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Villain Overview

30 years. 30 long years... I finally got you. You're mine, Luther. From now on until the end of time. We're all together again. Just like old times. You all didn't deserve to have families while I rotted away. So I did what was right. I never wanted to forgive any of you. You're in my world now. My personal hell. Don't ask for God to help you now. Because in this world... I AM GOD.
~ Needlemouse expressing her hatred towards Luther before killing him.
You're in my world now. Just like the others. You're fun to play with, Kyle. But soon... someone else will be joining us. Isn't that right... Tom?
~ Sarah gloating over her victory against Kyle before addressing Tom.

Sarah, later known as Needlemouse, is the titular main antagonist of the analog horror web series Needlem0use.

She appears as the main antagonist of Season 1 and the central antagonist of Season 2.

She is a vengeful spirit who was accidentally murdered by her friends and had her death covered up for thirty years, during which she spent her time confined to relieving the memories of being murdered over and over again in complete agony. Filled with rage and bloodlust, she took the form of the mascot of the company whose building was built over her body, Sonic the Hedgehog, and began hunting down her former friends so she could trap them in her eternal hell of suffering.

She is voiced by Just_Sammiie.


Like most Sonic.exe incarnations, Needlemouse manifests as a corrupted sprite of Sonic the Hedgehog, often in horrifyingly supernatural ways. In Needlemouse's case, she appears with a more purple or pink hue to Sonic's usually blue fur, likely reflecting the color of Sarah's sweater, while Sonic's white gloves usually end up with a yellow or orange tone, and the peachy skin tone becomes much paler. Supernatural corruptions of the sprite include turning Sonic's eyes into larger, red irises in black sclerae, usually alongside a gaping pitch-black mouth, occasionally with visible bloody teeth.

Sarah, the true form of Needlemouse, often manifests as her human form at the time of her death lacking any supernatural changes, with the exception of red irises. She wears a purple sweater with a lighter-shade stripe running across the chest and upper arms and the hem of the sleeves, dark blue pants fastened with a brown belt with a yellow buckle, and white socks with dark spots around the toes and heels. Her raven-colored hair is long and wavy, and her skin tone is pale. Supernatural corruptions of her human form often include profuse bleeding from her eyes, mouth and forehead/scalp, and turning her skin pitch-black leaving only wide-blank eyes and teeth.

Both of Needlemouse/Sarah's forms are almost always seen with unnerving big smirks and blank stares, giving her a possessed or deranged expression.


What was left of Sarah died all those years back. Don't fall for her facade.
~ Martin warning Luther not to fall for Needlemouse's facade.

Aside from the occasional drunken ramblings where she was mean and harsh, Sarah was generally well-liked and appreciated for her bubbly, relaxed and carefree nature.

Upon her death, Sarah became an entity filled to the brim with nothing but rage and hatred for the people who caused her death and covered it up. She has been shown to be extremely aggressive and vengeful, being hellbent on wiping out her friends and making them suffer as she had, unwilling to let go of what happened regardless if they felt guilty or not.

Needlemouse is particularly sadistic, openly admitting to have only been toying with Martin just to scare him, and her goal of killing her friends would also extend to bringing them into her world where she could make them feel the pain of everlasting death as she has. Needlemouse is also highly intelligent and skilled at manipulating situations to her advantage, having pretended to want to reach out and reconcile with Luther initially. She is also not above threatening the lives of her enemies' loved ones to get what she wants.

However, Needlemouse is also quite arrogant. As the controller of her video game world, she sees herself as its god and believes she's entitled to do whatever she wants to its inhabitants because of how she was wronged in the past, which also shows how delusional she is, believing her murders of her former friends to be an act of justice and completely fair considering how they essentially took her from her family, despite also doing the same thing to them. As Luther and the other souls manage to break free of her control, Needlemouse becomes more enraged and scornful, showing how much of a control freak she is and her desire to keep her puppets in line and under her control.

