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This pathetic realm will end under my wrath. The Punkettes and Kiota are still out there planning my downfall, but these fools won't live long enough to see it. The universe is mine. I lurk over this realm as the supreme ruler. Your misery is my happiness. All who ally themselves with Kio will burn in the eternal flames of your sins. Do you think you can get away with what you have done? Tiny, silly insignificant fool. It's too late to try to right your wrongs. All of the people you have hurt all of the secrets you have unraveled all the lies you have told. The good thoughts are now gone. Your worst nightmares are now reality. This is your nightmare for me to control. I wont let you go and I wont let you leave this nightmare alive. You will suffer the same demise as the rest. Let's see if you can make it.
~ Pepper during the opening narration of "Day of Judgement Part III"

Pepper Satanica (ペッパーサタニカ Peppā Satanika) is the main antagonist Of The Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten spinoff, The Punkettes, and the secondary antagonist and the Bigger Bad of the 2nd spinoff, The Minu Krab.

She Is The Evil Twin Sister of Kiota Angelica, And The Most Challenging Rival of the spinoff's main protagonist, Spyro Doomfire.

She is a malevolent and mysterious entity of chaos and evil that lives in a palace of tortured souls known as Hell, served by legions of monsters forged from the tears of the undead, and each one clad in armor carved from the concentrated suffering of grieving mothers.

She also is said to live within all mankind, waiting for the thin glass wall within them to crack, so that she may take over. She has an army of followers who wish to bring about her coming. She is also one of the most darkest KissHeart Villains of all time.

She is created by Yuki Satash, and voiced by the series creator, Spy64/$py64.



Pepper had many physical appearances throughout the series.

  • Normal Form: Pepper is a demon with long red hair dressed in a ponytail with a bone hair clip, she has red eyes, and a scarred left eye, She has a pair of horns, and a pair of dragon-like wings. She wears a black shirt, a black, white, and red tie, a dark red bandana, short shorts jeans with a gold belt, and grey and purple boots. She wears cuffed gloves. A tapestry hanging from the wall in "The Mystery of the Literature Club" depicts her as black or ash gray and with purple eyes with red pupils.
  • True form: Pepper in her true form, is more vicious looking. She longer hair, Her eyes are pitch black with red glowing irises with cat-like slits, with blood with purple veins across the eye and into the skin, over the blood. She has razor sharp teeth and claws, which she uses against her victims and enemies. Her skin and pale and pitch black bordered by purple lightning cracks. She wears her collared black and red cape with two golden pauldrons that covers her dangerous armor. She wears her black diamond necklace, which she uses to become ruler, and where she keeps the souls of her victims in. Her horns are identical to that of a bull's, except instead of being curly, her horns are pointed up and flaming. She has two extra Dragon-like wings and a long tail. She also wears black crown with a red jewel, and her eyepatch has a red stripe with her name. She also possesses a long purple forked tongue. She also grows four more arms, a total of eight limbs, resembling a spider, three mouths with fangs and tongues on her stomach, as well as three more eyes, and grows two more wings.
  • Spider-Hydra Form: In the "Day of Judgement" finale, Pepper assumes her most horrifying and terrible form of all, that of a colossal demonic red, black, white, and Purple version of herself with six different arms, longer hair with purplish black fangs, multiple spikes on her horns, three eyes protruding from her head, three additional eyes, six gigantic bat wings, eight legs resembling a spider, sharp teeth and three mouths on her abdomen resembling an evil smile, with multiple forked tongues with mouths inside. She assumes this form when hunting down Spyro Doomfire and Shira Matsuri.
  • Possessing a Person: While possessing a person, that person's body will take on a pale tone to their skin, purple hair, and their eyes will appear red, similar to her own.


Unlike Kiota, who is a good Angel of Pure Benevolence, and an enemy to all evil, without the slightest corruption quality, Pepper is evil and is the opposite of Kiota, An Evil demon of Pure Malevolence, without the slightest redeeming quality.

