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You may question why I'm doing this. Is it because I have a tragic backstory? Is it because I'm insecure and need to be loved and accepted? Am I doing this for a noble cause or reason? Here's a simple answer for your pathetic mortal brains to comprehend. I am the bad guy. I have no end in mind that justifies my means. There are no skeletons in my closet, no abusive childhood or inciting misery that might expiate my vile behavior. I know the difference between good and evil. And I am fully capable of empathizing with the pain, emotional or physical, of others. I don't see myself as a sociopath. Rather, I simply prefer bad over good. Wrong over right. Dirty over clean. Sick over healthy. Untrue over true. Insanity over sanity. So now you know that I'm doing this is because... It's Easy and the right way to live. In my opinion of course.
~ Nekrozoth on why he is evil
Mortals are dogs made to serve, nothing more. If you so like to save them then you might as well die with them! You see Legend? They chose this pass I created for them. They fight, they kill, they take, and they destroy and for what? Survival, that's right. Survival always justify the means, Charles Darwin actually made a theory about that and I believe it. Well I made it before he was ever born but still I believe that only the strongest, the most cunning, and the most capable beings should rise up on top of the food chain.That's why the most Evil, Maliciously cunning, and the most dangerous should rule. I'm the one who possesses all the capabilities, I am STRONG enough to kill my own brothers without any remorse, capable to force others to worship me and capable to commit the various atrocities across billions and billions of universes. You see, to me, mortals are the weakest in the food chain, that's why they're bread to serve their creators, only the strongest could rise to supremacy while the weakest will always fall to the very bottom. I'll admit it, that not all mortals are flawed or weak, like your apprentice for example but not all them has to the "good guys". We have Happy Smilestone, ooh one of my favorites. I enjoy how he makes the children scream or how he makes them KILL EACH OTHER. William Braxxon, the man who caused several heinous acts that were famous across Earth's history. Martin Pierce A.K.A. Master Onslaught was one of the most reviled and disputable beings in creation therefore I show respects too. Now you see that's why evil is superior to good, they're capable of doing more things than what you heroes are capable of. Evil is stronger, Evil is More Capable than any. Chaos equals Control, control equals Power, And Power equals Dominance.
~ Nekrozoth to Legend
Let's see what gifts we have for our guests. An angel...dead. Two apprentices ...dead. A time traveller...dead. A son...dead. A blacksmith...dead. A daemon...dead. A champion...dead. You...will...bow!
~ Nekrozoth to Nuvon Drex in his Moment of Triumph.
Chaos is Control!!!
~ Nekrozoth's most famous catchphrase.

Nekrozoth, also known as the DarkMaker or the Omega Lord is the Overarching and Overall Main antagonist of the entire Multiversal Legends Franchise and the one of the overarching antagonist of the entire Omniverse as a whole (along with Chernobog and Artillery).

He is the actual creator of Evil and the supreme ruler of the hellish dimension called Oblivion and the Omega lord of the Prime Omegas. He was once part of a race of omnipotent deities who are more powerful than regular supreme beings known as the Prime Alphas who are the true creator of the infinite multiverse, they are lead by his brother called Deus who is the Ultimate Creator of the Infinite Multiverse who Nekrozoth is equal with and Deus evil counterpart making him the Anti-God to his brothers. He is the Champions's Archenemy (mainly to Legend and Jack Spark). 

His goal is to either destroy, corrupt or conquer the Infinite multiverse and remake it in his own image. He is the evilest villain the mythos and the archenemy to all gods and supreme beings, and by far, the evilest being in the Omniverse. The darkest and tyrannical Supreme-being of all the universes and the most powerful enemy of all time. 

He was one of the main villains in Champions of the Multiverse, the main story of the franchise. In it, He was the overarching antagonist of phase one, the main antagonist of phase 2, the secondary antagonist of phase 3 and a minor antagonist of phase 4, the overarching antagonist of phase 5, and one of the main antagonist of phase 6 (Along with Endgame the Anti-Maker), and one of the main of phases 7 along with Vekkisul and Tenebris, the main villain of Phase 8 through 9 as well of the posthumous antagonist of the 10th phase and one of the main villains of phase 12, the final phase of the franchise. He was also the posthumous antagonist of it's sequel series called Multiversal Champions.  

He was a major antagonist of it's spin off series Legends of the Omniverse, being a minor antagonist of Season 1 and a major antagonist of season 2.

He was also the Main Overarching Antagonist of Legend, the prequel series to Champions of the Multiverse. He only appears as the Main villain of Season 5-6. He was also a background antagonist of season 2 and a major antagonist of season 1. He was the main villain of Prime, the series center around the Prime Alphas. He is the overall main villain of the entire Multiversal Legends Film Universe (MLFU) and is one of the main antagonist of the massive online game Legends Online.

Nekrozoth was also the Main Overarching Antagonist of Omniversal Legends, he was also a background antagonist of The Flame (His symbol was seen in the background of the first episode and was mentioned a few times across the series) and a minor antagonist of The Traveller (Only seen in during the time Travel arc). Nekrozoth was also a background antagonist of Umbra Mythos (Only seen in the magic book known as the Necroscion via a picture of him along with a Omega Symbol). 

He was created by BrandonDarkOne47 and voiced by Isaac Grossman who also voiced his Worlds Arena video game counterpart. In the Multiversal Legends Film Universe He was played by Oscar Isaac, who also played Apocalypse from X-Men Apocalypse and voiced by Richard D. Wassermann who played Sargeras from World of Warcraft.

Character Info

Nekrozoth is the overall main villain of the entire Mutiversal Legends Franchise being behind almost every event in the series and causing met (If not all) of the evils in the franchise like the creation of the chaotic daemon Aka Manah through Ahriman and released him later on. He had inspired Grandmaster Chaos on becoming a villain and training Malroc on becoming one of the best and most evil villains in the entire omniverse. The there villains were also main villains themselves. Nekrozoth motive throughout the franchise was remake the Omniverse in his image where Evil is always victorious and chaos reigns supreme. Nekrozoth rules a universe called Oblivion which is forever expending as it absorbs other universes to increase it's mass. Nekrozoth is also the supreme leader and founder of the Omega Empire, which is the biggest evil empire in the entire Omniverse. Power-Hungry, treacherous, and Narcissistic, Nekrozoth is the very definition of a Complete Monster. Nekrozoth however favored Chaos and Destruction over Creation and Order and even favored complete dominance and power over all things. 

Due to his recurring role across the franchise as well as his role as the Archenemy of the Protagonists, him causing the creation of most if not all of the villains of the franchise and had orchestrated events since the bringing of the series and before time. His influence across the Franchise makes him the overall main antagonist of the Franchise.


