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Welcome to Hell, children. Here you will experience torture, pain, suffering, fear and hate like you've never know. All the beutiful stories.. The legends of how I tore apart this world were all true. Hahahahahaha... And now you can live through the nightmare. You can try to hide from me... but i will find you, and when I do I will rip you apart... Hahahahahaha... But maybe we'll have a little fun first. Hahahaha... I could peel the flesh from your bones. I could sever one limb at a time. I could tear into your stomach and tear your guts out. HAHAHAHA!!! Now hold on tight cuz' it's play-time for me and you're in for one hell of a time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
~ Pepper Satanica.
This pathetic realm will end under my wrath. The Punkettes and Kiota are still out there planning my downfall, but these fools won't live long enough to see it. The universe is mine. I lurk over this realm as the supreme ruler. Your misery is my happiness. All who ally themselves with Kio will burn in the eternal flames of your sins. Do you think you can get away with what you have done? Tiny, silly insignificant fool. It's too late to try to right your wrongs. All of the people you have hurt all of the secrets you have unraveled all the lies you have told. The good thoughts are now gone. Your worst nightmares are now reality. This is your nightmare for me to control. I wont let you go and I wont let you leave this nightmare alive. You will suffer the same demise as the rest. Let's see if you can make it.
~ Pepper during the opening narration of "Day of Judgement Part VII"

Pepper Satanica (ペッパーサタニカ Peppā Satanika) is the overall main antagonist of The Punkettes series. She served as an unseen background character and the overarching antagonist in Seasons 1 and 2, one of the main antagonists of Season 3, the main antagonist of The Punkettes Movie, the main antagonist of Seasons 4 and 5, and an antagonist of Zirk Games finale arc of The Minu Krab.

She is the daughter of Satan, the supreme ruler of Hell and is an immensely powerful interdimensional demon. She is also Kiota Angelica's older twin sister and Katara Liama's adoptive mother. She is a malevolent and mysterious entity who commanded a massive army called the Minions of Satanica, as well as a small group of fanatical followers known as the Cult of Satanica. Both who serve and worship her as a goddess. Pepper is prophesied to destroy all of existence after she absorbs the energy of the ten Universe Crystals and poisons the universe with chaos, misery, and death. Pepper has been running amok in Oten City, since being summoned by Ivyuka Zuzudaka years ago, and has loomed over the universe for years, with her very name being reacted to with fear and revulsion. Pepper is known for her mysterious demeanor, sadistic sense of humor, manipulative and corrupting ways, and desire for total chaos. She is also one of the most darkest KissHeart Villains of all time.

During the events of The Punkettes, Pepper Satanica is summoned by Osana Najimi. After, Pepper and her minions launched a universe-scaled campaign to obtain the Universe Crystals. Following the Battle of Fridnika II, she obtained all seven Universe Crystals and defeated the Punkettes before successfully absorbing the crystals' powers and corrupting the entire universe. Soon after, a Resistance was formed against Pepper and her forces, composed of the Punkettes and every ally they met on their journey, who rose up to take back the Universe. Pepper and her forces engaged the Resistance in a final battle dubbed "The Battle of the Universe", which ended in a decisive victory for the Resistance and the ultimate defeat and death of Pepper Satanica, her existence being erased once and for all before she could carry out her plan of erasing the whole universe in order to create a new one. However, even after her demise, her actions still haunt the universe.

She is created by Yuki Satash, and voiced by the series creator, Spy64/$py64.



Pepper had many physical appearances throughout the series. Pepper is a demon with long red hair dressed in a ponytail with a bone hair clip, she has red eyes, and a scarred left eye, She has a pair of horns, and a pair of dragon-like wings. She wears a black shirt, a black, white, and red tie, a dark red bandana, short shorts jeans with a gold belt, and grey and purple boots. She wears cuffed gloves. A tapestry hanging from the wall in "The Mystery of the Literature Club" depicts her as black or ash gray and with purple eyes with red pupils.

Pepper in her true form, is more vicious looking. She longer hair, Her eyes are pitch black with red glowing irises with cat-like slits, with blood with purple veins across the eye and into the skin, over the blood. She has razor sharp teeth and claws, which she uses against her victims and enemies. Her skin and pale and pitch black bordered by purple lightning cracks. She wears her collared black and red cape with two golden pauldrons that covers her dangerous armor. She wears her black diamond necklace, which she uses to become ruler, and where she keeps the souls of her victims in. Her horns are identical to that of a bull's, except instead of being curly, her horns are pointed up and flaming. She has two extra Dragon-like wings and a long tail. She also wears black crown with a red jewel, and her eyepatch has a red stripe with her name. She also possesses a long purple forked tongue. She also grows four more arms, a total of eight limbs, resembling a spider, three mouths with fangs and tongues on her stomach, as well as three more eyes, and grows two more wings.

In the "Day of Judgement" finale, Pepper assumes her most horrifying and terrible form of all, that of a colossal demonic red, black, white, and Purple version of herself with six different arms, longer hair with purplish black fangs, multiple spikes on her horns, three eyes protruding from her head, three additional eyes, six gigantic bat wings, eight legs resembling a spider, sharp teeth and three mouths on her abdomen resembling an evil smile, with multiple forked tongues with mouths inside. She assumes this form when hunting down Spyro Doomfire and Shira Matsuri.

As she is being stabbed by Spyro's sword and speaking her hidden resurrection spell, she transforms into several different forms in an attempt to escape, including her angry red form, a hyper-realistic version of her with bloodshot, human eyes, a stone-like form with two stone heads which could rotate with a pentagram on each side that also rotate and a stone block having her limbs, wings, tail, and tie, a distorted form with several purple eyes and limbs, flashing between yellow, pink, blue, and orange, before finally assuming her black form with a purple eye and red pupils as seen on the tapestry.

While possessing a person, that person's body will take on a pale tone to their skin, purple hair, and their eyes will appear red, similar to her own.


Harukira: She's a monster...
Topaz: ...I know. (Harukira starts crying) Calm down, little one.
Harukira: Why would she...
Topaz: Some people... Some things are just evil. It's as simply as that.

Topaz (in disguise) comforting a little girl who's parents were killed by Pepper.

Be warned, be warned. Surrounded by fields of fire and flesh, the Nightmare Queen will build her empire next to the ocean of blood, so she can laugh from her throne, as her enemies drown.
~ a cryptograph found in Kiota's Diaries.
Unlike Kiota, who is a good Angel of Pure Benevolence, and an enemy to all evil, without the slightest corruption quality, Pepper is evil and is the opposite of Kiota, An Evil demon of Pure Malevolence, without the slightest redeeming quality.

Pepper is an evil incarnate; she embodies the very essence of a satanic overlord. She has ruled Hell for many years and does not take kindly to disobedience. Pepper is responsible for countless genocides, with planets, towns, villages, and small settlements being completely destroyed, alongside all their inhabitants, while nature itself is left to rot or decimated to make room for her strongholds. It is likely that religions are also affected, given Pepper's loathing towards all that are good and sacred. While Pepper has recreated numerous planets into her own image, she is often just as satisfied with leaving entire areas barren wastelands, seeing the carnage as reminders of her power to the general populace. Atrocities are a daily occurrence since Pepper's rule, as she welcomes demonic henchmen from across the galaxy and provides them with areas that are still fully occupied, entrusting the new arrivals to wipe the populaces from any planets.

She behaves in a calm, collected, cool and very courteous fashion, but her refined and perfect manners do not hide her satanic, malicious, and twisted cruelty, or her imposing, intimidating, murderous, and menacing presence. Pepper seems to display symptoms of antisocial personality disorder. Symptoms include lying, feeling no remorse, and showing hostility and sadism.

Pepper is also extremely arrogant, overly self-confident and self-righteous, dismissing any beliefs than her owns as irrelevant, and this is one of her biggest flaws that led to her downfall. She is willing to use anything she can to fulfill her goal, and remorselessly destroys everything in her way or everyone useless to her, except if she can use them again later. She also enjoys killing others or make them suffer by breaking their spirit for her own sadistic pleasure and revels in her victims torment.

Pepper is also highly intelligent, exceptionally cunning, scheming, inimical, persuasive, patient, wise, calculating, and manipulative, and possessing some sense of humor, despite being a remorseless and pure evil Demon, she also cracked jokes while torturing her enemies (Possessing some Freddy Krueger-like humor). She is also a skilled orator, able to instill doubt in the most determined minds and to use it for her own gain. In her dark, twisted, evil, and malicious point of view, she does not consider herself evil but as a messiah of some sort, destined to purify the world. She states that destroying the world is the duty of the every member of The Demon Army. She heavily underestimates and dislikes the value of friendship and bonds. Instead, she views them as weapons to weaken and manipulate her opponents, making them feel lonely and betrayed.

Pepper was also known to be treacherous, as she would kill her allies or have them killed, as she had no desire to share her power with anyone, especially her own apprentices. She prefer using mentally killing people over physical strength. After she had successively gain full control of the Hell, she abandoned her public persona and openly became a tyrannical ruler; despite this, she never revealed that she was the Dark Lady of Hell public; as only her most trusted followers were aware of her true identity.

Pepper is also very masochistic, as she enjoys hurting herself, as she tortures Celestia's body while possessing it, even ripping the entire skin off of her arm, right down to flesh and bone. Pepper also had no problem killing, torturing or hurting children like Katara in her youth, to speak nothing of the hundreds, if not thousands of her own children she murdered after they failed to inherent her demonic powers. In addition to this, Pepper seems to understand humans enough to manipulate them into one-sided deals. She has made deals with billions of people, and all of them have ended in the dealer suffering a horrible fate. An expert manipulator and a masterful liar, she is clearly capable of fooling others into trusting her long enough for her to betray them in a heartbeat, and is falsely affable enough to influence others into playing pawns or making deals with her (which she will almost always double-cross to her advantage).

However, while an easily angered madman, she is also highly authoritative, perspicacious, influential and decisive, knowing when to pull out of a fight. As of "The Last Alicorn", Pepper is shown to be far more than simply a sadistic psychopath; she is an extremely calculating and diabolical mastermind.

Among the most pitiless and unreasonable characters, Pepper is a bully at her core. She primarily kills and torments for her own amusement, but is not above toying with her desired prey, terrifying, harassing and tormenting her victims before finally slaughtering them, as fear floods the body and salts the meat, according to herself. Pepper also bullies the Punkettes verbally, namely Spyro, mocking her stutter and, on top of that, the loss of her adoptive sister, even using that guilt and sadness to take advantage of her. Pepper possesses a psychopathic sense of humor and loves to taunt her victims, taking glee in terrifying them and torturing them. She absolutely delights in her monstrous cruelty and evil acts, making her a cruel monster out for death and fear.

While a primarily fearsome murderous demon, she can also carry a clever ruse and when disguised in her Peppa Sikami guise, is more than capable of acting in a cordial, warm, and friendly manner all as a method to give the prey a false sense of security. In Peppa's form, Pepper is caring, cheerful, sociable, and charming towards others, politely offering them the chance to visit Her stage and eat free food. However, this is all a clever pretense, to disarm her prey. Her act as Peppa is not exactly perfect, as her raging appetite was difficult to conceal.

Pepper is well known for being bloodthirsty and sadistic, seeing the torture, mutilation, and murder of her victims as a game. She makes plans for her victims, using them to aid in her plans and serve her as brainwashed and feral slaves. She enjoys tormenting and torturing her victims so much that she will even restrain herself from killing them just so the torture can be as long and painful as possible. Pepper genuinely loves hurting and killing others, terrifying them to the point of becoming mentally insane. When she attacks the Punkettes at the abandoned house, she mentally tortures Spyro, Shira, Leakianmishi, Jeno, and possesses Junko and when trying to prey on Clumsy, she makes sure to draw it out as long as possible, even miming biting his fingers to savor his terror. When Clumsy began crying in fear and terror, Pepper mocked his crying as a way to scare him even further.

Pepper is shown to act like a spoiled brat when she doesn't get her way, and in general can get explosively angry fairly easily. For example, when she learned that she and her minions were unable to enter the Multiverse, Pepper responded by killing at least ten of her henchmen with red lightning and screamed and cussed in anger. She also lost her temper when Osana Najimi closed off their deal. Sometimes her anger can even impede her desire to complete her goals, perhaps most infamously shown when Pepper planned to murder Spyro and Shira for disfiguring and mocking her, even though she needed them alive to blackmail Kiota.