Pepper is an evil incarnate; she embodies the very essence of a satanic overlord. She has ruled Hell for many years and does not take kindly to disobedience. Pepper is responsible for countless genocides, with planets, towns, villages, and small settlements being completely destroyed, alongside all their inhabitants, while nature itself is left to rot or decimated to make room for her strongholds. It is likely that religions are also affected, given Pepper's loathing towards all that are good and sacred. While Pepper has recreated numerous planets into her own image, she is often just as satisfied with leaving entire areas barren wastelands, seeing the carnage as reminders of her power to the general populace. Atrocities are a daily occurrence since Pepper's rule, as she welcomes demonic henchmen from across the galaxy and provides them with areas that are still fully occupied, entrusting the new arrivals to wipe the populaces from any planets.

She behaves in a calm, collected, cool and very courteous fashion, but her refined and perfect manners do not hide her satanic, malicious, and twisted cruelty, or her imposing, intimidating, murderous, and menacing presence. Pepper seems to display symptoms of antisocial personality disorder. Symptoms include lying, feeling no remorse, and showing hostility and sadism.

Pepper is also extremely arrogant, overly self-confident and self-righteous, dismissing any beliefs than her owns as irrelevant, and this is one of her biggest flaws that led to her downfall. She is willing to use anything she can to fulfill her goal, and remorselessly destroys everything in her way or everyone useless to her, except if she can use them again later. She also enjoys killing others or make them suffer by breaking their spirit for her own sadistic pleasure and revels in her victims torment.

Pepper is also highly intelligent, exceptionally cunning, scheming, inimical, persuasive, patient, wise, calculating, and manipulative, and possessing some sense of humor, despite being a remorseless and pure evil Demon, she also cracked jokes while torturing her enemies (Possessing some Freddy Krueger-like humor). She is also a skilled orator, able to instill doubt in the most determined minds and to use it for her own gain. In her dark, twisted, evil, and malicious point of view, she does not consider herself evil but as a messiah of some sort, destined to purify the world. She states that destroying the world is the duty of the every member of The Demon Army. She heavily underestimates and dislikes the value of friendship and bonds. Instead, she views them as weapons to weaken and manipulate her opponents, making them feel lonely and betrayed.

Pepper was also known to be treacherous, as she would kill her allies or have them killed, as she had no desire to share her power with anyone, especially her own apprentices. She prefer using mentally killing people over physical strength. After she had successively gain full control of the Hell, she abandoned her public persona and openly became a tyrannical ruler; despite this, she never revealed that she was the Dark Lady of Hell public; as only her most trusted followers were aware of her true identity.

Pepper is also very masochistic, as she enjoys hurting herself, as she tortures Celestia's body while possessing it, even ripping the entire skin off of her arm, right down to flesh and bone. Pepper also had no problem killing, torturing or hurting children like Katara in her youth, to speak nothing of the hundreds, if not thousands of her own children she murdered after they failed to inherent her demonic powers. In addition to this, Pepper seems to understand humans enough to manipulate them into one-sided deals. She has made deals with billions of people, and all of them have ended in the dealer suffering a horrible fate. An expert manipulator and a masterful liar, she is clearly capable of fooling others into trusting her long enough for her to betray them in a heartbeat, and is falsely affable enough to influence others into playing pawns or making deals with her (which she will almost always double-cross to her advantage).

However, while an easily angered madman, she is also highly authoritative, perspicacious, influential and decisive, knowing when to pull out of a fight. As of "The Last Alicorn", Pepper is shown to be far more than simply a sadistic psychopath; she is an extremely calculating and diabolical mastermind. Among the most pitiless and unreasonable characters, Pepper is a bully at her core. She primarily kills and torments for her own amusement, but is not above toying with her desired prey, terrifying, harassing and tormenting her victims before finally slaughtering them, as fear floods the body and salts the meat, according to herself. Pepper also bullies the Punkettes verbally, namely Spyro, mocking her stutter and, on top of that, the loss of her adoptive sister, even using that guilt and sadness to take advantage of her. Pepper possesses a psychopathic sense of humor and loves to taunt her victims, taking glee in terrifying them and torturing them. She absolutely delights in her monstrous cruelty and evil acts, making her a cruel monster out for death and fear.

