Pepper Satanica is the main antagonist of The Horror story The Arrival of Evil. She is an alternative version of Pepper Satanica in The Punkettes series.


A pitiless, unreasonable and completely heartless sadist, Pepper is a bully at her core, Not only is It a deadly and dangerous predator who enjoys devouring her prey (especially children), but she also enjoys toying and 'bullying' her victims, terrifying them, tormenting them and harassing them before finally slaughtering them as fear 'floods the body and salts the meat', according to herself. She also bullies the protagonists verbally, namely Carlos, mocking his stutter and, on top of that, the loss of his big brother, even using that sadness to take advantage of him. Like her Punkettes counterpart, Pepper possesses a psychopathic sense of humor and loves to taunt her victims, taking glee in terrifying them and torturing them. Pepper absolutely delights in her monstrous cruelty and evil acts, making her a cruel monster out for death and fear and not just a devilish predator out for survival.

Pepper is highly intelligent, and is a clever and manipulative trickster, shown whilst in the form of a child, when she is more than capable of acting in a timid and friendly manner to give the prey (most notably Antonio) a false sense of security. She is Shy, awkward, timid, and sweet towards people, offering them the chance to visit her home. This is the closest thing to kindness in her soul, and it is just a façade to fool her prey, so she can kill them.

Ironically, despite being a horrifying creature who preys on fear, Pepper is a true coward at heart. When her victim's have overcome their fears of her, Pepper can be pounded into a helpless and terrified pulp. Ultimately, she is pathetic and cowardly once her victims actually face her together. Pepper is terrified of dying, as shown in her final moments when she becomes a blubbering wreck.


The story starts with Carlos Rodríguez as a 15-year old attending High School in the United States, living with his older brother Antonio, who has gone missing 3 weeks earlier and hadn't been found, after a brief texting session with his friend, he was introduced to Detective Emma Johnson, she stated that there was a foul odor coming from Antonio's room, and that she and her officers had busted down the door so she could show Carlos what was inside, Carlos entered the dorm only to find Antonio's body laying dead with pale skin, white eyes, and a broken jaw.

Devastated by the discovery, Carlos couldn't stop thinking about Antonio, he thought that it was his fault for not checking on him every now and then, later on he took Antonio's old laptop back to his dorm and tried turning it on, but to no avail. At 3 AM, he installed Steam onto his computer to play games to get his mind off what happened earlier, after starting Steam, Carlos received a phone call from an anonymous female, she started speaking to Carlos, she proceeded to act friendly to Carlos, talking about his favorite character and what game they should play on Steam. Eventually he selected Cuphead but had to play Undertale instead, after a few minutes of the beginning, he came across what he thought was Flowey, but was actually a horrifying demon by the name of Pepper Satanica, who was the same girl who called Carlos on the phone. After dying from her, Carlos shut off his computer and called it a night.

Over the course of the next couple of days multiple murders spread throughout the high school until Carlos and his friends decided to sneak into the building and play Undertale on the big screen, eventually Pepper managed to get out of the computer and started teasing her victims with the souls of her victims who were forced to dwell in Hell as her slaves until the end of time. Pepper Satanica eventually starts killing everyone in the high school, leaving Carlos as the only survivor, Pepper tries to convince Carlos that being one of her slaves would be better than being dead, as he could see all of his friends again in the form of their favorite characters, however, Carlos refuses and slits his own throat before Pepper can claim his soul. Emma Johnson arrives at the scene of the crime and finds Carlos dead on a chair, she goes to a bar where it is revealed that David Smith was present with Johnson in the bar, and that he will most likely be playing a bigger role in chapter 2.


  • Cannot fly without using her wings, unlike the original.
  • Shows more arrogance than her original counterpart.
  • Has possibly killed more people than her original counterpart.
  • To gain people's trust, The Original Pepper takes disguises as Peppa Sikami, The Call Pepper uses the form of a human female child.



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