Ironically, despite being a horrifyingly demonic creature who preys on fear, Pepper is a true coward at heart. When her victim's have overcome their fears of her, Pepper can be pounded into a helpless and terrified pulp. Ultimately, she is pathetic and cowardly once her victims actually face her together. One of Pepper's greatest weakness is that it underestimates the goodness of humanity, love and friendship, leading to her eventual demise once the Punkettes join together and fight her together. This is when her cocky arrogance works against her.  Even with her powers, Mina is still able to defeat her when she, along with the Punkettes work together. Pepper is shown to be absolutely terrified of dying as seen when being exploited by her own weakness. When Mina's mind was being erased, she pathetically begs for her life and tries to offer Mina money, power and her own galaxy. She was so afraid of death that she couldn't face it with any dignity.

Overall, Pepper is nothing but a arrogant sadist who seems to take pleasure only in fear and suffering. At first seeming innocent, her true colors are hinted at when she torched her own neighborhood and killing Kiota, even watching her burn with glee. After becoming leader of Hell, however, Pepper really showed her true colors, causing multiple wars simply to sit back and enjoy the chaos unfold. Viewing her own husband as a slave, she frequently abused him and had him humiliated, beaten, threatened him with death and rape, and threatened she would hunt down and kill their children if he ran away with them. Among her many cruel acts, Pepper tortured Boss Demon countless times, cursed Globglogabgalab and destroyed his home planet, ordered a crowd of peasants executed because one of them threw trash at her, forces her starved prisoners to kill each other in exchange for their food and freedom, at the risk of being killed anyway, tricked Mina into killing her family's souls for no other reason than her own personal amusement and enjoyment, and nearly killed Shira and taunts Spyro over her "death". When she found out a way into the Omniverse, Pepper planned on going on a omniverse-scaled killing spree to satisfy her bloodlust as soon as she has finished with the Punkettes. In the end, Pepper was merely a vicious, vengeful dictator who believed ruling meant everyone was her to torment.


Victims killed by Pepper

Killed by Pepper personally

  • Kiota Angelica (decapitated and burned to death)
  • A third quarter population of Spyro's planet (slaughtered, burned, enslaved, and blown up)
  • Countless unnamed children (killed when they failed to inherit Pepper's abilities)
  • seven unnamed guards (killed with red lightning in a fit of rage.)
  • Antonio Rodríguez (slaughtered by Pepper.)
  • Multiple Punkettes-in-training (Pepper kidnapped a group of young Punkettes, dismembered and mutilated them, and sown their body parts back together at random before sending them back to Spyro.)
  • Eye Demon (murdered for not giving her the coordinates of a planet)
  • Numerous henchmen (Killed for failing to capture the Universe Crystals)
  • Boss Demon (stabbed by Pepper using three blades for refusing to fire at their troops to Kill Spyro and the Punkettes).
  • Time God (disintegrated by Pepper instantly by her death wave)
  • Kiroto's Elite (disintegrated by Pepper instantly by her death wave)
  • Unnamed demonic henchman (killed in a fit of rage)
  • The entire population of The Boboku Forest (killed for opposing her; although they, were later revived.)

Killed under Pepper's orders

  • Countless alien races (slaughtered by Pepper's minions under her orders)
  • Megami Doomfire (enslaved and starved to death by Pepper's demons)
  • Mina's husband (killed by Topaz under Pepper's orders)
  • Ami Rintakahana (killed by Topaz under Pepper's orders)
  • Despairsha (devoured by Hellhounds under Pepper's orders so she could use Despairsha's skin to disguise herself.)

Failed Attempted Murders

  • Spyro Doomfire
  • Shira Matsuri
  • Junko Enoshima
  • Clumsy Smurf
  • Leakianmishi
  • Jeno Saido
  • Kiota Angelica
  • Celestia PepperJunkCure
  • Luka PepperJunkCure
  • Mina Rintakahana
  • Fukyu Mekaru
  • Mayor Richfuxx
  • President Romu
  • Kiroto
  • A family of five people
  • Carlos Rodríguez



  • The Mass of Darkness † - Ancestor
  • Satan - Father
  • Death - Possible Uncle
  • Kiota Angelica - Twin Sister, Enemy, and Victim
  • Hundreds, if not thousands of other husbands - husbands
  • Hundreds, if not thousands of children † - Children turned Victims
  • Katara Liama - Adoptive Daughter
  • Seven Daughters - Daughters and Attempted Victims
    • Hokori Satanica
    • Yokubo Satanica
    • Donshoku Satanica
    • Donyoku Satanica
    • Ikari Satanica
    • Senbo Satanica
    • Namakemono Satanica


  • Minions of Pepper Satanica - Subordinates and followers.
  • Dark Kendra Moonie † - Ally.
  • Zākirotara - Pet dragon and Guardian.
  • The Nega Punkettes - Creations and henchmen
    • Nega Spyro Doomfire †
    • Nega Shira Matsuri †
    • Nega Junko Enoshima †
    • Nega Clumsy Smurf †
    • Nega Leakianmishi †
    • Nega Jeno Saido †
    • Nega Celestia PepperJunkCure †
    • Nega Luka PepperJunkCure †
    • Nega Kiota Angelica †


  • Gods of the Omniverse
    • Kiroto
    • Durga
    • Odin
    • Ra
    • Zeus
  • The Friendhip Creatures
    • Romulus Doomfire
    • Megami Doomfire † - Victim.
    • The Fridnika Army.
  • Carlos Rodríguez † - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
  • Boss Demon † - Right-Hand Man turned Victim.
  • The Punkettes - Enemies, Attempted Victims, and Attempted Killers.
    • Spyro Doomfire - Archenemy, Attempted Victim, and Attempted Killer.
    • Shira Matsuri - Archenemy, Attempted Victim and Attempted Killer.
    • Kiota Angelica - Twin Sister, Archenemy and Past-life victim
    • Clumsy Smurf - Enemy and Attempted Victim
    • Junko Enoshima - Enemy, Attempted Victim, and Attempted Killer.
    • Celestia PepperJunkCure - Enemy, Attempted Victim and brief body host
    • Luka PepperJunkCure - Enemy and Attempted Victim
    • Leakianmishi - Enemy and attempted victim.
    • Jeno Saido - Enemy and Attempted Victim
  • The Criminals Gang - Former Allies turned Enemies.
  • Mayor Richfuxx - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
  • The Vipers Gang
  • The Minu Krab - Enemies and Attempted Victims.
    • Feesuka Minudaka - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Lapis Minudaka - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Spot Helpherman/Scott Leadready II - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Kashi Idololi - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Louis the Molehog - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Konata Izumi - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Jojo Mcdodd - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Lyla Spoileriko - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Takashi Jyushikami - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Wiki Pikalo - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
    • Vanellope von Schweetz - Enemy and Attempted Victim.
  • The Resistance