While a primarily fearsome murderous demon, she can also carry a clever ruse and when disguised in her Peppa Sikami guise, is more than capable of acting in a cordial, warm, and friendly manner all as a method to give the prey a false sense of security. In Peppa's form, Pepper is caring, cheerful, sociable, and charming towards others, politely offering them the chance to visit Her stage and eat free food. However, this is all a clever pretense, to disarm her prey. Her act as Peppa is not exactly perfect, as her raging appetite was difficult to conceal.

Ironically, despite being a horrifyingly demonic creature who preys on fear, Pepper is a true coward at heart. When her victim's have overcome their fears of her, Pepper can be pounded into a helpless and terrified pulp. Ultimately, she is pathetic and cowardly once her victims actually face her together. One of Pepper's greatest weakness is that it underestimates the goodness of humanity, love and friendship, leading to her eventual demise once the Punkettes join together and fight her together. This is when her cocky arrogance works against her.  Even with her powers, Mina is still able to defeat her when she, along with the Punkettes work together. Pepper is shown to be absolutely terrified of dying as seen when being exploited by her own weakness. When Mina's mind was being erased, she pathetically begs for her life and tries to offer Mina money, power and her own galaxy. She was so afraid of death that she couldn't face it with any dignity.


  • Kiota Angelica (decapitated and burned to death)
  • Countless alien races (slaughtered)
  • Half the population of Spyro's planet (slaughtered, burned, enslaved, and blown up)
  • Countless unnamed children (killed when they failed to inherit Pepper's abilities)
  • Megami Doomfire (enslaved and starved to death by Pepper)
  • Eye Demon (murdered for not giving her the coordinates of a planet)
  • Mina's husband (killed by Topaz under Pepper's orders)
  • Ami Rintakahana (killed by Topaz under Pepper's orders)
  • Skip (tortured by Pepper.)
  • Time God (disintegrated by Pepper instantly by her death wave)
  • Unnamed demonic henchman (killed in a fit of rage)
  • Almost every Aquosian present during the Battle of Aquosia (killed for opposing her)
  • The entire population of The Boboku Forest (killed for opposing her; although they, were later revived.)
  • Shira Matsuri (blasted; although she was later revived.)
  • Spyro Doomfire (thrown down so hard, she bled out; although she was later revived.)



  • The Mass of Darkness - Creator
  • Satan † - Father
  • Kiota Angelica † - Twin Sister, Enemy, and Victim
  • Hundreds, if not thousands of other husbands - husbands
  • Hundreds, if not thousands of children † - Children turned Victims
  • Katara Liama - adoptive daughter turned brief Victim
  • Seven Daughters † - Daughters and Attempted Victim


  • Boss Demon - Right Hand Man turned victim
  • Minions of Pepper Satanica - Subordinates
  • Topaz Nimakara - Subordinate


