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I know, I'm a horrible being and I love it. I've chose to be this actually! No one forced me to be this, not even my pops. As soon as I was born I had a bit of a novice of everything until I've found what drives me, what brings me my joy. Murder, torture, power, ah those are the things that really gives me the stuff. The best part? I love every. Single. Bit. Of it.
~ Niklovich explaining his love for murder and torture.
It really brings me such glee to hear you scream!
~ Nyarlathotep to Victor Frankenstein
One day, a hero tried to stop me from summoning some ancient elder god onto his city... Then he punch me, IN THE FACE MIND YOU! So I decided to rip his face off and eat it and went to hunt down and kill anyone who is in anyway related to that scum! NO ONE TOUCHES MY GORGEOUS FACE!
~ Niklovich showing that he would kill anybody for little reasons, even just by touching him.

Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos, also known as, Nihilathotep, and later known as Niklovich, is one of the two secondary antagonists of Multiversal Legends (alongside Ezekiel Stayne), specifically serving as the overall main antagonist of the comic Pandora Hunters, and a major antagonist of Tales of The Omniverse. He is a sadistic, chaotic, unfathomably powerful, and manipulative Prime Omega and one of the off-springs of Nekrozoth. He was also responsible for creating the Vampires and helped cause the Fall of Humanity along with Strife and Nekrozoth. He is known for being a "Trickster" by other Primes for his manipulative tendencies and need to cause chaos and havoc. He is the leader of the Carnage Circle and is also the archenemy of Ben Diablo, one of the franchise's protagonist and has been considered to be a foil to him.


As the Prime Omega/Omicron of Carnage, he tends to manipulate events which leads to a multitude of disaster and death. He once attempted to commit complete genocide of humanity and devour all life on the planet, an act that even the vampires were against and lead them to work with humanity to lock him in a coffin. He was soon released by his followers in Ancient Rome but was soon banished to the Pandora Dimension by his nemesis Nodens, but tends to return to wreak havoc once more if he manage to find ways in returning. He is known for his necromancy which he uses to create an army of horrid beasts and an army of the dead.

He is revealed to be the mastermind responsible for the events of the first season of the Pandora Files, as his cult is active during that time and were the ones who funded the Helsing Faction. He is revealed to also be the twin brother of the Master Magus, who is also his rival. He is also partners with fellow Prime Omega Depravitas, and acts as the brains to Depravitas's brawns as well as being the most dominant of their partnership. Other than being the creator of all the vampires, he is also the creator of "Million Favored Ones" and the Vamperiacs. He is also one of the Pandora Foundation's most dangerous individuals due to his chaotic nature and his sadistic love for destruction. He is also a powerful crime lord in the criminal underworld, particularly the vampire mafia family where he acted as the shadowy head of a criminal organization that controls certain amount of crimes (ranging from trafficking to terrorism). He also is the founder of the Osiris Labs, where he secretly controls the criminal underworld and perform unethical experiments on the dead (especially corpses).

He later continues his reign of chaos across multiple realities later on, he took over a entire galaxy called Heremus where they establish a fascist dictatorship where oppress the people and commit all sorts of atrocity in the galaxy. Seek to open the Chaos Gate, in hopes what lies inside it is ultimate power which he would use to make himself into a god and take over the entire Omniverse. He later became a herald of the dread Leviathans in Champions of the Multiverse as an attempt to gain ultimate power over the omniverse and create an age of terror and nightmare and rule it as a all-powerful chaos god. In the crisis crossover event in the franchise called "The King of Chaos", Niklovich decided to end almost all of reality and plunge it to everlasting darkness with the help of the Leviathans.

He was a recurring antagonist of Forces, one of the main antagonists of Pandora Files, being one of the two most recurring villains in it (Along with Maestro). He is also major antagonist of Champions of the Multiverse and The Travellers. He is the overall major antagonist of The Omega saga of Tales of The Omniverse. He is one of the two main antagonist of Phase 5 of Champions of the Multiverse (along with Master Magus), and is set to be the main antagonist of his own spin-off series. He is also a minor but critical antagonist in the Multiversal Legends spin-off Fallen Future.


Though he is known to wear numerous casual clothing throughout his life, he is often times takes the appearance of a vampire dressed in red armor and have blood red eyes, silver shoulder pads and belt, white gloves. He has black hair and a goatee, he has a very pale skin like a normal vampire has. In his other forms, he takes the appearance of a black skinned zombie like pharaoh wearing Egyptian wrappings, a bat-like humanoid, and often dress in a red ragged old trench coat with chains and a black top hat (sometimes sporting a monocle for a villainous style. His true form is never truly seen, as it is primarily beyond the comprehension of most beings.