Powers and Abilities

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: In her true form, Pepper gained nearly omnipotent levels of power, with full control over matter, reality, space, mind, and time itself, making her the one of the most powerful entities in the universe and wielding such near-limitless levels of power that allows her to do seemingly anything she desires effortlessly. With this level of power, Pepper is almost invincible.
  • Reality-Warping: One of Pepper's signature abilities is manipulating and corrupting the laws of reality, which she does with extreme proficiency. She claims that she can create new universes with even the most casual act, as well as destroy them, although she is never actually seen doing this (it has been shown she can create pocket dimensions however). She at one point turned a planet into a giant gold coin. She also turned Spyro's projectile attacks into various harmless objects, turned Mina's pistol into a cobra, turned Jeno's knife into tarantulas, turned an entire army into stone statues, and turned half of the Punkettes, Minu Krab, and their allies into banners. Pepper can also transform organic matter and distort the physical world, and cause a ripple in the space-time continuum that had the potential to destroy all of existence. After absorbing the Universe Crystals, Pepper's powers grows stronger to the point she can manipulate reality on a universal scale. Pepper's mere presence seems to suck the life out of her immediate surroundings, as seen when Osana summoned her. During the summoning, the sky turned red, all water in the area turned to blood, and time around the two froze. In addition, Pepper could also bring inanimate objects to life, such as when her "weirdness wave" brought Oten City's water tower, various trees, and even a planet to life.
    • Illusion Creation: Pepper can create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. Pepper's illusions were best shown in the episode "Haunted", where she traps Spyro in an elaborate maze of illusion, showing her horrific visions, such as Pepper throwing Shira into a pit of flames, her home planet being destroyed while the people flee in terror, and a zombie version of Shira crawling with spiders attacking her as she rots. She then attacked her with an illusion of a giant, spider-like version of herself. If the victim manages to hurt Pepper while she is making these illusions, they will instantly cease to exist, but this can usually only be done by those who can match her power.
    • Matter Transmutation: Pepper is capable of warping the bodies of a living organism, as she easily turned Kiota into a golden statue, and most of the Punkettes, the Minu Krab, and their allies into decorations for her castle, although it is only temporary, as they were all eventually returned to their original form after Pepper's death. During their transformed state, Pepper's victims are still conscious and aware of what is happening around them, as evidenced with the screaming faces on the banners and paintings. They are unable to communicate with anyone, and unlikely to be removed from this situation — not even by death — anytime unless Pepper releases them.
    • Biological Manipulation: Pepper is capable of warping the bodies of a living organism, showing the power to release a ball of energy capable of turning her targets into pieces of themselves, as she easily turned Inuyasha into pieces and Tsuyu Asui into strips, although it is only temporary, as Inuyasha and Tsuyu eventually returned to their original forms.
  • Sharp Claws: Pepper sports razor-sharp claws at the tip of each finger. Their extremely pointy edges are sufficient to easily cut through human skin, as shown when she used them to easily slit a man's throat.
  • Supernatural Speed: Pepper can be supernaturally faster than what is naturally possible. Spyro claimed Pepper looked like a bullet train in a fight and Junko, no stranger to being super fast herelf, said she could barely keep up with her. Running away from Pepper is nigh-impossible due to her speed, as she has reminded her prey many times. Pepper was so fast that she could create kinetic balls of energy just by spinning in circles. She also used her speed to transcend time and space, travelling across galaxies at speeds well behind the speed of light.
  • Enhanced Senses: Pepper's senses are far acuter than any normal human. She has perceived events so tiny and so fast they can hardly be said to have occurred at all. She can hear people talking from beyond space, and can see from lightyears away.
  • Supernatural Durability: Pepper had almost incalculable levels of resilience and durability, rendering her capable of easily handling the Universe Crystals without being harmed and wielding their power without strain. Hence, despite the combined efforts of The Punkettes, The Minu Krab, and Class 1A, Pepper remained completely uninjured by the force of their attacks. Pepper also effortlessly shrugged off powerful blows from Izuku Midoriya with no visible injury. She was also able to shrug off Junko's attacks, as well as a powerful lightning blast from Spyro's sword.
  • Supernatural Strength: Despite not looking very muscular, Pepper is shown to be immensely strong to an calculable degree. She is able to pick up and play with an entire planet like they were basketballs, easily overpowered and practically toyed with the Punkettes and their allies when they engaged her in a physical fight.
  • Superhuman Agility: Pepper moves with incredible grace in the battle, being able to easily overcome the attacks of fast enemies like Spyro and Junko. Pepper was able to jump high from a piece of debris into the air.
  • Electrokineis: Pepper could conjure a current of electrical energy from her eyes and fingertips, that were capable of inflicting severe pain on the target of this attack, leaving them convulsing and writhing in agony. Depending on what her intentions were, the lightning could simply stun the target, torture them to death slowly, or simply vaporize them instantly.
  • Black Breath: Pepper could create a poisoning, toxic mist know as Black Breath to act as deterrent to those who wanted to steal her treasures or for her foes who tried to enter her lair. Only Spyro's buster sword could dispel it.
  • Energy Manipulation: Pepper had complete control over the destructive force of her powers. Due to her strong understanding and familiarity with her demonic abilities, she is capable of creating a wide plethora of versatile and dangerous capabilities, such as firing beams of energy from her body. Typically, whenever Pepper activates her powers, her eyes glow bright red.
    • Eye Beams: One of Pepper's most commonly utilized attacks, that ability tended to manifest as beams of red light that typically incinerated the objects that it made contact with. It could be used either as continuous beams of light, or as staccato bolts of energy. Pepper had used that ability in numerous battles with her enemies, as well as to destroy the surface of entire planets. The beams could also slice through objects like a plasma torch, or caused them to explode.
    • Energy Detonation: Pepper is able to unleash destructive energy to charge objects with unstable explosive energy with just a single gesture from her fingers, causing them to overload and violently detonate. This ability proves to be the most commonly used out of all her diverse capabilities due to its great versatility and combat potential thanks to her ability to control the time and size of the detonation, whether instantly or slowly or how devastating, allowing her to use it with devastating efficiency, as Pepper normally uses it to destroy planets, while giving herself time to teleport out to safety.
    • Energy Projection: Pepper is able to project explosive energy in many forms of extremely powerful energy attacks, showing much greater raw power and versatility than Trijana's use, that applied incredible amounts of powerful concussive force that are even potentially capable of outright destroying objects with its volatile power or incapacitating and greatly damaging even the most durable of individuals. She can directly concentrate energy into destructively powerful beams easily strong enough to cleave through rocks. She was also able to unleash the energy wildly as a shockwave of energy that was easily potent enough to knock out Inuyasha, Izuku, Junko, Momo, and Uraraka instantaneously and displays being able to focus the energy into repulsive waves that were easily potent enough to effortlessly blast away the superhumanly strong and resilient Spyro and easily stop one of Kagome's arrows in mid-air before flinging both it and her away.
    • Energy Conversion: After absorbing the Universe Crystals, it appears that Pepper was able to convert the influence of her rule into energy to be unleashed upon the whole universe, as when Pepper conquered the universe, it caused energy to surge from her and cover the whole battlefield of Fridnika II and caused ominous rumbling through the universe.
  • Pain Inducement: Pepper was able to use her powers as a very effective form of torture by exposing an individual to the energy of her powers to cause them a tremendous pain, while limiting the amount of energy sent into the body of said being to avoid killing them. This was potent enough to cause even Spyro an series of excruciating amounts of pain. She can also use this ability as a permanent (or at least as long as she's alive) curse on others, as shown with Topaz. The pain is compared to being stabbed with pins and needles and also keeps Boss Demon sleepless, incredibly paranoid, and aggravated.
  • Spatial Manipulation: Pepper has the power to enchant homes and buildings so that people can't leave it because the exits lead back into the home or building.
    • Global Influence Spreading: After absorbing the Universe Crystals, it appears that Pepper's power was able to reach the whole universe, allowing Pepper to use her power to conquer the universe.
  • Dark Aura: Pepper had the ability to conjure a miniature storm of malevolent energy and lightning around her, which sickened, crippled, and tortured all caught within its radius.
  • Flight/Interstellar Travel: Pepper is capable of flying both in air and across space at amazing speeds well beyond the speed of light.
    • Levitation: Pepper can "fly" several feet off the ground and slowly descend back to the ground with ease. And while doing this she can dash upward and she will gain altitude quickly before descending.
  • Shape-shifting: Pepper can immediately transform herself into any kind of being, regardless of the size or nature of the form. Pepper has taken the forms of a giant statue, a tiny scorpion, a dragon, a hydra, a chimera, a giant black octopus, a giant spider, a demonic gorilla, flying leeches, a cat, a human, and an even more demonic version of herself during her final battle with the Punkettes. She is also capable of shapeshifting into other beings and able to perfectly imitate their voices, such as when she secretly shifted into Jeno to steal Spyro's safe code from the Punkettes, or morphed into Shira. Between shapeshifting, Pepper is an red glowing blood-like goo.
    • Duplication: Pepper has the ability to create a seemingly endless number of duplicates of herself. In order to lure the Punkettes into a trap, Pepper created a fake version of herself so that Spyro could "kill" her. Said illusion was so convincing that the illusion of herself was able to physically interact with the environment, as she was able to be engaged by and even killed by Spyro. During her final fight against Spyro, she multiplies into an army of Shiras in an act of psychological warfare.
  • Size Alteration: Pepper is able to grow or shrink to a seemingly limitless degree. Pepper could grow so large that he was able to carve his name into entire planets and even take massive bites out of said planets. She is also able to increase the size of her body parts as she did with her fist.
  • Dream-Walking: Living up to being called a "Dream Demon", Pepper could enter the dreams of anyone she desires, and could even warp said dreams to her liking. This was shown during her "friendship" with Ivyuka, where Pepper could enter her mind whenever she wanted to play friendly games with her and continue building the Universe Portal. Pepper could also enter the dreams of other powerful beings, as shown when she entered Spyro's mind to get the combination to the safe after making a deal with Osana.
  • Curse-Bearing: Pepper was capable of putting curses on people or even entire landscapes. For people, Pepper could turn them into monsters against their will and even bestow immortality upon them to prolong their suffering. Pepper's curses also worked on entire landscapes. She also cursed Boss Demon with a spell that caused him crippling pain almost all the time, causing Boss Demon to suffer from sleep deprivation and agony.
  • Elasticity: Pepper can stretch and extend her limbs without any consequences.
  • Hydrokinesis: Pepper is capable of manipulating, and producing water. She can also use this power to create tidal waves.
  • Pyrokinetic Abilities/Immunity: Pepper is a demon, thus she is capable of manipulating, bathing in, and producing flames and lava alike. She was capable of incinerating entire civilizations with just a touch of her claws. She also produced enough lava to flood an entire planet and can use her powers to perform a wide variety of techniques, such as the rapid creation of flame henchman, spikes, and walls. She can use her magic to propel herself across a flame surface. Pepper also displayed the ability create flame demons and imbue them with life, enabling them to move of their own accord. This ability can manifest itself consciously, as was the case with her demonic henchmen. When Pepper's fire struck people, it passes through the heart with magic and instantly melts the person to death. Pepper also is clearly not bothered by the heat, preferring most of her homes be in hellish wastelands and fiery dimensions; she was seen casually living in her fiery hell without exhibiting any signs of discomfort. And as many souls would burn and suffer the unbearable heat, Pepper remained casual and unharmed, a further indication of Pepper's affinity to the heat.
  • Invisibility: Pepper has the ability to turn herself invisible. This was shown in The Battle of Fridnika II, were as upon unveiling her illusion to Spyro, she initially talked to her unseen before revealing herself.
  • Petrification: Pepper can transform matter and objects, including living beings, into stone, either with her eye or finger beams. This is most evident when she petrifies Kokona Haruka in the beginning of Day of Judgement Part V: To Survive.
  • Force-Fields: Pepper can manipulate energy reserves to manifest extremely powerful red force fields of energy capable of instantly vaporizing weapons thrown at her, and even blocking the energy of Spyro's incredibly powerful magic-based attacks. Pepper could trap people in these shields and then deprive them of oxygen, leading to slow and painful death.
  • Intangibility: Pepper had the ability to phase through solid matter with ease. This ability also applies to other beings and their attacks, allowing them and their magical blasts or weapons to harmlessly pass through Pepper's body. In one instance, Junko attempted to tackle Pepper, only to go right through the demon's body and run into a wall. Pepper is also capable of making other beings intangible in order to phase and unphase objects out of space, rendering them incorporeal and just as easily make them corporeal again, as she easily made Luka intangible when she tried to attack the demon and then rendered her corporeal again to trap her in solid stone.
  • Sleep Manipulation: With the snap of her fingers, Pepper can send her victims into a deep sleep. She was seen doing this to Leakianmishi so she couldn't escape while Pepper was busy hunting her friends.
  • Telekinesis: Pepper was very proficient in moving objects by focusing on them, even objects lightyears away from her.
  • Telepathy: Pepper can read other's minds, usually to find out what they are thinking and afraid of. This is presumably how she knew Clumsy's mother was dead despite not knowing prior.
  • Soul Identification: Pepper can detect and attack the souls of others, allowing her to identify the real one among mystical replicas of others and attack them, as which During the Battle of Fridnika II, when Pepper was being attacked by a swarm of Spyro's duplicates, she identified the true Spyro among the copies, and proceeded to send a wave of energy to vaporize each clone, also pushing the friendship creature's astral form out of her body for a while, leaving Spyro surprised and ready to be taken.
  • Soul Removal: Pepper was capable of removing the soul from a living being and entrap them within herself in order to possess their bodies. In this state, the soulless cannot interact with living beings unless they possess someone else or an object, and if their physical bodies are destroyed, they will become trapped in Hell forever.
  • Absorption: Pepper had the ability to absorb anything - whether it was energy or other living beings - and use it for to strengthen her own power. While doing this, Pepper opens the mouth on her abdomen and the essence and power within the object she is absorbing will travel inside her mouth and body. She can also absorb the wellbeing of others by trapping them in the Pit of Anguish. This was shown when she absorbed the powers of the Universe Crystals, allowing her to fully corrupt the entire universe.
  • Weather Manipulation: Pepper had the ability to manipulate the weather to her own desire, such as acid rain, blood rain, fire rain, massive earthquakes, and screaming tornadoes made of blood.
  • Sonic Scream: Pepper can produce very powerful and demonic screams powerful enough to cause space-quakes and deafen people.
  • Teleporting: Pepper can use teleportation for herself and others at will, usually for quick appearances or escapes. She could even teleport across dimensions, as seen when she teleported from Oten City back to her lair in Hell.
  • Cosmic Awareness: Pepper possesses an understanding of the workings of the universe on a cosmic scale, and has the ability to oversee other universes as she wishes.
  • Remote Viewing: Pepper is also able to look through the eye of anything that is made in her image, allowing her to know what occurs even when she is not present, as shown with the Cult of Satanica's statue, the banner of her in the Literature Club, and the painting of Pepper in Ivyuka's house.
  • Madness Inducement: Pepper had the ability to affect the sanity of other beings, usually in a manner that causes them to become insane.
  • Fourth-Wall Awareness: Pepper is fully aware that she is a fictional character, and even claims that she can "see" the viewers and hear them breathing. She also was able to warp the show's intro into a demonic version of it featuring her.
  • Brainwashing: Pepper has the power of brainwashing several minds simultaneously. This also suggests that Pepper has the ability to erase particular things from a person's memory or knowledge, as shown during her brutal brainwashing of Boss Demon.
  • Possession: Pepper can possess people, whether they made a deal with her or out of their own will. While in the host's body, their eyes turn into Pepper's red eyes. Generally, it appears that the weaker willed succumb to Pepper's powerful mind control much faster. This ability presumably has no effect on Spyro and Dark Kendra. However, Pepper cannot possess someone as long as the host refuses to shake her hand.
  • Corruption: One of Pepper's most powerful abilities. Using dark magic, Pepper could mutate normally harmless beings into monstrous versions of themselves. During one of her encounters with Ivyuka, Pepper used that ability and transformed three small trolls into monsters in order to trick Ivyuka into killing them. It was also shown that if the corrupted creature died, the spell was broken and the creature transformed back to its original form.
  • Healing/Regeneration: While Pepper was completely resistant to most forms of attack, she was not fully invulnerable; items attacks powered by divine energy could do some serious damage to her. However, Pepper was able to regenerate to a large degree, even against attacks such as those. These sort of assaults tended to create large, burning holes or gashes in Pepper wherever she was struck, which she could close back up with effort. In extreme cases, her healing factor allows her to heal even if she is reduced to a single cell or drop of essence. In even worse cases, it's showcased that her healing is so powerful that she is able to regenerate even if her physical body is completely destroyed.
  • Earth Manipulation: Pepper can cause earthquakes, move mountains and even shift a planet's tectonic plates using telekinesis.
  • Pocket Reality Creation: Pepper had the ability to create a pocket dimension, a small personal world in which she has absolute control over its aspects. This was shown when she created Junkoland, a dream world for Junko Enoshima full of sentient creatures in order to trap and imprison her within with its temptations.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Pepper has the ability to turn off gravity around her to where it only affects those around her.
  • Resurrection: Pepper has the hidden ability to resurrect once-dead beings back to life, restoring them to their original form and personality. It's also heavily suggested in the finale that she can resurrect herself should she be killed by speaking in a special incantation, but this remains to be seen.
  • Matter Manipulation: Pepper was capable of controlling matter, being able to remove the atoms in organic beings and re-shape them into another for, or even remove them reality. This was shown when she reduced Boss Demon to atoms, only to quickly restore him to his normal form, simply to show off her powers. In a more violent showcase, Pepper killed one of her minions by blowing his atoms apart, causing him to combust into a bloody, gory mess. Later, during the Battle of the Universe, she threatened to reduce Oten City and the primary universe to atoms.
  • Necromancy: Pepper was capable of resurrecting the dead and bending them to her commanding will or simply let them run rampant.
  • Portal Creation: Pepper had the ability to open gateways to any part of the universe or other dimensions, allowing her to effortlessly teleport himself to anywhere she desires at will. As such, Pepper instantly warped herself to Oten and Hell, with ease. She can also take others with her, warping both herself and Topaz out of Oten upon capturing the Universe Crystal Temple portal.
    • Dimensional Traveling: Pepper is able to travel to other realities using said portals.
  • Photokinesis: Pepper can shift the color frequencies of the light around her in order to appear as if she is glowing red. She is also capable of emitting a powerful light upon teleporting, essentially blinding whoever was looking at her.
  • Power Bestowment: Pepper has the power to grant other beings power as well, whether as a curse or a gift. She also gave Boss Demon powerful abilities similar to her own, making him incredibly powerful without the need to train his abilities.
  • Chronokinesis: Limited only to her perception of time, Pepper can clearly see her future and past from a third-person perspective.
    • Precognition: Pepper has the ability to foresee the future and future events. This is best showcased when she was able to foresee the destruction of the Osana-bot and implied at one point that Ainlie would die from a heart attack when she was 96. She also once implied she knew the exact time and date of Junko's death and asked Junko if she wanted to hear it, although Junko did not take interest in Pepper's question. How she was unable to foresee her own death is likely just Plot-Induced Stupidity.
    • Time Travel: Pepper can mentally travel throughout time at will. However, due to Sacred Time's magic, she cannot interact with the environment or alter time in her favor.
  • Immortality: A significant aspect of Pepper's power-set is that Pepper is ageless and immortal. She requires no sustenance, such as sleep, food, or water, and cannot be harmed by any mortal methods. Only the power of mystical sources like Kiroto's magic, Spyro Doomfire's powers, Dark Kendra's powers, or divine entities are capable of hurting her and bring about her destruction. She also can bestow this ability as a curse.