  • Kiroto - Archenemy and Attempted Victim
  • Carlos Rodríguez † - Archenemy and attempted victim
  • Spyro Doomfire - Archenemy, Attempted Victim, and Attempted Killer
  • Kiota Angelica † - Twin Sister, Archenemy and Past-life victim
  • Shira Matsuri - Archnemy and Attempted Victim
  • Clumsy Smurf - Enemy and Attempted Victim
  • Junko Enoshima - Enemy and attempted victim
  • Celestia PepperJunkCure - Enemy, Attempted Victim and brief body host
  • Luka PepperJunkCure - Enemy and Attempted Victim
  • Leakianmishi - Enemy and attempted victim.
  • Jeno Saido - Enemy and Attempted Victim
  • Mina Rintakahana - Enemy, Attempted Victim, and Killer.
  • Osana Najimi - Former Ally turned Enemy.
  • Snotty Boy - Former Ally turned Enemy.
  • T.I.N.A. - Former Ally turned Enemy.
  • President Romu - Enemy and attempted victim.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electrokineis: Pepper had complete control over electricity and manipulate and generate electricity.
  • Levitation: Pepper is able to float and hover without using her wings.
  • Flight: Pepper can fly using her wings.
  • Super Intelligence: Pepper possesses near limitless high levels of superhuman intelligence.
  • Shape-shifting: Pepper can take the form any character, any creature and any inanimate object.
  • Pyrokinesis: Pepper has complete control over the elemental fire.
  • Invisibility: Pepper is able to became Completely Invisible.
  • Force-Fields: Pepper can create energy domes to protect herself.
  • Intangibility: Pepper can pass through solid matter.
  • Telekinesis: Pepper can control objects using her mind.
  • Fire Rain Generation:
  • Blood Transformation: Pepper can turn water and other liquids into blood.
  • Pestilence Manipulation:
  • 360-Degree Vision: Pepper can see in all directions at once.
  • Laser Vision: Pepper can emit laser beams from her eyes.
  • Heat Vision: Pepper can generate beams of heat from her eyes.
  • Possession: Pepper can inhabit and control the bodies of any living beings.
  • Dragon Form: Pepper can transform into a Dark red, Black, and White dragon. She can also breathe Red Hellfire.
  • Dark Magic:
  • Super Speed: Pepper possesses high Speeds.
  • Teleportation: Pepper can Teleport Anywhere.
  • Telepathy: Pepper can Read the Minds of others.
  • Necrokinesis: Pepper can reanimate the dead.
  • Siren Song:Pepper can control characters by singing.
  • Soul Removal: Pepper can remove souls from others.
  • Reality Warping: Pepper can manipulate reality.
  • Evil Embodiment: Pepper is the embodiment of all evil and has all evil powers.
    • Infernokinesis: Pepper has complete control of the fires of Hell.
    • Demonic Force Manipulation: Pepper can control anything Unholy.
    • Demonization: Pepper can Turn other creatures into Demons.
    • Demonic Magic: Pepper can use Demonic Sorcery.
    • Demonic Empowerment: Pepper can gain Power from demonic forces, spirits, and concepts.
    • Corruption:Pepper can lure people to evil.
    • Cursing: Pepper can place a curse on anyone or anything.
    • Horror Inducement: Pepper can evoke extreme fear and horror in others.
    • Demon Creation:Pepper can Create other demons.
    • Deadly Sin Projection: Pepper can project her sins.
    • Demon Soul:
    • Evil Aura:
    • Demon Physiology:
  • Nigh-Immortality: Pepper can Never Age.

  • Dealing: One of Pepper's most noticeable abilities is that he can make a deal with someone to give the said someone who made a deal with him fame, power, or a request. Pepper's hand become surrounded in a purple flame and once the person exchange a hand shake, while the flame doesn't harm the person, the deal will be sealed. However, once the deal is sealed, Pepper will want something in return that often ends up in her twisted methods. If the person breaks the deal, Pepper's powers won't have any effects on her, as Osana broke her deal with her when Pepper failed to get the combination for Spyro's safe. Also, making deals is the only way Pepper's powers could have an effect but only to the ones who made a deal with her.
  • Manipulation: Another one of Pepper's traits is that she is quite manipulative. Pepper can flatter others, deceiving them by promising them anything, she can go as far to make deals with them only to betray them at the end. Pepper manipulated Celestia on how she sacrificed everything to make Luka happy while she never returns the favor, trapped Junko in a dream that contains her desires, she even tricked Kiota and Osana, with the former admitting she lied and the latter being a skilled deceiver herself.
  • Master Torturer: Pepper is shown to be highly accomplished and creative in many fields of torture, with her skills in torture being quite famous, as Boss Demon implied Pepper can cause so much suffering to the Punkettes that they would beg for death itself. Her mastery of torturing techniques allows her to inflict the maximum amount of damage without killing the subject, as when she tortured Katara and her seven daughters in their childhoods. Pepper even used her powers to slowly gouge Boss Demon's eye out, but she was casually able to give Boss Demon immortality in order to cause him severe pain without killing him. The torture was effective enough that Boss Demon claims that he would rather die than be tortured by Pepper herself.

Despite being very powerful, Pepper still has weaknesses.

  • Other God-Like Creatures, such as Spyro Doomfire can easily overpower and kill Pepper.
  • Junko's Kuma Juice is capable of melting Pepper's Skin on contact.
  • Pepper can Be harmed by objects made of Copper.
  • Pepper's father causes her to be distracted.
  • Like all demons, she is vulnerable to holy water.
  • If her Opponent isn't afraid of her, she is weaker against them.

