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Pink Evil is an antagonist of A Project Guy. He is a pool noodle who is Furious Bob's dimwitted henchman and Purple Evil's brother who is hopeless.

Pink Evil (currently known as Pink Awesome) also appears as an anti-hero and one of the main protagonists in the Puppet Pals videos.

In the Puppet Pals series, he was also known as Pink Good when Furious Bob, Purple Evil and Menacing Morgan mistreat him until the real Pink Good arrives to the Puppet Pals series.

In Furious Bob and the gang have had enough, it has been revealed that Pink Evil's phone number is 019538TurkeyHopeless.


In Puppet Pals, Pink Evil is funny, dimwitted, silly, fun-loving and hopeless.

Unlike Furious Bob, Purple Evil, Menacing Morgan and most of their friends, Pink Evil just wants to have fun and be silly. Same with his best friend, Red Ball, however, Furious Bob, Purple Evil and Menacing Morgan ruin their fun time by mistreating them, insulting them and getting very angry at them.

When Pink Evil gets bullied, he gets sad and his feelings get very hurt.

After he gets mistreated by his brother, Purple Evil, his former boss, Furious Bob and Menacing Morgan, he wants to become Pink Good and join the heroes.

Pink Evil also can be rude sometimes every time he insults someone and every time he threatens to kill someone.

He also likes to mimic people as he does a whiny mimic if someone is whining or angry.

However, in A Project Guy, Pink Evil is not really dimwitted or fun-loving.


  • Although Pink Evil is a villain, he is not completely evil as he wants to become a hero and he even sometimes becomes Pink Good, he convinces Furious Bob that the word "silly empty female" is sexist and said that he probably shouldn't say that and says that it is rude for females, he tells Furious Bob that his coarse language and his behaviour are rude and not very nice. In fact, he also does heroic acts such as stopping Furious Bob and the other villains from breaking into houses, stopping Furious Bob from killing The Sketchbook, convincing everyone to save Jeffy from his abusive mother beating him up, saving Rosalina from Furious Bob willing to kill/torture her and saving Plonk Stevell from getting killed.
  • The Puppet Pals version of Pink Evil seems less evil than the A Project Guy version since Pink Evil is an anti-hero in Puppet Pals, but in A Project Guy, he is completely villainous.
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