Nekrozoth has (as stated by others) taken many forms through centuries, as he can appear whatever he likes. he main appearance is that he possess yellow armor with an Omega symbol on his chest, he also has a red cape and mostly has long white hair. He has glowing red eyes with black liquid coming out through his sockets. His skin being albino and deathly pale. On his head is fire coming through a crown he possesses, he is also as muscular as Shao Kahn, Thanos and/or Darkseid. Nekrozoth's neck is made of metal which could imply that he made himself a cyborg.

Worlds Arena

Your pathetic attempts at gaining my sympathy bore me. Your attacks and "morals" annoy me. Your idiocy angers me. But now? Now all of that is the past. After killing your little legion, I will merge these timelines. I will create a never-ending period of war. And then? Then I will destroy it all. I will accomplish what so many "villains" have attempted and failed. Ready yourselves, Champions. The age of the Alpha is over. Long live the age of the Omega! Or, in other words...long live ME.
~ Nekrozoth

Nekrozoth appears in the 2019 fighting game Worlds Arena as the titular main antagonist and will be the true main antagonist in its upcoming sequel, Worlds Arena: Champions of the Void. After a series of rifts bring Champions and villains alike from different timelines into a single loop of time, Nekrozoth attempts to merge the timelines and destroy the Omniverse as a whole, similarly to his goals in the source material. Unlike the source material, Nekrozoth's power level is cut extremely, as he is defeated by mortals such as Legend and Jack Spark.

Nekrozoth's appearance takes obvious inspiration from his MLFU counterpart. He is also a playable character in both the "Arcade" and "Multiplayer" game modes. He is voiced by Isaac Grossman.

Combat Characteristics



  • Omega: Moves based around sorcery and Nekrozoth's godly abilities.
  • Warlord: Moves based around Nekrozoth's weapons and physical strength.
  • Omnicidal: Moves of extreme power and devastating effect.

Signature Moves

  • Quantum Charge: Nekrozoth harnesses quantum energy and charges at an opponent. If the attack lands, the opponent will be knocked across the screen and set on fire.
    • Quantum Warp: An upgraded variation of Quantum Charge. Nekrozoth charges at an opponent, traveling through a quantum tunnel and finishing the attack from behind.
  • Omega Rays: Nekrozoth summons three devastating blasts from the sky which follow the opponent. If a ray hits Nekrozoth, his next attack will double in damage.
  • Hail the King: Nekrozoth leaps in the air and comes crashing down on the opponent, sending out powerful shock waves if his attack were to miss.
  • Extinction Event: Nekrozoth opens portal above his opponent which proceeds to rain down curses on them.
  • World Cleaver: If within range of the attack, Nekrozoth will reach his hand into the opponent's chest and pull out the World Cleaver, slashing the opponent with it multiple times before forcing it back into their chest.
  • Omega Lord: Nekrozoth holds up Darkseid's decapitated head, squeezing it with his hand and forcing two Omega Beams to fire out of the eyes.
  • Ring of Chaos: Nekrozoth rips his amulet, the Ring of Chaos, off of his neck and holds it towards the opponent. A portal opens a few feet away from the amulet, from which the Realm Beast attacks the opponent through the portal with its many tentacles. The attack ends in a blast of cosmic energy.
  • Quantum Bomb: Nekrozoth creates a sphere of quantum energy in his hand and throws it at the opponent.
  • Terraphobia: Nekrozoth takes a single step forward, creating a massive crack in the ground and critically injuring the opponent. In the upgraded version of this attack, a guiser may also appear beneath the opponent, spewing out molten lava.
  • Unholy Light: Nekrozoth pummels the opponent, knocking them backward, before telekinetically pulling them back towards him. He then emits a powerful blast from his Omega chest symbol, stunning and critically injuring them.
  • Nuron the Conqueror: Nekrozoth extends his hand, releasing a wave of anti-matter which temporarily blinds the opponent. He then summons the Harbringer of Wrath, throwing it at them before it flies back into his hand.
    • Nuron the Destroyer: An advanced variation of Nuron the Conqueror. After stunning his opponent, Nekrozoth will open two portals, one in front of him and one behind the player. An array of darkness daggers will fly out of the first, knocking the opponent into the latter. Another portal opens above Nekrozoth's head, from which the burning opponent falls out of.
  • Helping Hand: Nekrozoth extends his hand, which transforms to take the appearance of his true form before grabbing the opponent and throwing them in the air. Nekrozoth's top half transforms into that of his true form, releasing a powerful beam of energy at the falling opponent.

Movie Appearance

Man Article: Nekrozoth (Multiversal legends Film Universe)

Steve Rogers: Nekro who...?

Ancient One; Nekrozoth, and a being of pure destruction. It is the original creator of all things evil and the reason why we face it all the time. Like Aka Manah, it seeks to reshape the omniverse into what it desires... Pure Chaos.

~ The Ancient One on Nekrozoth

Nekrozoth is a dark entity of pure evil and the overarching antagonist of the Multiversal Legends film universe. He is Malroc's master and the He is the creator of all evil, the ruler of the Prime Omegas and Oblivion. He is also Legend's uncle. He is right now trapped in the HECK Realm so he have to use avatars to interact in the physical multiverse. He is the mastermind behind the release of Aka Manah and was the one that turned Malroc evil as well as William Braxxon. Overall he is the main antagonist of the Film universe so far.

He appears as the Overarching Antagonist 2019 comedy movie Beyond Dimensions (along with Aka Manah) which is the first installment of the Multiversal Legends film universe and the overarching antagonist of 2020 superhero movie Legend. He return in Champions of the Multiverse as the minor antagonist (having Aka Manah as the main villain) and a minor Villain in Spark, a cameo antagonist of Champions: Malroc Triumphant, and finally became the Main antagonist of the Omega Wars movie Trilogy. 

He was played by Oscar Isaac, who also played Apocalpse from Xmen Apocalpyse. He was voiced by Richard D. Wassermann who played Sargeras and even played the original Nekrozoth in the origianl version.


Jack Sparks: What, is he worst than Aka Manah?

Legend: Let's put it this way. Aka Manah is a goat. Nekrozoth's the whole damn herd.

~ Legend warning Jack about Nekrozoth.