  • Flaming Battle Axe: Pepper Satanica has shown to be extremely proficient with her Axe, swiping it across the battlefield in an attempt to hit her opponent.
  • Claws: Pepper Satanica can use her claws to slash at her opponents.

  • Name: Pepper Satanica
  • Origin: Spyro Doomfire and the Dark Entity
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Ageless
  • Classification: Queen of Hell, Demon, Mistress of Katara Liama, Commander of her entire army, Tyrant, The True Demon Who Dons a Crown and a Cape
  • Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality, Fire Manipulation, Magic, Soul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Statistics Amplification, Resistance to Soul Manipulation, Can Manipulate files.
  • Attack Potency: Multiverse level (One of the absolute strongest demons in Hell.)
  • Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic+, likely far higher.
  • Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely at least Class 50.
  • Striking Strength: Multiversal+ Class.
  • Durability: Multiverse level.
  • Stamina: Infinite
  • Range: Extended melee range with her Axe. Multiversal with Magic
  • Standard Equipment: Axe, Trident, Spear, Sword,
  • Intelligence: Incredibly High (Has manipulated everyone to her whims. She has ruled the Empire of Hell since she stole Kiota's Necklace.)
  • Fire Magic: Pepper appears to have a mastery over fire, using it for numerous techniques. These include raining down waves of fire, creating enormous, inescapable walls of fire, creating small eruptions of fire from the ground that have the possibility of exploding, creating large trails of fireballs which track her opponent, and creating enormous bursts of dozens upon dozens of fireballs which are immensely difficult to dodge.
  • Dark Magic: Pepper seems to be adept in other types of magic. She's able to create spears to slash at the opponent, create small, red birds to attack you with, and being able to manipulate the battlefield to her whims.