The hair on the form he takes is not exactly hair, it is a substance called Shadow-Flame which he can manipulate with his umbrakinetic powers. He sometimes use this substance to make clothing of. He also has a form known as The Dark Man, which is a being made of Shadow-Flame. Niklovich also has another form called The Tick-Tock Man, where he is a sharp dressed clockwork humanoid machinery.


What have we done, Yellow? Do you see what we have just done? By bringing a remorseless, barbaric madman like...him, we have doomed our colonies, our people, our planet. He just killed our collection of humans and smiles like they were nothing to him! Do you know what we just did by bringing someone like him into this? In our grief, in our arrogance, in our moment of despair, we have made a deal...with the Devil.
~ Doctor Ergostrom/Blue discussing Niklovich's psychopathy after they discuss him killing their human colony and then walking into their room, covered in blood

Though Niklovich almost always acts cheerful and gregarious, even to an obnoxious level, his true colors show that he is an incredibly murderous, psychopathic, bloodthirsty, unpredictable, and horrifyingly sadistic. He is completely without any sign compassion, empathy, feelings, or even love and family. He is the epitome of a psychopathic manchild and a world ending lover of chaos, while possessing a human like midnset. He is like many Prime Omegas, psychopathic, destructive, manipulative, and seek to wanting nothing be chaos across the omniverse. Niklovich is a extremely cruel and evil monster that's seemed to hate all living beings and seek to brings chaos and death every where he goes. Nyarlathotep enjoy driving mortals insane and even manipulating and deceiving his victims as he described it as his daily hobby. He uses propaganda, deception, and manipulation for his own goals as he is prophesied to be the doom of humanity itself. He relishes on the chaos and evil he brings that his followers had called him "the Crawling Chaos". He is also known for his insanity, twisted sense of humor, and distaste towards order itself unless it plays to his favor. He has a passion for murder, torture, and cruelty as he sees them as the most beautiful pieces of art in the omniverse.

Niklovich in his monster form, murderously massacring innocent people. A image showing his twisted nature.

In describing Niklovich's personalty, Randolf Carter described Niklovich/Nyarlathotep as a "wicked child playing god". His sadistic childish demeanor is what makes him dangerous, seeing himself as a god who thinks that both Vampires, Humans, and all mortals overall as equally worthless and unfit to live in his vision of a new world. Mainly this stems from his godlike reality warping powers and being gifted Prime Omega and Leviathan with immense powers. He is extremely narcissistic, murderous, power-hungry, egotistical, arrogant, and ruthless psychopathic demon that is even despised by the very vampires he created. They hate Niklovich so much that even they erased any recordings of him from vampire history, making him nothing but a enigma.

He is also a very deceitful and skilled Manipulator which is one of his most defining trait, and the one that others have to be careful for. Through his machinations, he brought havoc and madness while gaining followers for his twisted goals. Often posing as some sort of advisor to several dictators and tyrants to commit horrific acts or manipulate benevolent beings into becoming ruthless tyrants like how his father Nekrozoth does. He is cunning, highly intelligent and extremely competent, and tends to act persuasive in order to manipulate others for self help. His own insanity lead to his downfall in multiple occasions, since he tends to act reckless due to his behavior. Though despite his intellect and extreme cunning, he shows a rather animalistic side which leads him to randomly commit acts of murder and bloodshed out of his ravenous hunger for blood. He sees himself as a hunter while seeing other living beings as inferior preys for him to hunt down and kill for his entertainment. Deep down his calculating persona is that of a savage beast who enjoys causing havoc, during World War II he was also given the name "Jaw Ripper" for his brutal way of finishing his enemies. He is also shown to be cannibalistic like his father, as he tends to eat what remains of his victims, though he mainly allow his henchdemon Y'golonac to eat the corpses to leave no traces.

However his immoral nature leads him to be dislike by many, even by the other Prime Omegas who despise him for his murderously insane behavior even distrusting him due to his tendency to manipulate others like pawns and dispose of them once they no longer serve him. Even Nekrozoth doesn't trust the Crawling Chaos as he sees him as a potential problem to his plans, often referring him as a " unreliable trickster" as a result. Not even the psychotic Strife and D'Loki themselves cannot stand with Niklovich's chaotic sadism. Though a selfish egotist with little care for others even to his fellow Prime Omegas, he seemed to somewhat care for his henchman Y'golonac as he never seem to yell at him, hurt him, threaten to mutilate or kill him, and is very tolerate of his brutish behavior and does compliment on his gruesome killings. This "care" is limited however as he tends to sees him like some kind of toy of mass destruction and treats him like how he treats everyone else, a lackey, only using him because he is useful for his various schemes and knowing that he could end humanity. He only respects him due to Y'golonac's equally deprive nature and not as a person, since he tends to respects those who share a similar sadistic personality like how Nekrozoth does, who Niklovich does show a multitude of respects and praise for due to Nekrozoth's status as "the most evil being in the omniverse". Once Y'golonac did get killed, Niklovich was only upset due to the fact that he lost his "favorite toy" and a useful asset to his plans. He later shrugs it off and claims that he'll get another person to replace Y'golonac.