Nekrozoth is the perfect example of a Complete Monster. Nekrozoth is a power hungry, merciless, Immoral, and cataclysmic Mastermind of Chaos and Destruction without any redeeming qualities and lacking any sign of empathy, Nekrozoth possesses the mind of a homicidal Maniac. Nekrozoth is a being of utter destruction, having delusional goals of wanting rule a multiverse of chaos and death, where he could rule as a supreme god higher than even Daevas. He was the main cause of the every battle between good and evil, causing every conflict across the infinite multiverses and manipulating various other villains and events through his vile machinations of dominating the entire Omniverse so that he can show that evil is superior to good. Nekrozoth is the original Creator of everything evil, as such he is sly, Cunning, malicious, utterly cruel, homicidal, unpredictable and a ruthless unpredictable being. He views good as weak and thinks to be pure evil will make you strong by being brave enough to commit the evilest acts imaginable. He is Utterly brutal, Prideful, arrogant, tyrannical egotistical maniac to the point of even declaring himself as the very Supreme being in the multiverse, even far superior to his brothers. He is very power-hungry in nature as he would eradicate entire universe to get what he wants, he was even willing to sacrifice his own children, betray his own allies, and kill his former "Love Ones" to achieve that power. He is very sadistic and cruel to others when he was the ruler of the Omniverse after he killed Deus, he started to bring chaos and anarchy across several galaxies, and destroying universe just for entertainment or to show authority and power. He is very manipulative, charismatic, and extremely persuasive. He was so evil that he makes other evil entities look like amateurs.

He is an utter megalomaniac and a vicious, ruthless, intimidating villain who takes pleasure in the misery of others, as well as constantly abuses his minion. He enjoys being evil and cares not what people think of him or any of his own family at all. Despite his evilness, he is known by many as both a military genius and a psychotic and chaotic tyrant. He had conquered and destroyed over millions if not TRILLIONS of realms, universes and influence billions of hostile takeovers. If he won't be able to conquer that world then he would simply destroy it, COMPLETELY. The most brutal and evil dictators like Zalgo, Emperor Palpatine, Darkseid and many more were scared of him, and answers to him. He rules the biggest evilest empire in the entire omniverse that is rivaled by nobody. His empire consists of many evil empires and is forever expanding even when he dies. As a tyrannical god in power, he rules with an iron fist bigger than any tyrant, and responds to rebellions, spies, and rivalries with extremely harsh aggression and finds it enjoying when he slaughters them. He is extremely cruel and sadistic, he is also incredibly Intelligent and manipulative, he can't be fooled by any trickery or deceit. He's is known for creating monsters in his realm. He enjoys taking souls and turned them into horrid Monstrosities. He is the embodiment of pure evil and chaos, wanting nothing but conquest and destruction. He can influence others behind the scenes and orchestrate the events. Unlike other villains who rather talk about what they would do to the heroes instead of doing it straight away, he wastes no time on making his opponents suffer a painful death while ranting on what he is going to do to them step by step.

But despite his genius intelligence and incredible success, he is famously known for being short-tempered, irritable, aggressive, violent, brash and brutal, especially when he is insulted by his own minions or comrades. Even when he tries to pretend to be nice and calm, Nekrozoth can be quick to torture, maim, or mutilate anybody who tries to get in his way. He wants nothing but the domination of the weak and all things good. He is the main reason for many atrocities across the omniverse and sees anything redeeming as blights to reality. He is incredibly patient, calculating, strategizing, and tactical, carefully setting up his plans.  He would welcome the most horrendous, despicable, and vile beings to his empire. He seems to use brainwashed slaves to join his army and other so-called inferior beings to join in. An utter megalomaniac and a vicious, ruthless, intimidating villain who takes pleasure in the misery of others, as well as constantly abuses his minion. He enjoys being evil and cares not what people think of him or any of his own family at all. He often trashes talks to his opponents but not being overconfident or underestimate his them. He could use that as an advantage. He had proved to be more sadistic, cruel, and violent than Frieza as even Frieza didn't want to fight him as Frieza does brutally breaks his enemies, Nekrozoth would try to mutilate them permanently. He would also abuse his minions both physically and mentally until they remain loyal to him or just if he gets bored. He shows little to no mercy whatsoever but if he wanted it to be cruel.

Nekrozoth’s most dominant and famous part of his personality is his lust for destruction, evil, conquest, chaos and most importantly, Omnicide. He wanted to destroy the entire omniverse and remold it into his so-called “perfect” image, an image of anarchy, chaos, and eternal suffering. Many major cities fall under his rule and rebellions had often failed thanks to his all-powerful abilities and intelligence. He even to commit mass genocide, civil wars, and extinction level events daily to satisfy his desire, and had made a game show about child murder. Strangely, he knows a lot about good and love, and used that as his advantage any point out it's greatest flaws, he said that he knows how to be good and could redeem himself when he had a chance but he decided not to because he wishes not to. He utterly hates redemption, vowing to eradicate it from existence, he would even torture the redeemed and reward the pure evil. He is far beyond inhumane and is not afraid to commit the most heinous and atrocious acts.

Even though being a narcissistic, egocentric, arrogant personality, he is willing to join forces with other evil beings if the time calls for it. Like the offered alliance with []Vekkisul but decided not to join him as he believed that the Omniverse belongs to him and HIM ALONE to rule and destroy if he choses. But later on in the legends of the Omniverse series, he denied joining as he believes they could have a better chance in winning the war. But soon it is rivaled that he has a treacherous side as near in the finale he betrayed Azoth for the bid for power as it is revealed that he still believes that he is the sole ruler of the infinite omniverse. He was so treacherous that family, minions nor anybody matters to Nekrozoth only the power he desires and shown that the likes of Azoth are no much for his self proclaim "glorious victory". Nekrozoth had shown to hate the Sparxians for not joining him during the Alpha Omega War and the Omniversal War so he had them extinct due to that, Legend stated that he can hate people for petty reasons like how he hates his brother Deus for not letting him rule. He can pretend to be nice to get what he wants as he tried to persuade Jack into giving him the stone or Crypt into retreating as he knows that crypt is no match for him at all. He can be completely wrathful, intolerant of failure and shown be give the harshest punishment even if it doesn't fit the crime. For example, when a prime omega tried to rebell against him Nekrozoth chained him to an asteroid that will often get to close to the sun and burn the Omega alive. Nekrozoth will never accept defeat of any kind, as he stated if the heroes will give up until his mission is complete so will Nekrozoth. He view the Prime Alphas as inferior and sees the Prime Omegas as the true masters of the Omniverse.

He is an extremely spiteful and vindictive individual, he blames his brothers for his downfall, and had often planned on how to dethrone them and/or kill them. As far as evil goes, Black Hat himself (whom he thought that nobody was eviler than him) was disgusted by Nekozoth’s actions and even evil itself (what Nekorzoth created) at that it is impossible to be eviler than him. He is the most destructive, chaotic, and the evilest omnicidal beings that the omniverse ever had, and by far the most dangerous. Nekrozoth at times at like a magnificent bastard, and an omnicidal mastermind to a psychotic man-child every time things don't go his way. He is known for his wrathfulness, being vengeful, and brutally tortures all who dares to aggravate him. He is very narcissistic, being obsessed with his own goals and achievement. Like most of his brothers, he also possessed a very creative mind. it's Nekrozoth's mind that we were given evil, and in his mind that made all the chaos across every craves where discord lie. He even had creative ways to kill and torture people can make dangerous monsters like Sotan'Noth, world eater and Nazaroth. He shows to be a brilliant leader to when he creates a complex and elaborate scheme and plans that it's hard to know what’s his up to.