  • Dealing: One of Pepper's most noticeable abilities is that she can make a deal with someone to give the said someone who made a deal with her fame, power, or a request. Pepper's hand become surrounded in a purple flame and once the person exchange a hand shake, while the flame doesn't harm the person, the deal will be sealed. However, once the deal is sealed, Pepper will want something in return that often ends up in her twisted methods. If the person breaks the deal, Pepper's powers won't have any effects on them, as Osana broke her deal with her when Pepper failed to get the combination for Spyro's safe. Also, making deals is the only way Pepper's powers could have an effect but only to the ones who made a deal with her.
  • Extraordinary Intelligence: Aside from being monstrously powerful, Pepper is incredibly cunning and smart to such a level that borders nigh-omniscience. She is said to know "lots of things", such as the truth of many well-known conspiracies as well as future events, like the destruction of Osana-bot and that Shira would return from the South Korean forest. She also has a vast amount of knowledge of the universe and it's many artifacts and planets.
  • Manipulation: Another one of Pepper's traits is that she is quite manipulative. Pepper can flatter others, deceiving them by promising them anything, she can go as far to make deals with them only to betray them at the end. Pepper manipulated Celestia on how she sacrificed everything to make Luka happy while she never returns the favor, trapped Junko in a dream that contains her desires, she even tricked Kiota and Osana, with the former admitting she lied and the latter being a skilled deceiver herself.
  • Master Swordsmanship: Pepper was an extremely skilled swordsman, using a large, flaming sword as her weapon, with which she was able to easily fight off the combined assault of Spyro, Shira, and Clumsy, before being disarmed by Shira and near-entirely pressure Spyro into the defensive and soon gain the upper hand. She was also able to use it skillfully to deflect energy projections from Merkira and nearly managed to defeat him, pushing the sword dangerously close to his neck, forcing him to use his powers to disarm her. Pepper can throw it with dangerous accuracy, even able to achieve a boomerang-like effect, as she accurately threw it at Shira and it quickly returned to Pepper after she missed.
  • Master Torturer: Pepper is shown to be highly accomplished and creative in many fields of torture, with her skills in torture being quite famous, as Boss Demon implied Pepper can cause so much suffering to the Punkettes that they would beg for death itself. Her mastery of torturing techniques allows her to inflict the maximum amount of damage without killing the subject, as when she tortured Katara and her seven daughters in their childhoods. Pepper even used her powers to slowly gouge Boss Demon's eye out, but she was casually able to give Boss Demon immortality in order to cause him severe pain without killing him. The torture was effective enough that Boss Demon claims that he would rather die than be tortured by Pepper herself.

  • Divine Power: Though Pepper could not be harmed and killed by any mortal means, even the high-tech ones, those with divine power such as the buster sword, Dark Kendra, Spyro, Kiota, and Kiroto were able to do so. According to Ivyuka's notebook, Pepper could also be vanquished by "The strength of the human spirit and the virtue of human righteousness" since she was the incarnation of evil.
  • Arrogance: Although she is undeniably one of the most powerful characters in the entire series, she underestimates everyone else. She constantly and publicly belittles her loyal minions while showing everyone else less respect than even that. She is so sure of her victory and minion's loyalty, and so confident in the belief that her immensely strong demonic abilities render her essentially untouchable, that she is utterly blindsided and left puzzled when her henchmen disobey her or her enemies gain the upper hand.
  • The Satanica Zodiac: The Satanica Zodiac, also known as the Pepper Wheel, or the Satanica Wheel, is a symbol associated with Pepper and the symbols surrounding her. It is later revealed that this wheel is a prophecy that can be used to defeat her. The zodiac is activated when the chosen many holding hands while standing in their respective symbols, from which they will gain unimaginable powers strong enough to defeat Pepper. In their enhanced states, the chosen many are gifted with a power that constantly adapts to Pepper's attacks to ensure that it always defeats her. Not even in her true form, would stand a chance at defeating the Satanica Zodiac's powers.


  • Pepper Satanica's Sword: Pepper used this sword as one of her primary weapons. Other than a melee weapon, it could also be used as a throwing weapon that returned back to Pepper like a boomerang. The sword was made from an extremely sturdy material, being durable enough to withstand strikes from Spyro's sword.
  • Axe: Pepper once used her axe to attack a group of villagers simply because one threw trash at her.
  • Spear: Pepper witnessed Virekara drawing the last of his power to teleport Lapis Minudaka back to Earth. As punishment, Pepper borrowed one of her minion's spear and used it to impale Virekara, killing him.
  • Universe Crystals: Ten of the most powerful objects in the universe, they were Pepper's most primary objective in her crusade to conquer the entire universe. She would successfully acquire all the crystals and absorb their power, at which point he then finally completed her goal.
  • Axe of Vengeance: When Spyro called the axe to her hand, Pepper was able to catch it before it reached Spyro, and then used it to almost kill her.

Other Equipment:

  • Pepper's Armor: In her true form, Pepper had worn black, red, and golden armor. The armor was resilient enough to resist damage from explosions, and Spyro's sword.
  • Pepper Satanica's Throne: Pepper's personal floating seat in Pepper Satanica's Castle, where she lies and waits for any visitors or reports from her demons.


  • Pepper's Warship: Pepper commanded a massive warship. Using her forces to invade planets, Pepper commands the hovered crafts above the capital cities.

  • Name: Pepper Satanica
  • Origin: The Punkettes
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Ageless
  • Tier: 2-C | High 2-A
  • Attack Potency: Universe Level+, likely far higher (destroyed at least two solar systems. The Punkettes novel, which is entirely canon, further backed up Kiota's claim that Pepper is a threat to the unverse. A universe that has been stated to be infinite numerous times.) | Multiverse level+ (in this state, she became one with the universe and overid its law and order. Additionally, she was even shown to have merged all universes together.)
  • Speed: Massively FTL (capable of interstellar travel), likely Omnipresent within hell | Omnipresent (became one with spacetime)
  • Lifting Strength: Class E, likely higher | Unknown
  • Striking Speed: Universal | Unknown
  • Durability: Universe Level+ (survived multiple attacks from Spyro) | Unknown (she was never shown to be hurt by anything)
  • Stamina: Incredibly high, if not limitless.
  • Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius level (Is said to know "lots of things", such as the truth of many well-known conspiracies as well as future events, like the destruction of the Osana-bot. Pepper is also able to look through the eye of anything that is made in her image, allowing her to know what occurs even when she isn't around as shown with the Cult of Satanica's statue, The Satanica Banner in the Literature Club, the Pepper portrait in Spi's home, and the painting of Pepper in Ivyuka's home. She is aware and can view infinite versions of herself in infinite timelines and knows of the past and future.)

Key: Normal Form | True Form

Pepper Satanica's statistics

Viciousness and Brutality

​Kisekae Code


True Form

98**aa10.]images/pepper sword.png

Giant Spider Form



  • The Empire of Hell: Hell is a hellish dimension where Pepper Satanica and her followers reside. Being the domain of Pepper, many who are captured by Pepper's army are tortured here until they learn to respect and worship Pepper, or are simply sentenced to slavery in one of the empire's labor camps or mines. Millions, perhaps billions of demons call the empire home. The Empire contains thousands of buildings made from rocks, marketplaces, temples, strongholds, and castles. Everyone within the empire is required to pay tribute to Pepper, at the threat of torture and brainwashing. Countless statues and other tributes to Pepper litter the Empire, as well as hell, and her minions can be found anywhere. Dominating the dimension's skyline is the spaceport where interstellar trade and tribute pour in through, as well as intergalactic criminals seeking refuge from the Time Police. While Pepper's side of the empire is incredibly rich because of its center of commerce, Pepper's endless greed has left most of the empire impoverished. Water cannot exist in Hell, as the extreme temperatures instantly evaporate any water, which means no food can be made. Most of the empire is largely neglected as Pepper and her administrators simply do not care about its foundation. These areas are crime-ridden, trash laden and increasingly abandoned. Hell's air is unbreathable to most species due to how much ash and sulfur is in the air. The citizens of the empire are generally very quiet, as Pepper's minions lurk everywhere and any insult against her is met with extreme force or cruel and unusual punishment. There is no law in Hell, as illegal activities are regular and encouraged. The only law is to avoid disrespecting Pepper in any way. When Pepper absorbed the Universe Crystals, she merged all universes together and then allowed the empire to invade the merged universe. However, the empire was erased from existence from a wave of magic that spawned when Pepper was defeated.
    • Pepper's castle: Pepper's castle is a massive, misshapen fortress that acted as Pepper's domain and home. The interior is that of a massive castle that has fallen into disrepair, likely from Pepper's lack of care. There are stairs seemingly leading to nowhere, and a large, red stained-glass window which resembles an eye with a slit pupil (the last of which cannot be seen from the exterior). Pepper's throne room is a massive hall with walls of fire that lead to Pepper's throne, which sits on the side of a cliff. In the cliff is fire and lava, which is where Pepper lies and waits for any visitors or reports from her demons. Most of Pepper's lair is seemingly made up of a series of twisting hallways and corridors, and one massive room where Pepper stores all the riches she plunders from other planets. There is also a room that contains nothing but a massive statue of Pepper, which acts as a worshipping device for the Cult of Satanica, who regularly visit the castle for sacrifices and other tributes. Inside the floating tip at the top of the castle is a penthouse suite. It has furniture with upholstery made of human skin, a fireplace with a portrait of Pepper wearing a crown hanging over the mantle, a demonic grandfather clock, a grand piano, an acoustic guitar, a hot-tub that appears to be filled with blood, and a large eye-shaped window. Pepper's castle was destroyed when Pepper unleashed a hail of lasers upon the castle in a last-ditch effort to kill the Punkettes and their allies. The attempt failed, although the Punkettes and their allies were injured and greatly demoralized.


