evil regardless of her father's influence.


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