He is not loyal nor cares about his father Nekrozoth despite his great respects towards him, which is unsurprising as he was taught to not care for anyone as affection is designed by the weak. This is a recurring trait among many Omegas, which makes Niklovich one of the most treacherous of the bunch. He shown to be relentless and megalomaniacal that even his own men and his own allies shown to dislike him. He does fear his father's wrath, knowing full will about his abilities on inflicting pain that even masochists like himself dare not want to experience. Along with theses traits, he is also tyrannical towards his followers and often punishes them for the smallest reasons or just for his own enjoyment which demonstrates how pitiless he can be. Niklovich is viciously temperamental, which actually makes him all the more menacing, as he is particularly murderous and destructive whenever angered or provoked. But when he isn't angered, he mostly acts in a cheerful, jovial, childlike, and almost comedic manner, even if he is just showing his sadism, and almost always flashes a particularly ominous and wicked smile on his face that certainly highlights his most depraved nature. He is prone to having dangerous mood swings and violent outbursts, sometimes causing him to scream and rant about whatever angers him the most.

Niklovich is an unapologetic narcissist, as especially shown when he possess multiple bodies. Often, he claims he is "devastatingly handsome", with his new bodies, even if his recent ones are in actuality, more hideous and demonic. His narcissism is especially displayed with his plan, as he ultimately plans to make the Multiverse entirely under his control, and says he intends to spread across the Multiverse like a cancer, until "everything is [his]", as he explains to his apprentice. He is fully aware of what a narcissistic monster that he is and the atrocities he is committing, and takes great pride of the reputation he has of being so. He rarely ever try to excuse his actions if the person is aware of his true nature, and if they don't then he try to make up several backstories and excuses that paints him as a tragic figure in order to manipulate others. He also posses a hunger for power, just like his father, having a thirst for omniversal domination so that he could freely do whatever he please with no one getting in his way. Other than that, he also seeks to obtain ultimate power and has made multiple attempts at manipulating his father for his own gain. He would go to extreme length to gain power and complete omniversal hegemony, such as releasing the Leviathans for ultimate power and so that he could establish an age of nightmare and terror. He also has fascination for fascism, tyranny, and dictatorship, since he shows some admiration towards ruthless fascist leaders like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. He also participated in World War II and the Nazi Party, using the war to kill Allied Soldiers and innocent civilians for sport. He also has been longing to make his own fascist empire which he hoped would expand across dimension conquering worlds and decimating those who oppose him, and spread destruction and chaos. This makes him a would-be conqueror of worlds, which makes him in similar ties with his other brother Mendax. He designed his fascist empire after the Nazis like any other fictional empires, this maybe a call-back to his time serving the Axis powers during World War II and he has since showed respects for their inhumanity and crimes against humanity.

In a twisted way, he harbors affection towards his numerous necro-monsters as he sees them as true creatures of chaos and show more respects to them than any of his minion because of it. He went as far as to regard them as his greatest creation which he grew pride over, even dubbed them as his "faithful children". When Ben Diablo slayed a few of them, he was angered for them killing his favored creation and swore he make him suffer for that. However, he doesn't care for them that much, he is okay with them being treated as human shields and shrug off their deaths when they attempted a suicide bomb attack on the player. It suggest he sees them as extension of himself, only getting angered about their deaths due to the fact that the player is practically killing a piece of his ego and making a mockery of his handwork in making them.

He has some traits of an omnicidal maniac, since he had wiped out entire species, started a devastating war between two universe, wanting to bring destruction and death where ever he does and tried to release the Leviathans who in turn would devour universe, though he is not complete omnicidal maniac. As stated before, he is more hegemonic like his twin which also contrast his father who sought the destruction of the omniverse in order to reshape it in his image. While Niklovich is okay with "breaking his toys", he does not want to wipe them out completely unless he feels like it or grew bored out of them, since he prefer torturing others for pleasure and killing them in the most painful way imaginable even if it's slow and agonizing. He doesn't seek to annihilate all life in the omniverse since that would mean that he'll lose his favorite "toys" being all living beings in existence. While he does sought the destruction of all life on Earth he also has been reconsidering on enslaving them again and make them into cattle/prey for him to hunt while making the Earth his playground. However he does reveal that if he wanted too, he could attempt to bring the destruction of all realities and maybe reshape it in his own twisted image if he ever feels like it. However as of "King of Chaos" crisis crossover arc, he fully developed into being a true omnicidal maniac as he sought to end all of reality by destroying the Champions's multiverse and later expanding to other multiverses for him to destroy.

