This page is for version of the Oro Invictus in SPARTAN 119's Condemned/Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni crossover fanfic, Descent into Chaos. The canon version has a page on Villains Wiki.


"We became interested in Lyssavirus hinamizawensis, better known as the Hinamizawa Syndrome in the late 1970s, after hearing stories about its effects on the villagers. We were very interested to see how the syndrome would interact with our sonic emissions. So, we had the dam construction project called off. A group of Oro members within the Japanese government, you might know them as the "Tokyo Conspiracy", covertly placed sonic emitters in the village. From 1979 to 1982, we activated the emitters for one day on the night of the Watanagashi Festival.As you know, the tests were an outstanding success."
~ Agent Dorland, Oro member, to Keiichi and Rena Maebara

The Oro Invictus, or "invincible voice" in Latin are the primary antagonists of the Condemned series of video games. The Oro are a cult whose exact origins are unknown, but are known to have existed since ancient times. While the Oro's goals are shrouded in mystery, it is known that they intend to cause chaos, as they believe it will act as a catalyst for further human evolution. They believe this evolution is necessary to protect humanity from a threat whose identity is presumably known only to the highest echelons of the cult, as even Agent Dorland, a high ranking Oro member does not know the identity of this threat.

The impacts of the Oro's actions are first encountered by Keiichi and Rena Maebara, now living in Metro City after having been vaccinated against Hinamizawa virus in the 1980s, first encounter the actions of the Oro actions during a riot, which threatens their home. Keiichi and Rena escape, Keiichi bringing a revolver he first purchases as soon as he legally could, in fear that something similar to the Hinamizawa incident might happen again.

Keiichi and Rena are accosted by a group of rioters, and forced to fight their way out after their car's tire is shot out. The two of them escape into a block of abandoned apartments near a commuter track, where they first encounter both the Oro's sonic emitters and former FBI agent Ethan Thomas. The three of them are forced to fight there way through a group of violent criminals with both improvised weapons, and at times, firearms, in both the apartment building, the commuter tracks, and an abandoned doll factory.

After escaping the doll factory and being released from the SCU building, Keiichi and Rena covertly follow Ethan into a the city museum as he investigates a murder committed by Leland Vanhorn. Keiichi and Rena him in fighting off a group of theives armed with various medieval weapons. Shortly after that, Keiichi and Rena are enlisted by Rosa Angel of the SCU, who does not trust the higher-ups and supports their continued private investigation into the incidents going in the city, following them to Malcolm Vanhorn's old lodge and engaging in combat with an Oro-controlled SWAT team.

While a bum mentions the Oro near the doll factory, and they are again mentioned in graffiti written by Leland Vanhorn in the Black Lake Lodge, Ethan, Keiichi, and Rena do not hear of the Oro proper until investigating a Magic Theater owned by a magician listed as Vanhorn's next target. There, Rosa informs the three of them of the Oro's mission and method of using sonic emissions to destabilize violent individuals, in order to cause chaos.

After reaching the Oro's main base aboard a barge of scrap metal, the three of them are captued, but Ethan escapes using hitherto undiscovered sonic emission abilities.


Known Members

US Branch

  • Agent Dorland
  • Mayor Rachel Mars
  • SCU Director Farrel
  • The US President
  • Leland Vanhorn
  • Unknown members of the US military (implied)

Japanese Branch ("The Tokyo Conspiracy")


  • The Descent into Chaos universe takes place during the late 2000s in a slightly modified Matsuribayashi-hen universe in terms of Higurashi, where Keiichi, Rena, and the rest of the Higurashi cast successfully foil the plans of the Tokyo Conspiracy (affiliated with the Oro in this fic), but some villagers are killed in the conflict with the Yamainu, as well as during previous "Watanagashi incidents". A cure to the Hinamizawa virus is later created, based off natural antibodies existing in Rika Furude's DNA. This allows Keiichi and Rena (now married) to emigrate to the US, in an attempt to escape the horrors of their past.
  • In the universe of this fic, all fantasy elements, with the possible exception of Hanyuu Furude (who plays no real role in the fic anyway) are explained away as delusions created by the Oro. This includes any connections to the Umineko universe. I have toyed with the possibility of events on Rokkenjima being another Oro experiment in Japan.