He doesn't truly care for his Siblings nor his Prime Omega brothers as he sees them as a tools for his own bitting . He even tortures one of them for the thrill of it and even put them in dangerous locations for him to hunt them down for his own amusing game. Even his own apprentice are no different as he merely see them as mere extensions of himself, Malroc is different from the rest as Nekrozoth does show SOME care for him (though as stated before, Malroc is a mere extension for Nekrozoth) even taught Malroc everything he knows and took great care for him. He is often calm and collected and competent (more so than any other), he is even a resourceful schemer. He favored Chaos and Destruction over Creation and Order and even favored complete dominance and conquest over all things. Nekrozoth eve despise the concept of peace, Justice, and despise the ways of the light which is why he would join forces with []Tenebris on several accessions. Later on in the franchise Nekrozoth devolves from a narcissistic overlord to an utter nihilist once he figures that, no matter, they will always be people that will try to stop him from accomplishing his goals so he decided to end the omniverse by taking everyonem including Daevas, so everybody will share his pain.

He has an insane and ruthless belief of mass chaos and destruction and the belief of the pureblood and the survival of the fittest. He only respects the "Irredeemable", thinking the redeemed are traitors and weak, and that calling him insane is an understatement. He is a master conqueror and has no problems with the slavery of others nor genocide of the innocent, and is willing to commit atrocious war crimes ( after all, it was his idea of concentration camps and the Holocaust.). Nekrozoth is evil incarnate and a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

Most Evil Acts

Acts committed by Nekrozoth to show how evil he is.

  1. He literally created evil and brought great suffering across the Multiverse
  2. He subjugated, devoured, and/or butchered almost every overpowered deities out of pure enjoyment.
  3. He betrayed his brothers and tried to kill them.
  4. He raped people who he thinks will conceive a "perfect Child"
  5. He destroyed other species and races' culture and enslaved them and worked extremely harsh labor that it's even worse than regular slavery.
  6. He destroyed many universes for either entertainment or to show his authority, and send anyone to oblivion if they questioned his power.
  7. He brought chaos to many galaxies.
  8. He blacked mail his mortal servants by trying to kill their loved ones.
  9. He abused his children constantly and sometimes attempt to kill them and torture them.
  10. He caused mass genocide across many worlds whom he dubbed as "minor labor" and made an excuse that the inhabitants were "weaklings".
  11. Nekrozoth was the one who orchestrated the fall of Lucifer which caused Deus great pain when he loses his son to the dark side.
  12. He killed all who tried to redeem themselves.
  13. He even tried to get rid of the concept of redemption itself.
  14. He caused so many extinction level event that hit to make what Remiok did look like nothing and wiped the population of a universe clean.
  15. He even commanded Remiok to wiped out half the population of a universe so that would plunge into total chaos.
  16. He created monsters through pure brutal, terrifying, and horrible experiment that can not be described here.

Powers and Abilities

His full power is yet a mystery but we only knew from what we heard from others who interact with him and was shown in the series. Nekrozoth is the most powerful being Prime Alpha turned Prime Omega in the entire series, being capable of creating life and many powerful beings. Has the power to destroy universes a is one of the smartest beings n the Omniverse.

  • Omnipotence: As being both Prime Alpha and Omega and being Deus's equel, he is one of the most powerful beings in the series. Almost being Omnipotent and the most powerful of the omegas and Alphas, but due to Daevas making the Prime Alphas and omegas weaker and being an avatar of his former self (which is still trapped in the HECK Realm) he now has to have limits. But he is still the most powerful of the Alphas and Omegas only rivaled by his mortal enemy Chernobog. Though the rest of his power is a mystery, He has the ability to manipulate reality, time and space itself. He has the ability to wipe a pantheon from existence by just snapping his fingers at them. Even Aka Manah was threaten by his powers which made him join his side and can turn zen-oh the omniking into tiny little dirt like he was nothing.
  • Omniscience: like his brother Deus, He as stated "Knows things that transcends the mortal perspective". Nekrozoth has vast knowledge about the entire omnivores, and knows what happens around him through the omniverse being there. But despite be all knowing, he rarely use it as he is very arrogant and sometimes ignores the things he sees, but he use it for only when it is important or crucial to his plans.
  • Omnimalevolence: Being the creator of evil, he is ultimate source to all evil and chaos. He had subjugated daemons and evil gods to his cause and had destroyed countless universes. He controls all things evil and can create all form of monsters, daemons and can create Gods to kill other gods. The other villains that can be consider Omnimalevolent or closes to it are Remiok Sethos, Aka Manah, and Chernobog.
  • Energy manipulation: he has complete control over the destructive force of his powers. He channels the greatest energy across the omniverse to get stronger and each time he uses it makes him a full on power house. He used dark energy to destroy planets and conquer entire universe. He used the dark enemies of the omniverse to set Aka Manah free from his imprisonment as well.
  • Size manipulation; he can change shape into any height, his true form is sad to be bigger than entire universe (which could implied that the HECK Realm and the other places the Alphas and Omegas created are bigger than a normal universe). He can even crush a planet with his bare hands when he is bigger.
  • Godly Strength: No dought that he is not weak as he has an infinite amount of physical power enough to shatter a planet. Being physically stronger than a normal god, and even stronger than Thanos, Darkseid, and was able to snap the Hulk's neck also with his bare hands.
  • Telekinesis: He was able to kill almost all of the avengers just by using captain America's shield and decapitated all of them with his mind.
  • Necromancy: He used both dark energy and sorcery to resurrect Aka Manah from the dead. he used it many times on his failed minions if they could prove useful to his plans. he also used it to resurrect Remiok Sethos from the dead.
  • Fear Inducement: Along with Intimidation, he use fear and terror against his enemies, the the faced his arch nemesis Legend, Legend was a little scared of him. Nekrozoth also used fear on Aka Manah when he was betrayed by the goat demon.
  • Power bestowal: he gave powers to almost every villain in the series, He was the one that made Lord dominos a god, gave supernatural abilities to William Braxxon and Draxxon Bane. He made Remiok more powerful than ever and help Malloc onto becoming a demigod.
  • Umbrakinesis: he can control the forces of darkness similar to Lord Dominus. One of his form was a cloud of darkness and controls shadow flames.