Niklovich, when he was Nyrachion, used to start out as a somewhat selfless Anti-Hero raised by the Prime Alphas, having participate in their battle against evil forces and chaotic beings. He while he can be quiet a jerk, he did show some form of genuine kindness and used to respect the other Champions. While he is not above torturing villains for fun, he doesn't target people who haven't commit a crime meaning he possibly had standards before. However he later dropped all of his positive traits in favor of his devotion to spreading infinite chaos and darkness in the omniverse. Niklovich went so far as to use his wife as a breeding pawn, simply to use her to give birth to his million favored ones whom he would abuse and mold into his own army before deciding to decimate them all once they don't meet his expectations. Niklovich wasn't surprise when he learned that his father was Nekrozoth, in fact he knew in the first place but didn't much cared as he did enjoy the fact that he was the son of the most evil tyrant in all of realities. He would later get corrupt through his lust for his own power and starting abusing others, using his status as a "hero" to do whatever he pleases and engage in deprave activities. When he grew tired of playing a hero, he decided to become a true monster and choose to join Nekrozoth's regime in favor of committing more atrocities.

A cold-blooded, narcissistic, and purely evil monster inside and out, Niklovich is a manipulative psychopath who would use others for self serving needs. Cruelly committing brutal acts of mass murder to fuel his blood lust and indulge in his needless chaotic depravities. Niklovich is a utter narcissist, megalomaniac tyrant with zero moral standards who completely lacks a conscience. Hevin Terst once commented that Niklovich acted like a "little kid after eating his share of candy and watching an action movie at the same time" whenever he sees rampant destruction and death, especially when it is orchestrated by him, that would be one way of explaining how sadistic and deranged he is and can be. Being the vicious ruler of multiple worlds, Wanting absolutely nothing more than power and spreading chaos across multiple realities, and will gleefully kill, maim, and torture anyone, friend or foe, that dares stand in his way.

Psychopathic Traits

From what we've studied from him, our friend Niklovich might be a psychopath of the high functioning kind. Lack of remorse or empathy, has a superficial personality and has the tendency to blend in with society in order to lose his tracks from the authorities, doesn't show concern for his actions, and has an incredibly competent and high intellect. Not only that, this man or this thing has the power to end all of humanity. We might be facing a major problem here.
~ Pandora File's bio on Niklovich's psychopathy.

Despite being a powerful godlike being with immense powers, as mentioned before, he possesses some traits of psychopathy possibly due to having a human like mindset:

  • He shows zero remorse for his actions or any signs of guilt, showing no care on who he hurts or how he hurts them. 
  • Has committed several crimes on an early age, from assault, animal cruelty to outright murdering one of his siblings. 
  • Very calculating and cunning than a low functioning psychopath. However he is extremely cold and ruthless. 
  • Being a very violent and impulsive to others. 
  • Lacks care and/or empathy towards others, even his own family and his henchdemon Y'golonac. Showing only care for nothing but himself, showing that he is noting but a egotistical narcissist with self-entitlement and views others as extension to himself. Also he doesn't show any emotional connection with others beyond himself. 
  • Pretends to be nice, adopting a superficial personality. However, he is very cruel and sadistic and made painfully obvious in-universe that he is merely faking his affability. Only using his affability to blend in society and is an expert liar.  
  • Lacks any form of conscience, or any care of what he does or how does his it. Showing immorality, showing no signs of moral standards or limits in his cruelty.  


You now have my permission to scream!
~ Niklovich/Nyarlathotep showing his psychopathy and sadism.

One of his well known trait is his love for causing pain and madness to others, sometimes for no reason other than taking sheer pleasure in it. His only motive is to relish in spreading destruction across the omniverse, torturing others for his amusement and driving them insane after words. He also delights in psychologically abusing them like his minion Y'golonac does, and if he doesn't feel like torturing others than he either have the person killed or have one of his pawns to torture his victims for him. He will also kill anyone and anything his archenemy, Ben Diablo, cares for just to spite him as he did when making a recording of him brutally torturing one of Ben Diablo's friends alive. As part of his sadism, he tends to make wise-cracking yet sadistic and twisted jokes, sometimes when he brutally murders a victim or tortures them mercilessly.

He particularly likes to record his victims being tortured to keep memories of them and so that he could sell them on the Black Market for fun. He also records the screams of his tortured victims mainly because he believes they are music to his ears, sometimes he even uses these screams make actually music out of them for the kicks. Due to his tolerance for pain and regenerative abilities, he often injuring or scarring himself for his own amusement. From cutting his face off, breaking his fingers, and literally ripping his heart out just to show that he is immune to pain, giving him a sense of arrogance.