Despite her arrogance, Needlemouse's backstory and motivations are tragic, sympathetic and rooted in a long-running trauma that lasted for decades until she was finally able to unleash her rage, completely fed up and angry at the world for what transpired all those years ago. It appears that while she does want to torture her former friends, she also wants to trap them in her world so she won't be alone and face feel the feeling of death by herself. Even after her death, Needlemouse still genuinely loves her girlfriend Lily and misses her dearly. Sarah's thirst for revenge has also left her rather conflicted, as after killing Kyle she stated she felt complete, but at the same time, she didn't feel complete at all, nor did she feel happy about what she had done. This is further explored in Confronting, where Sarah breaks down over having to murder Kyle to prevent the world from knowing about her.


Not much is known about Sarah's life, but she was born around the late 1930's-to-mid 1940's. At some point she began attending college with three of her friends, Michael, Martin and Luther, and was also in a relationship with a woman named Lily. However, the group would often argue and fall out at times, as well as get drunk and argue at parties.

At some point in 1963, Sarah and her girlfriend Lily were invited to a party and she went to Luther to recruit him as there'd be a lot of people she wouldn't be familiar with and wanted Luther to be there in case anything went wrong, due to Sarah and Lily being a same-sex couple in the 1960's when that was generally frowned upon. Luther agreed to go and brought along Michael and Martin. However, during the party, the group got drunk and got into a physical altercation, resulting in someone accidentally killing Sarah by accident, likely by smashing some kind of object over her head. The group, in their panic, moved Sarah's body from the location and tossed it in a nearby lake, promising to never speak about the incident again and take the story to their graves. Eventually, Sarah was registered as a missing person, with flyers being plastered around town as her friends, family and girlfriend looked for her.

Soon after dying, Sarah woke up in what appeared to be a black void, confused on where she was until all the memories of the previous night came flooding back. Although she felt betrayed by her friends not helping, she came to believe they would remember her, before eventually losing hope and believing they hated her. Declaring revenge against them, Sarah swore that if she couldn't go home, neither would they, and spent decades waiting in limbo for her to gain some form of access to the mortal realm once again.

At some point, the video game company SEGA constructed one of their buildings over the lake where Sarah's corpse was buried. Sarah was eventually able to find her way into the code and took on the form of the company's mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. Although she was one step closer to completing her plan, she was still tormented by memories of the night she was murdered, feeling how it felt to be killed over and over again. At some point, Sarah made contact with an unknown entity who influenced her hatred and motivated her to continue with her plan, as well as presumably bestowing her supernatural powers.

(to be continued...)


List Of Appearence

Season 1

  • c0mings00n.mp4 (debut)
  • NeedleM0use
  • G0t Y0u
  • n0way
  • Teaser
  • finAle

Season 2

  • SpeedDuo64 Presents: Genesis Sonic Comp Beta!!1!
  • SpeedDuo64 Presents:
  • Duo
  • Confrontation


