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Help? I didn't really want to help Humanity! Humanity can go to Hell after I'm done! It's all about Power, never about helping those weaker than you.
~ Nazaroth to Duncan

Jacob Nemsus, also known by The Devil in the flesh, "The Man from Taured" and by his demon Nazaroth is a recurring antagonist of Multiversal Legends being the Main Villain of The Travellers and a major recurring antagonist of Champions of the Multiverse. He is the founder and head CEO of Nemesis Foundation, a powerful military company made to weaponize anomalies for other countries benefits . He is uncan and Zophar (Jophar) Vorin's archenemy and a power hungry social Darwinist and a God wannabe who seeks to find the Sword of Chaos (Chaos Blade for short) so he could rewrite the law of reality in his own liking despite the many innocents he has to kill for.

He willingly sold his humanity so that he could turn into a powerful demon-lord named "Nazaroth" to the all-powerful Dark-Lord Nekrozoth. As Nazaroth, he once served many demon-lords in Hell before betraying them and rose to power to the point that he became a demon in higher ranking than both Lucifer and Remiok Sethos combine.



Originally was born Jacob Nemsus, Jacob was born in an the war torn country of Taured which was located at the border between France and Spain. His country was under a dictatorship of a madman who simply known as "The Magistrate", a tyrant is kills those who make a mockery of him or try to start up a revolution and has establish a darwinian philosophy on the country. While his family were rich because of the Magistrate they also secretly opposed his tyrannical rule, secretly trying to start a revolution and overthrow his tyrannical reign.


You're not human at all! You...! You... You're a monster! A Demon just wearing human skin!
~ A Lazarian citizen calling out Nazaroth for his atrocity and his demon form.
It's called might makes right, the strong gets the power while the weak receives nothing in return. That's the way the world works, you either live among the strong or die among the weak.
~ Jacob Nemsus's philosophy.

Jacob Nemsus is a destructive and cold-hearted sociopath who unlike many of villains in the The Travellers series lacks any redeeming qualities, tragedy and excuse for his for his heinous actions. He is a completely monstrous businessman with no empathy towards those he deems as weak, nor show any pity or sympathy towards them along with a complete lack of remorse for anything horrific he has done. He is a defined psychopath with a god complex with extreme "Might Makes Right" philosophy as he believed it is the strong's destiny to dominate the weak and have ultimate power for themselves. As such he declares himself as the most powerful person alive and would willing to betray those he finds weak and unfit to rule. As part of his "chronic backstabbing disorder", he would happily betray his former bosses including those with higher authority for self gain, stealing their position and power for himself in order to stay on top of everyone else. He was willing to betray his own family in his bid for power, as he did in order to join the Tauredian's corrupt government in order to gain as much power in his positions as possible. One of his biggest example was that he was willing to betray humanity to Nekrozoth and plunge the world into total disarray and establish a "Hell on Earth".

He is fully aware of the consequences of his action and admits once he is killed he is doomed to eternal damnation which he is glad of hearing himself. He doesn't really care on the innocent lives he has taken over his life time as to him, "everybody was bound to die someday". He is rather a psychopathic sadist as he enjoy chasing and hunting down Duncan and his friends for fun rather than just merely wanting to use Duncan's powers to open the portal to Nezmodam to take the powers of the Chaos Blade. He also very fond with causing war and carnage, and enjoys being in battle with powerful enemies of his own.

He is exceptionally manipulative and intelligent due to use to be part of the Tauredian military and serving as the general for the Taured-Laxarian War. As Nazaroth, he would mercilessly kill any of his subordinates without question and would happily sacrifice an entire squadron once they outlive their usefulness. Should one member of a group fail him, he punishes the entire group as a whole with extreme prejudice. Nazaroth also despises the Imps, seeing them as the weakest of the demon races and thinks they have no purpose to live in Hell therefore he has his demon minions to show prejudice and spite towards them. Despite showing some loyalty towards Nekrozoth, he is also not above attempt to betray him as well and try to steal his powers and control over the Omega Empire and the entire forces of evil.


The man was described as a neatly-dressed middle-aged Caucasian man. His primary language was French, yet he spoke Japanese and several other languages including Polish, Russian, Germany, Slovakian, and Latin. He possesses scars on his eyes like it was scorched, so to hide those scars he had to use some sort of device that disguise his face.  


Magistrate: What the hell do you think you're doing?!

Nazaroth: Succeeding what you haven't accomplish (Shoots the Magistrate in the head).

~ Nazaroth betraying the Magistrate.
Oh Duncan you have no idea what your up against. I've seen what the sword could do, I seen that it has the power to kill God himself and all of creation. That type of power had to be locked up. Well, until I unlock it myself. The sword could be harness, could be contain, could be CONTROLLED. Do you not see the big picture? The sword could do anything! Anything you desire it could happen! With you and me, we could make the world a better place! No more chaos... No more pain... No more villains or heroes or gods. We would be the only heroes they need. just... give... me... The key.
~ Nazaroth to Duncan
Soldier: But Sir! We have our own troops in there!

Jacob Nemsus: And your point? I fail to see how this is even a problem? We can get more, now go blow that waste of space up or it'll be your brain that'll explode.

~ Jacob Nemsus ordering his men to bomb an enemy base.
Yes... I can feel it! Every single universe at the tip of my fingers. Now every body's my slave!
~ Nazaroth obtaining the Chaos Blade
~ Nazaroth with the Chaos Blade being attacked by the Champions.


An art of Nazaroth by XOBITES


  • Nazroth is based on "The Man from Taured" urban legend which is about a man ho was visiting Japan during the 1950s, when the people who work at the Japanese airport they asked the man where he's from. The nameless man said he was from a country called Taured which actually doesn't exist. Some people believe that the man from Taured is from an alternate dimension who happens to stumble across our universe.
    • However he is much more evil than the character in the urban legend as the original was enigmatic and confused person who happened to stumble onto our dimension and doesn't show any malicious intentions what so ever.
  • He was inspired by Maxwell from The Zodiac Legacy book series by iconic comic book writer Stan Lee.
  • People often compared him to doctor doom as they're both the ruler of a country, both are genius and they want to take over the world. Nemesis had also shown some knowledge on the mystic arts and show to have a hate fueled rivalry towards Duncan, they're also power hungry tyrants too.
  • He is one of the two human characters who turned themselves into a demon, the other being Maestro himself.
    • In fact, he and Maestro has some similarities as they are both irredeemable psychopaths who seeks to become both immortal gods and takeover the omniverse, and uses others as disposable pawns for their own gain and turned themselves into demons and rejected their humanity. They also sought to betray their masters for self gain and possess vast demonic power.
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