However he does have limits, that being that he fears his father due to the fact that his father is capable of inflicting pain unimaginable that even masochists themselves dare not want to experience. However, this make him a bit hypocritical as he despises masochist due to the fact that he finds them annoying to torture and no fun when they are unable to be in agony if they enjoy it, thus torturing them makes it no fun to him.

Childish Behavior

You may see yourself as this all-powerful invincible force of chaos. But to me, in my eyes, you are nothing but a wicked egotistical child playing God!
~ Randolf Carter calling Niklovich out for his childish behavior.

As stated by Randolf Carter, he is simply "a wicked egotistical child playing god". Even despite being a powerful ancient immortal being, he has a very childish behavior like having tantrums similar to what a spoiled brat has when things don't go his way or if he doesn't get the things he wanted. Another thing is that he treats anything, even his ow powers as mere toys and doesn't really take responsibility for anything even his own failures. Even his acts of spite towards his enemies have childish reasons, including his reason on his multiple attempts on eradicating humanity and vampire as he believe they don't love him enough. He also has the tendencies to be envious of others if they have something that he doesn't have and would most likely kill them for that reason. He is also very, very petty such as his reason for his multiple attempts on eradicating all of humanity and vampire kind as he believe they didn't show enough love/worship to him. He would also kill any of his minions for whatever reason, from looking at him funny or simply correcting him on minor things. Niklovich also treats his minion Y'golonac as a both a toy and a pet, adding to his childish view on reality as he believe the world was made for him to be his playground.

Twisted Philosophy

Life, compassion, dreams, hope, and morality. What a big joke, what's even the purpose of having them if they don't matter to others anyway? Why show love to others you claim to "care for" if they are bound to die one day? Why bother dreaming if they are gonna get crushed? Why hope for things to come if they are not gonna happen? Morality is for those who are too weak to do things a real man could do. That's not just weakness my friend, that is cowardice. What's my reason for this? Well, life is like a toy, you play with it and when you abused it too long then they are sure to break. If I break one of my toys, then all well I've got plenty of more. Life is short as they always say, so why not make the best of it and just let loose and go wild! Be free to do whatever the hell you want and do whatever you think you have the right to do! Sure some of the stuff I do surely had people hating me and wanting me dead, but I don't care! If I wanted, I would just have to try to have everyone dead! I would try to make a real bomb to decimate this joke of an omniverse and maybe start a new in my twisted image or just die in the explosion as a result. I don't care, life is my toy which I would play with and break whenever I want!
~ Niklovich's ideology and view on life itself.

He is also something of a nihilist, just like his father Nekrozoth is himself, since he believes that life and thinks he can kill and torture whenever he wants. If he ends up "breaking" one person then all well, there's billions of if infinite more left to toy with. He doesn't care if he dies, just as long as he gets his enjoyment. He views positive stuff such as morality, hope, and care as mere jokes to him and weaknesses designed by the weak to oppress the strong especially morality. As such, if reality is a toy then he thinks he could play with it whenever he wants and break it if he wanted, and do whatever he please even if his cruel actions would lead him to his own demise one day. He wouldn't mind if a hero would kill him, as long as he gets his fun then there's almost nothing that could stop him from having his twisted sense of entertainment. He fully succumb to being a true omnicidal maniac, wanting to reduce the omniverse to a void where he rule it as a mad tyrant god.

However, he's not a true nihilist, there's times he shows cowardice and often tries to save his own life even at the expense of sacrificing others to save his own skin. He fears taking pain from higher beings, and when being faced by someone more powerful than him such as his father, he rather kiss their feet to get on their good side rather fight them directly. When being attacked by the souls of his dead victims, he tries to excuse his actions to save himself, thus dubbing him a cowardly backstabber.

Moral Agency

Nyarlathotep has full control over his actions and can tell the difference between right and wrong, despite being born in a lab facility and was created by Nekrozoth as a Leviathan-Omega hybrid, and being born as a chaos obsessed psychopath with sadistic glee of torturing and murdering anyone who gets in his way. He has moral understanding on what he is, and takes pride in his behavior and atrocities and openly enjoys on what he is. He also can understand human emotions and how people would react and how they will behave as shown that he took advantage on Lilith's love for humans and her human lover Adam. He knows how other species moral standards works, even when facing the heroes he shown to know how to use their heroism against them in given situation.

He also stated that has full control over his actions and chose to be the monster he is due to his joy for causing pain, and claimed that he learns from others about the meaning of right and wrong in order to use that to easily manipulate others to do his bidding. He uses propaganda, fear tactics, and often uses the emotions of others such as they desires (like love, money, power) for his own advantage. He also has knowledge on psychology, which he uses to abuse others mentally and tell which person is sane or insane and know what sort of disorder they have. There is also the fact that he has nigh-omniscient knowledge on science, magic, and even different species (ranging from their culture, personality, and whatnot). Even when given the chance to redeem himself, but he simply rejected them as he believe "redemption isn't my style".

