You good friend.
~ Ola La to Aleph Z and the Dark Brigade

Ola La is a member of the Dreaded Dragons. She first appears in episode 2 of season 1. She asks the Dark Brigade to free her members because she suspects that Circe may be lying about the identities of the Dreaded Dragons. Aleph Z nods his head and tells his fellow members to go with him.

She and the Dreaded Dragons spare and forgive Circe after Aleph Z tells them that it's better to repay cruelty with kindness.


Ola La was one of the Dragons assigned to enforce Aphrodite's Law after her predecessor AXG rebelled against her law. However, she began to doubt about Aphrodite's Law until her other members told her.

Her other members told her about misandry. She then asked what misandry was, and Panache told her.

Aphrodite then imprisoned them in a shadowy abyss where darkness lurked.


  • Ola La is formed from the anagram of the word Alola, which means to share.