Part I

~ Pepper's secret message in the Season One intro.
That sword. I remember that blade. I recognize your blood. You are the daughter of the fool who imprisoned me those many years ago. No matter, neither he nor the sword had the power to slay me forever, and neither do you!
~ Pepper after attacked by Spyro's buster sword.
You might have beaten me now...But I will destroy you in the future... (Spyro: There is no future for you, Satanica.) I disagree. (shoots a portal towards Spyro) (Spyro: What trickery is this? PEPPER! (the portal sends Spyro to Earth) Do not worry, Doomfire. We'll meet again. But next time you will not be so fortunate.
~ Pepper sends Spyro to Earth.
She is stronger than I remember. But no matter. For you see, Doomfire, the world is mine! My eyes and ears are everywhere, nothing you do will go unseen! Quest as you may, gather as many so-called "Punkettes" as you want, but we will meet again when I see fit, in the time and place of my choosing! I'll wait centuries if I have to! You'll slip up eventually and when you do it is I who shall put an end to the war started in that age long past, Spyro Doomfire! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
~ Pepper in Hell, swearing vengeance after being defeated by Spyro Doomfire.
Spyro, what have you done? (Spyro: There was a fire and, I tried to stop her... it was an accident, I... I didn't mean for it to happen.) Of course, of course you didn't. No one... ever means for these things to happen. ...But Shira IS dead. And if it weren't for you, she'd still be alive.
~ Pepper (As Peppa) tricking Spyro into thinking that Shira's "death" was her fault.
This isn't real enough for you, Spyro? I'm not real enough for you?! It was real enough for Shira...
~ Pepper revealing to Spyro she's the one who "killed" Shira.
Oh, oh, Oten City, it is good to be back! Name's Pepper Satanica, and I take it you're some kind of living body pillow? [laughs] Just kidding, I know who you are, Osana! (Osana: W-what are you? H-how do you know my name?) Oh, I know lots of things! (*voice changes*) Lots of things...
~ Pepper after being summoned.
Ah, Spyro's Punkettes, we meet at last! Harley Quinn Reject, Klutz, Peace Necklace, and Genocide Green, I had a hunch I might bump into you!
~ Pepper meeting Junko, Clumsy, Leaki, and Jeno.
Oh, just the code to the Spy's safe! Inside the mansion is a maze of a million doors representing your leader's memories. Behind one of them is a memory of her inputting the code! I just need to find it and Osana will pay me beautifully.
~ Pepper.
OH, the look—HAHAHAH—on your FACE! Ahaha! "Jeno, noo!" Ahahahah!! You thought— your.. friend... Died!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!! Boy, you guys sure are gullible! (Laughs) It's funny how dumb you are.
~ Pepper mocking Junko and Leaki's reaction to Jeno's "death".
The combination to Spyro's safe. Boy, that was even easier then I thought! See ya, suckers!
~ Pepper to the Punkettes.
YOU! You can't even imagine what you just cost me! Do you have any idea what I'm like (voices changes to a low, demonic tone) WHEN I'M MAD?!?!
~ Pepper's breakdown
I'm been impressed with you guys. You're more clever than you look. Especially the green one. (Jeno: (to Clumsy) She's talking about you.) So I'm gonna let you guys off the hook. You might come in handy later. BUT KNOW THIS: A darkness approaches. A day will come in the future where everything you care about will change...until then I'll be watching you! I'll be watching you...
~ Pepper foreshadowing her universal rule.
Such fragile creatures you are. I can taste you terror, child. All that anxiety and's delicious. Give in to your fear, flee, screaming, and i'll let you live.
~ Pepper massacring Spyro's Home and meeting Spyro for the first time.
This wasn't part of my agenda, but i'm always happy to crush a hero. It keeps the rabble in line. Shows them that there is no hope.
~ Pepper.
Sweet nightmares! (chuckles evilly)
~ Pepper.
More ants to crush. I wonder if this world can offer me a real challenge. And as if to answer, the world sends me a trembling child.
~ Pepper facing Leakianmishi
Run, run, little rabbit!
~ Pepper.
Oh yes... The woman who lived... If you give up, you will see your family and go back home... If not, then you will lose Junko, Clumsy, Jeno, Leaki, and Kiota, and will suffer 10 long years in Hell with me... You will return to your home, but in a new outfit, not noticed by anyone, and your family transformed to zombies. Afterwords, you will travel to a new planet, where people know nothing about Friendship Creatures. There, you must plant a flower, and use it to pray for trying to kill me, along with the 9 rivals you've killed so far! If you do that, you will die peacefully with your loved ones around you.
~ Pepper Satanica trying to persuade Spyro Doomfire into giving up.
You are one of my most powerful minions. You have never failed me.
~ Pepper brainwashing Boss Demon.

Part II

You worthless slime! I'll have you for dinner, you worm! I'll eat every last mortal in this world, I'll devour you all just as I had all the others! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!!
~ Pepper taking control of Spyro.
You will be allowed. The oceans of Satanica will be your new home. But you will pay homage to me by constructing statues in my likeness. Once a month, a tribute will rise from the depths of the ocean to remind all who is your new master. Now begone!
~ Pepper.
Name's Pepper Satanica! And your name's Mina Rintakahana, the commander of the Boboku Forest, but I'm getting ahead of ourselves; let's relax! Care for a game of interdimensional chess? Have a cup of tea.
~ Pepper.
Look, Commander, I know we've had our problems in the past, but seems an ancient artifact that can defeat me is out there and I need your generous assistance getting it back. (Mina: Yeah? Well, why should I give a damn? All you've done is trying to kill me and my friends.) (Pepper laughs) I hear you! Now, what's in it for you? Well, as soon as I dispose of that little crystal, I'll give you your family back? (Mina: Bullcrap!) No, seriously. I have their souls in Hell! Help me destroy that crystal and you can get all the family time your little heart desires. Now.. do we have ourselves a deal?
~ Pepper making a deal with Mina
(Mina: What have you done?) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, Rintakahana. You have been betrayed. That wasn't the crystal you destroyed, it was your family's souls! I destroyed that thing years ago! You see Mina, you may think this is cruelty, but this is actually a lesson; No matter how hard you try, you will always be alone! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Fool! (Mina: We made a deal you fucking Dick!) Actually, if you remember correctly, our deal was at best implied, and even then (points to herself) bad girl! (Mina: Fight me, YOU FUCKER!) Soon enough, Mina, but not until I find a way to defeat you and Spyro. Now, how did you put it? Oh, yes. Your time on this miserable land continues. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
~ Pepper tricked Mina.
(on the phone) AHAHAHAHAA!!! Yes, I can hold. (Sits complacently) Yes. I would like to place an order for delivery. (person on the other end speaks) Pepper. I think I'm in the computer....YES! That's it. I'd like a large— WHAT?! Huh? EXTRA T H I C C!!! Thirty minutes or it's free? EXCELLENT!!! HAAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
~ Pepper ordering a pizza.
I'LL KILL YOU ALL! Ha-ha! I'll drive you crazy, and I'll kill you all! I'm every nightmare you've ever had! I am your worst dream come true! I'm everything you were afraid of! RARGH!
~ Pepper to the Punkettes.
You will come out, when you learn to respect your new master.
~ Pepper after throwing Sparks in the cage.
(Celestia: So which puppet are you going to pick?) Hmm, let's see... eenie... meanie.. miney... YOU!
~ Pepper takes Celestia's body.
Man, it has been so long since I've inhabited a body. (slaps herself in the face) Woo! (slaps the other cheek) Woo! How the hell did all this skin get on my arm? (rips the skin on her left arm off, revealing bone and muscle) (Celestia: HOLY CRAP!!! (covers her eyes) Put it back, put it back!) Haha! Pain is hilarious!!
~ Pepper after taking Celestia's body.
Celeste, you've been getting way too close to figuring out some major answers. I've got big plans comin' and I don't need you or your friends gettin' in my way. Destroying that laptop was a cinch. Now I just need to destroy those diaries. Race ya to the bottom of the stairs! (tips backward and tumbles down the stairs)
~ Pepper to Celestia's soul after taking her body.
Heh! welcome to the mental realm, kid! Without a vessel to possess, you're basically a ghost!
~ Pepper to Celestia's soul.
(Celestia: I'm gonna stop you! I'm gonna find those diaries before you do!) But how can you stop me... if you don't exist? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
~ Pepper (in Celestia's body) to Celestia.
(Junko: Celestia??) Celestia's not here right now! But if you'd like, you can leave a message! (Junko: (gasps) Pepper Celestia?! Peplestia!)
~ Pepper reveals she has possessed Celestia's body to Junko.
Bold of you to assume you worms have a chance of beating me. Hey, Junko, wanna hear the exact time and date of your death?
~ Pepper (in Celestia's body) taunting Spyro, Junko, Clumsy, Leaki, and Jeno.
Junko: I say unto the... the power of Christ compels you!
Pepper: Oh, does it? Does it compel me?
Junko: The power of Christ compels you!
Pepper: Does it, Junko? Is the power of Christ compelling me? Is that what's happening?
Junko: The power of Christ compels you!
Pepper: Guess what? It's not that compelling.
~ Junko trying to exorcise Celestia.
Ah! What is this feeling? (Wheezing) My body is burning! I can't move these stupid noodle legs! Goddamn you, useless flesh sticks! Body...shutting down... infection... spreading... through the body... ... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa.. hey!
~ Pepper beginning to feel the effects and weaknesses of being a mortal.
You can't defeat me! Big things are coming! I'm a being of pure energy with no weakness! I'LL BE BACK!!! (begins speaking in reverse) !HGIN SI ESPYLACOPA EHT .OGLAZ DROL FO WODAHS EHT NI REVIUQ LLIW UOY .EREH SI SYAD FO DNE EHT .DOOLB FO REVIR A NI NWORD LLIW UOY
~ Pepper after being exorcised out of Celestia's body by Luka.
Pepper: (to Celestia on the phone) Hello? Hello, hello? Oh, hey. This is one call you probably weren’t expecting.
Celestia: How?
Pepper: It’s probably obvious now, but I didn’t die in that exorcism. I thought to give you one last ring. For old time sake, to remind you there is no where you can go where I won’t find you. There’s no place you can hide that I won’t kill you. And I’ll think about it every night until I get out of here and when I do I-
Celestia: I’m sorry, Can I put you on hold for a minute? Thanks.
Pepper: What? No! You can't put me on hold! I AM PEPPER SATANICA AND YOU WILL NOT PUT ME ON HOLD!! I WILL CHEW YOUR SOUL UP AND SPIT IT OUT YOU PATHETIC LITTLE FU- (Celestia tosses the phone in a nearby trash can before casually walking off)
~ Pepper on the phone with Celestia.
~ A cryptogram from Pepper's perspective at the end of "The Puppet Musical".
That's no way to treat the mother of your children, Sugar Pie. - Oh. Didn't I mention? - No! You'll be bearing my children soon... (Spoony: Get me out of this!) Oh, silence. I'm going to have to make a few alterations. But afterward you should be able to bear a full litter. (looks at her claws) These will need sharpening. ($py64: Why? Just why the hell are you doing this?) Awwww... Don't worry your wittle head about it. - You'll get used to the pain, maybe. We'll have to make some changes to your face as well. It's a nice face. But the children won't suckle if you don't look like them. They can be very demanding at times. Many changes. Many changes.
~ Pepper after kidnapping $py64.
Hoho! Looks like Lil Ms. Brainiac finally got smart! Let's just say that when that portal finishes charging up, your dimension is gonna learn how to party! (looks at her minions through the portal) Right, henchers? (Ivyuka: I trusted you as a friend, Pepper! I shared my hopes and dreams with you! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!) Meh, one thing you gotta know about me, I'm no friend of anyone. Especially not a worthless freak like you. (Ivyuka: No.. I'll stop you. I'm shutting the portal down!!) A deal's a deal, kid! You can't stop a bridge between our worlds from coming, but it'll be fun to kick back and watch you try! Cute even!
~ Pepper betraying Ivyuka.
I guess I can't possess any of the Pukettes, so I'll just have to find my next pawn on the OUTSIDE. (Eyes flashes between several characters)
~ Pepper after the Punkettes made Spyro's mansion "Pepper-proof".
Oh what the fuck, what the fuck, WHAT THE FUCK!!! What the fuck is the point? The little train keeps moving, but it does not run anyone over or blows itself up! It just keeps moving... in circles!! Ever so constantly, IT'S MADDENING!!! (clears throat; until noticing the viewer) Oh, hello... I think it's story time, my adoring fans~! Hahahaha... Let me tell you the story of one horrifying, gruesome, Christmas... and how I took the faith of two parents's future, and ripped it apart... Hehehehe~! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away-No, that does not sound right.. Once upon a time in Mexico- No, that's not it, FUCK!! It all starts in a little house battered and withered... It was a humble home to say the least; and it held a mother, a father, and three little disgusting, germ-infested, wretched, UNRULY PILES OF WALKING MUCUS!!!! (clears throat again) I mean... children. It was Christmas Eve, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, yada-yada, and so on and so forth. At any rate, there was a sudden series of noises coming from downstairs, and when the three children were startled awake, they decided to investigate. Slowly they crept down the stairs, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa bringing them gifts... low and behold, however, they found yours truly, Hahahaha! They did, and they were horrified. I was just rearranging the ornaments of their shitty-ass tree while having some delicious candy canes~! They announced their presence to Me by asking (in a high pitch voice) "Are you the real Santa?" (in a normal voice) To which I replied, "Do I FUCKING look like your goddamn old fatass Santa Claus, YOU FUCKING BRAIN-DEAD, INSUFFERABLE, MEDDLING, LITTLE PIECES OF SHIT!?!?" They started crying for some reason or another. (laughs) I, uh, Well... Fuck! I can't seem to recall the rest of the tale; Selective memory I believe is the proper term... Hehehehe! To make a long story short, I ended up getting bored at looking their pathetic, disgusting little faces, so I just kinda, ripped them to shreds. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And then I plunged my claws into their stomachs... and begin to STRING OUT THEIR INTESTINES! (more sadistic laughter; until coughing) Ugh... I really shouldn't be laughing at such things, but... who am I kidding? There's nothing more hillarious than a whiny, putrid, little brat being horribly disfigured by some daughter of the Devil who just STOLE THEIR GODDAMN CANDY CANES~! (sadistically laughs even more until she sighs) Well, this has been fun, no? Let's meet again soon, and exchange more stories~; assuming I will leave you alive long enough to hear my next story. If not, Better luck next life. If you go to Heaven, tell my lil' twin sis Kio she smells like a goddamn skunk, won't you do that for me? (laughter) See you 'round, suckers~! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! FUCK!!!
~ Pepper's Christmas tale to the viewers.
Old woman (Pepper in disguise): Your mother must be very proud. She's..
Clumsy: Not with me anymore.
Old woman: Awww... (a fly lands on her eye, she doesn't react) That's too bad.
Clumsy: Not really. I prefer it that way. No bed-times, no rules.
Old woman: (more flies crawl on her face and eyes) ...But she's going to Hell.
Clumsy: What the SMURF did you just say?
Old woman: I said your fucking mommy's gonna burn.
Clumsy: Go to smurfing heck. (walks away)
Old woman: (snickers as flies crawl from her ears, nose and mouth; in Pepper's voice) All those little mommy's are gonna burn!
~ The old woman talking to Clumsy.
Time to die, Small Fry.
~ Pepper cornering Clumsy.
Cry, Clums, cry... cry all you want. Your friends aren't coming for you. You'll be all alone, crying and begging, but it's all pointless. But be my guest, your tears and fear will only flood the body and salt the meat!
~ Pepper mocking Clumsy as he cries for help.
What the fuck is happening down there? Hello? Is someone going to answer me? I give you one simple task: destroying that goddamn army. And what? You couldn't even get that right? I hope the army breaks every bone in your stupid fucking bodies. I hope you're lying there, desperately trying to breathe through fractured ribs and punctured lungs. If you're not, you'd better summon up whatever strength you've got left and run, 'cause after I'm done with those pathetic fucking worms, you're all next!
~ Pepper threatening her demons for their failure of destroying the Fridnika Army.