To strengthen this claim further, he unlike the other children who was born in the same lab willingly became a chaos-loving psychopath as he found his joy in murder and torture when he bullied, assaulted and later brutally murder some of his siblings born in the same lab as him. This was his reason why he took joy from the carnage he inflicts, and willingly became the monster he enjoys being.



Due to being a spawn of Nekrozoth, Niklovich possess most of his father's cruelty and chaotic nature. He praises his father for his needless acts of destruction and murder, since those are the things he enjoy inflicting onto others. However, he like his father does not really care for him but he does fear him due to the fact that Nekrozoth has the ability to inflict pain that even masochists dare not want to experience. He does make attempts at manipulating him, and want to surpass him in being the most evil being in the entire omniverse.

Master Magus/Malroc

Before his twin, Xerakiel Beta, became the Master Magus/Malroc, Niklovich used to bully him often and make fun on how weak he his. When Xerakiel became the Master Magus, Niklovich gave him a bit more respects than he did before but still picks on him regardless. They hate each other as much as they hate the heroes, which lead them to constantly try to back-stab each other whenever they get the chance. He often make fun of him whenever Magus fails or lose his temper, and try to push his buttons whenever he gets the chance too. He also acts as a polar opposite to him in a way: Magus is considered in some ways to be the "order" to Niklovich's "chaos, being a pragmatic yet ruthless warmonger who don't go around causing chaos unless it is needed and tries to plan things fro behind the scenes and is merely motivated to be stronger than anyone else, and is more calculating and plots to do the worse things possible. Niklovich is a chaotic nightmarish being who delights in random acts of cruelty, enjoys dominating others, and commits every horrific acts for no reason other than to be as evil as possible.

However despite their immense hatred towards each other, they can cooperate with one another in terms of evil plans. They also tend to work together in certain matters such as plotting on how to get rid of their enemies, causing mass chaos in their bid for power, and has once worked together in trying to defeat the Maestro when they decided that he is a threat to their schemes. Though they still mock each other and tend to betray each other when the moments calls for it, especially since Magus is known for switching sides when things get too much (like a dirty coward). When he learns that the heroes defeated his brother, he was only angered that he didn't get to kill him by himself which ruined "the game" he and his brother had. Regardless he and his brother are still able to cooperate and come up with schemes together, but Niklovich plans to betray him once he thinks his usefulness is expired so that he could gain all of the godlike powers for himself. They also have the tendency to save each other from danger, but only due to the fact they refuse to let anyone else but themselves to kill one of them, if

Powers and Ability

Fool! I'm am all-powerful! Unstoppable! I've killed billions if not trillions! YOU ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO ME YOU ANTS!!
~ Niklovich's boasting about his power.


  • Essokinesis; He is a powerful being capable of twisting the fabric of reality in his image, and is shown to be more powerful than his twin brother Master Magus and even other beings like Legend in his god form, Tartarus, Xeron, and D'Loki. This ability allowed him to reshape certain objects into weapons for battle, from turning a chair into a gun to making a truck into a tank. He is also capable of travelling into other plans of existence, including alternate dimensions and planets.
    • Omnimanifestation; Has the ability to shapeshift into anything he wishes, even taking forms for lesser beings to comprehend what they could see of him: To human he appears human, to a vampire he appears as a vampire. He tends to shapeshift into other people in order to mimic them to other blend in or to frame his victims of the crimes he committed.
    • Nigh-Omniscience; He claims to know all sorts of forbidden knowledge, as he claims to be know almost everything across multiple realities. Having near infinite knowledge on alternate timelines, dimensional to omniversal travel, and even species. He know different types of cultures, psychology, science and magic which he uses often. He uses this to help him manipulate others who seek knowledge, psychologically abuse and torture others. This also go hand and hand with his torture methodology.
  • Necromancy; Has immense power and influence over the dead as he is able to resurrect those he murdered in his lifetime and use them as his undead slaves soldiers. He used this power to perform experiments on the corpses, using the body parts to make monsters such as the Vamperiacs.
  • Immortality; Due to being a deity, he is an extremely old entity who caused chaos and misery for several millennia. Also has an immense healing factor, as shown as he often starts slice and later cutting off his own face which later heals rapidly afterwords.
  • Umbramancy; Controls a substance called Shadow-Flame which he uses to make his own hair, clothing, and sometimes use this substance for combat by summoning shadow tentacles or make a spear made of shadows. He also has a form/avatar known as "The Dark Man" which is an entity made of shadows.
  • Telepathy; Can read the minds of others just so he could read what the person is thinking and unlock some of his secrets which he would use to manipulate them.
  • Infernokinesis; When he was in Hell spreading carnage and bloodshed as usual, he has the ability to control Hell-fire. He once engulf his fists into hellish flame (making it a flaming fist) which would melt any human metal once he so touches it. In one of his forms/avatars, he was able to breath fire from his mouth. He also have a avatar who is made of flames which could burn and melt possibly almost anything.
  • Parafrosynikinesis: Being the Crawling Chaos, he induces madness to anyone who offends him for petty reasons. Usually uses this to gain followers to worship him.
  • Avatars Creation: He makes several avatars, including the one seen throughout the series, due to being imprisoned in the Pandora Dimension. His avatars have their own set of a powers and traits.