  • Manipulation: He is very manipulative, as he persuade many to join his side through using their deepest desires, or their vengeful motivation. He even convinced his followers to think that he ins't really the bad guy and making them believed that he is their messiah. he knows a lot about good and love, and used that as his advantage any point out it's greatest flaws to convinced others why they should pick evil over good. He is famous for being a magnificent bastard.
  • Superior Intellect: Both a Strategic and charismatic genius, and one of his most dangerous of his abilities is his intelligence and manipulation skills, he is able to convince an entire universe that they should join him and a quest against the Prime alphas and was able to staged the entire decimation of a realm, steering the blame towards a splinter group of Prime Alphas. He shown to be superior to Aka Manah and was rivaled by Chernobog, He knows what his creation should have so that he can make his monsters useful for his wars. He orchestrated many atrocities behind the scenes without the heroes and the Prime Alphas knowing. And thanks to Aka Manah he was able to dethrone his brother from the throne and became the ruler of theOmniverse for a while. He was so intelligent that he surpasses every god of intelligence such as the Egyptian god Thoth, Athena, and even his brother Lighron, the god of science. He convinced the remaining Alphas that he was dead but in reality was still causing trouble in the shadows. He is cunning and has an extremely intelligent mind and has vast knowledge about science and magic. Even when he was an expert conqueror and was the most feared of them all, he can influence others behind the scenes as he was behind the return of Aka Manah. He had conquered and destroyed over millions if not TRILLIONS of realms, universes and influence billions of hostile takeovers. If he won't be able to conquer that world then he would simply destroy it. He was also shown to be smarter than Thanos, Darkseid, Tony Stark, batman, and Doctor Doom.
  • Intimidation: He does this to his own Allies and family members, one time when a Prime Omega refused to take orders he had him chained up in a astroid to her around the sun so he could be burned constantly. He threaten Aka Manah to join his side through sheer power, and used fear, brutality and authority to gain respect. Even Black Hat, Zalgo, and Frieza feared him and were shown slight of dread just by mentioning him.
  • Master mix martial artist: He can go to toe to toe wit hook, Vegeta, and even the Grand Priest. He had mastered many martial art technics through Trillions years of experience and training. He gone to nay universe to learn and was thought by the best gods who teach fighting.
  • Divine Weapons: Due to still being a Prime Alpha, Nekrozoth is divine himself and has access to all divine magic and weapons. In case he ever come across a being that can only be harmed by divine weapons, he can the harbinger of Wrath, a warhammer with the combination of both divine and dark powers. Nekrozoth also had used a divine sword against Chernobog as well.

  • Name: unknown (Nekrozoth was merely given by Mortals to comprehend his nature, it is unknown what it means though.)
  • Origin: Multiversal Legends
  • Age: Unknown but is told to exist before time began.
  • Tier: 1 later 2 thanks to Daevas| 1 higher
  • Attack Potency: Omniversal (Nekrozoth is stated to be the Greatest threat the omniverse has ever known being bigger threat than Aka Manah, Chernobog and even Azoth. Though at times when some of the villains get a Chaos Stone then they would be a bigger threat than him) Beyond Omniversal (wit the Chaos stone he is far beyond logic and has transcend Omnipotences and even Infinity itself and was able to easily remold the omniverse several time into different version).
  • Speed: Nigh Omnipresent.
  • Durability: Universal+ Had survived Saitama's punches and even was immune being erase from grand zen-oh.
  • Stamina: Incredibly High if not Higher.
  • Intelligence: Omniscient Intelligence, like his brother Deus, He as stated "Knows things that transcends the mortal perspective". Nekrozoth has vast knowledge about the entire omnivores, and knows what happens around him through the omniverse being there. But despite be all knowing, he rarely use it as he is very arrogant and sometimes ignores the things he sees, but he use it for only when it is important or crucial to his plans. He is very manipulative, as he persuade many to join his side through using their deepest desires, or their vengeful motivation. He even convinced his followers to think that he isn't really the bad guy and making them believed that he is their messiah. he knows a lot about good and love, and used that as his advantage any point out it's greatest flaws to convinced others why they should pick evil over good. He is famous for being a magnificent bastard. Both a Strategic and Incredible genius, and one of his most dangerous of his abilities is his intelligence and manipulation skills, he is able to convince an entire universe that they should join him and a quest against the Prime alphas and was able to staged the entire decimation of a realm, steering the blame towards a splinter group of Prime Alphas. He shown to be superior to Aka Manah and was rivaled by Chernobog, He knows what his creation should have so that he can make his monsters useful for his wars. He orchestrated many atrocities behind the scenes without the heroes and the Prime Alphas knowing. And thanks to Aka Manah he was able to dethrone his brother from the throne and became the ruler of the Omniverse for a while. He was so intelligent that he surpasses every god of intelligence such as the Egyptian god Thoth, Athena, and even his brother Lighron, the god of science. He convinced the remaining Alphas that he was dead but in reality was still causing trouble in the shadows. He is cunning and has an extremely intelligent mind and has vast knowledge about science and magic. Even when he was an expert conqueror and was the most feared of them all, he can influence others behind the scenes as he was behind the return of Aka Manah. He had conquered and destroyed over millions if not TRILLIONS of realms, universes and influence billions of hostile takeovers. If he won't be able to conquer that world then he would simply destroy it. He was also shown to be smarter than Thanos, Darkseid, Tony Stark, batman, and Doctor Doom and practically anybody in the series. He knows when to betray someone in the right time as he did with Azoth, Aka Manah and Endgame the Anti-Maker. His cunning knows no limits as he posses incomprehensible knowledge of the entire omniverse.


Let Me explain my part here Malroc. If theirs a Dragon or in this case YOU, then there must be a mastermind. I'm the Mastermind, and you... the Dragon. Though you are mostly a pawn to me. Hell everyone is a pawn IN MY GAME.
~ Nekrozoth to Malroc revealing that he controls every villains actions.
Hello Old Friend...
~ Nekrozoth finally meeting Aka Manah after Aka broke free.
My fellow Villains, Int come to my attention that our great enemy, Legend, has finally fallen at my feet. bring him here! (chains being left revealing Legend with his hands tied up) Soon this scourge shall be extinguished for good but first let us enjoy his suffering. Begin!
~ Nekrozoth sentencing Legend to be whipped and tortured.
Little child, do you even know who I am? (Jack Spark: A Jack Ass?) I am the Destroyer! The Conqueror! My body is made of Light while my blood is Darkness! I'm a God and if you dare try to strike me then I'll Strike you Down!
~ Nekrozoth introducing himself to Jack Spark
Zartath, you are going to Shao Kahn's fortress to help him (Zartath: I don't think he'll want that) then make it his own demise! Him and his petty obsession.
~ Nekrozoth sending his son, Zartath to met Shao Kahn while proving his disdain towards animals.
(Raiden: I've seen evil, but you.. you are just PURE Evil incarnate.) Pure Evil? Raiden, I invented evil!"
~ Nekrozoth to Raiden after he calls him evil
Redemption is for the Weak.
~ Nekrozoth's deep hatred towards redemption.
~ Nekrozoth rejecting his chance of redemption to his son Charles before trying to kill him.


