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Note: For the sake of the character, only his antagonistic role will be presented in this article.

I've gotta take care of my kids now. They're gonna need someone to like, guide them across this fuckin'... minefield of shit they've created.
~ Philza
I've watched it completely destroy and tear down people's wills, and change people. I've seen it change the nicest people into complete and utter tyrants. So... I think it's about time.
~ Philza preparing to assist in the destruction of L'Manberg.
Jack Manifold: Since when was this a Philza Minecraft thing!?
Philza: Since I was forced to kill my own son! You IDIOT!
~ An exchange between Jack Manifold and Philza following the Doomsday War.

Philza Minecraft, also known as just Phil, is a major character in the Minecraft web series, Dream SMP.

He appears as the final protagonist of Season 1, a major protagonist-turned-major antagonist in Season 2, a major character in Season 3 and the deuteragonist of Season 4. He is also a mentioned character in the short story Hitting on 16.

He is the father of Wilbur Soot, the paternal grandfather of Fundy, the best friend of Technoblade and a co-founder of the The Syndicate. Having joined the server during the final events of the Manberg Vs. Pogtopia War, Philza was forced to kill his own son after he destroyed L'Manberg and eventually joined the nation under the rule of Tubbo.

Despite not necessarily being a villain per say, Philza has committed several villainous acts throughout his time on the SMP for what he views as for the greater good after seeing his loved ones become corrupted and power-hungry by the country's influence and history. He participated in the destruction of L'Manberg and eventually went on to join the Syndicate, a faction opposing authoritarian forms of government.

He is portrayed by the real-life Philip Wattson.


Much of Phil's backstory is shrouded in mystery, however from what we know, he used to be a god, having the ability to fly, but lost it when he shielded Wilbur from the explosions. He is also shown to be very head-strong, as when he was under house arrest, he still snuck out to make see if Technoblade was still okay. It is also implied by him that he is married to the god of death, Kristin. He is also the ex-husband of a samsung smart fridge.

Roles in each season/arc

L'manberg arc

Philza act's as the unseen overarching protagonist, as his son, wilbur, was sending him letter's about the progress.

L'manberg election

Philza, once again, act's as the unseen overarching protagonist.

Manberg Rebellion arc

Philza act's as the mainly unseen overarching protagonist, however at the end, he appears for the first time, marking him as the final season 1 character. He also warns Tommyinnit and Tubbo about Technoblade's sudden betrayal.

Retribution arc

To be added...

Empowerment arc

Philza act's as the anti-villainous deuteragonist of the empowerment arc, being the one to set up the syndacate with Technoblade, and the one to break techno out of prison, much to Quackity's confusion, and terror.


  • Philza is the most confusing character, as his backstory is still shrouded in mystery.
  • Philza is implied to be a god, or atleast was, as he does state he once had wings.


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