  • Genius Intellect: Niklovich is highly intelligent and competent despite his childish behavior and chaotic nature. He can be quite calculating and cunning, capable of coming up with strategies while using others a pawns to carry out his various schemes. He is knowledgeable on various behavior on certain species and culture, hiding his psychopathy in a sophisticated calm manner to hide his true nature. He is capable of analyzing others and their behavior as a means to mimic them for his schemes, either to frame them of a crime he committed or to by pass a certain area. He is skilled with magic properties and scientific fields, using high-tech and magic as a means to cause destruction (a usual trait for a Prime Omega).
  • Manipulation: He can be quite charming and convincing, as when he disguised himself as showman who soon develops a good reputation among the people of a town thanks to his manipulative nature. He uses his knowledge on behaviors of others for his own gain, like toying with their emotions or use them to manipulate the into getting on his side. He also outsmarted the Champions by using their heroic qualities to his own advantage in furthering his schemes. He corrupts people into joining him, becoming loyal to him so that he could use them and dispose of them once they are no longer useful to him or don't find them useful at all.


As powerful as he is, he is not truly invincible and has a few weaknesses.

  • Prime Omega and Alpha weapons; He is vulnerable to weaponry made by the Prime Omegas and Alphas as they were design to specifically kill one another. They (if used properly) can nulify his healing factor and cause actual damage to him.
  • Sadism and destructive behavior; While he is indeed a extremely intelligent creature, his own sadism has proven to get the best of him in multiple occasions, since he tends to get reckless and make brash decisions for the sake of causing chaos for its own sake. He tends to simply torture his victims, or give them slow and painful deaths instead of outright killing them when they could pose a threat to him. It serves as a reason why Magus, while weaker than Niklovich, is smarter than Niklovich as he has some control over destructive behavior for the sake of his plans, while Niklovich doesn't bother trying to contain his hostile demeanor.
  • Daylight: He is weaker in the day time, but it does not kill him like any other ordinary vampire. Though he is still powerful, he is much more powerful on nighttime which is why he prefers to operate during the nighttime where he is at his most strongest.


You think you could beat a god?
~ Niklovich to Jack Spark
Stand still so I could rip your jaw off your mouth!
~ Niklovich chasing Benlock Diablo
I'm not bad, I'm just misunderstood... I've suffered abuse since childhood and my father forced me to commit these horrible things and... (burst into laughter) . Oh that is precious, truly priceless!
~ Niklovich joking about his past.
What are you on about? No one is controlling me! I'm not brainwashed by anything, no one is forcing me to do this, I'm in full control of my actions! I have no idea where you getting this crap that I'm not doing this in my own free will and my nature!! I am my own person dammit!
~ Niklovich ranting on his free will
You call yourself a Legend? Ha! You're nothing but a joke!
~ Niklovich to Legend.
I'm not just any mere vampire. I. AM. GOD!!
~ Niklovich's god complex
I hate you all! You break my favorite toy! That was mine to begin with, you have NO right to break them! Only I break my toys! Only me! ME! ME! ME!!!! I'll kill you all for that! Starting with your precious planet!!!!
~ Niklovich remarking Y'golonac's death.
I think you and I will get along just fine.
~ Niklovich's whenever he recruits a new minion.
Oh goody goody goody!
~ Niklovich when he is excited
You break the law, I break you.
~ Niklovich threatens Kuriji Sadisuto in an unsubtle fashion
I didn't always have this pretty face of mine.
~ Niklovich just loves himself a little too much.
Let me tell you something before I go, Glitch, and you would do well if you listened carefully to what I'm gonna say: If I'm not smiling, you're not breathing.
~ Niklovich threatening Glitch after hearing of his alliance with Jack Spark.
Look at me, I'm in a big fat gang war! Ooh!
~ Niklovich enjoying himself while he and Depravitas deal with some gang members.
You win the game if you can figure out who I am, and why I'm torturing you. I win the game if you beg me to cut out your eyeballs.
~ Niklovich making a little "game" by having Cassie James sadistically tortured by Dr. Sadisuto.
Ow! I'm feeling good today, boys!
~ Niklovich
Niklovich: Hey kid! Wanna know whatever happened to the last boy who stood up against me?