Part III

Pepper: I want every gun we have to fire on Spyro! (Spyro advances towards Pepper) Why aren't they firing?!
Boss Demon: They're taking out our gunners, master! They're getting close!
Pepper: Fire! FIRE AT HER!!!
Boss Demon: But Master, our men are in the strike zone! I advise we wait unt-
Pepper: No, fire. ALL THE GUNS! FIRE!!! NOOOOOW!!!
Demon Leader: ....No.
(Pepper grabs the Demon Leader by the throat and guts him with her powers)
~ Pepper orders her men to fire at Spyro at the cost of her henchmen and killing Boss Demon.
At last! At long, long last! The Universe Crystals have been absorbed! The event prophesied has come to pass! The day has come! THE UNIVERSE IS FINALLY MINE!
~ Pepper after absorbing the powers of the Universe Crystals.
~ A cryptograph from Pepper's perspective seen at the end of "The Punkettes vs. The Future".
I spy with my one little eye: a new Universe that is one dictator short of a dictatorship. Well, that's all about to change. Pretty soon, I'll be ruling over two Universes... a multiiverse for MEEEEEEEE!!! Fly, FLY, MY DEMONS!! We got some oppressing to do!
~ Pepper enacting her plan to take over the universe.
Alright, listen up, you one-lifespan, three-dimensional, five-sense skin puppets! For many years I've been trapped in my own decaying dimension, waiting for the time where I could call the universe my own, and that time is upon us. The name's Pepper! But you can call me your new ruler for all of eternity!
~ Pepper arriving to Oten.
Now meet the gang of inter-dimensional demons, monsters, and nightmares I call my friends! Topaz! 7-Volt! Steve! The monster who mustn't be named! Ah, what the hell, It's Xikiro. There's also Fang, my daughters, Yanko, Akuko, Killer Clowns, Hellhounds, Killer Dolls, and these guys. This is our universe now, guys!
~ Pepper introducing her armies.
It's time we do a little redecorating. I could really use a castle of some kind! (Pepper rises her castle from the ground) And how about some river pools of blood?!? and Bubbles of Pure Madness?? This party never stops! Time is dead and meaning has no meaning! Existence is upside down and the universe is mine to torment! WELCOME, ONE AND ALL, TO THE ETERNAL RULE OF PEPPER SATANICA!!
~ Pepper finally achieving her goal of universal domination.
Minions, this new universe wouldn't be possible without this girl! Give her a demonic round of applause!
~ Pepper telling her minions to applaud Kiota.
I smell fear...
~ Pepper knowing that Shira and Clumsy are scared of her.
You think you can stop me? Go ahead, Doomfire, show me what you've got. (Spyro: I...uh... I... uh...) I UM I. Do it, Spi. Do some brilliant spell that takes me down right now. Whaddya got, Doomfire, everyone's waiting. DO IT. I DARE YOU, I DOUBLE DARE YOU, MOTHERFUCKER! (Spyro: Augh, DAMMIT!!! (she fires a magical blast at Pepper, who harmlessly catches the blast with her mouths, and fires it back at Spyro and Shira and they are thrown backward into a tree; Spyro rubs her head) Ugh...) That's right. Don't be a hero. (Waves Kiota) This is what happens to heroes in my world. (Burns the spell book, along with Kiota's diaries) (Spyro: NO!!) Not much of a threat now, are you?
~ Pepper, goading Spyro into attacking her, then burning the spell book and the diaries after Spyro's attack fails.
Topi, did you know back in ancient times they would cut the tongues out of their bodyguards on their first day on the job? You think that's horrible, don't you? (chuckles) They've taken the animal out of you. You don't like that violent stuff. (takes a drink from her martini) ...But I do. (Pepper kills a nearby henchman by burning him to death with her heat vision before crushing another henchman's head to death with her hand) ...Well, that's one way to start a party! (Pepper's minions cheer and continue partying)
~ Pepper kills her henchman to start a party.
Hahahaha! Go nuts, guys! When we're done partying, I unveil Phase 2.
~ Pepper during her "Queen of the Universe" party.
(Kiroto's Elite: Open up! This is Kiroto's Elite.) Just play it cool, ditch the time-drinks. Let me do the talking. (Floros: Pepper Satanica.) Kiroto's elite, seriously? I just defeated the new one! (Floros: You are in violation of the rules of space-time, enslaving innocents, massacring planets, and worst of all.... Your demons egged my car! Who the hell does that?) (Time God: Hear this, Satanica!) Ugh, Time God. (Time God: (projects a hologram of the universe) If your rip in this dimension continues, it could destroy the very fabric of reality and existence! (the universe in the hologram explodes) Surrender now, or face my aging powers!) Oh, no, aging to an old lady! Whatever will I do about that? HOW 'BOUT THIS?? BOOM. (Pepper snaps her fingers, which disintegrates the Time God and Kiroto's Elite; blows the smoke from her finger) (Topaz: Ah, snap! She just killed the Time God! (Topaz and the demons cheer and resumed partying))
~ Pepper killing Time God and Kiroto's Elite.
Ah, nothing beats the sweet sound of hundreds of voices screaming in pain and terror!
~ Pepper while carving her name on a planet.
It's a start. I was also thinking of converting a village into a stronghold.
~ Pepper.
Hope is a state of harmony. Righteous, and bright, and all that other bullshit. Despair is more fun, and it grows so quickly like mushrooms over a single night. Despair is messy and confusing, and it ain't much of a pick either. It devours love and hate, and everything else. Despair takes the plans you've put all your faith into, and rips them to shreds. You may think you're above petty human desires, but you need despair... When it's calling the shots, All bets are off. You don't wanna be bored outta your skull for the rest of forever, do you?
~ Pepper watching the massacre from her throne room.
~ A cryptograph from Pepper's perspective at the end of "Day of Judgement Part I".
Ladies, gentlemen, that creature with like 36 different faces. (Creature with 37 different faces: 37 different faces!) Whoa-ho, sorry - touchy subject. Anyways, it's been fun turning this universe inside out, rounding up all its terrified inhabitants and then stacking them into this massive throne of frozen mortal agony. Don't worry, they're not conscious anymore. Probably. (Kokona: Uh, my omelettes. They-they have friendly faces.) Whoops. Hehe, back, back you go there. But this multiverse is just the beginning. It's time to take our chaos multiversal! Alright boys, to the corners of the multiverse, set the multiverse aflame with your darkness! This multiverse is ours! Ah, multiversal domination. I could get used to - (the demons hit an invisible shield and fall down) WHAT??!!! Fools! Of course only I have to power to destroy the shields. (Pepper extends her arm and puts hand around the shield, causing it to melt her arm off) AGHHHHH!!!! (a note suddenly appears in front of Pepper, Pepper reads it. It reads "Better luck next time, Crazy Devil Bitch :) - ♥ $py64 the Wolf") DAMMIT!!! (Thunder Death: I think I broke something.) Walk it off! Hmm, this might be more complicated than I thought.
~ Pepper, ordering her minions to spread their evil across the multiverse, only to discover there is a barrier keeping all of them, including herself away.
Alright, can anyone explain to me why, even with our newfound INFINITE POWER... (kills a quarter of her henchmen with lightning, Pepper's eyes glow bright red) None of us can escape the borders of this FUCKIN' WORTHLESS HICK UNIVERSE!!!! (Sits in throne) There's some kind of force field keeping us in, but who would know how to fix it? (looks at the Kiota statue) Hmm. Maybe someone needs to come out of retirement. (Topaz: The tsundere failed to stop the Punkettes. They are in Junko's bubble as we speak.) Ha! Topi, Enoshima's bubble is the most diabolical trap I've ever created. It would take a will of titanium not to give into its temptation. Fetch me Najimi and take the rest of the day off. Things just got a little more interesting.
~ Pepper angry at not being able to leave the Universe.

