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Mute Malik is the main antagonist of Spin-off of Jeff the Killer. He was an African American teenager who was friend with Jeff before he became a serial killer. He was living with his widowed mother and only brother. But he was not know he was going to be the next victim of Jeff his ex best friend. Because he was not there when Randy burning him and was not there to help him at this time so Jeff was very angry at him. Jeff killed Malik mother and brother and cut Malik tough so he will not tell anyone about him. since this time Malik was seeking revenge on Jeff he wanted so bad to revenge his family.


Before Jeff became a Killer he was friend with a African American boy named Malik, they was really close everyone considering them as best friend it was true, when malik was bullied by someone Jeff protected him and Malik do the same thing when Jeff was bullied by the three other boys at the school. But one day Malik was not know the boys will hurt Jeff with a bleach, so he heard about this drama at this time he was not there when Jeff was in trouble, but he was not know Jeff will turn into a serial killer neither. So when Malik return home after go to the grave of his deceased father and return home to talk with his mother and brother he go to the living room for watching the TV, when he turn on the TV he heard about a drama who came from Jeff house and he also heard Jeff killed his parents and almost killed his brother, Malik was worried because this news shock him very much because he think Jeff will hurt him just like the others because Jeff had killed the three bullies of their school. That night Malik can't even sleep well because he was again in state of shock, he look at the window of his room for looking at other side of the backyard he see the shadow of someone approaching the house, when see the boy full body with a knife long black hairs and white face with his bloody shirt Malik freak out. Jeff was in his backyard front of the door of his house, he heard him knocking at the door his mother go for open the door, but the young boy wanted to stop her saying it was Jeff front of the door. The mother told her son Jeff was far away from there so she told him to return to his bed, when he go upstairs for go to his room his mother open the door and heard an evil laugh and scream. So Malik and his brother run down the stairs to found their mother mutilated body with the killer above her, the two boys was scared to death after see the horrible crime of Jeff, when Jeff approached Malik and push him on the ground after tell he let him in trouble the teen boy tries to explain why he didn't show up that day, but Jeff do not listen to him and still menacing him with his knife. Malik little brother wanted to protect his brother by attacking Jeff by punching him in the stomach, Jeff back up for short time and decide to grabbed Malik little brother and stabbed him in his stomach Malik brother fall on the floor a died from his injuries. Jeff turn back to Malik who was run above his brother body with tears, Malik look at Jeff and told him he will revenge his family by telling everyone what happen, so Jeff take his knife and cut off Malik tongue he was believe without his tongue he will not tell anyone. Malik see the blood was covered his mouth and falling on the floor, he see Jeff turn his back and leaving him for dead he hear his evil laugh, but the young boy was later taking to the hospital where all of the doctors tries to save his life. Later he was waking up in the hospital room with a iron mask over his mouth, the doctor said to after his return to life he didn't find a way to give him a new tongue so he give him a iron mask Malik can take off if he wanted, Malik wanted to go in the bathroom someone accepted to take him there when he was in the bathroom he look himself in the mirror and take off his mask and see his bloody mouth without his tongue. So he became crazy he can't believe that happen to him, the nurse tries to stop him and wanted to return to the room with him, but the young boy grabbed the woman by the hairs and smashed her head to the wall. He fast get up of his wheelchair put his mask on his mouth take back his clothes and run away out the hospital, again a new serial killer is born he killed only three people, but also want to find Jeff for finally take revenge on his family death and will find him for killing him once and for all, and put an end to his catch phrase "Shh, Go To Sleep".