Child: Umm... What?

Niklovich: (utterly disintegrated the child until he is reduced to a skeleton) That's what happened!

~ Niklovich killing a child for standing up against him.
Niklovich: Do I know you?

Hero: You killed my father when I was a kid! You had your goons raped my mother in front of me!

Niklovich: Did I really? I don't remember that...

Hero: Seriously!? You really don't remember!?

Niklovich: Kid, that was like a Sunday for me....

~ Niklovich not remembering what he did to certain people.
Oh, come on! You people got an afterlife? That sorta takes the "oomph" out of my mass murdering... well, I suppose you can hover around as a testament to my "efficiency". Wait a minute, I-I mean you have a right to be angry- hey, stand back, seriously, that is an order, stand back- no! Don't! No! Get off me! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
~ Niklovich's last words as he is beating dragged to be tormented by his past victims.


Niklovich's Theme by XOBITES


  • He is based on the character of the same name made by Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, the creator of the Cthulhu Mythos where Nyarlathotep came from.
  • Originally, he also has some inspiration from The Master from Doctor Who.
  • BrandonDarkOne47 often compares him to the likes of Carnage from Marvel Comics and The Joker due to Niklovich's behavior. He even noted that he wanted to make him look like Black Hat from Villainous a little bit.
  • Out of all of Nekrozoth's children, he is probably the only one not to be abused by Nekrozoth. However Nekrozoth does not trust Niklovich due to being a deceitful manipulator.
  • Despite being a messenger to the Prime omegas, he rarely lives up to his role which is why he let Ezekiel Stayne to take his job instead.
  • He is describe as a being so foul and horrific that he is worse than Satan himself at his most evil, because of that he was kicked out of Hell for being too chaotic and evil even by standards of the demons.
  • Other than Nyarlathotep, plenty of villains helped in the creation of Niklovich himself such as Joker (DC), Carnage, Green Goblin/Norman Osborn, Randall Flagg, Black Hat, Maestro (In a way that is), Crimson King, Dracula and Carmilla (Netflix's Castlvania), and Amatsu-Mikaboshi/Chaos King.
  • As of now, Niklovich has became the creator's favorite character to write and considers him "his next Nekrozoth".
  • Niklovich was voiced by XOBITES with his theme song also been created by XOBITES himself respectively. Some of his artwork were also done by Zombros Engar himself, who also created the character of the same name.
  • In a way, Niklovich serves as a foil towards Ben Diablo and has been considered that the two are archenemies.
    • Both of them are goofy, humorous, with a smart mouth and are powerful supernatural beings, but Niklovich has a sadistic sense of humor and sees people getting killed as a joke while Ben makes a few dark jokes but knows when to not take them to far.
    • Niklovich is a sadist who enjoys seeing other people killed or tortured for nothing but sheer thrill of it, while Ben doesn't like taking the life of another person despite being a Grimm Reaper, only killing because it's his job to do so.
    • Both of them enjoy battling other beings, but Ben only fights demons imprisoned in the Pandora Dimension (which is basically a prison dimension) and villains, while Niklovich enjoys battling and killing heroes for sport whenever he wants to.
    • Ben at least cares for his friends with genuine kindness, Niklovich only sees them as tools or extension of himself and his sadism and tends to be abusive towards them.
    • Both of them are sons of a Prime, with Ben being son of a Prime Alpha (Grimsmith Reaper) while Niklovich is the son of a powerful Prime Omega (Nekrozoth).
    • Ben choose to be a Champion because he felt like it and thought it would be fun, Niklovich was a champion himself but willingly choose to become a supervillain because he find the hero life as boring and thought being a villain was much more enjoyable.
  • It was stated that he used to bully Lucifer quite a lot after getting banished from Hell.
  • While he very much enjoys committing horrific acts, he does have a schedule for when he does:
    • Sundays; Kill someone's dad and have their wife raped by his goons on in front of their kids
    • Mondays: pillaging, killing, and causing mass chaos with his Carnage Circle paps across several dimensions.
    • Tuesdays; Driving people insane and torturing folks for shit and giggles.
    • Wednesdays; Manipulating Villains in joining his gang
    • Thursday; Making evil plans and being power hungry.
    • Friday; Conquering and destroying shit
    • Saturday; Eating Ice Cream and watching TV (usually the daily news centering around his atrocities).
      • Funnily enough, he's quite friendly on Saturdays and tends to mellow out slightly on that day.

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