Part IV

♪We'll meet again... Don't know where, Don't know when... Oh, I know we'll meet again, some sunny day~!♪
~ Pepper singing at Kiota's interrogation.
(Kiota: Where am I?) You're in the penthouse suite, sis! The tip of the fortress. Have a drink! Make yourself comfortable. (Takes a sip of her drink as Kiota rolls her eyes in annoyance and sits down) You know that couch is made from living mortal skin?
~ Pepper to Kiota.
Ah, sharp as ever, Kio. As you may have noticed... I've recently had a (Voice echoing:) universal makeover. I control space, matter, and now that that dumb bull skeleton's out of the way, time itself! But I wasn't always this way. You think those chains are tight? Imagine torturing the same souls everyday. Sure, it never really stops being funny, eventually, I just got tired of torturing the same damn people every single day. So one day i decided screw it! Why torment the mortals in my Dimension, when I could torment the whole multiverse? here's just one hitch. As it turns out, my evil can't enter the confines of the multiverse. There's something keeping me out.
~ Pepper revealing her motivations for multiversal conquer.
Listen, once you tell me the equation, finally Hell will take over. Anything will be possible. I'll remake a fun world-- a better world- for both of us, of course. For the mortals it will for 24/7 suffering, torture, murder and death. But for you and all the other demons, it'll be a party that never ends with a host that never dies! No more restrictions! No more laws! You'd be one of us. All-powerful. Greater than anything you've imagined! And all I need is your help.
~ Pepper offering Kiota her Godhood back in exchange for the equation to escape the Universe.
You're making this so much harder than it needs to be. Everyone has a weakness, tough girl! I'll make you talk! It's only a matter of time.
~ Pepper, telling Kiota she will torture her for the equation.
Ready to talk now? (Kiota: I won't... I won't let you in my mind...!) Whaddya say, henchers? Another few hours in the fire?
~ Pepper torturing Kiota.
So the mortals are trying to fight back, huh. Adorable! Topaz, you know what to do! TAKE THEM OUT!!!
~ Pepper to Topaz, upon seeing Spyro, Shira, and Clumsy walking towards Pepper's castle.
Minions... to Me.
~ Pepper summoning all of her forces for the Battle of the Universe.
Oh? We suddenly had a burst of courage, didn't we? (laughs) I must admit, Doomfire, It's been fun, but I've grown tired of this universe and its inability to accept the inevitable. After I kill you and your worthless friends, I'm gonna burn this stubborn, annoying little universe and everyone within it... to ashes. (Shira: That means...) BOOM! THE END! Your pathetic lives are over. And I'm gonna enjoy it... very, very much.
~ Pepper gloating to Spyro, Shira, and Clumsy that she will destroy Oten City and the primary galaxy.
Whatever game you're playing, it won't work. You're nothing. You can't run, You can't hide, and You can't defeat me!! (Spyro: Oh, I know....But they can.)
~ Pepper and Spyro, moments before the heavenly army, the Punkettes, The Minu Krab, the Magicettes, Oten City's residents, the US military, the Spider-Gang, the Literature Club, and the Fridnika Army come to Spyro's aid.
(snickers in amusement) That sure was fun to watch! I wish I had some popcorn! You mortals provide excellent sport, I'll admit it. But your fight, like your lives, is pointless.
~ Pepper after the Punkettes defeat their evil clones.
Guys, seriously? You had, like, one job to do here.
~ Pepper after her minions are defeated.
(Kiota: Bravo, Spyro and Shira!) Well, would you look at that. They really care about you, and you care about them...(*Voice turns deep*) DON'T YOU?! (Kiota: What are you.... Oh. Oh no.) Perhaps torturing Doomfire and Matsuri will make you TALK!!
~ Pepper planning to torture both Spyro and Shira to coerce Kiota into helping her.
Oh no, it's Pepper! Right? Isn't that what you're all thinking? Hey, Najimi, why aren't you dancing? Chop chop, huh?
~ Pepper discovering the heroes in her lair.
Ha ha ha ho! This is just too perfect! Didn't you worthless roaches know the zodiac doesn't work if you don't all hold hands? And what's better, you've brought every threat to my power together in one easy-to-destroy CIRCLE!!! (destroys the zodiac) HAHAHA!!!
~ Pepper to the Punkettes and their allies as she destroys the Satanica Zodiac.
(Grabs Mina and Kiota) You guys wanna see what happens to your friends when you can't get along?(Romu: Hey! You give them back!) (Osana: You've gone too far, Satanica!) (Jeno: Yeah! We're not scared of you! (Grabs her knife)) (Monika: (Grabs her delete button)) Oh, but you should be. (Snaps and everyone except Spyro, Shira, Kiota, and Mina floats up beside her) (Shira: Ah!) (Spyro: Oh no!) You know, this throne room could really use some decorATIONS! (The people who she was holding up are replaced by tapestries with pictures of them screaming in front of their symbols) Looks like it's too late for your friends, Kio.
~ Pepper turning everyone except Spyro, Shira, Kiota, and Mina into tapestries.
Such sad, sad faces... But now is a time only for joy. You are going to be part of something beautiful. If she doesn't tell me how to take my chaos multiversal... once we reach the harbor... in front of all the universe... You two and their precious hope will die. *giggles wickedly* And it will be a lesson to those who dare to oppose me. SET SAIL!
~ Pepper to Spyro and Shira.
After all these years, I have captured Spyro Doomfire and the sword!! To all those fools who dare oppose me, your hero is dead! YOUR HOPE IS DEAD! I am the one true master! Let this be a lesson to all!
~ Pepper is going to kill Spyro.
Kio, you can still save the girls. Last chance: tell me how to take my chaos multiversal and I'll spare them!
~ Pepper to Kiota.
Oh, don't you mess with me, Matsuri. I'm.. All.. Powerfu- (Spyro throws a holy water balloon at Pepper's face, which begins to melt her face off) AAAAH!! DAMN INSECTS!!! ARRGHH!!! WHEN MY FACE REGENERATES I'M GONNA RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!!!
~ Pepper's rage over Spyro throwing a Holy water balloon at her face.
Not so fast. You two wait here! Topaz, hold down the ship. (Turns into a red, black, and purple hydra) I've got some girls I need to make into corpses. (Deep voice:) Seeya real soon.
~ Pepper to Kiota, Mina, and Topaz before chasing Shira Matsuri and Spyro Doomfire.
~ Pepper while perusing Shira and Spyro across the galaxy.
Oh, Shira? Where are you? You can run, but you cannot hide, 'CAUSE I CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR!!
~ Pepper while hunting Shira.
ALRIGHT KIO! Have you made up your mind yet? Times ticking.. I got the girls! Ugh, this is taking too long. I think I'm gonna kill both of them now, just for the hell of it! Now... Who should I start with first.... EENIE.... MEENIE... MINEY... YOU!!!!!
~ Pepper about to kill Spyro and Shira.
NO! I'll take her! I'll take all of you! I'll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear... Or... you'll just leave us be... I will take her. Only Damnfire, and I will have my long rule of the multiverse and you will all live to grow and thrive and lead *happy* lives, until old age takes you back to the weeds.
~ Pepper bargaining the Punkettes with Spyro's life.
Let me go! Let me go and you can have everything you've ever wanted; Money, fame, infinite power, your entire galaxy, PLEASE! I can bring your family back! They'll remember nothing, just like you will. I can make you a god of the Earth if you let me go! IF YOU LET ME GO. IF YOU LET ME- (starts to glitch) NO!! What's HAPPENING TO ME?! !NRUTER YAM I TAHT REWOP TNEICNA EHT EKOVNI I ,NRUB OT EMOC SAH EMIT YM ,.I.K.O.R.I.X.E
~ Pepper begging for her life to the Punkettes.
Mina: You took everything from me.
Pepper: I don't even know who you are.
Mina: You will.
~ Mina before she kills Pepper.
~ Pepper's last words right before being destroyed by Mina Rintakahana.

Handbook Entries

Oh, god. This dudette. Really no introduction needed, but this is a biography so I'm bound to pull something out outta my bag. Throughout my research I've seen the most fucked up beginnings you can imagine...
But I've never seen anyone like Pepper. Trust me when I say this, Pepper is by far the most twisted fucker I've ever knew. Yes, even more than The Joker. Pepper used to basically rule Hell until Katara was adopted. Pepper tortured Kat everyday of her life, dipping her in lava, zapping her with lasers eye beams, psychological torture, and routine beatings and starving her. Demon Queen responsible for the deaths of countless men, women and children. She eats the flesh of mortal beings, and also feeds on her victims' fears or some kinda weird creepy shit like that. I'm sure she just says that to sound scary. Sick fuck. Anyway, this Crazy Devil Bitch was about to take over the multiverse until Mina killed her. Guess she wasn't as tough and confident as she says she is. HA.
~ $py64's bio of Pepper in the Punkettes Handbook.
Is she watching me?
Pepper has proven herself to be one of the friendliest and most trustworthy individuals that I've ever encountered in my life. What a lady! I honestly can't trust her more. Not evil in any way, Pepper is a true lady.
Beware of Pepper. The most powerful and dangerous demon I've ever encountered. I should have listen to the stories about her. This nightmare in disguise will seduce you with never ending flattery until she gets what she wants- And what she wants is the destruction of reality itself. Whatever you do, never fall for Pepper's tricks, and NEVER let her into your mind.

~ Pepper's entry.
Note to self: Possessing people is hilarious! To think of all the sensations I've been missing out on- burning, stabbing, bludgeoning, gutting, crushing, strangling, hacking, drowning. It's like a buffet tray of fun! Once I destroy those diaries, I'll enjoy giving this body its grand finale- by throwing it off the water tower! Best of all, people will just think Celeste lost her mind, and her mental form will wander in the forest forever. Want to join her, Luka?
~ Note left by "Peplestia" and discovered by Luka and Junko after the events of "The Sockpuppet", revealing that Pepper planned to kill Celestia if her plan succeeded and make it look like a suicide.

THE FEAR. Even when I am in solitude, I can smell the fear... hahahaha... I- I sense it, I crave it. Roaming through the woods, I track it, and when I find it I devour it! I feed on the flesh as I feast on their fear. I remember the last fear I consumed. There was a family, a man, his wife, and their three children. As I loomed over the man’s child, he wake up and looked upon me. He was frozen. Paralyzed by fear. His older sister looked up and I smelled the fear. Hunger in my eyes, I bit into his throat! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I continued eating, feasting upon the now dead child. It was at this moment the parents woke up to investigate. I look at them and smiled, bits of their middle child’s flesh still stuck in my teeth. Unfortunately, I was on a tight schedule and had to leave early. But don't worry.. I'll be back for the rest of them. HAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!
~ Note left by Pepper and discovered by Spyro and Ivyuka; as seen in the Punkettes Handbook.

Quotes spoken about Pepper

(Kiroto: She is a danger to our universe! Her name must not be mentioned, $py64!) Pepper... (Kiroto: Seriously?)
~ $py64 and Kiroto.
I think Pepper is angry at the world for the same reason anyone can get mad at the world. Everyone has days where they don't get their way, where you have to go to bed early or you have too much homework to do or you can't eat the candy you want or you miss your favorite TV show, and in those moments you just want to tear the whole world down. Pepper is a character who's been around for years, but she hasn't grown up in that time. She's a character who has accumulated many frustrations, many moments of destruction like that, and they've built up over time. Now she's decided she wants a world where where is no homework, where there is no bedtime — where you can eat any candy you want and do anything you want.