"Killing is my thing, you'll get used to dying after I'm done with you"
~ Nekrozoth to one of gods fighting him.
Listen and Listen well boy. I'm not the bad guy of this story, no I'm far worse. I'm the MONSTER OF THIS ENTIRE SERIES PULLING THE SRINGS HERE.
~ Nekrozoth acting like a card carrying villain to Jack Spark
"When I want to get things BLOODY, you have to get it RIGHT!!!!!"
~ Nekrozoth upon hearing a failed attack on planet Earth.


Now listen here you big black cock. Only one can rule this omniverse and thats me. Do you even KNOW how close I came to win? VERY DAMN CLOSE. And I'm not going to let some black dildo like you to stop that. SO PISS OFF AND GO BACK TO WHAT EVER HOLE YOU FUCKING COME FROM!
~ Nekrozoth to Azoth.
Has nobody heard of Me? Damn you humans are very Naive... or should I say very Stubborn.
~ Nekrozoth to humanity.


"I really need to do something with those Idiots."
~ Nekrozoth upon hearing about the failure of the Red Pyramid faction


"soon the time is at hand. Once I find all of the Chaos Stones, we will be free from the Fear of Daevas's wrath. All of creation will turn to ashes upon the death of the Light. Ichor (golden blood of the gods) will be spilled across thousands upon thousands of stars. wings of the angel kind shall be ripped apart from their BACKS. Screams of the innocents shall be heard throughout the Omniverse with the blood of my brothers at their hands... all things REDEEMING SHALL BE VANQUISHED AND BURN IN THE FIERY PITS OF OBLIVION!!!! AND THE DEAD CORPSES OF THE GODS SHALL RISE AND SERVE ME AND ALL OF THE SURVIVORS OF MY COMING APOCALYPSE SHALL KNEEL TO THE GREAT NEKROZOTH AND SHALL DRINK THE DARK WATERS OF THE DARKNESS!!! ALL HAIL VELNIAS!!! ALL HAIL ME!!! DEATH TO THE CREATOR!!! HAIL TO THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS!!!"
~ Nekrozoth's most famous speech
(Aka Manah: Are you all this stubborn? I am unkillable! I AM A GOD!!!) Ah! Aka Manah, Evil Intention personified. I find it fitting that one of the Personification of Evil is battling The CREATOR OF EVIL. Say Ahriman hello after I'm done with you, and say that he should make an entity worth my time.
~ Nekrozoth to Aka Manah before their fight.


"Your universe dies along with the rest... if you surrender then I'll change my mind"
~ Nekrozoth
I was once an Alpha, Then I turned to the Omega, now...I am the Alpha and the Omega.
~ Nekrozoth explains his backstory.


"Hell is just the beginning. Wait until I send you to Oblivion."
~ Nekrozoth


"The End of all things is at hand. Remiok! Prepare my Forces, we are leading my crusade to the high Heavens"
~ Nekrozoth preparing to invade heaven.
You are nothing, just minor characters while I am the damn protagonist. You see? It's all about me and only me not you. You're merely a worthless garbage thats deserve to be in the dumpster. You're nothing, just PURE SHIT.
~ Nekrozoth's narcissism.
You know what I just notice? Every time I win, you never give up. Now why is that? Just WHY do you even want to save all those SELFISH, NAIVE, IGNORANT, and STUBBORN mortals. Hell you would die for those who...You know, would just continue living their lives UNTIL, a bigger threat comes along and repeat the paternal over again. And again. And AGAIN. See what I mean, this is why I never wanted to be a damn hero. Waste of time, and a waste of your life to spend. You got a family to bag out with, NOPE, to busy saving the world! Got a job, skip it by making a fucking excuse to leave or fucking call sick! Got education. Skip school for the lives in danger! That is why my followers serve me, to avoid the tragedy of being HEROES, and the why the Omniverse is going to die. By my hand of course.
~ Nekrozoth expression his inner hatred on being a hero.
you know what Vekkisul, you may have a point. First I'll destroy the omniverse and remold in MY image while you can do.. what ever you do best.
~ Nekrozoth having second thoughts.
(Vekkisul; And you broke our allegiance. As expected.) Like I said before, only one gets to Rule and that is why I won't let you ruin it.
~ Nekrozoth betraying Azoth.
~ Nekrozoth about to be defeated.
Time to DIE... (transforms into a monstrous daemon)
~ Nekrozoth in his final battle.
~ Nekrozoth last words translated to (How could this be happening...!?)

Pertaining to Nekrozoth

YouThink I'M the Bad Guy? Surely you must be naive Spark-boy, Nekrozoth would make me look like some common criminal!
~ Aka Manah to Jack Spark.