Season 1

This is where they buried me. This building was built there. To think after all this time... This is how I was brought back. I don't care anymore. Up until now, I was toying with you. But now I'm done playing. I already got Michael. What makes you think I won't go after you?
~ Needlemouse commenting on how she was brought back to life.
I know where you live.
~ Needlemouse threatening Martin.
I'm trapped. I've been trapped here for 30 years. Do you know how long that is? For you, I can imagine time flew by. You have a family. Good for you. I miss my family. I miss them so much. Dad. Mom. Lily. No one knows what happened that night. Except you. I hate you. You took everything from me. But don't you worry, Luther. Because I'm coming for you, and when I do. I'm taking you with me. Then we can be together again. Just like before. I will never be alone again. We can suffer together. I will make you suffer.
~ Needlemouse addressing Luther and threatening him.
I am going to find you.
~ Needlemouse promising to come after Luther.
Don't think you can run from me.
~ Needlemouse to Luther.
I can still feel the pain. I remember everything that happened. It plays in my head. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER-'
~ Needlemouse talking about how painful it is to be trapped and remember how she died.
Michael was there that night. He did nothing to help. But after all this time I took care of him.
~ Needlemouse revealing to Martin what she did to Michael.
He's so happy now. Don't you want to be happy too? The longer you wait to tell the truth. The more people you care for get hurt. And after I'm done with them. I will come for YOU.
~ Needlemouse threatening to come after Martin if he doesn't reveal what really happened to her.
Michael: I'm scared.
Needlemouse: Don't be. After all, you only have yourself to blame.
~ Michael and Needlemouse.
If I can't go home, nether can you. Don't you dare talk to me about fairness.
~ Needlemouse to Micheal.
There is no god. Only me
~ Needlemouse
You didn't actually think you were out of the woods just yet, did you? The game is not over yet, it's time to continue, wouldn't you all say? Hey! How about a preview?
~ Needlemouse in the trailer for the Season 1 finale.
See you all soon...
~ Needlemouse in the trailer for the Season 1 finale.
Martin: Michael got it pretty easy compared to me. His death was painless. One second he was alive and the next, reborn. I didn't get it so easy. She said I deserved worse. I didn't even do anything.
Needlemouse: You're lying.
Martin: I'm not. I'm not, I swear-
Needlemouse: You said Michael got it easy, huh? I feel like I was too lenient. I was too nice. How about we replay that night?
Martin: No, please. I'm sorry. No, please. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
~ Martin and Needlemouse arguing.

Season 2

I remember that night. That night was unlike any other... It was to die for. I used to loathe that day, letting it destroy me from the inside out for thirty, long years. But, I finally got my revenge. You are all mine now, whether you like it or not. I AM your god now.
~ Needlemouse in the Season 2 trailer.
I don't think so, Luther.
~ Needlemouse preventing Luther from attacking her.
Sarah: Look, all I'm saying is that you're far better off with another girl. Don't let her walk all over you. I ain't your "wing-woman" or whatever.
Luther: Are you always this overdramatic, Sarah? Geez.
Sarah: I'm supposed to look after you when you do shit like this.
Luther: Oh, shoot, I'm gonna be late for my next presentation!
Sarah: I know your corny ass did not just say "shoot". Still, chill out. We got like, ten minutes before it starts.
Luther: What happened to the whole "be ready ten minutes prior to everything" revelation you had?
Sarah: Pfft. Anyway, Lily and I are going to a party, right?
Luther: Right.
Sarah: And since tons of other people I don't know are gonna be there, I-I was wondering if... well, you could come along?
Luther: Oh. OH. Right. Cause it'd be awkward, y'know, with you two just dating--
Sarah: (Sarah places her finger over Luther's mouth and shushes him multiple times) You apeshit or something? Don't go point stuff out. You know people are... Y'know. Not
with that kind of dating? I don't want that being shared. Like, come on. I don't know how people will react. Just, please stay silent for once--
Luther: Sa-Sarah! Geez. Look, no matter what happens, I'm gonna be by your side. So don't stress out about it. Remember: "Together forever".
Sarah: You and your optimism... Together forever.
~ A flashback depicting Sarah and Luther on the day of the party that she would die at.
You're not getting to him.
~ Needlemouse after preventing Luther from reaching out for help from Tom.
This is interesting. Even after making you aware. You still defy me. You're in a world you cannot understand. But you are not on my radar anymore, Luther. HE is.
~ Needlemouse expressing her plans to target Tom.
Try to keep this interesting for me. Thomas Bentley Artwright.'
~ Needlemouse directly addressing Tom.
When I woke up, I didn't know where I was. I didn't know who I was. And then it hit, in the moment like that. Alone. Alone with my thoughts. But little by little over time, I started to remember. Martin, Michael, Luther. They didn't even help when things went south. They betrayed me. All I wanted was to spend time with them. With... Her... But, they couldn't have forgotten me though, right? Right? They all hated me... I... I... (...) No... If I can't go home, they don't get to, either.
~ Sarah lamenting how she felt when she was reborn.
~ Sarah vowing revenge on her former friends and slipping into insanity.
~ Sarah greeting Kyle before killing him.
I feel complete. But if I'm so complete. Why don't I feel like it? Why am I not... happy?
~ Sarah after killing Kyle.
It was the only way. The only way... to stay hidden. The only way... for the rest of the world to not find out. It doesn't feel right anymore. It doesn't! I didn't have a choice! And it's all his fault! It's all his fault!
~ Sarah attempting to justify her actions, before finally realizing what she had done to Kyle.
Needlemouse: Why do you keep fighting?
Kyle: I refuse to be your puppet. I WILL stop you.
Needlemouse: Adorable. You're fighting back, despite everything. But yet... you forget who's truly in control here.
???: I won't let you people hurt her anymore.
~ Needlemouse battling Kyle.
How are you still alive?
~ Sarah after Luther reveals himself.
Needlemouse: So... you're the reason why Kyle's aware. You just don't know when to quit, do you-
Luther: I refuse to sit and let things happen again. Many lives are at stake, Sarah.
~ Sarah standing against Luther.
Needlemouse: Even after everything you do, Luther, you still get nothing. You'll get nowhere. You'll get tired and when you do, I'll kill you. And your PUNY LITTLE SON TOO-
Luther: No. I won't let you.
Needlemouse: Look at you swinging that little toy around. Despite doing so many wrong things to your so-called rights... at the end of the day, you're more like me than you think. An endless battle to-
Luther: Sarah. I know how you feel, but you need to-
Luther: You're right. But at this point... I don't know you anymore. You never hated anyone. You were alone in a lost land, and you are now. Despite all of us being here. You are a murderer. Nothing can change that. And with this world you've made up... it's only making things worse. Not only for us... but yourself. So I ask you this, Sarah: please... just let go. Tom's going to destroy the disk. Now's your chance to leave things behind and move on. Please.
~ Sarah's confrontation with Luther.
Sarah: I... I don't understand anything. I don't want to believe. I can't... I can't do this!
The Entity: Oh, but you can, Sarah. You've been through so much... and now that you have a chance to be happy... he wants to take it away. Who's HE to tell you what you can and can't do, Sarah... You shouldn't feel bad... after all, it is their fault you're dead. No one else will know. Hey. If you don't want to spend forever here... I understand. We've been together since the very start... so I'll help you out this once. Kyle Henderson does not deserve to live after knowing about us. Neither does Thomas. Hey... I got an idea! I keep Luther occupied in here... and you show Tom what it's like to face a true god. But not one of Mercy... one of Death.
~ Sarah briefly regains her morals, but an unknown entity encourages her to keep killing.