~ $py64.
Pepper is a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, nightmarish, demented demon... and all of her victims, including my family, Akurashi, my close friends, and possibly Shira Matsuri... are just her little toys, and Hell is the very gateway into her chaotic, nightmarish world and the very Hell her victims are trapped in. Pepper is the very embodiment of evil, she tortures people in more ways than one and then when she gets bored she drags you into her world, literally drags you to Hell, where she can play with you always, as her toy.... All these years, I have seen so many people fall victim to Pepper, kind and decent people. All I have left are memories...
~ Spyro Doomfire describing Pepper and her evil.
Beware of Pepper, She's a dick.
~ Jeno Saido.
Hmph, next time, be better at defeating those who can defeat you. (Pepper walks away, Dark Kendra turns, and smiles smugly.) Weakass cunt...
~ Dark Kendra.
To Pepper, it's just a game, but to us, it would mean the end of our world.
~ Kiota describing Pepper's view on destroying the World.
Young Satanica was in line to rule Hell, But she wanted more. I foretold that someone would stand in her way. A friendship creature. But I never could have foretold what came next.
~ Kormana to Spyro about Pepper.
I was a fool to try to hide all this. The reason I've been trying to prepare you for Pepper's tricks is that she tricked me. It's the biggest regret of my life. Pepper wasn't always my enemy. I used to think she was my friend. Long, long ago, I had hit a road block in my investigation of the universe. Until I found some mysterious writing in a cave. Ancient incantations about a being with answers. It warned me not to read them, but I was desperate. I read the inscription aloud. But nothing happened. Until later that afternoon, when I had the most peculiar dream. She told me he was a muse. That she chose one brilliant mind a century to inspire. What a fool I was. Blinded by her flattery and games. I was aware of the legend of Pepper, but she fooled me into believing all that was a lie. After I foolishly broke the spell Spyro's father casted on her, she became my research assistant. She was free to move in and out of my mind as she pleased. We were partners. When she told me I could complete my research by building a gateway to other worlds, I trusted her. She said this was the way genius happened. Little help from a friend. It seems that I was on the verge of my greatest achievement! Until my partner got a glimpse of Pepper's true plans. I'd been betrayed. I shut the portal down, severing the link between Pepper's world and ours. I had to hide my instructions so no one could ever finish her work. Pepper has been waiting for the gateway to reopen ever since. All she needs to do is get her hands on the Universe Crystals.
~ Ivyuka Zuzudaka to Spyro and her Punkettes.
For the people saying Pepper has returned… I didn't know Pepper had came back. I don't know when you even started calling her by that name. You made her real, now she knows who you are, and she's coming for you. Just why... Why did you do this...?
~ $py64 to the theorists about Pepper's return.
Pepper did what exactly she said she was gonna do. She conquered the entire universe.
~ Kiota Angelica.
Pepper wants us to be afraid. She wants us to hide. She wants us to think she's invincible. Those are our friends out there, and if we don't do something, it'll be our entire multiverse! So I say instead of waiting around to be killed, we band together and take the fight to her! Kiota told me before she was captured that she knows Pepper's secret weakness.
~ Spyro inspiring the refugees to stand up against Pepper.
That's why you didn't kill Mina, because she wasn't afraid. And we aren't either, not anymore. Now you're the one who's afraid. 'Cause you're gonna die. You're gonna pay for everything you done. For what you did to me, for what you did to Shira, for what you did to Mina's family, for what you did to G, for what you did to Ivyuka, for what you did to Bosu, for what you did to... EVERYONE! And after you're dead you're legacy will be nothing but a fat fucking joke. And even if you do somehow live, you'll live the rest of your miserable life knowing that people will laugh at you for losing to a bunch of people weaker than you.
~ Spyro to Pepper.

Deleted Scenes

♪Today’s just so wonderful, I feel like chuckling, Ha ha ha... I feel all fuzzy inside like a duckling; full of tarantulas~ And now that I’m here, tonight, it’s gonna get weird!♪ Ah-ha-ha-ha! ♪Look at these creatures, not enough features kitties should breath fire, puppies should sing choir!♪ *Choir singing* Very nice! ♪Look at this tower under my power, Look at these people, puny and feeble! Ooooooo hoooo~! Look, I’m just a demon trying to save you from the delusions society gave you... Gravity’s a lie and so are the skies... Trust in my all-seeing, all-knowing eyes! Look at this money–who’s that, honey? Look throughout history, how could you miss me?♪ Seriously, I’m all over the place. ♪Look at this weather, I could do better, Mandelbrot rainbows, screaming tornadoes! Look at this loser, drinking coffee!♪ *he Sips* …Now it’s decaf! *he then Spits* Mwahahahaha! ♪Look at these people, calling me evil! Right back at you, now you’re all statues! Now everything you care about has disappeared... It’s gonna get weird~!♪
~ Pepper's villain song.
And now, the end is nigh. It seems that I am not immortal. The foolish Fridnikan refused to DIIIIIIE!!! The commander killed me... Delight filled all my days. I slaughtered BILLIONS!!! Every Tuesday. Oh, yes... Oh, yes I did... I did it Peppeeeer's Way. But now I'm gone.... And now I'm dead. A stupid beam struck through my chest. I RULED THE UNIVERSE!! MY WORD WAS LAW!! BWAHAHAHAHA! BWHAHAHAA! The end was quick and EXTRA THICC!!! I did it PEPPEEEEEEEEEEEER'S WAAAAAAAAAAAY!
~ A deleted scene of Pepper singing to the unte of "My Way", reminiscing about her life as she comes to terms with death.


  • Of all the characters in the series, Pepper has the largest on-screen body count: she murdered numerous people, including children, civilians, and her own henchmen, committed several atrocities with an innumerable casualty count, and has murdered many characters recognized as individuals on-camera.
  • According to $py64, simply saying Pepper’s name is enough to send the universe in panic. Even Osana, Snotty, Topaz, Boss Demon and her minions are afraid of her. Clumsy, Leakianmishi, Sayori, Natsuki, Shira, Peni Parker, Yandere-chan, Luka PepperJunkCure, Spider-Ham, and even Ivyuka are terrified of her as well. Also, some episodes imply that Lisako is somewhat afraid of her. Even $py64 herself is scared of her.
  • Pepper's Electrokinetic Aura is Red.
  • Pepper is regarded as the most evil and popular of KissHeart villains.
  • Pepper is the only Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten Antagonist to brainwash the Matsuno Sextuplets on screen.
  • Osana Najimi is capable of feeling Pepper's intimidating presence.
  • Second to Osana, Snotty, Nelson, Helga, T.I.N.A., Mina, and Dr. Kirusaki, Pepper is the most recurring villain in the series, ignoring Villain Protagonists like Spyro, Junko, Jeno, Celestia, Lisako, etc.
  • Pepper Represents The Deadly Sin of Envy.
  • In the Summoning Gods, Demons, and other Anomalies section of the Punkettes Beginners Handbook, the steps to summoning Pepper Satanica are scribbled out with a message to the side that reads "DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL COSTS. PEPPER CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!", It is implied Ivyuka scribbled it out.
  • Pepper hates Spyro the most out of The Punkettes.
  • In a code on the "March 13th" page in Kiota’s diaries and Ivyuka’s notebook, it is revealed that when Mimi Takosha was caught halfway in the portal, she saw Pepper removing her exoskeleton to feed.
  • Pepper ignites a purple flame in her hand when, in order to seal a deal, she shakes the hand of the other party.
  • In "The Sockpuppet", when possessing Celestia, she states "It's been so long since I've inhabited a body!" most likely referring to Ivyuka, as shown in "The Last Alicorn."
  • Despite Pepper being killed at the end The Punkettes, it's implied that Pepper may still be alive in other KissHeart media. 
  • In the first episode The Adventure Begins Pepper's voice was low pitched making her seem more sinister. 
  • Although immortal, Pepper still requires sleep. 
  • Despite her cruelty in telling Spyro that Shira's "death" was her own mistake, she does appear to be correct in saying so, as Shira chose to run into the burning building by herself, thus resulting in her disappearance. 
  • Pepper is the second villain to weaken Spyro Doomfire, the first was Dark Kendra.  
  • Originally, Pepper was called Hoshidesu (Meaning "Want") and her last name was originally Chikara (Meaning "Power"). Which explains Pepper's wanting for Power.
  • $py64 stated, that "Time God and Pepper do not like each other; if they saw each other at a party, they would be doing that 'awkward circle thing' where they're making eye contact but they're not talking to each other, and everybody's like 'Do they know each other? Do they have a history?'.
  • Pepper is seemingly destroyed when Mina's mind is erased with her inside it. Her physical body, which turned to stone when she left it, remains in the Boboku Forest. In fact, it was revealed near the credits that the writers have hidden this statue of her body somewhere in a real life forest. Months later, $py64 started the Satanica Hunt, a worldwide scavenger hunt to find said statue.
  • Pepper once wrote a bible for compulsive lying that she gifted to the her cult.
  • If Pepper was in Hogwarts, her house would be Slytherin.
  • Pepper is easily one the most evil and immoral Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten villains, as she has destroyed and conquered entire planets, attempted to murder Shira Matsuri in cold blood, destroyed cities, raised Katara Liama with no care by making her train everyday and starving her or beating her within an inch of Katara's life if she does not follow Pepper's orders, killed and tortured innocents for fun, starved Spyro's mother Megami (and many other slaves of her empire) to death, commits genocide on a daily basis, sent thousands and millions to work in labor camps presumably until death, sent millions to execution camps (via gas chambers, shootings, electric chairs, firing squads, and hangings) mostly in front of their families, killed her ex-boyfriend in front of his family, as well as leaving him without making him her king as she promised, and has taken away the free will of everyone in the Planets she had conquered and the survivors of the planets she had destroyed, mainly the suffering of those amuses her, but what sets her apart from the other villains is that while most villains usually have some form of a redemption arc or are at least some redeeming qualities, she continuously refuses to be redeemed even when given mercy. She lacks any kind of virtues, being lazy, spoiled, a dirty fighter, not particularly smart, and wanting only her own gratification.
    • This is even backed up by the show's creator, $py64. $py64 once said in an interview "Pepper is the literal embodiment of evil, and worse than The Devil himself. You should base your question within The Punkettes world and not ours, in the universe of The Punkettes, there is nothing more evil than Pepper."
    • Pepper has even managed to disgust other villains in the series for her vileness, Mina calls her the vilest creature she's ever met, Junko outright compares her to cancer, Spyro calls her the "darkest soul in Hell", and Osana Najimi calls her insane and a madman.
  • Pepper keeps her mental state and can speak, as opposed to simply roaring. This is because she was already extremely violent, murderous, sadistic and insane and her demonic instinct had no effect on her mentality.
  • Pepper was originally going to be an omnipotent neutral trickster similar to Q from Star Trek or Discord from My Little Pony, as opposed to the much more malevolent and chaotic deposition that would later characterize her.
  • $py64 has once said in an a interview that if Pepper was a male it would look nothing like the male Pepper we would see on Tumblr, but she would look like a horrifying, grotesque male instead.
  • Pepper's favorite holiday is April Fools Day. On this day, she enjoys playing (albeit incredibly lethal) pranks on nearby planets, her enemies, and her victims, like making it rain acid, mix and matching random objects, causing the entire planet to roll in place, and carving "PEPPER WAS HERE" into the planets using her lasers.
  • Pepper's least favorite holiday is Christmas because of all the joy it spreads.
  • Originally, Pepper's death involved her getting violently impaled by Spyro with her buster Sword, but the creator chose to have Mina kill Pepper because it felt more "satisfying".
  • It is implied on some occasions that Pepper believes herself to be a hero and liberator among non-mortal lifeforms. She claims she wants to liberate all dimensions and make it a fun world with no rules or restrictions. However, that would render it pure chaos inhospitable to non-demonic life. Considering her sadism and how she admits she's insane either way, it's very likely her claim is just an excuse for her own enjoyment.
  • It was never made clear what Pepper truly is. While she is called a "demon" by other characters, creator $py64 has confirmed that this is just a name for lack of better description. Kiota even states that no one knows really what she is. Because of her reality warping abilities and bizarre nature, it is likely that Pepper is inspired by the Outer Gods of Lovecraftian lore. Judging by her nature, it is also possible that she is based on IT from the novel with the same name.
  • As revealed in the AMA, before Pepper was Satan's daughter, his daughters were Octavia, Nerri, Moxie, and so on.
  • Kiroto's Guardians appear to be programmed to detect Pepper, as in "Day of Judgement," when Indefinite Satanica appears, one activates and says "Satanica alert! Satanica alert!"
  • For unknown reasons, Kiota and Ivyuka often call Pepper a "seeker."
  • She has a noticeable wandering eye. Also, her eyes roll back when her teeth come out, almost shark-like. It should also be noted that one of her eyes always looks directly at the audience, while the other eye is focused on whatever she is focused on.
  • Pepper seems to function as an eviler counterpart for Spyro Doomfire. Both are incredibly powerful users of magic, enjoy donning dark clothing to make themselves seem more mysterious, lead very powerful factions, are haughty and arrogant to those around them, and have a scar over their left eye. However, Spyro does seem to care for her friends and is willing to protect them from any incoming threat. Pepper, on the other side of the spectrum, is a complete sociopath who does not care for anyone and is willing to manipulate and murder her underlings to achieve her goals and unlike Spyro, Pepper has no morality pets to stop her from being truly evil and outright alienates herself from potential "friends". Spyro also tends to detach herself from others, while Pepper took it upon herself to form an empire with many henchmen at her disposal.
  • Pepper originally had a song called "Pepper's Way" that was to be heard during the end credits of "Day of Judgement Part VII". The song was going to be sung to the beat of "My Way" by Frank Sinatra and was going to be a semi-comedic about Pepper coming to terms with her death, also serving as a way of showing that Pepper was dead for good. The song was cut in order to keep the audience guessing whether Pepper was truly dead or not.

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