  • He is the evilest deity in the Omniverse and the Multiversal Legends franchise and the most powerful evil being to since he invented all evil and has zero positive, redeeming, or honorable qualities which makes him a complete monster. He crosses the moral event horizon daily and due to him the the absolute creator of evil.
    • He is also the only main Villain without a mental disorder (despite being a sociopath) as he is perfectly sane and knows what is right and wrong.
  • Nekrozoth got the named from a word of warcraft character named N'Zoth who is an evil old go from the Warcraft games. BrandonDarkOne47 mold him after Sageras (also from World Of Warcraft) but without the redeeming qualities and made him completely evil. His look was inspired by a villain form pop tropic named Oregon. Nekrozoth wold later get some inspiration from Darkseid, Emperor Plapatine and Zalgo.
  • He is the big bad of the series because he was the one that caused all the evil in the first place, he caused almost every villain to join the side of evil, and orchestrated mot of the conflicts and carnages happening across the Omniverse. He his arguably the most recurring and alluded villain in the franchise rivaling other characters like MalrocAka ManahVekkisul, and Grandmaster Chaos. He also left a big impact on the franchise later on and possibly return due to his several back up plans on returning from the dead. It was Nekrozoth's schemes that caused the franchise to start in the first place as without him we would't have the series to begin with.
  • It is possible for him to devour an entire universe since he can absorb anything.
  • Daevas stated he doesn't like Nekrozoth because he is far too evil to even call him evil and would have stopped him if he weren't so lazy after the fight with Velnias.
  • Daevas compares him to Thanos and Darkseid. Daevas also mention if they ever fought each other than Nekrozoth would win easily even if Thanos and Darkseid combine fought him. 
  • It is possible he is the Demiurge of universe 18.
  • He is feared by many even by his own brothers and God dare not to speak his name...
  • He is very similar to the Marvel cinematic universe Thanos.
    • both were the big bad of their respected series.
    • both are the feared being in the universe (for Nekrozoth's case, the multiverse).
    • both had a vast army of otherworldly creatures and followers.
    • They are genocidal.
    • and both had been overarching antagonist until they finally become the main antagonist.
    • Both of them are conquerors and cause mass genocide.
    • They're both sadistic.
  • Unlike MCU Thanos, he is more sympathetic than Nekrozoth, he cared for Gamora and treats her like a daughter to him. Thanos thought he was doing the right thing and was trying to save the universe from itself, and he wasn't pure evil (while wiping half the universe is kinda messed up). while Nekrozoth is just flat out evil, knows that he is evil but just really don't care and enjoys it, doesn't even care for his children, and just want to wipe out all life so he can make a new multiverse to rule over. Thanos only kill when it's necessary, while Nekrozoth kills for fun (though doesn't kill if he wants a person alive long enough), Thanos is not a complete monster (to some point of view), while Nekrozoth is, and Thanos is mostly sane, while Nekrozoth is fully Insane. Nekrozoth is far more evil than Thanos and more powerful than he is. Nekorzoth even said that he hates the movie interpretation of him and thinks he's weak. at the end of infinity war, you can Thanos felt regret from what he was doing, while Nekrozoth doesn't regret anything.
  • His empire consists of Tyranids, demons, Chaos Space Marines, Tarkatans, Necrons, Nekrozorians, Sicorians, Dark Alphas, Fallen Angels, Prime Omegas, Vilgax's army, Chaos gods, Old Ones, Outer Gods, mythical monsters, titans, Sakaraans, Chitauris, Skrulls, Outriders, and Grimms.
  • Despite being an Anti-God, due to his origins and role he can be viewed more of a Satanic Figure. He was once part of a divine race until he grew power hungry and decided to join their counterparts. He started a rebellion (or in this case war) against the creator of existence (His brother Deus) and is weaker to a supreme being (Daevas). He rules a hellish dimension of suffering and evil (Oblivion) and is the source of all evil. Nekrozoth is manipulative, and can corrupt his opponents with their desires (Bill Cipher, Black Hat, Lord Dominator, and Lucifer). He can command hordes of daemons, and monsters including Prime Omegas. He has god like powers who use them for evil purposes. He is also a narcissistic, egotistical divine being who seeks to higher to his superiors but failed to and was Banta a hellish place. He as also the one that corrupted humanity and was the reason on why they sin.
    • It should also be noted that some people even called him "The Devil" or "Satan".
  • BrandonDarkOne47 stated Nekrozoth only respects four villains which are Darkseid, Emperor Palpatine, Scar from the Lion King franchise, and Shao Kahn. Funny on how these four villains are actually BrandonDarkOne47 favorite villains in real life.
  • He share some similarities with Zalgo from Pasta Monsters.
    • Both are Pure Evil.
    • Both are Dark Lords
    • Both are beings of darkness.
    • The are also a Multiversal Conqueror and seek to dominate the Multiverse.
    • They also share a sadisitc personality.
    • They're also rapsit as the want to conceive a child that would inherent their powers.
    • They have an army of devoted followers and vil minions.
    • They also oppose a supreme Being (Daevas to Nekrozoth, Aton to Zalgo.) 
    • They also run an empire of evil.
  • Nekrozoth shares some similarities with Aka Manah.
    • Both are beings of evil.
    • Both are tyrants.
    • Both are Complete Monsters.
    • Both can travel to several different Multiverse.
    • Both wants to reshape the entire Omniverse in their image.
    • Both are Geniuses and Military strategist.
    • Both personify an evil concept (with Aka Being the Personification of Evil Intention, Purpose, and Thinking, While Nekrozoth it the Personification of Tyranny, Corruption, Ego, Omnicide, Conquest and Destruction.)
    • Both are Manipulative and have a short temper.
    • Both were sealed away and can't interact with the physical universes.
    • They want to torture everyone and enjoy their suffering.
  • It's up to debate who is eviler, Aka Manah or Nekrozoth. They're both complete monsters, and Aka Manah did everything that is atrocious besides rape (since he considers it, and any form of love, disgusting and pointless) and animal cruelty (he has been seen feeding dears and petting birds, along with reviving Chernobog's dog for no apparent reason.) Nekrozoth did Rape a lot of people and is very cruel to animals (just speak to Chernobog's dog). Nekrozoth is all the creator of everything evil, and is the source to all evil, but Aka Manah is evil personified.
  • He is Chernobog's half brother and mortal enemy.
  • Nekrozoth has some similarities with Shao Kahn from the Mortal Kombat game series.
    • They're both tyrannical rulers.
    • Both of them are conquerors who go to other universes and force the inhabitants worship them as gods (while Nekrozoth is already a god).
    • They're both arrogant and egotistical.
    • They are also highly intelligent manipulative.
    • Tehy also have a sorcerer as their right hand man (Shang Tsung for Shao Kahn, Remiok Sethos for Nekrozoth).
    • Both of them mistreat they're children.
    • Both of them are enemies to the protagonists (Raiden and Liu Kang to Shao Kahn, Legend and Jack Spark to Nekrozoth).
    • Both of them are power hungry dictators and would do anything to achieve ultimate power.
    • Nobody likes them.
    • Both of them have a certain moral alignment (Nekrozoth is Chaotic and Neutral Evil while Shao Kahn is Lawful Evil).
    • They also have a lots and lots of followers and minions.
    • They are the overarching antagonist of the first installment and later become the main villain in the sequel (Nekrozoth appears in the second Season as the main villain).
    • Both of them are hegemonic and bloodthirsty.
    • They both talk trash during a fight.
    • Both of them are abusive parents that also have their children hate them (Katana to Shao Kahn, Charles and Zartath to Nekrozoth).
    • Both of them are Complete monsters.
    • Both of them are Warlords and Megalomaniacs.
  • He also share some similarities with Darkseid as well:
    • Mainly both of them are Complete Monsters.
    • They are Godlike Tyrants.
    • They seek a certain object that would grant them immense power (the Anti-Life equation for Darkseid, the Chaos stones for Nekrozoth).
    • They both run a evil empire.
    • They both conquer worlds.