​Kisekae Code


True Form


Giant Spider Form



  • According to $py64, simply saying Pepper’s name is enough to send the universe in panic. Even Osana, Snotty, Topaz, Boss Demon and her minions are afraid of her. Clumsy, Leakianmishi, Sayori, Natsuki, Shira, and even Ivyuka are terrified of her as well. Also, some episodes imply that Lisako is somewhat afraid of her. Even $py64 herself is scared of her.
  • Pepper's Electrokinetic Aura is Red.
  • Pepper is regarded as the most evil and popular of KissHeart villains.
  • Pepper is the only Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten Antagonist to brainwash the Matsuno Sextuplets on screen.
  • Osana Najimi is capable of feeling Pepper's intimidating presence.
  • Second to Osana, Snotty, Nelson, Helga, T.I.N.A., Mina, and Dr. Kirusaki, Pepper is the most recurring villain in the series, ignoring Villain Protagonists like Spyro, Junko, Jeno, Celestia, Lisako, etc.
  • Pepper Represents The Deadly Sin of Envy.
  • In the Summoning Gods, Demons, and other Anomalies section of the Punkettes Beginners Handbook, the steps to summoning Pepper Satanica are scribbled out with a message to the side that reads "DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL COSTS. PEPPER CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!", It is implied Kiota scribbled it out.
  • Pepper hates Spyro the most out of The Punkettes.
  • In a code on the "March 13th" page in Kiota’s diaries and Ivyuka’s notebook, it is revealed that when Mimi Takosha was caught halfway in the portal, she saw Pepper removing her exoskeleton to feed.
  • Pepper ignites a purple flame in her hand when, in order to seal a deal, she shakes the hand of the other party.
  • In "The Sockpuppet", when possessing Celestia, she states "It's been so long since I've inhabited a body!" most likely referring to Ivyuka, as shown in "The Last Alicorn."
  • Despite Pepper being killed at the end The Punkettes, it's implied that Pepper may still be alive in other KissHeart media. 
  • In the first episode The Adventure Begins Pepper's voice was low pitched making her seem more sinister. 
  • Although immortal, Pepper still requires sleep. 
  • Pepper is the second villain to weaken Spyro Doomfire, the first was Dark Kendra.  
  • Originally, Pepper was called Hoshidesu (Meaning "Want") and her last name was originally Chikara (Meaning "Power"). Which explains Pepper's wanting for Power.
  • $py64 stated, that "Time God and Pepper do not like each other; if they saw each other at a party, they would be doing that 'awkward circle thing' where they're making eye contact but they're not talking to each other, and everybody's like 'Do they know each other? Do they have a history?'.
  • Pepper is seemingly destroyed when Mina's mind is erased with her inside it. Her physical body, which turned to stone when she left it, remains in the Boboku Forest. In fact, it was revealed near the credits that the writers have hidden this statue of her body somewhere in a real life forest. Months later, $py64 started the Satanica Hunt, a worldwide scavenger hunt to find said statue.
  • Pepper once wrote a bible for compulsive lying that she gifted to the her cult.
  • If Pepper was in Hogwarts, her house would be Slytherin.
  • Pepper is easily one the most evil and immoral Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten villains, as she has destroyed and conquered entire planets, attempted to murder Shira Matsuri in cold blood, destroyed cities, raised Katara Liama with no care by making her train everyday and starving her or beating her within an inch of Katara's life if she does not follow Pepper's orders, killed and tortured innocents for fun, starved Spyro's mother Megami (and many other slaves of her empire) to death, commits genocide on a daily basis, sent thousands and millions to work in labor camps presumably until death, sent millions to execution camps (via gas chambers, shootings, electric chairs, firing squads, and hangings) mostly in front of their families, killed her ex-boyfriend in front of his family, as well as leaving him without making him her king as she promised, and has taken away the free will of everyone in the Planets she had conquered and the survivors of the planets she had destroyed, mainly the suffering of those amuses her.
    • This is even backed up by the show's creator, $py64. $py64 once said in an interview "Pepper is the literal embodiment of evil, and worse than The Devil himself. You should base your question within The Punkettes world and not ours, in the universe of The Punkettes, there is nothing more evil than Pepper."
    • Pepper has even managed to disgust other villains in the series for her vileness, Mina calls her the vilest creature she's ever met, Junko outright compares her to cancer, Spyro calls her the "darkest soul in Hell", and Osana Najimi calls her insane and a madman.
  • Pepper keeps her mental state and can speak, as opposed to simply roaring. This is because she was already extremely violent, murderous, sadistic and insane and her demonic instinct had no effect on her mentality.
  • Some fans consider Pepper to be somewhat misunderstood instead of evil as she kills to prevent overpopulation. However this is false, as Pepper bullies and torments her prey instead of just killing them. She also views humans and life outside of herself as inferior to her and she also serves as a cruel entity is contrast to Kiota being a kind entity. This proves that Pepper is evil.
  • Pepper was originally going to be an omnipotent neutral trickster similar to Q from Star Trek or Discord from My Little Pony, as opposed to the much more malevolent and chaotic deposition that would later characterize her.
  • $py64 has once said in an a interview that if Pepper was a male it would look nothing like the male Pepper we would see on Tumblr, but she would look like a horrifying, grotesque male instead.
  • Pepper's favorite holiday is April Fools Day. On this day, she enjoys playing (albeit incredibly lethal) pranks on nearby planets, her enemies, and her victims, like making it rain acid, mix and matching random objects, causing the entire planet to roll in place, and carving "PEPPER WAS HERE" into the planets using her lasers.
  • Pepper's least favorite holiday is Christmas because of all the joy it spreads.
  • Originally, Pepper's death involved her getting violently impaled by Spyro with her buster Sword, but the creator chose to have Mina kill Pepper because it felt more "satisfying".
  • It is implied on some occasions that Pepper believes herself to be a hero and liberator among non-mortal lifeforms. She claims she wants to liberate all dimensions and make it a fun world with no rules or restrictions. However, that would render it pure chaos inhospitable to non-demonic life. Considering her sadism and how she admits she's insane either way, it's very likely her claim is just an excuse for her own enjoyment.
  • It was never made clear what Pepper truly is. While she is called a "demon" by other characters, creator $py64 has confirmed that this is just a name for lack of better description. Kiota even states that no one knows really what she is. Because of her reality warping abilities and bizarre nature, it is likely that Pepper is inspired by the Outer Gods of Lovecraftian lore. Judging by her nature, it is also possible that she is based on IT from the novel with the same name.


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