  • Michael and Martin claimed that Sarah would "walk all over them", implying that Sarah wasn't the nicest person or that this was something she did when they argued. It's also possible that they were lying, referring to when she was drunk or they were drunk themselves while saying it.
    • However, Michael and Martin's statements seem to be contradicted by the flashbacks in Season 2, which shows that Sarah did genuinely care for Luther and wanted to look out for him.
  • In the Season 1 finale, Sarah's name is accidentally written as "Susie" on her Fun Gang photograph.
  • When talking about her family, Needlemouse mentioned someone named Lily, which caused some to believe that Lily was her sister until it was confirmed that Lily was Sarah's girlfriend when she was alive.
    • It was also confirmed that Sarah is bisexual.
  • Needlemouse is the original name given to Sonic during the development of the first game.
  • Sarah's human form is 5'7".
  • Outside of the main canon, Needlemouse was shipped with EXE, another variation of the character, until EXE's creator, Revie, was revealed to have groomed multiple minors. Needlemouse and EXE no longer have any association.
  • She is set to appear in Vs. Sonic.EXE as an upcoming opponent.
  • The series' creator, ShutUpJoseph, has confirmed that Sarah's last name is deliberately left out due to its irrelevance to the plot.
    • Additionally, they reveal that Sarah was around 18-23 years old when she died.
  • Needlemouse's design is partially based off of the physics of Sonic's quills in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and a render of Sonic in Sonic 3D Blast.
  • She's the current image for the wiki's mature template.


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