    • Both of them are oppressive.
    • Both of them are evil overlords.
    • They're multiversal singularities (Though Nekrozoth won the Alpha-Omega wars in a alternate timeline).
    • Both of the rule a certain planet (Nekrozoth mainly rules over three universes unless you count the universes and planets he conquered)
    • Both of them have a certain moral alignment (Darkseid like Shao Kahn is Lawful Evil while Nekrozoth is Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil)
    • Both are feared and despised by Heroes and Villains alike.
    • Both of them are a God of Evil (Though Darkseid is more of a God of Tyranny).
    • Both of them are extremely powerful and are the archenemy of a certain Group (Justice League for Darksied, the Champions for Nekrozoth).
    • Both of them feed on the suffering of others psychically.
    • Both have a massive army pop daemons and aliens (While Nekrozoth has trillions of other species as well)
    • Both of them wanted to destroy the Multiverse.
    • Both of them are power hungry.
    • Both of them are strategic geniuses.
    • Both of them are abusive parents.
    • Both he and Darkseid uses the Omega symbol for represent themselves or something else.
    • Both are said to be evil incarnate.
  • BrandonDarkOne47 revealed that Nekrozoth's favorite torture method is whipping and scourging.
  • BrandonDarkOne47 revealed that Nekrozoth did attempt to invade the Amazing World of Gumboil universe through the Chanax company but due to the incompetents from his henchmen (namely Mr. Chananx and the people who worked there) his attempt failed.
    • Nekrozoth still planned to conquer it though.
    • He also fought Nicole Patterson and admits she was a fierce but still defeated her.
  • Nekrozoth's favorite color is red, green, orange, yellow, black, and purple. He also wear the same armor but with different color schemes.
  • BrandonDarkOne 47 had to remake Nekrozoth several times. Before he met HeresJosh, Nekrozoth shown to be weaker as even though he is omnipotent he constantly losses to mere mortals four times times. BraondonDarkOne47 fell like he should improve Nekrozoth so in the future people wouldn't make fun of him on how he constantly looses to mortals or how pathetic he is bt making a excuse on why he is weaker.
  • Nekrozoth suppose to be a satanic archetype one time where the creator what to set the Multiversal Legends series in a fantasy type setting similar to Lord Of The Rings but with sci-fi feature too. Nekrozoth would have been the main villain with Malroc to be the heavy of the story
    • Nekrozoth would have basically be the Melkor/Morgoth of the series with Malroc to be the Sauron.
    • He would also still posses his Anti-God status.
  • Nekrozoth name was going to be changed into Nuron, but people got it confuse with Neurons. BrandonDark47 decided to make it an alias instead and stick it with Nekrozoth.
  • Lord Dominus was actually a prototype for Nekrozoth, instead he is merely a god of evil as it never been stated that he created evil.
  • He is one of the few villain of the series who is not voiced by his creator as BrandonDarkOne47 said he not very good at voice acting or wants to attempt to do so. Plus he feels like the guy who voiced Sargeas would be perfect for the role.
  • He is known as Daemos by the daemons.
  • He is greatly feared and despise in Heavan and was thought as a devil to the angels.
  • Though he was the main antagonist of Phase two, Aka Manah was the last villain to be defeated.
  • Nekrozoth does return in alternate reality, he declared his original self as pathetic and a weaker version of himself, though his original self returns later in the series.
  • The creator (BrandonDarkOne47) is planning of making a separate series center around on a alternate reality based on his old ideas. Nekrozoth is mostly likely the main villain of this said series.
  • BrandonDarkOne47 explain the reason Nekrozoth disdain redemption is because to him the concept itself has shown to be a mockery towards the Forces of Evil. Nekrozoth thinks redeeming is foolish as it would prove that all your evil acts are for nothing.
  • When asked what will happen if Nekrozoth finally became the main antagonist in the Multiversal Legends Film Universe's movie, BrandonDarkOne47 stated that he would write the script, mainly the scene involving Nekrozoth because he worries that the director would mess up the movie so BrandonDarkOne47 would have to make nekrozoth the best part for the movie. Plus he doesn't trust the directors when it comes to adapting a fictional character, since he felt the directors would try to make Nekrozoth sympathetic or try to add a redeemable quality into the character which would go agains the character's motive and characteristics.
  • Nekrozoth was voiced by Richard D. Wassermann once again for the Film Universe.
  • Despite being a social darwinist, Nekrozoth acts racist towards several different races like the Sparxians. He also Misogynistic and shown to be xenophobic towards many species and races.
  • The idea of Nekrozoth existed before the creation of the Multiversal Legends universe, The creator of the character existed a few years before the series was made. During that time, BrandonDarkOne47 came up wit h several series for the character to appear in, and several characters that Nekrozoth would be an enemy of.
  • Despite being a Complete Monster, Nekrozoth is one of the two favorite Villains BrandonDarkOne47 has created (the other being Malroc).
  • Nekrozoth share some similarities with Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious.
    • They both run an Empire.
    • They're Emperors.
    • Both of them are Dark Lords.
    • Both are master manipulators.
    • Both are excellent Swordsmen.
    • Both have a fallen hero as an apprentice (Malroc for Nekrozoth, Darth Vader for Palpatine).
    • Both manipulated their enemies to gain more power and then win at the end until they are eventually defeated by one of the protagonists.
    • Both are immensely powerful and that they are the leaders of a certain group of villains (Prime Omegas for Nekrozoth, the Sith for Emperor Palpatine)
  • Nekrozoth was the very reason why BrandonDarkOne47 to have Complete Monsters as his favorite type of villain.
  • Nekrozoth is theorized by many as a reincarnation of an evil overlord named Omegus during the time of the old omniverse who was responsible for creating the acension program.
  • Nekrozoth was going to appear in a film which takes place in an alternate dimension where Earth is in a apocalyptic waste land. By the time BrandonDarkOne47 (with a friend who helped make this film) was recording, it was snowing, the concept had to change a bit. Nekrozoth all the sudden was removed from the film and was replaced by an evil wizard and his partner with superpowers and took the role as the main villains.
  • It was heavily stated that both Nekrozoth and Vekkisul created a TV show together about child murder and human trafficking with Happy Smilestone as the host.
  • It's been hinted by the creator that Nekrozoth could and most likely return as stated by BrandonDarkOn47 "Nekrozoith is like what Aka Manah is, an idea. But he can't be destroyed what so ever or stay dead for long. He is incredibly smart and had seen the future of his fate several times that he came up with back up plans on returning even from beyond the grave. Nekrozoth is... and well always be... Evil Incarnate.".
  • Nekrozoth is an expert when it comes to fire arms, though he rarely use that skill unless it was his final resort. He only used it once on Phase 9 when he various guns and firearms to kill Legend and Jack.
  • Though the creator of evil, Vekkisul and Omegus existed far longer than Nekrozoth and were the first beings to turn evil beofee the concept was created.
  • As a play for laughs, Nekrozoth really hates the slender man movie.
  • Nekrozoth doesn't like horror movies in general as he doesn't find them scary nor des it have enough gore in all of them.
  • In the Daevas show, Nekrozoth was a pimp once and sold prostitutes to rapist and pedophiles.
  • Nekrozoth had once asked Happy to participate in Zartath's birthday party while his son was 8. Zartath said that day was the worst day in his life.
  • In the second episode of the Daevas Show, Nekrozoth and his empire runs a academy award winning show center around villains. Nekrozoth seems to always win the best rewards.
  • Nekrozoth hates Gay people as well as lesbians or any LGBTs for that manner.
  • Nekrozoth hates the show Hazbin Hotel for being a show about redemption in Hell which Nekrozoth would never allow to happen even if it's solves it's mass overpopulation. It even has main character as LGBT which Nekroozth doesn't approve on.

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